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Año de construcción: 2010
Ubicación: Land-tr TR
Vendedor: Ozbek Machinery Trade

Galdi YR8 Jar-cup filler with approx. 2,000 units / H Production of the year: 2010 I have a link with the photos: see the below. abcs://1drv.ms/f/s!AoLyV4BoD89HhL0xX-62ogBW5Dq7Vw No it's not in production anymore but it's still working. Everything is still working. It was still bottled until Jan 18. Was replaced by an ESL line. more

Año de construcción: usado
Ubicación: Land-ch CH
Vendedor: Mazuba GmbH

MILK CARTON FILLING MACHINE Fully automatic forming, sealing and filling (CIP cleanable) machine with cap Manufactured by GALDI (Italy) Model RG250-2UCS 7000 litres per hour Non-aseptic Currently running on carton size 1.75l Optional sizes of 1 litre and 2 litre 6 filling valves in 2 lines more

Año de construcción: 2004
Ubicación: Land-es Spain, 47151 Valladolid
Vendedor: MachinePoint

Milk carton filling machine Galdi RG 250 UCS with screw cap, year 2004 Carton type: Pure Pak Diamond Curve type B Volume: 250 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml and 1000 ml. With peroxide (H2O2) cleaning section and screw caps application Prodcut shelf life: - Normal fresh milk 14 days - ESL (Extended Self Life - pasteurizing technologie from APV - SPX flow): 22 days. Cross section: 70x70 mm. Working hours: approx. 45.000 There is a shrink packer Elopak, year 1991 available upon request (at extra price) The machine was in production until February 2017. Since then is dismantled and stored more

Año de construcción: 2010
Precio: used machinery auction RESALE 115.000 gbp
Ubicación: Land-uk UK
Vendedor: Troostwijk Auctions

ultra clean ESL automatic carton forming, filling and sealing machine, with Galdi SCA screw cap applicator, cap hopper, de-foamer with tank, extra large cap configuration, carton figuration with J bottom, ink jet coder on outfeed, chain junction for belt controller, outfeed conveyor, controls and associated services, hours run 3,437, design capacity 2,250 cartons per hour, changeparts for 1500ml, 1750ml and 2000ml cartons, shelf life of juices and smoothies upto 45 days, shelf life of dairy upto 21 days. This lot is located in Llantrisant, South Wales more

Año de construcción: usado
Ubicación: Land-ch CH
Vendedor: Sabia AG

GALDI automatic filling machine model RG21 2000 ultrasonic Deckelapplikator. The GALDI automatic filling machine model RG21-2000 is designed for integrated forming, filling and sealing of 1000, 500 and 250 ml gable-top cartons with STANDARD (70 x 70 mm) A-style and covers 28 mm, with a maximum designed mechanical speed stepless adjustable up to 2,000 cases per hour. The production speed is influenced by the product and the characteristics of the carton. The GALDI automatic filling machine model RG21-2000 is suitable for the filling of fresh pasteurized milk, drinking yoghurt, fresh cream, fresh fruit juice, or similar liquids. FACILITIES BUILT INCLUDING THE FOLLOWING: • Compa ... more

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