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Black Brothers top and bottom glue spreader- 56" working capacity- Top section: rubber coated application roll(composite grooving) and chrome doctor roll Bottom section: rubber coated application roll(composite grooving) and chrome doctor roll Complete with; push button magnetic starter and safety guards 220 Voltage
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Black Brothers top and bottom glue spreader- 50"working capacity- Top section: rubber coated application roll(composite grooving) chrome doctor roll Bottom section: rubber coated application roll(composite grooving) chrome doctor roll Complete with; push button magnetic starter and safety guards 220 Voltage
Número de artículo: 131520061
Hydraulic TYPE Maximum length 1550 mm. Ton. 30
Número de artículo: 131520059
Brand: Agie Type: Agiecut 120 Year: 1994 To visit machine under power. Wire EDM machine.
Número de artículo: 131520057
CNC lathe Brand: Gildemeister Type: NEF 520 K BJ. 2002 3000 x 1500 x 1800 mm Weight: 4000 kg With a small electrical fault on the control unit. 104 hours of operation!
Número de artículo: 131520041
Gr. Grinding length: 450 mm gr. Grinding width: 250 mm table size: 200 x 760 mm grinding wheel dimensions: 250 x 30 x 51 mm grinding wheel rpm: 1400/2800 RPM elect. Supply: 380 V, 3 kW space: 2000 x 1250 x 1600 mm weight: 1300 kg
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TESA Type 3D micro-MS 454 Coordinates measuring machine Technical data: Tesa 3D micro-Ms 454 Renishaw probe Calibration set Hexagon training materials Total weight ca. 250 kg The machine is here explicitly as defective, or part carrier auctioned off since we got a PC with software to do this. According to the previous owner, the CMM worked flawlessly singling out. A VAT invoice is created for you.
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Doppelbesäumer Paul KME2 / R Right engine 0 line left Opening 750 mm Clearance height 160 mm with Laeseranlage Dvrid0k with Batten Jack with electro-hydraulic width and height adjustment with Spreiselabscheider with Abschrauben roller conveyor with feed rollers with length sorting 1 to 3 meters and 4 meters with 30 kW drive motor with control cabinet
Número de artículo: 131519595
Technical data: -mot 3. driven rollers -hydr. Delivery of the upper roller -Shaft diameter 40 mm -Shaft rotation 7.5 K rpm -Diameter of the roller 152-162 mm -Bending performance E.g. - flat iron upright 60 x 10 R 250 mm -Flat iron flat 100 x 15 R 250 mm -Round tube ear 60 x 2.9 R 500 mm -Square 35 R 250 mm -Square tube 50 x 3 R 700 mm -Underground steel 80 x 45 R 400 mm -Drive 400 V / 1,1 kW -with: - E - switch for left / right run -Default - bending set for flat and angle ma ...
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Used disc grinding machine Internal number: m2693 Manufacturer Zimmermann Type FZ SZ 1 Machine number 752 Built in 1970 Speed 940 RPM. Power 1,5 kW Diameter 600 mm Weight 350 kg With angular stop Item location: 58730 Fröndenberg/Ruhr The machine can be visited like to see power and tried out. We will gladly send you more photos by E-Mail. A forklift/crane for loading is available. We reserve the right to a sale. There is the way learned to examine suburb for sale articles. Specific qu ...
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Bizerba VS12F Aufschnitt machine Machine with large sled for mortadella or for the cutting of rolls including grinding unit Carriage to clean hinged Cutting thickness 0-24 mm adjustable Machine must be cleaned thoroughly before use and should be polished or undergo an overhaul Video about test run and more pictures available
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Feuma HU1020 purpose Küchenmaschine consisting of: Drive unit Transportable base Work housing Clipping attachment Grater adjustable Arc Blade disk Meat grinder Machine has a derzeitigien price 9138,-EUR in this equipment NET The machine is in good condition, it has shown signs of wear It runs ordetnlich and quiet and is equipped with safety shut-off, pressure control two speeds + pulse switch The switch for the speed, knob of the pressure valve and pusher cover missing, but can on request be ...
