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Año de construcción: 1990
Ubicación: Land-us US Massachusetts
Vendedor: TrueForge Global Machinery Corp.

1 ton (2,200 lbs) Glama GSM 10/16P Rail Bound Forging Manipulator - Re:24309 Carrying capacity 10.0 Kn 2,200.0 lbs Moment capacity 16.0 KNm 5.8 ft tons Tong opening range for rounds & squares : max 404.0 mm 15.9” min 120.0mm 4.7” Max tong turning circle 865.0 mm 34.0” Peel centerline lowest horiz position above rails 550.0 mm 21.6” Peel straight line parallel lift 900.0 mm 35.4” Peel shift to either side of centerline ±150.0 mm ±5.9” Peel tilts upwards 10º 10 degrees Peel tilt downwards to tong jaws touching floor Tong rotation speed 0 – 23 rpm Resilent tong movement in direction of travel ±70.0 mm ±2.7” Tongs rotation torque capacity 3,500.0 Nm 2, ... more

Año de construcción: 1991
Ubicación: Land-us US Buffalo, New York
Vendedor: TrueForge Global Machinery Corp.

Two 120kN Glama GSM 120/250 Rail Bound Forging Manipulators exactly the same are available Carrying capacity 120.0 kN Clamping moment 250.0 kNm Load moment/related to center of front wheels 480.0 kNm Peel rotating torque 25.0 kNm Traction force 100.0 kN Parallel horizontal position of tongs center above floor : min 1,050.0 mm max 1,950.0 mm Parallel vertical stroke 900.0 mm Vertical tilt of tongs : up 6º down to floor Parallel side shift +/- 200.0 mm Angular side shift +/- 4º Rail gauge 3,200.0 mm Tongs opening range for rounds : max 1,397.0 mm min 330.2 mm Tongs opening range for squares : max 1,219.2 mm min 330.2 mm Tongs opening range for round ... more

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