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item-No.: 134679565
halbautomatische Abpackhilfe für Faltschachtelklebemaschinen, max. Arbeitsbreite 400 mm, min. 50 mm bei flach gefalteten Schachteln, Rechtsauslage, eigener Antrieb, Vibrator, angetriebenes Querband, verarbeitbare Materialien: Vollpappe, E-Welle, Schachtelarten: gewöhnliche Faltschachteln, mit oder ohne Deckel. Überholung 2019: gereinigt, geprüft, lackiert und neue Riemen & Gurte.
item-No.: 134679566
semi-automatic packing help for folding carton gluing machines, maximum working width 400 mm, min. 50 mm boxes folded in flat, Rechtsauslage, private drive, vibrator, powered cross belt, processable materials: cardboard, E-flute, box types: ordinary folding cartons, with or without lid. Revision 2019: cleaned, tested, painted and new belts & straps.
item-No.: 134643625
It is a used, reconditioned Eberhardt Piccolo semiautomatic bunroll press (30-parts) for sale. The machine works perfectly and runs very quietly. -Weight range: 900gr. -3000gr. -the machine head is completely outdated, used a new blade star stainless -Wear parts (bearings, belts,...) are new -Machine has been repainted - incl. 3 x casting plates A video can be sent on request. Price on request.
item-No.: 134643541
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Pipe diameter: 45mm, max. wall thickness: 3mm.
item-No.: 134643481
Scrap shear Idromec/Sierra T 650 LS semi mobile Box dimensions : 7000 x 2350 x 800 mm Shear force : 650 t Hold down force : 110 t Shear throat 860 x 660 Feed cylinder force 160 t Flat lid force : 225 t Curved lid force : 225 t Power unit : diesel CAT 225 HP Total weight : 80 t Preloadtable Remont contorl Bale size : 800x650xvar mm The device has been renovated. Ready to work !
item-No.: 134643476
Schrottschere Idromec/Sierra T 650 LS - Semi-mobil bJ 2007 Überberholt ! Abmessung Laderaum : 7.000x2.250.800 mm Schneidkraft : 650 t Niederhalter 110 t Vorschubzylinder 160 t Flache Deckel 225 t Gebogene Deckel 225 t Paketabmmessung 800x650xvariabel mm Antrieb : Diesel CAT 225 PS Fernbedienung Vorfuellmulde Gewicht 80 to Spitzen Zustand. Sofort Einsatzbereit
item-No.: 134499965
BN 990 €
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FINE 120-1 magnetic drilling machine type BQ with fine tripod type PS50R-9 Technical data: Fine type BQ 120-1 380V - performance 720 w Mount MT 3 FEIN magnetic drill stand PS 50R-9 very strong magnet holding force Weight ca. 75 kg. A VAT invoice is created for you.
item-No.: 134499929
Lösemittel: Isoparaffinische Kohlenwasserstoffe VbF A III und modifizierte Alkohole Beladegewicht max.: 50 kg Volumen Arbeitskammer: 0,3 m ³ Arbeitskästen (L x B x H): 480 x 320 x 200 mm Vorlagebehälter Tankvolumen: 200 l Leistungsbedarf ca.: 18 kW Gewicht ca.: 1600 kg Abmessungen (L x B x H): 2600 x 2100 x 2200 mm Geschlossenes System abwasserfrei und emissionsarm
item-No.: 134456229
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Saw blade diameter: 400mm, mitre adjustment: ±90°, including two saw blades.
item-No.: 134415623
-Five colours STRAIGHT machine size 36x52 cms. -Year 2002, 42 mil. impressions -Komorimatic continuous alcohol dampening with Aquapress refrigerated recirculation system with alcohol metering -Komori Plate Changer: Semi-automatic plate changing -PQC control system- Control panel with touch screen built on delivery: ink zones, all registers and dampening remote controls, Plate cocking -Rollers and blankets automatic washing devices , Double size diameter of impression and transfer cylinders -All chromed cylind ...
item-No.: 134415505
Cold (Pet & Glass) Juice filling line (We ran PET, but they could possibly glass.) Machine Manufacturer Type Model Manufacturing Year Capacity Reviews Depalletiser Millsom 2000 match fill speed Unavailable Single filler Manual 2000 match filling speed Unavailable Labeling Impresstic Pressure sensitive, reverse & front tags taken from 2006 matching filling speed operation Bottle Encoder Videojet I510 2014 match filling speed Rinser Splatt Engineering Side Grip Ronda Inverter / Rinser 2014 Match Fill ...
