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Nielsen Chocolate enrober Serial: 960713 Stainless enrober with stainless wire mesh belt, belt dimensions 1400mm x 400mm, variable speed, tank heating, top heating, re-circulation tank with pump, blower, mobile frame, 3Ph, 4Kw motor
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Lüscher X Pose, 2003 Ref.Nr: 2715 Manufacturer Lüscher Model X Pose Year built: 2003 Max sheet size: 135 cm Availability: immediately Condition: good Price: on request Technical specification: â?¢ Machine: Computer to plate, CTP Lüscher X Pose 160-64 diodos, installed in 10/2003. â?¢ New laser head from 11/2011. â?¢ With the CTP is also in the same pack the plate developer, G & J (Glunz & Jensen) 135 cm. â?¢ The equipment is totally reli ...
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-Welding current 335 A 35% ED -300 A 60% ED -240 A 100% ED -Welding current in 2 rough steps + 12 fine steps adjustable -Welding current adjustable from 40 A/16 V to 335 A/28.8 V -Separate wire feed -2 roller wire feed infinitely adjustable -2 bar + 4 bar â regulation -Massea cables -Connection 400 V/50 Hz 51 A -Space requirement about B 520 x H 1000 x T 1000 mm -Weight about 170 kg
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Technical data: -Welding current -350 A 40% DUTY CYCLE -250 (A) 100% ED -Welding current adjustable 10 A - 330 A -Digital Volt + amp display -4 roll wire feed continuously adjustable 0,5 - 25 m / min. -2 stroke - 4 stroke â regulation -Pulse setting -Wire back fire setting -water cooled torch approx. 4 YDS -Ground cable -Pressure reducer -Water cooling unit MERKLE type: WK 230-300 -Connection 400 V / 32 A / 18 kVA -Space requirement approx. B  ...
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TECHNICAL DATA Manufacturer: HAZEMAG (Germany) Name: Semi-mobile crushing plant FEED HOPPER Capacity: approx. 15 cbm Push feeder (mechanical): 800 x 3,500 mm PRE-SCREENING Manufacturer HERWEG Description: vibration sieve tray Type: BRS 12/18 Model: Heavy duty Number of screen decks: 1 PCs. Separation in: 0-30 mm Axis distance of discharge conveyor: 15.000 mm Discharge conveyor belt width: 500 mm IMPACT CRUSHER Manufacturer: HAZEMAG Type: AP 4 Br. Power: 110 kW Capacity: 50-150 t / h  ...
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Cups - bottle Water Filling line Brand GAMA PLUS Year of manufacture: 2010 Capacity of 10000 cups - bottle per hour Rabot system The line is now operational
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Used Complete Glass Bottle Hot juice filling line -1 Machine Manufacturer Type Model Year Capacity Comments Depalletiser Splatt 1995 Match f ...
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Model year: 2012 Working tonnage: 200.000 tons In a good condition, no maintenance is required Please contact us for more detailed information
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Model year: 2016 Working tonnage: 300.000 tons In a good condition, no maintenance is required Please contact for more detailed information
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Year of construction: approx. 1985 maximum SchweiÃ?lstg.: 500 amps. Machine weight: approx. 500 kg Equipment / Accessories: incl. water cooled torch external wire feeder knife Griesheim DVB 1 Water cooling All specifications were created after bestm knowledge and existing documents; Expressly reserved by mistake. Every interested party can advance test under power the protective gas welding machine.
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Rubber band machine drum diameter: 520 mm drum width: 650 mm maximum load weight: 130 kg maximum volume: 52 dm ³ electric motor: 4 kW electric total power: 8 kW filter unit of RAGI
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Welding machine POROMAG 300 K Including almost new TBI250 torch and earth cable Pressure regulator new coil wire 1, 0 mm Device is mobile Power supply 380V Max current 300A Please the PDF file with our terms and conditions and order form. The machine can be demonstrated like by appointment with us on-site. We offer only machines that demonstration ready are available in our warehouse, see "more offers of this provider".
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The line connecting the thrust miniwczepy GRECON DIMTER ULTRA TT -SERVICED BY WEINIG SERVICE -Year of production 2005 -In stock TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: -The length of the input parts min/max 200-1000 mm -Average length input 450 mm -The thickness of the elements of min/max 20-80 mm -width of the min/max 40-205 mm -cross-section of timber 38 × 60 mm -The Length of the starting components min/max 3000-6100 mm -the average length of the output elements 5500 mm -length of 10-11 mm Fingerjointin ...