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Machine vise ATS NC-130 pneumatic hydraulic Jaw width: 130 mm Jaw height: 55 mm maximum span inside: 150 mm maximum range outdoor: 320 mm with low train function Clamping force: 40kN Weight: 46 kg Stops the specified clamping force even when the air supply pressure 2 pieces available. Delivery possible
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Machine vise ATS NC-100VH Jaw width: 100 mm Jaw height: 48 mm maximum span inside: 155 mm maximum range outdoor: 320 mm Mechanical clamping force amplifier with low train function Clamping force: 30kN Weight: 27 kg ground on all sides. suitable for horizontal and vertical use. Mint condition no or slight traces use. 2 pieces available Delivery possible
Número de artículo: 131484557
TYPE hydraulic three-roll rolling machine Ton. 21 ROLLERS NUMBER 3 LENGTH 100 mm RACKS. CAPACITY 20 ÷ 80 mm. 69.85 mm spindle Diameter NOTES.
Número de artículo: 131484540
Combined fields type BF4 31 4 Built in 1986 Planer Thicknesser Planer width 310 mm clearance height of min / max 3-190 mm total length of dressing tables 1300 mm Planer shaft diameter 86 mm number of knives 2 piece feed speed 7, 5 m / min. Saw spindle diameter 30 mm speed 4800 RPM. Saw blade diameter 150-300 mm cutting height up to 95 mm saw blade tilting 90-45 ° Cutting width maximum 830 mm Milling spindle diameter 30 mm RPM 4000, 5600, 8300 RPM. Tool diameter of 270 mm spindle wheel 90 / 45 ° Circ ...
Número de artículo: 131484489
Technical data: -biggest swing - over bed 430 mm -over cross slide 200 mm -Top width 1000 mm -Cross slide travel 220 mm -Spindle bore approx. 53 mm -Taper of tailstock Quill MK 4 -The tailstock Quill travel 120 mm -Spindle speed approx. 4-4000 RPM -Rapid traverse X / Y - with: - CNC - CNC FANUC -two piece Electr. Handwheel for manual operation -8 - station tool turret - 3 jaw Chuck - you. Tailstock -fixed bezel open -Coolant system -Central lubrication -Drive 400 V / 7.5  ...
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APPLICATORCharacteristics:Handle Applikator-Maschine für den einfachen Transport, der Griff-Applikator für Kartons hat eine Geschwindigkeit von bis zu 45 Packungen pro Minute, je nach Modell pneumatischen oder elektronischen zu behandeln. Automatische Maschine für die Anwendung von selbstklebenden Griffe in einer Vielzahl von Produkte gruppiert. Die so erhaltene Griff wird mit dem transitierenden Cluster durch einen kontinuierlich bewegenden Satz von pneumatisch angetriebene Waffen angewendet. Schneiden des Kleb ...
Número de artículo: 131484484
HANDLE APPLICATOR Characteristics: Handle applicator machine for easy transport, the handle applicator for cardboard boxes has an application speed of up to 45 packages per minute, depending on the pneumatic or electronic model. Automatic machine for the application of self-adhesive handles in a variety of grouped products. The thus-obtained handle is applied to the transiting cluster by a continuously moving set of pneumatically operated arms. Cutting of the adhesive tape is performed by a unit with a cam-guided ...
Número de artículo: 131484466
Merkmale: Spiral Box Aufzug für optimalen Schutz des product.The Hauptmerkmale sind: -wirtschaftliche und praktische, kostengünstige, modulare Kombination, leicht zu transportieren und montieren, zuverlässigen Betrieb, geringe Geräuschentwicklung und safety.\ n-Transport zwischen Pflanzen, reduziert Raum, einstellbarer Geschwindigkeit, große Last Kapazität und leichten Design, schnelle installation.The Spirale Schiene des Förderers ist der Schlüssel für die einzigartige, kompakte Bauweise, die wertvollen B ...
Número de artículo: 131484465
Characteristics: Spiral box elevator for optimal protection of the product. The main features are: -economical and practical, cost-effective, modular combination, easy to transport and assemble, reliable operation, low noise and safety. -transport between plants, reduces space, adjustable speed, large load capacity, lightweight design, fast installation. The spiral rail of the conveyor is the key to its unique compact construction that saves valuable floor space. With its small size of 1760 mm in diameter, th ...
