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Número de artículo: 137978221
Coordinates grinding machine Manufacturer: Hauser Type: S 55 - 400 ATC Built: 2001 Control: Fanuc 16i Working area of the sledges: Adjustment range: X-axis (table slide): 1,300 mm Y-axis (grinding head): 800 mm W-axis (movable cross bar): 635 mm Accuracy: 0.0025 mm Table area: 1,440 x 860 mm Load: 1,500 kg Working area of the grinding head: Speed with electric motors: 4,500 - 80,000 rpm Speed with air turbines: up to 100,000 and 160,000 rpm Capacity: cylindrical grinding with disc D=100 mm  ...
Número de artículo: 137978211
Control system: FANUC O-T Maximum turning length (Z-axis): 250 mm Number of turning spindles: 2 pcs Diameter of the turning spindle bore: 42 mm Maximum rotary speed of the main spindle: 5000 1/min Number of tool turrets: 1 pcs Maximum power of the milling spindle: 7.5 kW Length of the lathe: 2870 mm Width of the lathe: 1642 mm Height of the lathe: 1630 mm Weight of the lathe: 3450 kg Accesories: Electronic wheel for manual operation Chip transporter Driven Tools Liquid cooling system  ...
Número de artículo: 137978210
Injection Moulding Machine Engel Victory 200/35 Tech Built: 2004
Número de artículo: 137978206
Vertical lathe Index V300 Built in 2002 Control Siemens C 200-4D Chuck: Röhm KFD-HS 315/3 Extra reinforced double turret with Y- and B-axis Tool clamping plate for static tool Tool holder holder VDI 40 22 pallets workpiece feed and removal of make Schnaithmann High-pressure cooling 40 bar with driven tools Turning diameter 300 Turning length approx. 250 Rated power 56 kW Mass cabinet 440 kg Mass machine 8400 kg Visit possible by appointment
Número de artículo: 137978194
Manufacturer: GUK Model: FA 50/6-4K FL2-50 with equipment Year: 2005 Defects: none Location: Germany Price: on request
Número de artículo: 137978188
CNC slot machine with FMB bar loading magazine 3 m CNC control TX8i - 7 linear axes - 6 pages editing - 1 turret with 6 driven tool slots and Y-axis - Front apparatus with 4 driven tool slots Spindle stick Z1 Passage 16 mm max. stroke 130 mm --------------------------------------------------------- Counter spindle Z4 max. stroke 139 mm --------------------------------------------------------- Revolver 1 Stations 6 with tool drive and Y-axis -------------------------------------------------------- ...
Número de artículo: 137978186
CNC control FANUC Oi-TD Travel x/z 170/ 335 mm Swinging through. over bed 550 mm max. rotary throughm. 300 mm Spindle speed up to 4,500 rpm max. rod passage 51 mm 12x tool turret with driven tools C-axis - Holh clamping cylinder 52 mm - Cane can be positioned - Hydraulic unit - Electronic handwheel - Reinforced coolant pump - Chip conveyor - Bar loaders - Workpiece acceptance device - collet lining - Various accessories
Número de artículo: 137978182
CNC control Siemens 840C Turning length 2000 mm max. circulation diameter 520 mm max. turning diameter 480 mm ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- Speed range 7 - 3000 rpm Gearbox level 1 = 7 - 720 rpm Gearbox stage 2 = 30 - 3000 rpm max. Torque 3270 Nm Spindle head Gr. 11 DIN 55026 Spindle bore 103 mm Main drive 53 KW Feed speed 10 000 mm/min Rapid speed 10 m/min Tool turret 12-fold 6 x Direct holder 25x25 ...
Número de artículo: 137978178
Spindle passage 42 mm Chuck through. 140 mm Circulation over slide 180 mm Circulation over bed 360 mm ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- Speed range 50 - 5,000 rpm ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- Tool turret 8-fold Rapid response/ feed plan 10 m/min Rapid response/ feed length 24 m/min ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----- Tailstock CNC control TX 8F collet chuck 3-jaw food Hy ...
Número de artículo: 137978166
CNC Universal Lathe Manufacturer: INDEX Type: IT 600 Built: 2015 Control: FANUC 32 iB Turning diameter max: 380 mm Turning length: 600 mm Spindle passage Pliers: 65 mm Chuck diameter: 250 mm Speed (spindle): 4000 min 1 Processing option: from the rod up to 65 mm and in the lining up to 250 mm Multifunctional in 2 levels for exterior and interior processing Tool carrier: 2 Tool holders: 24 2 Revolvers: Servo axis in the turret Number of stations: 14 x VDI30 Number of powe ...
