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Ubicación: Land-press rotary kba commander 70; technical descriptions: court: 578 mm; development: 1,156 mm; coil width: 1400 mm up to 1,680 mm; (x 2)-folder kf 96; abb control system; traction: 4 engines joined by mechanical transmission; maneuver abb automation; all operations are controlled from the central computer; wet system: turbo kba; configuracion:4 satellite 4-0/0-4; 4 monkeys 1-1; (x 2) bending machines with accumulated, double production in format tabloid and savannah; (x 8) porta 2 arms kba coils; includes installation, close and exit of newspapers; maximum of 128 page production with 64 color. (it can be installed with two towers of printing, with a maximum of 64 page full colour production.) PRESS ROTARY KBA COMMANDER 70; TECHNICAL DESCRIPTIONS: COURT: 578 MM; DEVELOPMENT: 1,156 MM; COIL WIDTH: 1400 MM UP TO 1,680 MM; (X 2)-FOLDER KF 96; ABB CONTROL SYSTEM; TRACTION: 4 ENGINES JOINED BY MECHANICAL TRANSMISSION; MANEUVER ABB AUTOMATION; ALL OPERATIONS ARE CONTROLLED FROM THE CENTRAL COMPUTER; WET SYSTEM: TURBO KBA; CONFIGURACION:4 SATELLITE 4-0/0-4; 4 MONKEYS 1-1; (X 2) BENDING MACHINES WITH ACCUMULATED, DOUBLE PRODUCTION IN FORMAT TABLOID AND SAVANNAH; (X 8) PORTA 2 ARMS KBA COILS; INCLUDES INSTALLATION, CLOSE AND EXIT OF NEWSPAPERS; MAXIMUM OF 128 PAGE PRODUCTION WITH 64 COLOR. (IT CAN BE INSTALLED WITH TWO TOWERS OF PRINTING, WITH A MAXIMUM OF 64 PAGE FULL COLOUR PRODUCTION.)
Vendedor: Gutinvest International Assets
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