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Controller: M-730BM(MAPPS4), Screen 19 Inch Axis X-axis travel mm: 315 Z-axis travel mm: 875 Y-axis travel mm: 120 Max turning diameter mm: 500 Max turning length mm: 721 Turning diameter over bed mm: 1.000 Rapid traverse X, Z, Y mm/min: 30.000 / 30.000 / 10.000 Main spindel Spindle rpm: 4 - 1.500 Spindle Nose: A2-15 Spindle hole mm: 185 Spindle drive power kW: 37 / 30 Chuck ø mm/inch: 457 / 18 Upper Turret Tool places number: 12 Tool height mm: 25 Indexing time sec .: 0.1 Rotary tool sp ...
item-No.: 146493391
Control: M750BM with MAPPS II Axes X-axis travel mm: 1,050 Y-axis travel mm: 530 Z-axis travel mm: 510 Feed max. mm / min: 30000 Rapid traverse max. m / min: 30 Worktable Dimensions mm: 1,350x600 Workpiece weight max. kg: 1,200 Spindle Spindle speed rpm: 15,000 Spindle drive power kW: 18.5 Tooling system Tool holder: MAS-BT40 Tool Magazine Stations St .: 40 Tool changer: double gripper Tool diameter mm: 120 Tool diameter with free neighboring places mm: 240 Tool length max. mm: 350 Too ...
item-No.: 146467019
1.000 to Krauss-Maffei Spritzgiessmaschine in sehr gutem Zustand. Schneckendurcmesser 115 mm. Maschine sofort verfügbar ! Weitere Informationen auf Anfrage
item-No.: 146453847
Perfecting 2/3 5/0 RCI: Remote Control Desk PPL (Semi-Automated Plate Changing ) Ink. Temperature Control Grapho Metronic Temp Control Airglide Delivery Grafix powder suction system Technotrans Cooling Device Roland Deltamatic Dampening Grafix Powder Device Kersten Antistatic Device on Feeder Steel plate on feeder and delivery Automatic Impression Cylinder Washing Device with Brush Automatic Blanket cylinder washing device Automatic Ink Roller wash up device CIP 3 Densitometer 225 Mill impressions  ...
item-No.: 146400602
Engel 110 tons tie-bar-less IMM. This machine has new Screw and barrel. Machine will be delivered complete checked and tested Technical details INJECTION VOLUMEN 154 cm3 WORKING HOURS 65.725 TRAVEL OPENING 500 mm INJECTION PRESSURE 1.600 bar MIN. MOULD HIGHT 250 mm PLATEN SIZE 730 x 600 mm SCREW DIAMETER 35 mm YEAR OF BUILDING 2000 CLAMPING FORCE 1.100 kN
item-No.: 146400597
200 tons ENGEL 2-shot tie bar less injection moulding machine with rotary table on moving platen. Machine will be tested, repaired and checked and can be shown under power ! Description ENGEL tie/bar/less 200 tons two component. Year 2002. rotary table 900mm diameter. 2 core pullers in fix platt, Neumatic Valves, electronically mould flow meter Oni. 16 hot Chanel, 2 hydraulic sequential. Machine reconditioned in our workshop of Santander, you can see it working. Technical details WORKING HOURS 70.000 ...
item-No.: 146400593
Horizontal Injection Moulding Machine, year 2005, only 33000 working hours, very good condition. Still we are working to make it full reconditioned checked and tested. With robot ERC and security jail. 2 Core Puller, hot runner zones. Description Technical details WORKING HOURS 32927 CLAMPING FORCE 220 Toneladas INJECTION PRESSURE 1028/1595 bar INJECTION VOLUMEN 318 cm3 TRAVEL OPENING 756mm SCREW DIAMETER 45mm PLATEN SIZE 860x670(fix) 860x650 (mov) YEAR OF BUILDING 2005
item-No.: 146400588
KRAUSS-MAFFEI KM 350/1900 C1 , año 2000 . This machine will be delivered complete checked repaired and tested and can be shown under power ! Description Equipment: 6 core-pullers, robot interface. Technical details CLAMPING FORCE 3.500 kN YEAR OF BUILDING 2000 PLATEN SIZE 1.100 x 1.120 mm DISTANCE BETWEEN TIE BARS (h x v) 710 x 710 mm MIN. MOULD HIGHT 530 - 1.450 mm TRAVEL OPENING 920 mm DAYLIGHT MAX 1.300 mm SCREW DIAMETER 60 mm INJECTION PRESSURE 2.420 bar INJECTION VOLUMEN 769 cm3 SHOTWEI ...
