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Número de artículo: 131340641
Número de artículo: 131340642
Número de artículo: 131306079
Head for the linear labeling machine for self-adhesive labels, in new condition.
Número de artículo: 130882669
Labeler bar codes for packs of 4 or 6 bottels in plastic or glass.
Número de artículo: 130882664
? Brand Gemini. ? Model GHT5-G2-1000 x 4000 Year of manufacture 2006 ?. ? Distance between points 4000 mm. ? Diameter over cross slide 680 mm. ? Diameter over bed 1000 mm. ? S1/S6 30/37 main motor power Kw ? Torque 4500/5625Nm. ? CNC Siemens 840 d ? bench 550 mm width ? points from the Guide flat 500 mm height ? Weight approx. 10,100 Kg. ? piece between points 4,800 Kg weight. ? main shaft hole diameter 104 mm. ? Nose DIN 55026-11 main shaft. ? in front bearing shaft diameter 150 mm. ? Diameter of  ...
Número de artículo: 130882660
Labeling equipment for the application of a label and / or back label in cylindrical containers. Economic labeller taking into account its high performance. Equipped with two heads, adaptable in production and speed to any packaging line. Speed: 30000b/h
Número de artículo: 130075446
400 bis Tie-Bar-weniger Engel Spritzgießmaschine mit nur ca. 38,900 Arbeitszeiten. Integriertem Roboter Engel enthalten, 2 Kerne, 6 sequentielle Einspritzung, Kistner. Maschine wird komplett geliefert werden, überprüft und getestet in unserer Werkstatt und kann unter Strom gezeigt werden!
Número de artículo: 130075445
400 to tie-bar-less Engel injection moulding machine with only approx. 38.900 working hours. Engel integrated robot included, 2 cores, 6 sequential injection, Kistner. Machine will be delivered complete checked and tested at our workshop and can be shown under power !
Número de artículo: 129915452
subasta de maquinaria usada RESALE 28.000 €
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Ofen kochen in kontinuierliche, mit Klebeband. Kochen von gleichzeitigen Kontakt von beiden Seiten durch zwei Platten aus rostfreiem Stahl mit Thermoöl beheizt. Produkte können auf einer Seite oder beiden gekocht werden; Spannung: 400 V; Frequenz: 50 Hz; Leistung: 12 kW; Band-Breite: 1.000 mm; Abmessungen der Maschine: 10.800 x 2300 x 2040 mm
Número de artículo: 129915451
subasta de maquinaria usada RESALE 28.000 €
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Oven Cooking in continuous, with tape. Cook by simultaneous contact from both sides through two plates of stainless steel heated by thermal oil. Products can be cooked on one side or both; Voltage: 400 V; Frequency: 50 Hz; Power: 12 kW; Tape width: 1,000 mm; Machine dimensions: 10,800 x 2300 x 2040 mm
Número de artículo: 129707154
Cummins QSK60 Natural Gas Generator Sets 1300 KW Four (4) 1300 KW Cummins QSK60 V16 Natural Gas Engine, Turbocharged, Low Temperature After cooled, dual frequency, 1500/1800 rpm, 400/480 volt, 50/60 HZ, Rated 1300 KW at 60 HZ for continuous operation and 1100 KW at 50 HZ for continuous operation, Natural Gas Fuel, ISO Sound Attenuated Containerized Power Modules. Features Cummins advanced built in electrical protection system, extensive cooling system and advanced digital electronic control system technology.  ...
Número de artículo: 129187001
Twenty Five (25) 1475 KW Caterpillar G3516C Natural Gas Sound Attenuated Containerized Generator Sets, dual frequency will operate on 50 HZ or 60 HZ, 1500/1800 rpm, 400/480 volt, Year 2012 to 2014, all power packages were maintained in accordance with OEM maintenance schedule. Units were used in a power project with a total output of 36.8 MW’s. All natural gas power packages are in good condition and can be transported to any worldwide location to produce immediate power. Contact us for more information.
Número de artículo: 128981631
600.000 €
country-us US
Completa KRONES PET agua llenado LineLine en productionBrand nombre: KRONESYear: 2007-2006Capacity es 36, 36 de Krones 000bhp, 000BPH 2007Key AssetKrones soplado máquina aire conditionerHandheld toner termal Krones soplar MachineAir CompressorBlowing Máquina CoveyerKRONES 550ML MouldingKRONES600ML MouldingKRONES CoveyerKrones relleno MachineKrones Labellerfilm envoltura lineAir CompressorWeigh checkingJet tinta PrinterCIP SystemCoveyerDryerBeltLiquid nitrógeno de machineWater tratamiento machineKRONES nivel de a ...