item-No.: 134368948
Gepflegte Stahlbau-Lagerhalle mit einer BGF von ca. 280 qm, welche demnächst abgebaut werden soll. Gemäß Bau-Unterlagen wurde die Stahlhalle in 2005 geplant/ errichtet. Die bisher für Lagerzwecke genutzte Kalthalle befindet sich in einem guten Zustand. Mögliche Nutzung: Gewerbehalle, Handwerker-/ Werkstatthalle, Künstler-Atelier u.v.a.m. ABMESSUNGEN gemäß Übersichts-Zeichnung: Grundflaeche: ca.282,60 qm; Hallenlaenge: ca. 28,07 m AK Wandbekleidung; Laengsraster: ca. 5,60 m Rahmenabstand/ Stützen ...
item-No.: 134342903
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Kodak Magnus III, chemical free Semiautomatic, external drum, throughput at 2400 dpi for plate size 724 x 680 mm (28.5 x 26.8 in.) Mivn size 300 x 228 mm (12 x 9 in.)
item-No.: 134342902
12.500 €
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Kodak Magnus III,chemical free Semiautomatic, external drum, throughput at 2400 dpi for plate size 724 x 680 mm (28.5 x 26.8 in.)Mivn size 300 x 228 mm (12 x 9 in.)
item-No.: 134158468
Manufacturer: Leonhardt, Sealpac, Hitachi, A-tec Models: AG 4 DPE MICRO, A5, PXR-D460W, Jacob White R300 SL Cup line consisting of: 1. filler incl. accessories of the manufacturer Leonhardt, AG 4 DPE MICRO, year 2008 2. sealing machine incl. accessories of the manufacturer Sealpac, type A5, year 2008, Electr. Values: 3 x 400/230V, 50-60 Hz, max. 8 kW, weight 1600 kg 3. inkjet printers of the producer Hatachi, type PXR-D460W, Electr. Values: 100-120V/200-240V, 50/60 Hz, 1, 5A/0,75A, weight: 25 kg 4.  ...
item-No.: 134123038
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Manufacturer: Schmitz Cargobull Type: SCS 24/L First registration: 06 / 2016 HU: 12 / 2019. Total weight: 36,000 kg (Tech. possible 39,000 kg) Empty weight: 6.877 kg Payload: 29.123 kg LaderaummaÃ?e L x W x H: 13.650 x 2.470 x 2.780 mm Tautliner / curtainsiders (Schiebegardinen-plane on both sides) EDSCHA-sliding Hood (for crane loading) teleskoperbares hood 3 pairs slider settings Rear Portal doors Rear work lights Pallet box 3,500 mm wide Cargobull axes Axis luftgeferdert lowering apparat ...
item-No.: 134087766
Injection Molding Plant with two HUSKY HyPET 300 for preform production This is complete PET preform production plant made by Husky in year 2008. It includes two Husky HyPET 300 HPP injection molding machines with granulate silos, dryers and chillers and four sets of different tools for preforms. Plant is installed and can be seen in operation. Main Characteristics of this plant • Two Husky HyPET 300 P100/110 E 120 HPP injection molding machine with 72 cavity molds • Two x 230 m3 aluminum resin si ...
item-No.: 134087741
capacity: approx. 10 tacts / min We don't have any documentation!
item-No.: 134051786
Falten + Nieten (Semi-Auto-Ringbinder-Hersteller) ZechiniModel StrikeYear 1996Working Maschinengröße 297 x 210 mm - 500 x 1000 MmThickness 1,2-3,5-MmCreasing bis zu 999 Rillen ProgrammableRiveting 2 Köpfe (Abstand 125-470 mm) \ nAvailable Direct
item-No.: 134051785
Creasing + riveting machine (semi auto ringbinder maker) Zechini Model Strike Year 1996 Working size 297 x 210 mm - 500 x 1000 mm Thickness 1.2 - 3.5 mm Creasing up to 999 creasings programmable Riveting 2 heads (distance 125 - 470 mm) Available Direct
item-No.: 134051308
13.500 €
country-de DE
Longer semi-trailer in top condition: Manufacturer Kögel Type SN 24 (S24-1) Initial registration 03 / 2017 HU 05 / 2019, SP 11 / 2019 almost like new condition Plane and portal door labeled GVW (D) 36,000 kg (technically possible 42,000 kg) Unladen weight 7.710 kg Payload 28.290 kg Tautliner / curtainsiders (Schiebegardinen-plane on both sides) EDSCHA-sliding Hood (for crane shipments) Laderaummaáe L x W x H: 13,620 x 2.480 x 2.630 mm Pallet stop Rails Zurr-eyelets on each side 3 pairs slide ...