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20.000 €
country-pt PT
Automatic Continuous baking oven – for fully automatic production of wafer sheets (refurbished) - 18 cooking plates/baking tongs - Plates dimension: 230 mm x 290 mm - Baking plate. It is possible to produce simultaneously a wafer with grid 5.0 x 0.8 mm and a wafer with grid 7.0 x 1.0 mm; - Main drive with frequency- controlled three phase drive system - 2 burners (Krom Schroder model ZKIH) with complete piping (forced fresh air and gas), cutting and mixing valves, gas inlet Krom Schroder with all accessor ...
item-No.: 146358856
4 Colors (straight) IPC system (Integrated Press Control) API II Control Console SEMI APC (semi automatic plate change) IR DRIER BALDWIN Automatic rollers wash up device FASTWASH Automatic impression wash up device Automatic Blanket wash up device Speed 16.000 sh INK TEMP. ROLLERS CONTROL MITSUBISHI DIAMOND DAMPENING SYSTEM GRAFIX MEGATRONIC S Original ONLY 115 mll turns (first owner) CIP 3 PRESET Electronic doble sheet control Chromed cylinders NON STOP feeder and delivery TECHNOTRANS BETA C AIR ...
item-No.: 146273687
In operation. Maintenance carried out by the official service of Prima Industrie. Very compact and versatile. Resonator working hours: 54,162 Work area: X axis: 3000 mm. Y axis: 1530 mm. Z axis: 150mm Maximum speed: 100m / sec (combined moving 140m / min) Maximum cutting thickness: Pickled steel: 16 mm. Stainless steel: 8 mm. Maximum acceleration: 1.2 sec (sigle axis) Linear axis resolution: 0.001 mm. Laser Power: 2500W Accuracy: Positioning: 0.03mm. - Repeatability (Ps): 0.03 ...
item-No.: 146092692
35 Bales Per Hour plant for sale, 2 161 Continental Gin Stands, converted to Vandergriff 181, installed in 2016. Independent seed tube and picker roll drives. Lumus model 700 feeders, new controls installed 2015. Samuel P361 strapper Samuel Jenglo automatic bagger. 3 Continental 24D Lint Cleaners. 2 Super-Jets. Complete drying system.
item-No.: 146092633
Slit-Cut Creaser 9 inch touch screen display Programmable slit, cut, perforate, crease in one pass Central top vacuum feeding Ultrasonic double feed detector Slide-in type crease/perforate dies Adjust slitter position precisely by gauge Mark reader for image drift Compact design Technical specifications: Min infeed size: 210 x 210 mm Max infeed size: 330 x 670 mm Min outfeed size: 45 x 50 mm Max outfeed size: 330 x 670 mm Paper weight: 110 - 350 GSM Paper type: Chrome, laminated, UV coa ...
item-No.: 145974513
Crease and Folder Horizon CRF-362 Air Suction Feed Belt Sheet Size (W x L): Max. 364 x 865 mm / Min. 105 x 180 mm (However, the sheet length is limited depending on the fold pattern). Sheet Weight Range (Normal Paper): 80 to 350 gsm (with Folding) / 80 to 400 gsm (without Folding) Max. Feeder Stack Height: 150 mm Max. Number of Impact Crease Lines: 10 Creasing Lines Production Speed: 4,500 sheets per hour (A4 / one creasing line and fold)
item-No.: 145943126
Power plant configuration: Cogeneration Current situation: The engine is stopped. MAIN EQUIPMENT GENERATING SET • OUTPUT: 1343 KW • YEAR OF MANUFACTURE: 1999 ENGINE • Manufacturer: DEUTZ MWM | Model: TBG 620 V16-K| Unit: 1 • Running hours: - Engine 1: 25600h total. YOC: 1999 Output: 1400 kW ALTERNATOR • Manufacturer: LEROY SOMER LSAC 51 M7-4P • Output: 1400 Kw 1750 kVA | 50Hz | 400 V AC Phase 3 COMPLETE GENSET • Generator (alternator, engine and motor PLC) • Gas train  ...
