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item-No.: 146273687
In operation. Maintenance carried out by the official service of Prima Industrie. Very compact and versatile. Resonator working hours: 54,162 Work area: X axis: 3000 mm. Y axis: 1530 mm. Z axis: 150mm Maximum speed: 100m / sec (combined moving 140m / min) Maximum cutting thickness: Pickled steel: 16 mm. Stainless steel: 8 mm. Maximum acceleration: 1.2 sec (sigle axis) Linear axis resolution: 0.001 mm. Laser Power: 2500W Accuracy: Positioning: 0.03mm. - Repeatability (Ps): 0.03 ...
item-No.: 146092633
Slit-Cut Creaser 9 inch touch screen display Programmable slit, cut, perforate, crease in one pass Central top vacuum feeding Ultrasonic double feed detector Slide-in type crease/perforate dies Adjust slitter position precisely by gauge Mark reader for image drift Compact design Technical specifications: Min infeed size: 210 x 210 mm Max infeed size: 330 x 670 mm Min outfeed size: 45 x 50 mm Max outfeed size: 330 x 670 mm Paper weight: 110 - 350 GSM Paper type: Chrome, laminated, UV coa ...
item-No.: 146008567
5 DOUBLING – TWISTING MACHINES Type KDT-5 Made in JAPAN by KAKINOKI CORP. Specification of twisting machine: - two-sided, one stepped machine; - quantity of spindles – 120 (both sides) - ring dia. 95mm - electric supplement - 7,5 kW electric engine. - twisting range - 50-1500 twisting per meter; - traverse's lift - 185 mm - spindle step - 145 mm - type of spindle - SKF, HC 44C embedded. - spindles diameter- 32 mm - applicable diameter - 95 mm - rotation speed - 4000-9000 rpm. - spindles belt - ...
item-No.: 145752872
Die Cutting Machine Unitec T1060 The T1060 automatic machine with stripping is used to process paper, cardboard and corrugated paper in its die-cutting, marking and cold stamping operations for cardboard boxes, paper labels and especially for delicate printing jobs such as cigarette packages, wine, gifts and cosmetics, etc. This machine works automatically throughout its process, with a user-friendly interface to control the cutting speed, number of sheets cut, total operating hours and its working status, as ...
item-No.: 145752871
Flute laminating machine CA1300 Side register heel. The bottom feed stack can be adjusted for suction intensity from the touch screen, including an automatic cleaning system. The input pile has a non-stop system Monitoring by PLC with alarm in case of power supply error. Automatic gluing system that regulates not only the flow but also the recirculation. Features: · Max sheet size: 1300 X 1250 mm · Min sheet size: 400 X 400 mm · Thickness of the upper sheet: 175-600gsm / 145 - 450gsm Kraft · Botto ...
item-No.: 145752856
· Rotary Die Cutting Machine with Magnetic Cylinder · Easily replaceable die · Automatic feeding with double sheet detection and automatic correction · Double magnetic cylinder with anti-splitting coating · Indicated for slit and semi-cutting in adhesives, labels, cardboard, etc. · High pile suction feeder · Touch screen · Machine with automatic stripping · Front registration TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS · Max sheet size: 480 X 740 mm · Min sheet size: 240 X 280 mm · Max final product size ...
item-No.: 145663095
CP-Tronic digitale Maschinensteuerung Steuerstand CPC 1-04 Center mit Fernsteuereinrichtung für Farbzonen, Farbduktoren sowie Umfang-, Seiten- und Diagonalregister mit Lichtgriffel und Job Memory Card Alcolor Filmfeuchtwerke mit Umwälzung und Kühlung Farbwerktemperierung Autoplate automatisches Plattenwechselsystem automatische Farbwalzenwascheinrichtung automatische Gummituch- und Druckzylinderwascheinrichtung Puderapparat IR-Trockner Hochstapelauslage Serienzubehör
item-No.: 145454216
Digital program with monitor Air table Side tables with air Light guards Inmaculate conditions. One owner from new In full working order mechanical and electrical
item-No.: 145410955
Industry transporter KAMAG 1403S HS2(Germany) Made in 2011 Dead weight 32500kg Payload 147500kg Engine rating 190 kW Max. axis load 6x30000kg
item-No.: 145237743
120.000 €
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This line comes from a company that wanted to expand its business, but the project has not been carried out. It is semi-new, no production has been performed. It is a production line that was used to fill glass jars with soluble coffee. It can be adapted for filling any type of product, vegetables, etc.
item-No.: 145003319
Digital program Central air table Infrared barrier 2 Knives Fully prepared, reviewed and tested
item-No.: 144925007
BACHILLER PC-200 Complete Process equipment (2004). Unused Processes: Dispersion, emulsion, humidification, grinding, homogenization, dissolution, mixing, suspension and vacuum deaeration. For suspensions, emulsions and dispersions. For the preparation of any liquid or pasty product since all manufacturing operations can be carried out in a single device, from the loading of the ingredients to the deaerated and preparation prior to packaging. It combines different basic elements of agitation such as the colloi ...