Número de artículo: 128860179
26880 KW Cummins KTA50 G3 Sound Enclosed Diesel Generator Plant 26880 KW / 26.9 MW Cummins C1400 D5 Sound Enclosed Diesel Generator Plant. Twenty Four (24) Cummins KTA50 G3 Diesel Engines with 1400 KVA/1120 KW Newage Stamford Frame P, 1734 B1 single bearing alternators. The diesel generator sets are versatile with dual frequency and will operate on 50 HZ or 60 HZ. Year: 2011, All of the generator sets are each housed in 40 FT Sound Proof Containers and there were additional sound proofing added to deal with cool ...
Número de artículo: 128860178
Eight (8) 1750 KW Caterpillar 3516 Diesel Generator sets in Sound Proof Enclosures Eight (8) 1750 KW Caterpillar 3516 Diesel Generator sets in Sound Proof Enclosures , (14 000 KW/14 MW) available in 50 HZ or 60 HZ frequency, rated 1750 KW / 2187 KVA, 0.8 P.F., 50 HZ / 60 HZ, 400 volt / 480 volt, 1500 rpm / 1800 rpm, Year 1995, Low hours since installation, range from 855 hours to 1482 hours since new. The Diesel Generator Package was only used for standby emergency power. Complete package with sound proof enclo ...
Número de artículo: 128058896
Automatic Continuous baking oven – for fully automatic production of wafer sheets (refurbished) with 18 cooking plates/baking tongs. Plates dimension: 230 mm x 290 mm Main drive with frequency- controlled three phase drive system 2 burners (Krom Schroder model ZKIH) with complete piping (forced fresh air and gas), cutting and mixing valves, gas inlet Krom Schroder with all accessories (filter, pressure gauge, safety valves, governor for gas, gas solenoid valves) . Heating: Natural gas or LPG (propane/butan ...
Número de artículo: 128022589
GENERAL ELECTRIC MONOPHASE TRANSFORMER Output: 177.000 KvA Year of manufacture: 2010 Frequency: 50 Hz Service: Continuous Temp. Max:40 ° C Cooling type: OFAF
Número de artículo: 128022588
SIEMENS TRANSFORMER MONOPHASE Output: 177.000 KvA Year of manufacture: 2010 Frequency: 50 Hz Service: continuous Temp. Max:40 ° C Cooling type: OFAF
Número de artículo: 127832505
CORINO Seil OPENER für gewebte und offene Breite GESTRICK, ROLLER Breite 2,200 MM. Jahr 1998 -Eingang mit drehender Plattform und Seil SQUEEZER-DETWISTER-OPEN Breite EVAC Vakuum SLOT-Ausfahrt nach Ordnern
Número de artículo: 127832504
Número de artículo: 127802845
Número de artículo: 127787424
Automatische Caracteristica:maquina für Klebstoff handhabt Anwendung für paquetes.Compacto der einspurigen, Maschine anpassbar an die meisten Transportmittel die tamaños.El Produkte Griff auf die Produkte aufgetragen. Anwendung Especificaciones técnicas:Sistema: Palette giratoria.Velocidad maximal: 42 Griffe / Klassifizierung und Trennung Erkennung carrete.Célula Ende Transportadores.Célula minuto.Integrado von Erkennung von Ende des Bestandes an etiqueta.Ancho Band: 25 mm.Longitud's Reel Tape: 5000m.Dimensio ...
Número de artículo: 127660659
Adhesive automatic labeller of a head. Brand: Eticopack, Coop. Overall dimensions: length 2, 700 mm, width 1.250 mm, 1300 mm high
Número de artículo: 127624001
400 to ENGEL tie-bar-less injection moulding machine. 55 mm screw diameter, Engel robot, conveyor belt,. 2 cores, 16 x hot runner, 6 x sequential injection , RS 232 connection. machine available in the November 2018
Número de artículo: 127623877
17.000 €
country-es ES
Lid DMU 60 p 5-axis VMC L x W x h: 3230 x 2050 x 2440mm Weight: 8250kg HEIDENHAIN 426PB control Path measuring system: Resolution X, Y, Z axis: 0.001mm Least input increment X, Y, Z axis: 0.001 Positioning tolerance X, Y, Z axis Work range: Traveling distance: X: 600mm, T: 650mm x 550mm Work spindle: Tool holder: SK 40 DIN Hydraulic/mechanic tool clamping system Feedrate: XYZ axis variable input: 20-10000mm / min Rapid feedrate: XYZ axis: 24mm / min Setup/mode: XYZ axis: 20-2000mm / min  ...