item-No.: 134051073
Modular drill GOMAD WU 3D 1 G Manufacturer GOMAD Model / machine type WU 3D 1 G Year of production 2002 Machine category Modular drilling machine Location Gorzów Wlkp. Conditions of delivery OWN RECEIPT Cost of delivery Customer cover Start type to be agreed Description Comments MODULAR MODULAR DRILL, THREE LOW UNITS, AND UPPER DNA ON TRAILER SLIDING BLADDER, SEMI-ADAPT WITH EQUIPMENT DRILLED WITH PNEUMATIC PEDAL
item-No.: 134051063
Label Stamping machines Width: 200 mm Number of Stamping: 1 Materials: PP, PE, Paper 1 flexo unit (varnish) 1 hot stamping 1 Silk-screen printing 2 UV lamp drying 1 Corona Treatment 1 semirotary die cutting unit 1 flat bed-die cutting 1 Unwinder
item-No.: 134051047
29.000 €
country-at AT
Machine name: channel baling presses Year of construction: 2010 machine type: HSM AK 4014 V Setting: vertical, semi-automatic Yarn setting: 9 kg roll / TEWE 130 / 6.408.993.001 Weight: 4800 kg oil: multi-grade oil HVI 46 pressing force: 400 kN Specific pressure: 68 rating: 7,5 kW Voltage/frequency: 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz Nominal current: 30 A volume throughput in idle: 92 m³/h volume throughput: 1.07 t / h for bulk weight 20 kg / m ³ volume throughput: 2,67 t / h for bulk weight 50 kg / m ³ bale weight: 250 30 ...
item-No.: 133896777
95.000 €
ref. 539 Ryobi 525 GX format 37x52 cm year 2007, 65 mio. imp., PCS-G console for ink and register control with touch panel, IVS (CIP3), Preset: automatic adjustment of size, electronic control of double sheets, electronic control of the sheet missing, automatic ink regulation from console, RyobiMatic-D: alcohol dampening with variable speed, refrigerator Technotrans, automatic washing of blankets, rollers and impression cylinders, Semiautomatic Plate Changer, circumferential, axial and diagonal registers, IR dr ...
item-No.: 133896453
Bierfass füllen Linie Esau & Hueber halbautomatische-Partyfass 5 Liter 200 KEG/HourThe halb automatische Partei-KEG-Füller mit 4 Füllung Köpfe und Kapazität ab 100 bis 200 Keg/h, von Esau & Hueber GmbH im Jahr 2000 gemacht. Das Fass wird manuell auf den Füller aufgesetzt und durch Zweihandbedienung gehoben. Ein Sensor erkennt die Ankunft des Fasses und startet automatisch den Füllprozess. Das Pre-Luftventil und die Rückluft wird geöffnet. Das Fass wird mit CO2 für ca. 5 Sekunden und die Luft gleichzeitig  ...
item-No.: 133896452
Beer KEG Filling Line Esau & Hueber Semiautomatic Party-KEG 5 liter 200 KEG/hour The semi automatic party-KEG-filler with 4 filling heads and capacity beginning from 100 up to 200 keg/h, made by Esau & Hueber GmbH in the year 2000. The KEG is placed manually onto the filler and lifted by two-hand operation. A sensor recognizes the arriving of the keg and starts automatically the filling process. The pre-air valve and the return-air will open. The keg gets purged with CO2 for approximately 5 seconds and the air o ...
item-No.: 133860834
Pub Brauerei Caspary 10 HL, Kupfer verkleidet, 2017 nie installiert This Pub Brauereiausrüstung erfolgte durch deutsche Caspary GmbH im Jahr 2017 und es hat nie installiert und somit neue Zustand. Fabrik gemacht Brew House Block besteht aus Maische & Würze Wasserkocher, Mash & Läuterbottich und Whirlpool. Whirlpool befindet sich knapp Mash & Lautertun. Dieser Block wurde werkseitig Caspay mit allem Zubehör und Instrumente vor dem Versand getestet. Die Würze Wasserkocher, Läuterbottich und damit verbundene Ro ...