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item-No.: 144892666
Progama magnetic band Clean and reviewed
item-No.: 144844102
KARL MAYER RS-3-MSUS-V RS MSUS-V High-performance warp-knitting machine with course-oriented weft insertion for the production of heavyweight fabrics and composite fabrics GEO-TEXTILE FABRIC 540CM 6 gauge Year 2007 Serial number 96700 Running condition (Currently producing fabric for bullet proof jackets) Product features • Production of grid structures or closed fabrics • Combination with substrate fabric according to the product application • Strong knitting elements and yarn feeding guides fo ...
item-No.: 144842720
Complete Non-carbonated Aseptic Filling Line for drinks Filling technology: PET aseptic cold filling Line output: 18 000 bph Type of filling products: still and carbonated Bottle formats: 0,5L and 1,0L , 38mm neck Line conditions: excellent
item-No.: 144842714
Coextrusion lines Materials: LDPE, LLDPE, Metallocene Film Width (Max):2700 mm Output Capacity: 1000 kg/h Number Of Extruders: 3 Layers: 3 Rewind Unit Type: Back to back
item-No.: 144820111
Digital program Air table and two side tables Safety barrier 2 Knives Clean and ready
item-No.: 144766582
Digital program with Monitor Central air table Side tables with air Light guards In good working order mechanical and electrical Cleaned and checked Free of damages Available immediately
item-No.: 144667107
Año: 2010 Características: Maquina sleever con túnel de vapor.
item-No.: 144667095
Speed: 25/30 box/min Year: 2000 Condition: Very good Characteristics: 25/30 minut boxes continuous boxing machine, 6 and 12 glass bottles formats.
item-No.: 144662824
8.000 €
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Torno Pinacho S90-200. Distance between points: 1150mm. Flip on bench: 400mm. Flip on cross carriage: 210mm. Flip over neckline: 600mm. Hole: 52mm. Speeds: 12 (40-2200rpm). Motor power: 4Kw. Fairing. Ce.
item-No.: 144662823
6.000 €
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Izpe 300H threader Diameter max rollers: 160mm Car max stroke: 235mm Max threading diameter: 70mm Threaded min diameter: 3mm Roller spindle diameter: 54mm Max length threaded to plongé: 120mm Triangular thread max step: 5mm Triangular thread min pitch: 0.5mm Dimensions: 1580x1400x1240 1300Kgs Hydraulic motor power: 3hp Motor power rollers: 7.5hp
item-No.: 144500607
22.000 €
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Parallel lathe Geminis GE650S to be rebuilt. Distance between points: 1000mm. Flip on bench: 680mm. Flip on cart: 410mm. Flip over neckline: 850mm. Main hole: 84mm. Motorized trolley and charriot. Speeds: 18 (13-1000rpm). Main engine: 15hp. Plate and trolley protections and CE RD1215/97 certificate. Quick-change plate and turret.
item-No.: 144499448
5.000 €
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Parallel turn Tor D500. Distance between points: 1000mm. Flip on bench: 500mm. Flip on cart: 300mm. Flip over neckline: 700mm. Main hole: 52mm. Equipped with plate and turret of quick change. Equipped with display.
item-No.: 144479483
6.000 €
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Parallel latheder Lacfer CR1-250. Distance between points: 1500mm. Flip on bench: 530mm. Flip on cart: 320mm. Main hole: 60mm. Equipped with plate and turret of quick change. Ec protections and certificate RD1215/97.
item-No.: 144094591
7.000 €
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Lacfer CR1 Lacfer Lathe. Distance between points: 1000mm. Point height: 215mm. Flip on bench: 460mm. Flip on cart: 250mm. Main hole: 40mm. Speeds: 12. (32-2000rpm) Equipped with 250mm universal plate and quick change turret. Equipped with Fagor display.
item-No.: 143892038
35.000 €
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Manufacturer/Hersteller: Tecnokar Trailers Srl Semi-trailer / Sattelanhänger ( Stahlmulde) Material: aluminium Colour/Farbe: grey/grau Weight/Eigengewicht: 7200 kg Maximum permitted mass/Tech. zul. Gesamtmasse: 38.000 kg Total weigght/Gesamtgewicht: 38.000 kg Cargo load/Nutzlast: 30.800 kg Vertical load/Sattellast: 12.000 kg Maximum speed/Hochstgeschwindigkeit: 100 km/h Nr. of axes/Anzahl der Achsen: 3 Height/Laderaumhöhe: 4000 mm Length/Laderaumlänge: 12020 mm Date of registration/Erstzulassung:  ...
