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Año de construcción: 2007
Ubicación: Land-ru RU
Vendedor: Normar Trading

Year of manufacture: 2007 Condition: Restored Film width: 320 mm Stride length: 250 mm Capacity: 7 cycles per minute Film thickness: 500 microns Package format: 2:1-external dimensions 135 x 250 mm Package: Darfresh Conversion to rigid film Dimensions (Lxwxh): 3352 x 690 x 1880 mm Features PC Mitsubishi touch skrinom and vacuum pump 100 m3 of Gardner Denver VC999 RS 420 is a high-performance thermoforming line with high speed and deep hood flexible films (for automatic packaging and labelling) for mjasoproizvodstve, packaging of meat products. With simple linear design VC999 RS420, very easy to add and integrate peripheral equipment such as: dozirovshhik,  ... more

Año de construcción: usado
Ubicación: Land-es ES 24252 San Pedro de Bercianos León, Spanien
Vendedor: Surplex GmbH

Weight approx.: 800 kg Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 5500 x 5500 x 5500 mm Description: Capacity 1 T, With hoist 1 T capacity, Height 5000 mm, Arm length 5000 mm, For more details see the photos more

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