Número de artículo: 137978164
CNC control FANUC 0i-TC with manual guide Turning diameter max. 320 mm Turning length 490 mm Spindle speed 3,500 rpm Drive power 11/15 KW Rod passage 65 mm 10-speed tool turret with direct holder - Fanuc main spindle and axle motors - Hydraulic hollow clamping device - 3-jaw concentrate feed Kitagawa dia. 250 mm - Cooling chime system - Autom. Clamping chuck actuation - 30° slanted bed in Mehanite casting version - Linear guides - Hydraulic unit - Electronic axle monitoring - Speed and power di ...
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Type 8H Motor power 2,6 kW Wheels diameter 800 mm Blade length 5200 mm Max cutting height 400 mm Dust exhausting hood Ø120 mm Table dimensions 1000 x 800 mm 7 pcs. blades Made in Denmark Transport dimensions 1500x1000x2400 mm Weight 350kg
Número de artículo: 137978154
Belt grinding machine GRIT by FEIN GRIT GI 75 2H / 7 GRIT GIBE Bj 2008 Very good condition there hardly needed, currently unfortunately very dusty Documents for this: User manuals and exploded drawings
Número de artículo: 137978146
Eroding machine Sodick AQ 327L Built in 2005 With Jumbo Feeder The machine is in operation. Accuracy very good. No flaws. Keyboard pad would have to be renewed, as some are already illegible, or worn out. Ugaztnxw power-on hours, eroding hours not meaningful, because once a software update/hard drive was changed.
Número de artículo: 137978142
The fully automatic grinding machine QuickSharp is the optimal solution for easy and safe regrinding of your trump punching tools. - Workpiece clamping: 150 mm - max. workpiece height with stamp grinding device: 130 mm - Grinding motor speeds: 336 - 2800 rpm - Grinding wheels: 125 mm - Cutting speed: 20 m/s - Workpiece speed: 40 rpm - Delivery speed: 0.1 mm/min - Regrinding dimension per grinding process: 0 - 0.5 mm - Connection power: 1.7 kW - Operating voltage: 400 V - Control voltage: 230 V - Dimen ...
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BN 10.000 €
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Very good machine in very good condition! Bought in Germany, did not work in Poland.
Número de artículo: 137978121
Injection moulding machine Arburg 470C 2000-625 Built: 1997 technical data see picture.
Número de artículo: 137978117
Screening machine / roll-seer workshop overhauled Make / brand Bezner Type TWU Screen area / screen area approx. 13 m2 at 3 fractions Sieve performance / sreening performance approx. 150 - 200 m3 / h with 3 fractions (e.g. for wood chips, sawdust, etc.) Drive power / input rating 11 kW Suitable for e.g. the following screen goods: Adapted for: Wood chips/wood chips Sawdust/wood dust Sawdust/sawdust Reclaimed wood/old wood shavings Bark/bark Etc.
Número de artículo: 137978115
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Good machine in good condition, used. Bought in Germany, in Poland has not worked. Weight approx. 4 tons.More info by mail.
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Multivac R535 thermoformer with Mettler Toledo inspection Now in stock; Full 2016 (September) line consisting of the following machinery; Click the links in the text for a photo. This line has been used very little with 528 production hours on the Multivac. Multivac R535 Thermoformer for vacuum and MAP Jumbo film unwind for large film rolls (580mm film width, in stock) Build in water cooler for closed circuit 2 x 300 m3/h Busch Vacuum set-up for fast packing cycles Videojet printer. Fully Automatic Date p ...
Número de artículo: 137978083
Multivac T250 semi-automatic tray sealer Excellent working Condition Multivac T250 Traysealer. Very easy to install and set-up through the control panel that can store many pre-programmed set-ups for all kinds of products. Compared to the Multivac T200 this machine has an automatic drawer that can be operated fully automatic or by the push of one button. This machine is equipped with the following options; Water Cooler, This is ideal for a closed water circuit for the cooling of the Multivac Rietschle pump is  ...
Número de artículo: 137978082
Multivac T300 Compact Automatic tray Sealer Stunning addition to our already large Multivac stock. This Multivac T300 is an entry-level automatic tray sealer with a lot of benefits. Thanks to it's compact design This machine is perfect for many production facilities with little space. Work fully automatic, press start and the machine does the rest. The machine can be easily set-up by the large touch screen display. Build in Busch R5 vacuum-pump delivers fast production cycles 24/7 Delivered with many spare part ...
Número de artículo: 137978056
OVERVIEW Brand: Biglia Model: Smart S Application Type: Turning Machine Type: Lathes Availability: Immediately Production Year: 2016 Location: Italy Origin Country: Italy Production Hours: 1700 GENERAL DATA Measurements width: 5890 mm Measurements depth: 2274 mm Measurements height: 2574 mm Machine weight: 9200 kg CONTROL UNIT Brand: Fanuc Model: Series 31I-B5 control MAIN DRIVE Spindle speed range: 3000 MOVEMENT X-Axis Movement: 515 mm Y-Axis Movement: 210 mm Z-Axis Moveme ...