item-No.: 143892027
80.000 €
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Volvo FH 16 4x2T 650 (Truck/Sattelzugmaschine) Used, but in excellent condition / Gebrauchtfahrzeug, aber in sehr, sehr gut Zustand. Mileage/Kilometerstand: 150.000 Power/Leistung: 488 kW (663 Pferdestärke) Capacity/Hubraum: 16.123 ccm Air suspesions/Luftfederung Registration Date/Erstzulassung: 01/2016 Weight/Zuggewicht: 8.729 kg Total weight allowed/Zul. Gesamtgewicht: 21.000 kg Fuel/Treibstoff: Diesel Exterior colour/Außenfarbe: Blau, metallic Emission class/Emissionsklasse: EURO 6 Equipped  ...
item-No.: 143640883
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Graziano Sag Mechanical Lathe 20 Distance between points: 1.5m Maximum diameter: 690mm Diameter turnable to top of car: 300mm Digital 2 axes of sony brand Accessories: 3 clamp bushing 315mm diameter Soft clips Point Drills from 5mm to 20mm mark rhöm Rapida Multifix type C Turret with 4 Supports 4 Clip plate 400mm diameter Smooth dish 680mm diameter Around in good condition possible painting of it by budget
item-No.: 143618476
2 lines available Each line: 1 x 1600 tn Double-effect Schuler + 4 x 800 tn Schuler Schuler 800TM mechanical presses Table 2800 X 1500 MM (can be modified to 2800 x 2000 mm), stroke 850 mm, carriage regulation 500 MM 2 x SCHULER 1600 tn dual-acting (can be modified to 1000 tn single-effect) Table 2800 X 1700 MM (can be modified to 2800 x 2000 mm), Stroke 950mm, Slide adjustment 500mm, 8-20 strokes /min, Speed 720-1800 rpm, 3400 MM between columns
item-No.: 143200378
3.500 €
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Mó: 180x32x20mm Engine: 1.1kw 2850 RPM spins Machine Dimensions: 1500 x 1100 x 2000 mmRectificara Plana Monoprecis Made in France Electric ascent and descent X: 450mm Y: 200mm Magnetic table 360mm x 160mm Machine Weight: 1000Kg
item-No.: 142307715
1 ITALMEC pick and carry crane type GRU T6, lifting capacity 6 ton., equipped with DEUTZ diesel engine type F3L912 with 54 HP at 2500 rpm, crane arm has following oscillation possibilities: up, down, left and right, the crane arm also drives out (255 cm + 145 cm), new battery installed in Fev-2019
item-No.: 142255828
1 PIMATEX type MTFC020 high temperature yarn dyeing machine vertical type, capacity 20 Kg, year 2004 carrier with 6 swords and each sword carries 4 cones gauge 6" = 24 cones each batch 1 PIMATEX type MTFC030 high temperature yarn dyeing machine vertical type, capacity 30 Kg, year 2001 carrier with 9 swords and each sword carries 4 cones gauge 6" = 36 cones each batch 1 PIMATEX type MTFC050 high temperature yarn dyeing machine vertical type, capacity 50 Kg, year 2001 carrier with 16 swords and each sword ...
item-No.: 142255814
1 AUTIMAK folding and bagging machine type M-300, year 2011 (machine has never been intensively used and is like new), Compact machine for folding and bagging of textile garments like t-shirts, shirts, scarves, heads, carves, towels, cleaning cloths, etc... Size adjustable from children to adult sizes. It uses standard bags with flap for heat-sealing. Otherwise it can use standard bags with self-adhesive on the flap. Possibility to use cardboard supports. Adjustable folding dimensions and bag size. The bag  ...
item-No.: 142255645
1 THIES high pressure dryer for cones/bobbins, type Drucktrockner, year 1988, inside vessel diameter for 1600 mm diameter carriers, SETEX type 838 control
item-No.: 142255642
4 THIES vertical HT cone/bobbin dyeing machines type ECO-BLOC SII 1600, capacity each 500 Kg, year 1988, carrier diameter 1600 mm,
item-No.: 142255639
2 THIES vertical HT cone/bobbin dyeing machines type ECO-BLOC SII 800, capacity each 100 Kg, year 1988, carrier diameter 800 mm,
item-No.: 142255637
1 THIES vertical HT cone/bobbin dyeing machine type ECO-BLOC SII 800, capacity 65 Kg, year 1988, carrier diameter 800 mm,
item-No.: 141333232
MS Ink-Jet printing machine, mod. MS JPK EVO 320 with the dryer MS - POWER DRY Made in Italy working width 3200 mm. Year of production 2014. Max. speed (double CMYK)1410 sqm/hInd production speed (double CMYK)700 sqm/h Max. speed (8 single colors)1140 sqm/hInd. production speed (8 single colors)575 sqm/h Printing resolution Up to 1200 dpi Graylevels16 Drop Size From 4 to 72pl Features - Open ink system - Open software system - Embedded remote diagnostic - Embedded web server for cost report Printi ...