item-No.: 133860833
Pub Brewery Caspary 10 HL, Copper Cladded, 2017 Never Installed This pub brewery equipment was made by German Caspary GmbH in year 2017 and it has never been installed and thus new like condition. Factory made brew house block consist of Mash & Wort Kettle, Mash & Lauter Tun and Whirlpool. Whirlpool is located just under Mash & Lautertun. This block has been tested at Caspay factory with all accessories and instruments before shipping. The wort kettle, lauter tun and related pipes and ducts are cladded with hi ...
item-No.: 133790870
Semimobile Betonmischanlage Typ GROMIX M BRS, Leistung ca. 50 cbm/h, SICOMA Planeten Tellermischer, 4 fach Reihensiloanlage mit je 25 cbm pro Box, Bandbeschickung zum Mischer, SPS Control System auf Windows Basis komplett in einem Container installiert, Heizung/Warmwasser im Container Irrtümer und Zwischenverkauf vorbehalten, Verkauf ab Standort
item-No.: 133790871
Semi-mobile batching plant type GROMIX M BRS, capacity approx. 50 cbm/h, SICOMA planet mixer, 4 fold series silo plant per 25 cbm per box, tape loading to the mixer, PLC control system on Windows based completely in a container installed, heating/hot water in the Container Mistakes and intermediate sale reserve, sales from site
item-No.: 133753595
semi-automatic cold saw SMA-REF-6276 Category: cold saws Manufacturer: Kaltenbach Type: KKS 400 E Year of construction: 1992 Workspace: Saw blade diameter: 400 mm about 90°: 130 mm square 90 ° 120 mm 90° rectangle: 300 x 40 mm +/-45° Special features: For steel and stainless steel Condition: ready for use under current Location: Baden-Württemberg Dimensions: 1,100 x 800 x 1800 mm 850 kg Availability: immediately
item-No.: 133753578
Year ca. 1967 Semi Automatic Sewing Machine
item-No.: 133753579
Year around 1967 Semi automatic sewing machine
item-No.: 133753576
Semi Automatic Sewing Machine ca. 1965
item-No.: 133753577
Semi automatic sewing machine approx. 1965
item-No.: 133753555
Semi Automatic Sewing Machine max 27x36cm, min 70x120mm ca. 1979
item-No.: 133753556
Semi automatic sewing machine Max 27x36cm, min 70x120mm about 1979
item-No.: 133753446
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semi-automatic cold saw SMA-REF-6373 Category: cold saws Manufacturer: Kaltenbach Type: KKS 400 E Year of construction: 2002 Work area: saw blade diameter: 400 mm about 90°: 130 mm square 90 ° 120 mm 90° rectangle: 300 x 40 mm +/-45° Special features: For steel and stainless steel incl. roller conveyors (4 m x 2 m) and 7 blades Condition: ready to use under current Location: Berlin Dimensions: 1.100 x 800 x 1800 mm 850 kg Availability: immediately
item-No.: 133753438
BN 415 €
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MILWAUKEE Core drill, drill incl. drill stand Technical data: Milwaukee 2-speed drill 500/1000 / min Max drill bit diameter 300 mm Kernbohrständer height 1200 mm Weight approx. 70 kg A VAT invoice is created for you.
item-No.: 133597990
It is a used, reconditioned Fortuna bun press Gr. 4 (semiautomatic, 30-teilig) for sale. The sandwich press is fully functional in top condition, and runs very quietly. A new star of blade made of stainless steel was installed, no visible wear. The motor has been stored new and built a new main switch. The machine has been repainted. The weight of the machine is 40gr. -110 gr. each piece of dough (30-teilig). Dough deposit: 1200gr. -3300gr. Dough should be just pressed and cut a higher weight range is possible. Inc ...
item-No.: 133597917
Dewatering Station with Membrane Filter Press for Kieselguhr Sludge This complete dewatering station was designed by Limburg for Kieselguhr waste dewatering in to semidry cakes for easy waste disposal. The process is suitable also for dewatering other type of sludges. Actual dewatering is made with Latham side bar membrane filter press which reaches over 50 % dry (by weight) content of waste cake, inlet sludge being between 10 and 20 % dry content Filter press is equipped with an automatic cloth washing system  ...
