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Año de construcción: 2003
Ubicación: Land-nl NL
Vendedor: Crezta Food Equipment

ROSSI&CATELLI plant for tomato paste. Year of manufacturing 2003 The line includes: MOVA bins remover for fresh tomato from the field Stone and leaves remover Tomato conveying plant by water with circulation pump, mud filter and pipelines Elevator/washer by rollers Tanks and conveyors to the sorting tables Nr.3 sorting tables Nr.3 chopping pumps with storage hoppers Nr.2 MANZINI turbo-extractors monobody with frame Collecting tanks for juice and transfer pump Collecting plant for wastes (for the above machines we don’t have pics so far) Complete ROSSI&CATELLI plant mod. ELDORADO for thermic treatment of the juice for hot break Triple effects ROSSI&CATELLI evaporator mod VE ... more

Año de construcción: 1998
Precio: 60.000 €
Ubicación: Land-pt PT Lisbon
Vendedor: Prosecore S.A.

Fully Automatic seamer for round cans with 4 chucks, to work with round tin dimensions diameter 50 to 110, height 190 mm. 35 to Completely overhauled, including new electric board, PLC and Touch Screen, inverter.Automatic lubrification.Safety protections.Automatic feeding of lids. Seaming turret with 4 chucks and 16 seaming rolls for first and second operation. Cann feed within a straight line withhorizontal fingers. As new. Fully refurbished. ready to delivery more

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