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Container Size With Actual Configuration: 1 l Number Of Heads: 2 Material Type: PE Container Size (Max): 4 l Number Of Stations: 2 COEX 3 layers EBM machine
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Container Size (Max.): 3 l Output: 16000 U/h Neck: PCO 1881 - 1810
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Injection stretch blow moulding machines for PET bottles Aoki SBIII-500LL-75 injection stretch blow molding machine from 1999 Including chiller, one mold, not the dryer. It can produce: 6 L?2.2L, 1.5L?0.6L?0.55L?0.33L?0.4L Actual mold sizes: 6 L? 1.5L?0.6L?0.33L?0.4L (neck size: 28mm)
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Stretch blow moulding machine Output: 18.000 bph Neck finish: CSD PCO 1881, with 1810 change parts Formats: 500ml & 1.5lt
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ADS G66 blow moulding machine Output: 0.33l (8000 bph without gas, 7500 bph with gas) 2.5l (6600 bph without gas, 6200 bph with gas)
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Characteristics: High productivity All-electric machine Great standardization Great versatility Extremely fast installation and start-up times Easy-to-use technology with complete process control. Machine with only 5 months of use, semi-new automatic, electronic servo with last generation engines. The current format of the blow system is for 3 liter bottles being compatible for 5 and 8 liters. The machine has a great flexibility in the production of a wide range of bottles from 0.33 ml to 8 l. Measurement ...
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SIPA ECS 10000 Injection Stretch Blow Moulding SIPA PET Preform injection / STRETCH BLOW molding machine Produces 20 preforms per side x 2 = 40 cavities Approximately 10 00 units per hour. Included preform mould for 250ml Neck Finish PCO 1810 Output : 10,000 BPH In excellent working condition Complete with TEC Tote preform conveyor and tote filler.
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14 cavities Neck type: 29/25 Container Size (Max.): 3 l Output: 26500 U/h
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Container size with actual configuration: 1 l Number of heads: 3 Material type: PE Number of stations: 1 Output capacity 30 Kg/h Number of extruders: 1 Screw diameter: 38 mm L/D: 24
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Blow Moulder Sig Blomax 6, Series 3 from 2003 Speed: up to 7,200 bph 6 cavities It includes preform loader. Volume (min/max): 200ml/3l. Video of the machine running available. Hours run: 31,000 hrs. Neck tooling available: 28mm PCO and 26mm-PCF
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Rotary blow molder. Includes: - Oven - Preforms positioner - 6 molds - Screen Technical data - Installed power: 223 kw - Maximum intensity: 330 A - Tensio: 380 V - Frequency: 50 hz
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Blow moulder machine with 4 cavities for 5-liter bottle. Production: 4500 bottles / hour Included preforms hopper and introducer. More information on request.
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