Número de artículo: 127623876
17.000 €
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Deckel DMU 60P 5 Axis VMC L x W x H: 3230 x 2050 x 2440mm Weight: 8250kg Heidenhain 426PB Control Path measuring system: Resolution X,Y, Z axis: 0.001mm Least input Increment X,Y,Z axis: 0.001 Positioning tolerance X,Y,Z axis Work Range: Traveling distance: X: 600mm, T: 650mm X: 550mm Work spindle: Tool holder: SK 40 DIN Hydraulic/mechanic tool clamping system Feedrate: XYZ axis variable input: 20-10000mm/min Rapid Feedrate: XYZ axis: 24mm/min Setup/mode: XYZ Axis: 20-2000mm/min Maga ...
Número de artículo: 127623868
4.500 €
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Band saw fully automatic with spade conveyor. Cutting diameter 250 mm saw band length 3505 mm table height 450 mm gr. diameter to be sawn 250 mm saw blade dimensions 3505 x 25 x 0.95 mm total power requirement 3 kW machine weight approx. 1.0 t space required approx. 2.1 x 2.0 x 1.4 m
Número de artículo: 127113408
Filling machine in glass jars for fruit, jam, honey, sauces Output: from 500 up to 700 jars/hour, from 0 cl up to 1000 cl
Número de artículo: 126508400
OVERVIEW: Brand: AMADA Model: Vipros 358 QUEEN Application type: Punching Machine type: Turret Punching Machine Availability: Immediately Construction year: 1998 Production hours: 35623 Location: Spain Origin country: France GENERAL DATA: Measurements width: 4680 mm Measurements depth: 4060 mm Measurements height: 2310 mm Machine weight: 13500 kg MAIN DRIVE: Punching force: 300 kN Max. sheet thickness: 6 mm CONTROL UNIT: Brand: AMADA Model: AMADAN 04P-C MOVEMENT: X-AXIS movement: 2000  ...
Número de artículo: 126499457
Emulsion Production Plant New Surplus New Surplus Complete Emulsion Production Plant Lots of equipment included in this plant. It is a complete plant and can be set up and put into production. Some components, Dense Nitrate Feeding System, Dense nitrate dissolution, Amonium Hydroxide Dosing and much more equipment. Plant is available due to a cancelled project. All equipment is still in shipping crates and has never been assembled. Great opportunity to purchase a new plant below new purchase price Dense Nitrat ...
Número de artículo: 126499455
BLOCK SWITCHBOARD SYSTEM New Surplus Block Switchboard System, New unused complete switchboard system. Available due to a cancelled project. Offered at a discount price for new equipment Also available complete Telcom communications system MANUFACTURER: ETA-COM B NV TYPE: MH2 3×1200 EQUIPMENT 5-SW-5-2/BD PROTECTION CLASS: IP68-IK10 RATED SERVICE VOLTAGE: 690V RATED INS.VOLTAGE MAIN BUSBARS: 1000 V RATED FREQUENCY: 50 Hz RATED IMPULSE WITHSTAND VOLTAGE FOR MAIN BUSBARS: 12 kV RATED SHORT TIME WITHSTAND  ...
Número de artículo: 126499440
New Surplus Rotary Screw Air Compressors New Surplus Five (5) Rotary Screw Air Compressor Systems, 50 HZ, still in manufactures packaging, never assembled. Rotary Screw Compressors are available due to a cancelled project. Great opportunity to purchase New Rotary Screw Air Compressors below new purchase cost Two (2) DVK 133-GP-9300 Rotary Screw Air Compressor Systems DVK 60 Bar PSI M3/min SCFM 7.5 110 7.2 254 10 145 6.4 226 13 190 5.4 191 2 x DVK 60 Oil Injected Rotary Screw Compres ...
Número de artículo: 126494631
30 MW TM 2500 Mobile Trailer Mounted Gas Turbine Three (3) NEW 30 MW GE TM2500 Mobile Trailer Mounted Gas Turbines Generators Developed specifically to respond to the need of fast deployment and electricity supply. Electricity can be generated immediately even to the most remote locations around the world. Full power in
Número de artículo: 126327210
OVERVIEW: Brand: Pinacho Model: S-90/310 Application type: Turning Machine type: Lathe Availability: 15/01/2019 Construction year: 2003 Production hours: 17000 Location: Spain Origin country: Spain GENERAL DATA: Measurements width: 2860 mm Measurements depth: 1020 mm Measurements height: 1330 mm Machine weight: 2070 kg MAIN DRIVE: Number of spindles: 1 Spindle speed range: 1500 1/min Spindle bore: 80 mm CONTROL UNIT: Brand: Fagor MOVEMENT: Y-AXIS movement: 365 mm WORKPIECE: Workpi ...