Número de artículo: 131484462
Merkmale: Equipment für sauber und rein SteamAvoiding das Risiko einer Kontamination durch viele Branchen ist die Notwendigkeit für Qualität in der Steamclean, reiner Dampf und Wasser für Injektionszwecke (WFI) gestiegen. Damit die Produkte geeignet für sind müssen diese hohen SystemsPurity entworfen und hergestellt mit einem Höchstmaß an Qualität zu gewährleisten, dass sie die Risingneeds der Vorschriften für die biopharmazeutische und Healthcare-Industrie gerecht zu werden. Die umfangreiche Produktpale ...
Número de artículo: 131484461
Characteristics: Equipment for clean and pure steam Avoiding the risk of contamination through many industries has increased the need for quality in steam clean, pure steam and water for injection (WFI). So that the products are suitable for these high systems Purity must be designed and manufactured with the highest levels of quality to ensure that they meet the rising needs of regulations for the biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The extensive range of products of 'high purity 'of Spirax Sarco co ...
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Merkmale: Automatic Palette drehen System um Umweg zwischen anderen Förderern zu verknüpfen.
Número de artículo: 131484459
Characteristics: Automatic pallet turning system to link detour between other conveyors.
Número de artículo: 131484457
Merkmale: Forwarding der Walze Paletten und chain.Condition: gut
Número de artículo: 131484453
Merkmale: Roller Förderband für den Transport von Paletten mit load.Different MeasuresTape Breite-1.35 MRollers Breite-1.15 MLength zwischen 2,50 m, 2,70 m, 2,00 m, 2,40 m, 2,80 m.Condition: gut
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Merkmale: Plastic ist ein vielseitiger Werkstoff, der verwendet wird, vor allem in der industriellen Massenproduktion. Abfall, gesammelten Kunststoffe können in verwertbaren Wertstoffe umgewandelt werden, nachdem er zerkleinert, gewaschen und granuliert. Neben recycling, ist Kunststoff-Abfälle auch zur Energiegewinnung nach dem Schleifen. Unsere Brecher ist vor allem für die Behandlung von Kunststoffen. Es ist geeignet für die Verarbeitung von vielen Arten von Kunststoffen wie Blätter, Konglomerate, Profile, F ...
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Characteristics: Plastic is a versatile material that is used mainly in industrial mass production. Waste, accumulated plastics can be transformed into recoverable recyclable material after being crushed, washed and granulated. In addition to recycling, plastic waste is also used to produce energy after grinding. Our crusher is especially for the treatment of plastics. It is suitable for the processing of many types of plastic such as sheets, conglomerates, profiles, fibers, tapes, PET bottles, waste, post-consump ...
Número de artículo: 131484420
Planing width 510 mm Lxwxh: 2880 x 850 x 920 mm Weight 800 kg Swivel stop
Número de artículo: 131484297
Motor 4,0 kW Star-triangle switch above Planing width 520 mm Tabletop 1580 mm Acceptance table 1140 mm Segment Planer shaft Z = 210 x 45 mm wide segments, 2 x 30 mm wide segments with 24 reversible knives Limb protection Suction Ã? 140 mm
Número de artículo: 131484249
Ein Kennzeichnung Maschine oder Label Applikator besteht im Grunde aus einer Kennzeichnung Kopf mit einem System, die löst das Etikett vom Trägerpapier und Übertragungen, die es auf das product.This-System in Produktionslinien der verschiedenen Sektoren verbreitet ist erhöht Produktivität und Minimierung der Kosten und Operator time.Year: 2007; 2008
Número de artículo: 131484248
A labeling machine or label applicator is basically composed of a labeling head with a system that detaches the label from the support paper and transfers it to the product. This system is widely used in production lines of different sectors, increasing productivity and minimizing costs and operator time. Year: 2007; 2008
Número de artículo: 131484242
Einziehbare Ausrüstung FILM nur in sehr gutem Zustand, für verschiedene Formate, elektronische Teil des letzten generation.Speed: 45 Packungen/min.
Número de artículo: 131484238
Maschine für Ersatzteile oder Teile in eine Semi neue Bedingungen, der Tunnel ist in perfekter condition.
Número de artículo: 131484237
Machine for spare parts or parts, in a semi new conditions, the tunnel is in perfect condition.
Número de artículo: 131484202
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CNC coordinate - boring machine Make: CMA Type: RD 32 CN Year of construction: 2005 Control: NC control touch screen Workspace: X = 3.000 mm Y = 700 mm Z1 = 150 mm (Quill stroke NC-controlled) Z2 = 380 mm (coarse adjustment component hydraulic) Maximum distance from table-spindle: 600 mm Max stand spindle distance: 750 mm Table size: 3000 x 600 mm Maximum spindle speed: 3,000 rpm UDR Spindle retainer: MK 4 Drilling capacity: 32 mm Feed: 0.1/0.2/0.3 mm / udr. Dimensions: Length: 3.80 m, de ...