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Brand: Engel Model: DUO 7050/2550W/1300 Dual Injector Press Closing force: 1300 tonnes (13000KN) Plate Dimensions (x W) 2340 x 2040 mm Spacing between the bars: (in x W) 1530 x 1275 mm Form height min/max: 700/1400 mm Opening of the closing unit: 2350 mm Main injection unit-diameter of the Spatel: 105 mm (Displacement volume 4160 cm3) Unit of injection-diameter of the Spatel: 80 mm (displacement volume 1558 cm3) Hours worked (approx.): 65 000 Control system: Engel CC100 Robot Yudo Star 2000M 48 zones  ...
Número de artículo: 137978036
HEIDELBERG CD102 6LX, Age c.2003, Seriennummer 545217, ca. 272 Mio., Silberserienpresse, CP 2000, Alcolor mit Vario, Präset, Autoplate, Non-Stop Feeder, Preloader, Programmierbare Rolle/bla/imp. Zyl. Waschen über CP2000, Technotrans Beta C-nkombinierte Recir/Refrig/Ink Temp Control - luftgekühlt, Lufttransfer zwischen den Geräten, Graphics exatronic Pulverspray, Non-r-nstop-Lieferung, Intercom, Heidelberg Dry Star IR Dryer, Heidelberg Rollenlackierer, Extended Lieferung, verfügbar im August.
Número de artículo: 137978035
HEIDELBERG CD102 6LX, Age c.2003, serial no.545217, circa 272 million, Silver series press, CP 2000, Alcolor with Vario, Preset, Auto plate, Non stop feeder, Pre loader, Programmable roll/bla/imp. cyl. wash via CP2000, Technotrans Beta C combined recir/refrig/ink temp control - air cooled, Air transfer between units, Graphics exatronic powder spray, Non stop delivery, Intercom, Heidelberg Dry Star IR Dryer, Heidelberg roller coater, Extended delivery, available August 2019
Número de artículo: 137978024
450 €
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We offer you here a sheet metal cleaning machine from Jeros, for plates 60x80. If you have any questions or questions, we are happy to provide you with Delivery at an additional cost possible
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OVERVIEW Brand: Tornos Model: Deco-2000/20 Application Type: Turning Machine Type: Lathes Availability: Immediately Production Year: 2001 Location: Poland Origin Country: Switzerland Production Hours: 45051 CONTROL UNIT Brand: Fanuc Model: PNC DECO MEDIA Main electronic connection: 400 V Power consumption: 13 kVA See full technical specifications of this machine at: http://bit.ly/2XG9u9F
Número de artículo: 137978005
850 €
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We offer you a bread-cutting machine from Lozamet. It cuts the bread onto a table with a width of 11mm
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BN 13.200 €
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Max bending length: 2540 mm Max sheet thickness: 2.5 mm steel Automatic bending mode via foot switch Bending rail ground Weight: approx. 1,700 kg
Número de artículo: 137977974
S/N: 1224432608 Max. sheet size, width×length (cm) 46×30 Min. sheet size, width×length (cm) 12×10 Max. product thickness (mm) 4 Max. pile length (cm) 80 Pressing force (N) 8,000 Infeed height (cm) 36–96 MCT control system: Control panel with display Power consumption (kVA) 3×400V, 50/60Hz: 2.0 3×230V, 50/60Hz 2.0
Número de artículo: 137977972
Heidelberg SBG Year 1970 Very good condition, cleaned and checked. Test possible Location Austria
Número de artículo: 137977968
HEIDELBERG ST 400 Year: 2003 - 3 x horizontal station - 4 x vertical station - cover feeder - stitching unit with standard and eyelet binding - 3-knife trimmer - central cutting device - criss cross delivery 2013 general overhauled by HEIDELBERG
Número de artículo: 137977964
Heidelberg S-Cylinder Year: 1959 Still under power. Test possible Good technical condition. Location: Austria immediately available
Número de artículo: 137968587
Stahl Ti 52-4-4-KBK-Fi Year 1998 Flat Feeder Fi52 1st Station TI52-4 pockets 2nd Station TI52-4 pockets and 1 knife KBK Stream delivery Compressor Good condition
Número de artículo: 137968585
Mewes filling machine, speed 30 bottle / min, 60 ml bottle Capping machine
Número de artículo: 137968584
Mewes filling machine Manufacturer: Mewes GmbH ( Germany ) Type: Year: Volume: 2 x 5 liter Semiautomatic capping machine, screw cap
Número de artículo: 137942678
Número de artículo: 137942668
MBO T49/44X(50 x 72cm), Age c.1994, serial no.063/07, 16pp folder, Flat pile feeder, 4 plate folds, Electronic knife, Electronic batch counter, Shingle delivery, available immediately
Número de artículo: 137942664
NILPETER B280, Age c.1991, serial no.M4644, SEVEN COLOUR PLUS COATER LABEL PRESS, Web width: Up to 300MM, 7 X UV Rotary letterpress units with ink stirrers, 1 X UV Flexographic unit with ink pump, Fully automatic registration, 3 X Rotary die-cutting stations, 1 X Rotary die/sheeting station, 1 X Web turnover unit, 2 X Delam/Relam units, 8 X Chiller plates plus refrigeration unit, 1 X Conveyor stacker unit, 1 X Waste rewind turret, Length slitting, 3" Diameter unwind/Web guide unit, 3" Diameter Rewind unit, Web  ...