Número de artículo: 126327209
OVERVIEW: Brand: Pinacho Model: Smart-Turn 5/225 Application type: Turning Machine type: Lathe Availability: 15/01/2019 Construction year: 2005 Production hours: 15000 Location: Spain Origin country: Spain GENERAL DATA: Measurements width: 2250 mm Measurements depth: 3015 mm Measurements height: 1540 mm Machine weight: 1250 kg MAIN DRIVE: Number of spindles: 1 Spindle speed range: 3000 1/min CONTROL UNIT: Brand: GE Fanuc Model: Quick Panel MOVEMENT: X-AXIS movement: 300 mm Y-AXIS mov ...
Número de artículo: 126210252
Automatic, multi purpose, precision spinforming machine with two roller changer and two axes. This automatic spinforming machine is equipped with a computer numerical control system, including software for programming single pass shear form or multiple pass spinforming operations. This multi-purpose machine is designed to encompass a large variety of spinform applications, in different shapes and sizes and is economical for short runs with frequent set-up changes or for extended production runs. Center Height  ...
Número de artículo: 126192365
5.000 €
country-pt PT
Cylindrical grinding machine OccasionMachines 1 meter between points Diameter: 320 mm Interiors and extriores
Número de artículo: 126154434
OVERVIEW: Brand: Hyundai Kia Model: HiT-30S Application Type: Turning Machine Type: Lathe Availability: Immediately Construction year: 2000 Production hours: 12000 Location: Spain Origin country: Korea GENERAL DATA: Measurements width: 3556 mm Measurements depth: 2160 mm Measurements height: 2032 mm Machine weight: 5300 kg MAIN DRIVE: Number of spindles: 1 Spindle speed range: 30-3000 1/min CONTROL UNIT: Brand: SIEMENS Model: SINUMERIK 840D MOVEMENT: X-AXIS Movement: 200 mm Z-AXIS Mo ...
Número de artículo: 126087542
Brand: AMBAFLEX Model: SVE-400-1300 Registration: 6943-01 Year: 2007 Condition: good Features: Boxes in spiral elevator. These elevators are height adjustable. Total height: 3.100 mm Working height: 2800 mm Tape width: 400mm Spiral diameter: 760mm 1 unit available
Número de artículo: 125579888
Etiquetadoranumero Stationen klebenden 2, Etikett + Contranumero Paletten insgesamt Tagger 4numero Stationen 4Velocidad maximale Übertragung 14.000 b/HPRECINTADORA Rollsiegel FISCAL\ nSistema vollständige Abdichtung im Glas durch kalte Cola Flaschenhals
Número de artículo: 125579887
LABELLER Number stations gluing 2, label + against Pallet number altogether tagger 4 Number stations transfer 4 cylinder Maximum speed rated at 14,000 bph STAMP TAX BANDING MACHINE System of complete seal in glass by means of cold cola bottle neck
Número de artículo: 125164585
Extrusion line model: Compact System T20 YOM: 2005 Working hours: 4,000 h Production: 50-60 Kg/h Sheet width = 1500mm / 2000mm Materials: PE and PP Different head extruder: It could produce threads. Number of threads = 35-40
Número de artículo: 125128142
Merkmale: Piston Typ und stationäre configuration.Power Quelle: AC PowerLubrication Stil: LubricatedBrand Name: ShangairModel Nummer: 83SHCertificaction:CEAir discharge:4.0m3/minDischarge Druck : 40barAir Entlastung: 4.0M3/minDischarge Pressure:3.0-4.0MpaDischarge-Kapazität: 2,0 m3/MinDischarge Pressurea: 40Bar
Número de artículo: 124369444
Número de artículo: 124244572
OVERVIEW: Brand: SANDRETTO Model: S.7.40 Application type: Injection moulding Machine type: Injection Moulding Machine Availability: Immediately Construction year: 1987 Production hours: 30000 Location: Spain Origin country: Italy CONTROL UNIT: Brand: SELEC INJECTION UNIT: Screw diameter: 32 mm Stroke volume: 105 cm³ CLAMPING UNIT: Clamping force: 400 kN Distance between bars (h x v): 266 x 266 mm Mould height min.: 100 mm Mould height max.: 350 mm
Número de artículo: 124190940
Rotary scalder. 1, 5HP. Metal sheet. Or hole 8 mm. Dimensions: Surface scalding: 1,900 mm length, ø 900 mm. Overall dimensions: 1,250 mm wide, 2400 mm length, 2,400 mm high.
Número de artículo: 124071518
Raft with coil to heat water. Overall dimensions: 800mm width 1550mm length, 1000mm high.
Número de artículo: 123504941
Hydtaulic Press ONA 400 tn, plate 2000 x 1000 mm Good working condition
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