item-No.: 133556911
Cassette for warehouse, about 1,539 cassettes, cassette length 6, 50 m, 3, 000 kg/Kasstte - used -: Price on request! Manufacturer: Fehr Year of construction: 2001 Cassettes ges. 1,539 units SPECIFICATION 1 electrically operated double table long good stack machine, automatically controlled, for the storage and retrieval of for good material, with the help of cassettes Technical data: Capacity 2x3000kg bottom load table position above ground 700 mm top load table position above ground 12110 mm Room ...
item-No.: 133409610
30.000 €
country-pl PL
Box washer is designed for semi-automatic washing kistenów and wooden containers, standard. The use of washers in the process helps to reduce the consumption of water, detergent and energy. Once the toll is one case has, the process consists of successive stages automatically washing and rinsing. High performance and power washing, in conjunction with a professional detergent washing guarantee receipt of the highest quality cleaning items in the continuous washing system with closed circuit washing and rinsing, a ...
item-No.: 133409533
3.650 €
country-de DE
Eisele metal saws / semiautomatic Type III-S VMS HyD. hydraulic workpiece clamping device hydraulic and manual feed / switchable Coolant system Saw blade diameter 350 mm Speeds 8-16-33-66 U/Min. Gr. Cutting height 120 mm, gr. Cutting length 200 mm Swivel left 30 °, right 45° from school checked
item-No.: 133409384
KHS Beer KEG Filling Line 60 KEG / hour This KEG line was delivered by KHS Till in year 1998 and later it was upgraded to Siemens Simatic S-7 PLC control. The line has flash pasteurizer with a 3 m3 buffer tank and semi manual KEG handling hoist. Filling line has 5 stations which has 4 washing stations - one for caustic, one for acid and two for hot water washing , and then one for beer filling with CO2 flushing. The line has two small CIP tanks one for caustic and one for acid. CO2 and low pressure steam have b ...
item-No.: 133409378
KEG-Abfüllanlage für 5 Liter Party - KEG, halbautomatische Esau Hueber 110 Kph This KEG Füller ist halbautomatisch mit 3 füllen, Köpfe, Handtmann MMS Mikro Filtersystem und GAP schließen Einheit in 2007 hergestellt und Hardy verwendet und es wurde demontiert, im Jahr 2012- die Ausrüstung war in ausgezeichnetem Zustand, wenn fachgerecht demontiert und in einen Behälter gelegt. Die Linie hat Kapazität von 110 Fässer füllen / Stunde. Das Fass leere und saubere wird manuell auf Füller aufgesetzt und hob man ...
item-No.: 133409377
KEG Filling unit for 5 liter Party - KEG, Semiautomatic Esau Hueber 110 kph This KEG filler is semiautomatic with 3 filling heads, Handtmann MMS micro filtration system and cap closing unit manufactured in 2007 and hardy used and it was dismantled in year 2012 - the equipment was in excellent condition when dismantled professionally and placed in a container. The line has filling capacity of 110 kegs / hour. The empty and clean keg is placed manually onto filler and lifted manually back to the transport belt on ...
item-No.: 133409320
Trane Cooling Compressor 964 kW Compressors are made by Trane in year 2006 and they are semi hermetic, helical rotary liquid compressors with capacity of 964 kW capacity at 5C cooling media (water-glycol solution) outlet. Compressor is controlled with modern micro processor controlled Adaptive Control System type CH. 530 Equipment are dismantled in the beginning of 2013, excellent condition and are today ready for immediate delivery. Our technical specifications: •Made by TRANE France in year 2006 •Op ...
item-No.: 133409319
Trommel und Container füllen Linie, halbautomatische 2006 The Linie eignet sich für Schlagzeug / Fässer füllen, 1000 Liter IBC und normalen 209 Liter. Sie bestehen aus geraden Kette angetrieben Schwerlast Rollenbahn die Beförderung von IBC Container oder eine Standardpalette beladen mit vier Trommeln / Fässer durch den Füllvorgang und vermitteln ihnen für die weitere Speicherung. Die Abfüllmaschine ist halbautomatische grob und fein-Tankstelle; zuerst wiegt programmierbarer volumetrischen und dann feine F ...
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