item-No.: 140620731
umstellbar 2/3, 5/0 CP-Tronic digitale Maschinensteuerung Steuerstand CPC 1-04 Center mit Fernsteuereinrichtung für Farbzonen, Farbduktoren sowie Umfang-, Seiten- und Diagonalregister mit Lichtgriffel und Job Memory Card Alcolor Filmfeuchtwerke mit Umwälzung und Kühlung Autoplate automatisches Plattenwechselsystem Preset automatische Formateinstellung automatische Farbwalzenwascheinrichtung automatische Gummituchwascheinrichtung Puderapparat IR-Trockner Hochstapelauslage Serienzubehör
item-No.: 140174804
In Transitus S.L. we have a lot of deferents Spareparts for Injection Moulding Machines like Hydraulic valves, electronic cards, variators. All brands like Krauss, Engel, Demag, Arburg. Ask us or check our stock in our homepage: www.transitus.es
item-No.: 139876087
Characteristics: High production maker (up to 25 boxes / minute) automatically forms cardboard boxes,by a new system of bilateral positive opening "patented system", which ensures the perfect opening and squared of the boxes, eliminating the friction between the flaps and thus guaranteeing, a totally safe opening of the box even in square boxes formats (same length and width), no need to make cuts in the angles of the inner flaps of the boxes, unlike other forming systems that do not allow these square formats to  ...
item-No.: 139876079
Machine used only for timely tests. Condition: New
item-No.: 139876067
Characteristics: Machine is an automatic sealing glue warm, ideal for incorporating in end of line, with Melton glue, upper flap closure with glue, lower tail flap closure, built entirely in stainless steel. The boxes are transported by motorized bands with independent speed control.
item-No.: 139470250
CP2000 Center mit Fernsteuereinrichtung für Farbzonen, Farbduktoren sowie Umfang-, Seiten- und Diagonalregister mit Lichtgriffel, Job Memory Card und Touch Screen Alcolor Vario Filmfeuchtwerke mit Umwälzung und Kühlung Farbwerktemperierung Autoplate automatisches Plattenwechselsystem Preset automatische Formateinstellung WashStar automatische Farbwalzenwascheinrichtung automatische Gummituchwascheinrichtung CleanStar Puderabsaugung Puderapparat Grafix Hochstapelauslage mit S-Modul Serienzubehör (ze ...
item-No.: 138888334
Digital program Hydraulic 2 Knives Clean and reviewed
item-No.: 137093170
101.000 €
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Perseus Tube installed Sept 2018 31,000,000 mAs on tube Overlapped Recon Axial, Copy Composer, NeuroFilter, AutoFilter and Transfer, ASIR, VCT Hi Power, Patient 64 Slice, Xtream Recon, High Resolution, Sub 0.4 Sec Scan, Gemstone Spectral Imaging, SmartScore Pro, CardIQ Snapshot, EKG viewer, Noise Reduction Filter, CardIQ Snapshot, EKG Viewer, Noise Reduction Filter, CardIQ Snapshot CINE, DentaScan, VolumeViewer, AutoBone, Axial Shuttle, Helical Shuttle, Ehanced GSI
item-No.: 137093156
49.500 €
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Performix Pro VCT 100 Tube (ball bearing) with 40 million mAs Software: VCT-85kW-Power (upgrade 2011) VolumeViewer CardIQSnapShot SmartPrep AutoFilter-and-Transfer Patient-64-slice NeuroFilter DynamicZ-axisTracking EKGViewer NoiseReductionFilter Direct-3D AutomA 3000ImageSeries ConnectPro Direct-MPR ExamSplit DataExport CopyComposer
item-No.: 136844913
Complete filling lines for carbonated drinks Output: 12 000 U/h Valves-Filling Heads: 72 The line consists of the following machines: Blow Moulder Krones Contiform S8, from 2005 (28 pco 1881 short neck. Moulds for 0,25ml, 1l, 1,5l, 2l, 2,5l. 8 cavity) Filler Corfill, Model: Uniblock 54-72-9, from 2005 Mixer Corfill/CME, from 2005 Labeller, Krones Contiroll, from 2005 Shrink wrapper, Dimac Star F30, from 2005 Palletizer, brand Inka, model: Inpal 100S, from 2014 Pallet stretch wrapper
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