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Año de construcción: usado
Ubicación: Land-main generator diesel power: 50kva, 40kw; voltage: 380/220v; composed by: generator: model: lu-50, speed: 1,500 rpm, frequency: 50 hz, phases: 3; diesel engine: model: zh4100zd, engine: 4-cylinder, water-cooled radiator, 4-stroke, direct injection; maximum power: 41kw, aspiration: turbo sucked, compression ratio: 19, consumption: 239 g/kwh; starting system: electric 24v, speed adjustment: mechanical, sound level: < 70dba; alternator: brand: lucla, model: lu40kw, self-excited: brushes, type protection: ip23, filters brand: bosch; includes digital control with the following functions: emergency stop button. voltmeter and phase switch. ammeter and phase switch. frequency counter. i stand up and march. watch the engine temperature. clock oil pressure. MAIN GENERATOR DIESEL POWER: 50KVA, 40KW; VOLTAGE: 380/220V; COMPOSED BY: GENERATOR: MODEL: LU-50, SPEED: 1,500 RPM, FREQUENCY: 50 HZ, PHASES: 3; DIESEL ENGINE: MODEL: ZH4100ZD, ENGINE: 4-CYLINDER, WATER-COOLED RADIATOR, 4-STROKE, DIRECT INJECTION; MAXIMUM POWER: 41KW, ASPIRATION: TURBO SUCKED, COMPRESSION RATIO: 19, CONSUMPTION: 239 G/KWH; STARTING SYSTEM: ELECTRIC 24V, SPEED ADJUSTMENT: MECHANICAL, SOUND LEVEL: < 70DBA; ALTERNATOR: BRAND: LUCLA, MODEL: LU40KW, SELF-EXCITED: BRUSHES, TYPE PROTECTION: IP23, FILTERS BRAND: BOSCH; INCLUDES DIGITAL CONTROL WITH THE FOLLOWING FUNCTIONS: EMERGENCY STOP BUTTON. VOLTMETER AND PHASE SWITCH. AMMETER AND PHASE SWITCH. FREQUENCY COUNTER. I STAND UP AND MARCH. WATCH THE ENGINE TEMPERATURE. CLOCK OIL PRESSURE.
Vendedor: Gutinvest International Assets
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