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Screen Plate Rite PT-R 8000 32 diodes about 8.400 h SA-L 8000 plate loader Stacker Harlequin Rip good condition
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1. Uniblok automatic model MLK-P 12/12/1 built from: 2. RAI model rinsing machine with 12 nozzles 3. a filling system with 12 nozzles 4. a single head screwing plastic nuts The pouring machine is equipped with: 1. system of sterilization of caps with UV rays 2. additional snail for the second bottle format 3. an I / O star and a central conveyor for an additional bottle format 4. mechanical nut feeder for the turning head The pouring machine is adapted to 3 bottle formats and one nut type, fi 38 mm. The bo ...
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ECKOLD Type HA 500/2 Hydraulic power pack with clinch plier Technical data: Eckold mobile transformer type HA 500/2 Clinch plier Weight 115 kg The plant is here expressly as a defect or part vehicle auctions, because the motor protection switch has been expanded by the previous owner and we have no wiring diagram. A VAT invoice is created for you.
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Filling line for dairy products: milk, yogurt, etc. Line include: - rinser - linear piston filler - 6 filling heads - capping machine 1 head Additional on demand: - labeling machine - packing machine
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Temperature control device for candy melts Model: Thermo-quick duo with 2 removable bowls Double wall version with Thermo oil-filling for 6 kg capacity each Regulation thermostat (70 ° C) each dish separately heated 230 V, 700 watts Dimensions: 760 x 410 x 240 mm WxDxH Used unit cleaned and checked with warranty!
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GS Multi System HT-M 25 coating system for pilot/R&D, suitable for sugar & film coatings, with pump, spray nozzle, dust collector and air blower.
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SEMI MOBILE ASPHALT MIXING SYSTEM (container dimensions, partly in container) Output of the plant: approx. 90-100 to / h. The asphalt mixing plant was supplied by the manufacturer in 1984. Essential components were renewed over time, such as the drying drum and the inclined cable lift in 1996. 2 pcs. Bitumen tanks in 1998. PC control from 2000 up to date. • 8 pcs. Material boxes with the corresponding dosing belts • 1 piece of feeding belt on the machine, A -A 37 m, B -B 800 mm • 1 pc. Drying drum, d ...
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Used protective gas welding equipment MIG / MAT Who attaches importance to industrial quality, which should buy an industrial welding device Here, we offer a rugged reliable phone without vulnerable electronic bells and whistles. Manufacturer: Uniweld Model: RA 325 Attachment case Lisa 15 including valves, hose and burner WITHOUT GAS CYLINDER The unit welds absolutely class and was with us in use! Scope of delivery: Machine as shown on the photos Delivery via shipping upon request. Contact pers ...
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Sand blasting machine Model: multi purpose cleaning rotor Manufacturer: Baden Maschinenfabrik GmbH Year of construction: 1974. Weight exceeding 5 tonnes. All wear plates have been renewed has been proven and are in top condition. In the Appendix, an operation description of the manufacturer of the machine is The plant is currently new electronically being overtaken. System is fully functional. Contact person Mr. Mueller see also our over 200 more deals at. (Changes and errors in the techn ...
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Capacity: ca 40l; belt width: 240 mm; adjustable conveyor speed; renovated
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Monobloc filling wine - liquors 36/8. 36 fill valves 8 heads Arol capping Cork Possibility to fill Max pressure is 1.5 bar Speed Max 10,000 b/h Format 1 litre
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VIMERCATI Filling machine + AROL capping machine - 52 filling nozzles - 8 capping heads Equipment for bottles: 0.3 liters, 0.5 liters, 0.7 liters, 1.5 liters Orientator for cap (sport cap) after general repair Cap feeder (stainless steel) --- We offer new and used machines. With any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Basysprint UV setter semi-automatic CTP system and separate water chiller - digital screen imaging with UV - exposure - wavelength approx. 360-450 nm - format 690-940 mm - Materialthickness 0.15-2.0 mm - dimension UV setter W D 2,300 x 2,000 x H 1,710 mm - weight UV setter OSTEO. 2,000 kg - operating hours approx. 43.000 h - lamp operating hours approx. 650 h (of max. 2000 h)
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Complete line for produces 5 liters botles. Line includes: - 2 Socets linear blower for 5 liters bottle with preforms container. Capacity: 1000 bph - Sleeve labelling machine. Capacity: 1500 bph - Linear filling machine with capper. Capacity 1000 bph - Semiautomatic pallet stretch wrapping machine --- We offer new and used machines. With any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Piston filler 12 heads. Able to dose hot and cold fluids with different density. After general repair. --- We offer new and used machines. With any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Triblock for PET bottles. Carbonated or non carbonated drinks Rinser 16 heads Filler 16 heads Capping 5 heads Carrying the bottle by the neck After general repair --- We offer new and used machines. With any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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WIRE BELT SHOT BLASTING MACHINE MANUFACTURER: OMSG Shot blasting machines blasting machine wheel Foundry Manufacturer: OMSG Type: CWB 1100 4-T Year of construction: 2008 Passage width: 1,000 mm Clearance height: 450 mm Blast wheel: 4 piece x 7.5 of kW centrifugal wheel type: OMSG 350 Incl. filter system, control cabinet, complete documentation, etc. TOP condition!
