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Stikkenwagen for W&p Rototherm 1020 Stikkenwagen for Stikkenofen W&P Rototherm 1020 Stikkenofen with 2 edge sheets 58x78cm approx. 20 pieces in the warehouse
Número de artículo: 140957447
Stainless steel furnace trolley with 20 editions for sheets 58x78 cm long-time inset 5 pieces in stock External dimensions: 63x80 cm and 180 cm high
Número de artículo: 140855216
Stainless steel with 20 editions for 58x78cm sheets Outer mass: 64x80cm and 191cm high 4 pieces in stock
Número de artículo: 140524414
Stikkenwagen for W&P Rototherm 1020 Stikkenofen 58x78cm Sheet metal size 58x78cm 18 editions 20 pieces in stock
Número de artículo: 140523959
Stikkenwagen for W&P Rototherm 1020 Stikkenofen for 58x78 cm sheets Stainless steel on wheels with 18 editions
Número de artículo: 135326574
Far died. Hydr. Exit trolleys + auxiliary cars SMA-REF-6092 Category: Sailing plant conveying, pushing, tilting Manufacturer: White Type: FS-2Z Built: 1976 Power: 7.5 kW Technical data: Gauge: 1,250 mm Roll height: 450 mm Excess: 1,000 kp Pincer opening: 80-950 mm Including auxiliary cars HW 4 PK Condition: Ready for use Location: North Rhine-Westphalia Availability: Instantly Delivery: From location Profession. Dismantled Free loading truck Payment conditions: 100% before depletion/loading
Número de artículo: 134890807
Clamping cars help car SMA-REF-6441 Category: conveyor sawmill, slide, tilt Manufacturer: Linck Type: GA / GY Year of built: unknown Ingredients: Chuck Wagon GA Help car GY without remote control Technical data: Track width: 900 mm Clamping range: 850 mm Condition: ready for use overhauled stored Location: Rhineland-Palatinate Availability: immediately Terms of delivery: From site Terms of payment: 100% prior to removal/loading
Número de artículo: 130814551
We offer a car for ingredients here. Total mass:-height: 173.5 cm -Width: 41.5 cm -Length: 66.5 cm 9 containers. If you are interested and for more information we are available.
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Número de artículo: 124970720
9 St. used cars for HEUFT Thermo-roll stoves for sheet size 58x78cm with 9 editions / distance 18, 5cm purified and functionally tested Selling individually
Número de artículo: 124347520
80 Pcs TROLLEYS STAINLESS STEEL ON WHEELS DIMENSIONS OF EACH TROLLEY/RACK LXWXH 1130X615X2450MM 3 rows per rack/trolley Total 54 freezing pans per rack. Dimensions of the pan lxwxh 596 x 335x58 mm. In excellent condition
Número de artículo: 123262979
New venture for special order Requirements as you need all standart with daub/HEUFT 60 x 80 cm or 60x80cm sheets Stainless steel New
Número de artículo: 121471051
Fleisch-Kutter mit Auslauf Förder- und Aufzug Serie carros.Nº: 0040Formato: 25x25mm/20x20mm/15x15mm.Dimensiones Schnittbereich: 120mm Breite, 500mm Länge, insgesamt 120mm alto.Dimensiones: 1360mm Breite, 1560mm Länge 1360mm alto.
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We offer you here Bros. Car at: -for 10 sheets 580/780 mm -Stainless steel cars -Trolley for wagon oven HEUFT, daub. If you are interested and for more information we are available.
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We offer you here Bros. Rack trolley at: -for 20 sheets 580/780 mm -Stainless steel cars -Car for Rotary rack oven MIWE, quail, W & P If you are interested and for more information we are available.
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Log carriage Technical data Type: SWvh1K Track width: 980 mm Support height:430 mm Opening of clamps:800 mm Turning of clamps :360° Driving speed: forwards and backwards each 100 m/min. Drinving power: 4 kW Total length: 3200 mm Weight: ca. 1350 kg
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Very strong insulated containers from 310 till 1000 liter good quality , sharp prices
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AUTOKLAVEN horizontale VIP mit 4 Körben Autoclave Horizontal zylindrische und feste, ist für die Sterilisation von Lebensmitteln vorgesehen sind, das Gerät ist komplett in Stahl Inox AISI-304Marca gebaut: industrielle vip, s.a.Tipo: Ae-7800ano des verarbeitenden Gewerbes: maximale 2002presion: 2 Barespresion-Design: 2 Barespresion Ringer : 2 Barespresion der hydraulischen Test: 3 maximalen Service BaresTemperatura: 110 ° CTemperatura Design: 150. elastische Climite zur Auslegungstemperatur: 140 n/mm2Volumen: 7, ...
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nice bin tipper useable for bins/ container till 1000 liter fully stainless steel
Número de artículo: 61294363
10 pads a'60 x 80 cm stainless steel used with signs of wear 12 pieces in stock! Dimensions: Height: 192 cm width: 85 cm depth: 64.5 cm
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