Número de artículo: 137942661
Número de artículo: 137942658
Radial Drilling machine with CNC max drill dia. 40 mm lenght 2000 mm
Número de artículo: 137942635
Control system: FANUC 18T Maximum turning length (Z-axis): 195 mm Number of spindles: 2 pcs Maximum power of the main spindle: 5.5 kW Diameter of the spindle bore: 20 mm Maximum rotary speed of the main spindle: 10000 1/min Maximum number of tools: 6 pcs Number of CNC controlled axes: 5 pcs Subspindle power: 3.7 kW Maximum subspindle speed: 4000 1/min Accesories: Electronic wheel for manual operation Bar feeder Liquid cooling system Technical books
Número de artículo: 137942623
Número de artículo: 137942622
Manufacturer: Tetra Pak Type: C3 Flex 1000 ml Y.O.M.: 2005 Development level: 100V Format: Edge Capacity: 7,000 pack./h Tray packer Manufacturer: Tetra Pak Carton Ambient AB Type: TCBP 70 UL Y.O.M.: 2004 Applicator Manufacturer: Trepak Type: capping machine Y.O.M.: 2008
Número de artículo: 137942613
Control system: FANUC O-TC Number of spindles: 2 pcs Maximum power of the main spindle: 2.2 kW Diameter of the spindle bore: 14 mm Maximum rotary speed of the main spindle: 12000 1/min Maximum number of tools: 5 pcs Number of CNC controlled axles: 4 pcs Subspindle power: 0.4 kW Maximum subspindle speed: 6000 1/min Length of the lathe: 1500 mm Width of the lathe: 980 mm Height of the lathe: 1560 mm Weight of the lathe: 1350 kg Accesories: Bar feeder Liquid cooling system Technical boo ...
Número de artículo: 137942147
Maximum length of the turning: 2 000 mm Power of the spindle: 22 kW Length of the lathe: 4 600 mm Width of the lathe: 1 600 mm Height of the lathe: 1 500 mm Weight of the lathe: 6 000 kg
Número de artículo: 137942124
Longitudinal seam welding machine, used Manufacturer: Schnelldorfer Type: ELENA 1100 Built: 1996 Sheet thickness: 0.6 mm - 3.2 mm Diameter: from 80 mm Welding length: 150 ... 1100 mm Follow-up value: 7.5 kW Weight: 650 kg Accessories: TIG- Inverter- Welding source, used Fabr. Lorch Model IT 320 G Welding range: 3...320 A
Número de artículo: 137942116
HEIDELBERG SM102-2P(72 x 102cm), Alter ca.2000, Seriennummer 543061, ca. 58 Mio., 13.000 SPH, CP2000, Alcolor, Autoplate, Preset, De-ionisierte Luftexplosion am Feeder, Simco anti statisch im Feeder und Lieferung, Elektronische sidelays, Baldwin-r-nrefrigeration, Grafix G5 IR Trockner, Programmierbare Walze /Blanket Wash über CP2000, Graphic Exatronic 3000 Pulver, Stahlplatte in Vor- und Auslage, Non-Stop Feeder und Lieferung, sofort verfügbar.
Número de artículo: 137942115
HEIDELBERG SM102-2P(72 x 102cm), Age c.2000, serial no.543061, circa 58 million, 13,000 SPH, CP2000, Alcolor, Autoplate, Preset, De-ionised air blast at feeder, Simco anti static in feeder and delivery, Electronic sidelays, Baldwin refrigeration, Grafix G5 IR Dryer, Programmable roller /blanket wash via CP2000, Graphic Exatronic 3000 powder spray, Steel plate in feed and delivery, Non stop feeder and delivery, available immediately
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