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Engine details Stock number 1105-02550 machine type CNC lathe make DOOSAN DAEWOO type PUMA 350 A year 1998 control type CNC storage HAGUENAU origin KORREA delivery immediately cargo base EX WORK technical details Control FANUC OT Rotary diameter over bed 700 mm swing over bed slide 480 mm spindle bore 90 mm top width 1050 mm power - 22/26 kW spindle speeds spindle motor - continuously variable 30 - 3000 rpm additional information Accessories: Control: Fanuc Series O T KITAGAWA FEED SLIDE 300 MM SPAENEF ...
Número de artículo: 131448186
OSTAS PLATE SHEAR TYPE SBM 700 x 95 -Capaciteit 700 x 4 mm -Electrically adjustable achterrol -Digital uitlezing -Roll Harde -2 Snelheden -Walsen Conisch -Bovenrol Wegdraaibare -Remmotor -Voetbediening -Noodstop -Documentatie -400V DUTCHMACH Metal working machinery ENSCHEDE - NETHERLANDS (3 km from the German border)
Número de artículo: 131448166
Número de artículo: 131448129
Wohlenberg 76 Cuttec Age: 2002 Serial: 3832-004 3 knives Airtable
Número de artículo: 131448125
Wohlenberg 137 MCS-3 TV Age: 1986 Serial: 3245-005 Program Air table Vibrating table Unloader Very good condition
Número de artículo: 131448082
Packing line consisting of: Conveyor Metal detector OK bag feeder Bag sealers Cardboard shipping buckle
Número de artículo: 131448071
MBO K 800.2/6 S-KTL AUT Age: 2007 Size: 780 x 1200 mm Equipment: Pallet feeder FP120 MBO Navigator Toch screen control panel 6 buckles Electr. Double sheet control Anti Noise hood 2 knives cross folding unit Side pocket Perforation shift for short set up cassette
Número de artículo: 131379715
LINCO Evisceration machine Inside/outside washer of 16 units, capacity from 600 birds/hour
Número de artículo: 131379690
CNC Fanuc FS 31 IB Traverse path x/Y/Z 900 mm x 600 mm x 450 mm Spindle HSK 63 A at 20 000 rpm Tool magazine with 60 seats Spänneförderer, IKZ with 50-70 bar Laser tool measurement Infrared touch probe Electr. Handwheel belt filter system Demonstration machine
Número de artículo: 131345302
1-Used Manzini Aseptic filler Plant Year 1999 Capacity 3000Kg/h ( big bag-drum and other) Two had Tomato for cake / pure / sivi-shaped products (salca, fruit pure and juices, concentrate Machine is in production 2-Aseptic filler Bertuzzi Astepo Year : 1998 Capacity 1500Kg/h for liquid products
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Machine type CNC lathe - inclined bed machine make MONFORTS type RNC 400 PLUS year 2004 control type CNC storage France country of origin Germany delivery after agreement based on cargo from the site technical details Turning diameter 420 mm turning length 600 mm control SIEMENS 840 C speed range 70-4000 RPM additional information with c axis + Y AXIS and driven tool holder Tool carrier disc turret VDI 40 (12Stück), bore 40 mm; Kraftspannfutte DIA 250 MM, chip conveyor, coolant system, TAILSTOCK CNC ...
Número de artículo: 131340679
Code: 0513 Brand: LAR LANDONIO Model: LV/800 Double disc sanding machine for working of patterns , moulds, wood pieces , metal and synthetic material Bedplate in electrowelded steel very rugged Plates in cast-iron, ground, inclinable upwards and downwards Aluminium discs i with cast-iron bush Disc diameter mm 800 Table size mm 980 x 400 Plates inclination upwards/downwards 30°/45° Disc motor Kw 3 Rpm 900 Vacuum motor Kw 1,5 Spare disc Overall dimensions : mm 1500 x 1100 x 1300 h  ...
Número de artículo: 131340674
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used top condition see type plate all other information under 0049 1711742535 Visit and pick up location 97900 Külsheim Free shipped price from site
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