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Filler and rinse :H & K 50 head rinse with change parts fpr 1.0L,1.5L, 2.0L & 3.0L; H & K 96 head filler with Siemens S5 control. Machine condition: machine in excellent conditions and ready for start complete with all accessory Capacity 16000 per hour at 1L machine stop in decmber2017 in normal production condition . machine year :1990 filling : carbonated juice machine location : UK maintenance : last periodic maintenance done in nov.2017 dismantle : machine dismantled and ready for shipping
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Monoblock vacuum filling machine for non carbonated liquids - 60 filling heads - 12 capping heads (plastics and aluminium caps) Capacity: 0 - 13000 bph @750ml Additional guard parts for different glass bottles: 1l , 900 ml , 750ml , 700 ml , 330 ml and PET bottles 900 ml. Price after general repair: 50 000 EUR --- We offer new and used machines. With any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Neilson chocolate enrober 881204 stainless mesh belt, belt dimensions 1400mm x 400mm, adjustable digital temp control, variable speed, recirculation tank and blower for cooling.
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Feeding and spraying device for pasta Width approx. 0.80 m Length approx. 1.60 m Height approx. 1.10 m
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Year of construction: 11 / 2016 Air consumption: 500 ltr. / min at 3 bar Inlet pressure: 5-6 bar Suction pressure: 120 mbar Power connection: 230 V / 50 Hz / 16 A Dimensions: 800 x 600 x 1340 mm (W x D x H) Machine weight: 65 kg Other: This free cleaner is absolutely Mint and served for demonstration purposes only All technical data are created according to our best knowledge and existing documents; Expressly reserved by mistake. Each party has the opportunity to test the free machine before making  ...
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STEEL PLATE CONVEYOR TROUGH BELT BLASTING MACHINE WITH FEEDER + FILTER + MANGETABSCHEIDER STEEL BELT SHOT BLASTING WITH LOADER + FILTER MAGNETIC SEPERATOR Name: Plate steel barrel shot blasting machine W0o9a3krm Manufacturer: OMSG Type: SG/4 NEH Belt design: steel band filling volume Max: 400 litres Batch Max kg: 800kg/cast steel centrifugal wheels: 2 PCs Max Einezlgewicht: 20 kg Holes ø: 1000 mm Hollow band width: 1,200 mm consisting: -Hydraulic feeder -Barrel-blasting blasti ...
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Jet Interior: 1110 x 930 x 830 mm (W x D x H) Door dimensions: 830 x 720 mm Bela de weight: 350 kg Absauglstg: 800 m³ / h Negative pressure: 1600 PA Air consumption: 2000 Lt. 4 bar and 8 mm nozzle Input pressure: 6 bar Max Adjustable blast pressure: 1-5 bar Total power: 1.1 KW / 400 v Cabin dimensions: 1250 x 1530 x 2080 mm (W x D x H) Cabin weight: 510 kg Accessories / equipment: PLC control Siemens with maintenance and fault alarm function sound-proofed low pressure cabin with 2 side loading doors in sandwich ...
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Krones robot with 3 axes bottle single Packer with Siemens S7 control complete with Tulip head 7 x 12 bottles To and the conveyor belt
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Dairy bottling Line Output: 4000 U/h Bottle Size: 1,5 l Valves-Filling Heads: 24
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Control range AC:-225 A Types of welding: TIG/inert gas Dimensions: 620 x 1200 x 1400 mm Facilities: DC / AC operation, water cooling, hose package, separate wire feed, suitable for Tig welding, welding
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New Kühlkänäle at bak-tec For bread, rolls, Croissant, Prunder, chocolate, etc. Available in various lengths and widths. for example, BTI 400, cooling channel for chocolate products: Band width: 400 mm Inlet: 0.5 m Outlet: 0.5 m The cooling tunnel length: 8 m technical data: Material: AISI 304 L Dimensions: L = 8000 mm, W = 550 mm, H = 1000 mm Required power: max 10 kW - three - phase Copland Kühlargegat Warranty: 12 months Delivery time: 90 days EXW Introductory price to the disesjährigen South BACK
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