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Número do item: 142670913 Quantidade: 1 Data: 25.10.2019
Localização: Olavs vei 4, N-8439 Myre, Norway
Preço: pedido de cotação
Fabricante: Baader
Modelo: 699
Tipo de máquina: High capacity bone separator
Descrição: Baader 699

máquina usada

Baader 699 High-performance separator for meat collapse
Condition: Restored

This machine, designed to separate meat raw materials from unwanted components such as cartilage, veins, skin and bones, uses the same principle of operation as Baader 694 and 697, but with much higher bandwidth.
The raw material is drawn between the high-elastic pressure band and the mesh drum rotating with it and is exposed to a short press-dividing effect. The pressure of the belt is controlled by a hydraulic system. Pressure and speed indicators allow you to adjust the car correctly depending on the type of raw materials.
The one-way installation of the drum and rollers allows you to quickly disassemble and clean all parts of the machine.
The machine is made of high quality materials, hygienic and resistant to corrosion.
The meat, subjected to soft separation by the presses of Baader fur, has high proportions of pure meat protein in the common protein, high values beFFE (content of pure muscle protein without protein connective tissue), and the quality is approaching the meat top class. The final product after the living - dry grainmince with a degree of grinding, corresponding to the diameter of the drum holes, which can be used to make high-quality boiled and smoked sausages.
The machine for residential removes up to 90-95% of veins and cartilage found in meat.
In the poultry processing industry, Baader separators are used to extract residual meat from carcasses or parts of poultry. The bird can be crushed without first being crushed by high-performance machines equipped with a pusher and a perforated drum with a diameter of 2 mm holes. Poultry meat after the collapse has the form not of emulsion, but of minced meat with a fibrous structure with a low content of bone inclusions and is used for the production of high-grade sausages and chopped semi-finished products.
The type of raw material, its pre-preparation, the required quality and output of the final product determine the choice of perforated drum (which are produced with a diameter of holes 1.3/2,0,0/3,0,0,0/8,0,0/10,0 mm), type of flattening tape, settings Machine.
The homeowner can be equipped with devices that automate the loading and provide an even continuous supply of the processed product, namely: a power unit, a lifting and tipping device, a conveyor conveyor, a feed raw materials directly from the top.
Performance: 1800-3000 kg/hour
Drum: 3 mm
Power consumption: 5.5 kW
Dimensions (DhHSh): 1500 x 1500 x 1700 mm
Mass (net/gross): 1395/1770 kg
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