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Año de construcción: usado
Ubicación: Land-glued wood production plant\r\n\r\nconsisting of the following components:\r\n\r\ngrecon - optimization plant incl. transport belt venjakob \r\nyear: 1995\r\n\r\ngrecon - finger jointing plant (year: 1994) with timme unloading (baujahr: 1996) \r\n\r\nscm - multiple rip saw incl. transport belt venjakob\r\nyear: 1992\r\n\r\nledinek/rotoles planer plant incl. loading + planer plant\r\nyear: 2005\r\n\r\ntorwegge press 1 incl. transport belt + unloading\r\nyear: 1989\r\n\r\ntorwegge press 2 incl. transport belt + unloading\r\nyear: 1990\r\n\r\nsanding line consisting of:\r\n- loading bargstedt\r\n- separation saw karl heist\r\n- transport venjakob\r\n- paul panel sizing saw\r\n- büftering bottom sanding\r\n- büftering transport belt\r\n- büftering top sanding\r\n- auslaufbahn bargstedt \r\n- ca. 125 mm roller conveyor\r\nall positions of the sanding line are from year 1989, only the panel sizing saw paul is from year 1994)\r\n\r\npackaging line:\r\nlfiting table\r\nyear: 2005\r\n\r\nedge profiling homag\r\nyear: 1999\r\n\r\ntransport track:\r\nwith labeling (head) avery alx, with stand rontec\r\nyear: 2001\r\n\r\nprofiling hugo beck\r\nyear: 1999\r\n\r\nheating channel hugo beck\r\nyear: 1999\r\n\r\nlabel dispenser (surface) avery alx\r\nbaujahr: 2010\r\n\r\nunloading schiepe/timme\r\nyear: 1991\r\n\r\npackaging line:\r\nlifting table\r\nyear: 2005\r\n\r\nseparation venjakob\r\nyear: 1991\r\n\r\nedge profiling ima\r\nyear: 1991\r\n\r\ntransport belt adam\r\nwith labeling (head) avery alx\r\nyear: 2005\r\nwith stand rontec\r\nyear: 2012\r\n\r\nfoiling hugo beck\r\nyear: 1997\r\n\r\nheating channel hugo beck\r\nyear: 1997\r\n\r\nlabel dispenser (surface) avery alx\r\nyear: 2010\r\n\r\nunloading timme\r\nyear: 1997\r\n\r\nsliding table saw altendorf f90\r\nyear: 1992\r\n\r\nsliding table saw altendorf f90\r\nyear: 1989\r\n\r\nblock press GLUED WOOD PRODUCTION PLANT\R\N\R\NCONSISTING OF THE FOLLOWING COMPONENTS:\R\N\R\NGRECON - OPTIMIZATION PLANT INCL. TRANSPORT BELT VENJAKOB \R\NYEAR: 1995\R\N\R\NGRECON - FINGER JOINTING PLANT (YEAR: 1994) WITH TIMME UNLOADING (BAUJAHR: 1996) \R\N\R\NSCM - MULTIPLE RIP SAW INCL. TRANSPORT BELT VENJAKOB\R\NYEAR: 1992\R\N\R\NLEDINEK/ROTOLES PLANER PLANT INCL. LOADING + PLANER PLANT\R\NYEAR: 2005\R\N\R\NTORWEGGE PRESS 1 INCL. TRANSPORT BELT + UNLOADING\R\NYEAR: 1989\R\N\R\NTORWEGGE PRESS 2 INCL. TRANSPORT BELT + UNLOADING\R\NYEAR: 1990\R\N\R\NSANDING LINE CONSISTING OF:\R\N- LOADING BARGSTEDT\R\N- SEPARATION SAW KARL HEIST\R\N- TRANSPORT VENJAKOB\R\N- PAUL PANEL SIZING SAW\R\N- BüFTERING BOTTOM SANDING\R\N- BüFTERING TRANSPORT BELT\R\N- BüFTERING TOP SANDING\R\N- AUSLAUFBAHN BARGSTEDT \R\N- CA. 125 MM ROLLER CONVEYOR\R\NALL POSITIONS OF THE SANDING LINE ARE FROM YEAR 1989, ONLY THE PANEL SIZING SAW PAUL IS FROM YEAR 1994)\R\N\R\NPACKAGING LINE:\R\NLFITING TABLE\R\NYEAR: 2005\R\N\R\NEDGE PROFILING HOMAG\R\NYEAR: 1999\R\N\R\NTRANSPORT TRACK:\R\NWITH LABELING (HEAD) AVERY ALX, WITH STAND RONTEC\R\NYEAR: 2001\R\N\R\NPROFILING HUGO BECK\R\NYEAR: 1999\R\N\R\NHEATING CHANNEL HUGO BECK\R\NYEAR: 1999\R\N\R\NLABEL DISPENSER (SURFACE) AVERY ALX\R\NBAUJAHR: 2010\R\N\R\NUNLOADING SCHIEPE/TIMME\R\NYEAR: 1991\R\N\R\NPACKAGING LINE:\R\NLIFTING TABLE\R\NYEAR: 2005\R\N\R\NSEPARATION VENJAKOB\R\NYEAR: 1991\R\N\R\NEDGE PROFILING IMA\R\NYEAR: 1991\R\N\R\NTRANSPORT BELT ADAM\R\NWITH LABELING (HEAD) AVERY ALX\R\NYEAR: 2005\R\NWITH STAND RONTEC\R\NYEAR: 2012\R\N\R\NFOILING HUGO BECK\R\NYEAR: 1997\R\N\R\NHEATING CHANNEL HUGO BECK\R\NYEAR: 1997\R\N\R\NLABEL DISPENSER (SURFACE) AVERY ALX\R\NYEAR: 2010\R\N\R\NUNLOADING TIMME\R\NYEAR: 1997\R\N\R\NSLIDING TABLE SAW ALTENDORF F90\R\NYEAR: 1992\R\N\R\NSLIDING TABLE SAW ALTENDORF F90\R\NYEAR: 1989\R\N\R\NBLOCK PRESS
Vendedor: Wehrmann Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen GmbH & Co.KG
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