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Año de construcción: nuevo
Precio: 12.500 €
Ubicación: Europa - Italien

6000 m3/h of air capacity. Standard discharge in 3 bins. Reliable, silent and easy to use. With its compact design to suit any environment, even inside production facilities, its highly effective operation in just a small space, the FI series is ideal for extracting various types of shavings and dust. Built in painted metal panelling and equipped with: - settling chamber for the decanting of shreds into the filtering unit; - needled felt filtering sleeves (500 g/m2); - automatic programmable countercurrent compressed air cleaning system; - continuous discharge of the shavings and dust into handy wheeled metal bins with sight glass to check the filling level. Designed to operate in negative p ... more

Año de construcción: 1996
Ubicación: Metzingen
Vendedor: Hans-Jürgen Geiger Maschinen-Vertrieb GmbH

grinding diameter: 390 mm grinding length: 3000 mm centre height: 200 mm total power requirement: 30 kW weight of the machine ca.: 12 t dimensions of the machine ca.: 9,5 x 2,5 x 2,5 m more

Año de construcción: 1999
Ubicación: Land-es ES
Vendedor: EVERMAK

OIMA - Stratos Hx 11000.850 (1999) 850t Injection molding machine With SEPRO robot. Working. We have a complete set of molds of nice planters for this machine Screw diameter: 120 mm. Ratio L / D: 22 Effective injection volume: 5760 cm3 Effective shot weight (PS): 6100 g. Injection rate: 300 cm2 / s Specific pressure in materials (max): 1640 kg / cm2 Plasticizing capacity: 480 kg / h Heating zones: 4 + 1 Opening stroke: 1700 mm Distance between tie-bars: 910x910 mm Platens size: 1450 x 1450 mm. Mold height (max.-min.) 500-1500 mm. Hydraulic ejector stroke: 800 mm. more

Año de construcción: usado
Precio: 10.500 €
Ubicación: Land-ee EE Tartu
Vendedor: Rovita

2 flour dusters; rounds the dough pieces with a long shape forming; speed control; dimensions: ca 2400x1000x700 mm; new belts! more

Año de construcción: usado
Ubicación: Land-ch CH Baden

1 piece, only molding/INJECTIONMOULDING MACHINE Oima Stratos 2000/300 S Good work-ready condition/good working condition -Year of manufacture/year of make 1993 -Clamping force/locking force 300 to -Screws/screw Ø 90 mm -Spray weight/shotweight (PS) 1610 g -Opening/opening stroke 300/600 mm min/max. -Tie bar distance/distance between tiebars 550 x 550 mm -/ Platen of size of the plate size 850 x 850 mm -/ Mould of height of the form height 220/625 mm min/max. -Discharge conveyor belt/outtransport conveyor belt -PET dryer/PET-dryer, Labotek DDL 600 -16 preform tool for half bottles/16-fold according to perform mould for half. bottles -Sepro robot/robot -Dimensions & weight / measurem ... more

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