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Año de construcción: 2006
Ubicación: Land-de Germany, 19258 Neu Gülze
Vendedor: WPS Molkereimaschinen

PET blowing and filling line with SIDEL Combi filler 100ml - nominal output: 14,400 bph (100mL) - bottle size range: 100 ml - 1.0 Litr. (converting set for 0.5 and 1ltr. not included!) - bottle neck / Screw cap: 30/25 mm low (Screw cap type common for still water and soft drinks) - ultra clean design, - min. log3 (dry preform decontamination by vaporised H2O2 novative Sidel PREDIS system) - CIP, SIP - COP, SOP filler sanitation / sterile air overpressure - SIDEL Combi 8 FMm-/ 24 / 8C PET blowing-filling-capping compact machine o HEUFT Cap and level checker - FUJI Intersleeve 3200-DE sleeve machine - SMI MP 100 Multi Packer - cluster Pack 2 x 2, 2 x 3, 2 x 4 carton w ... more

Año de construcción: usado
Ubicación: Land-DE Germany, 44265 Dortmund
Vendedor: Ebert Technologie GmbH

Bottling line for shots, energy drinks, vitamins, coffee Manufacturer: Breitner, Rationator, Intersleeve Year of construction: 1995-2001 currently set to 65 ml PET bottles with Trapeze, filler 9 valves, 6 head Capper, level, Sleever, shrink tunnels, optional single Packer Filling line for shots energy drinks, vitamins, coffee Made: Breitner, Rationator, Intersleeve Year: 1995-2001 now adjusted to 65ml PET bottles with unscrambler, filler 9 valves, 6 head capper, Fillhight, Sleever, Shrinktunnel, optional Packers in displays more

Año de construcción: usado
Ubicación: Land-es ES Lorquí

Steam tunnel for sleever more

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