item-No.: 145918153
8.500 USD
country-do DO
Paper cutting machine model SMC-36 Manek" Model: SMC-36 Semi Automatic Paper Cutting Machine; of size: 36" (914mm ), complete with 3 HP / AC / 220 Volts / 3 Phase / 60 Hz. Electric Motor, Starter and Blade. (Machine Serial Number: 408/2019 )
item-No.: 145852366
Heidelberg Speedmaster SM74-5-P2+L year 2004 CP 2000 Autoplate Alcolor dampening Technotrans refrigeration Auto roller wash Auto blanket wash Auto impression cylinder wash Dedicated Coating unit Standard delivery Weko powder spray device Heidelberg IR Dryer 108 mill impres In production Available inmediatly Very nice and clean machine More info at info@imagraf.es
item-No.: 145823912
White Color machine Conventional dampening Machine come from a Goverment print shop Available inmediately Ask for price and more info/photos
item-No.: 145823911
Format 35 x 50 Conventional DAMPENING Numbering Device Ask for price and more info & photos.
item-No.: 145765938
Automatic laminating machine A540 Max size: 540 x 780 mm Min size: 210 x 290 mm Paper thickness: 105 -500 grms Speed: 0-30 mts/min Weight: 1400 kg Dimensions: 3200 x 1250 x 1620 mm Flat Pile feeder with suction head Hydraulic pressure Automatic overlap Touch screen Air shaft expandable Large Diameter Induction Heated Cylinder Automatic separator Delivery with vibration
item-No.: 145752872
Die Cutting Machine Unitec T1060 The T1060 automatic machine with stripping is used to process paper, cardboard and corrugated paper in its die-cutting, marking and cold stamping operations for cardboard boxes, paper labels and especially for delicate printing jobs such as cigarette packages, wine, gifts and cosmetics, etc. This machine works automatically throughout its process, with a user-friendly interface to control the cutting speed, number of sheets cut, total operating hours and its working status, as ...
item-No.: 145752871
Flute laminating machine CA1300 Side register heel. The bottom feed stack can be adjusted for suction intensity from the touch screen, including an automatic cleaning system. The input pile has a non-stop system Monitoring by PLC with alarm in case of power supply error. Automatic gluing system that regulates not only the flow but also the recirculation. Features: · Max sheet size: 1300 X 1250 mm · Min sheet size: 400 X 400 mm · Thickness of the upper sheet: 175-600gsm / 145 - 450gsm Kraft · Botto ...
item-No.: 145752856
· Rotary Die Cutting Machine with Magnetic Cylinder · Easily replaceable die · Automatic feeding with double sheet detection and automatic correction · Double magnetic cylinder with anti-splitting coating · Indicated for slit and semi-cutting in adhesives, labels, cardboard, etc. · High pile suction feeder · Touch screen · Machine with automatic stripping · Front registration TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS · Max sheet size: 480 X 740 mm · Min sheet size: 240 X 280 mm · Max final product size ...
item-No.: 145752855
Heidelberg Cylinder Hot Stamping 46 x 58.5 cm Hot stamping One pulh 2 Heating zones More photos availables Ask for price and more information
item-No.: 145752207
Heidelberg SpeedMaster 102Z Year: 1988 72 x 102 cm Straight machine CP tronic CPC 1.02 Alcolor Dampening Baldwin refrigeration Quick action clamps In production Available inmediately Very Nice and clean machine
item-No.: 145752202
Stahl Quickfolder T34 Year: 2000 Format: 340 mm 2 Fully automatic folding bags Suction machine with built-in compressor Rollers in new condition More photos availables Ask for price and more information
item-No.: 145752198
Diecuting machine ML 1040 with hot frame Format 75 x 1040 Safety protections Pneumatic clutch New machine in stock Ask for price and more info & photos
item-No.: 145752196
Heidelberg GTOZ 52 Year 1989 Straight machine 2 colours Kompack Dampening Format 36 x 52 cm Quick action clamps Plus Version More photos availables Ask for price and more information
item-No.: 145737049
Roland 202 with RCI console Year: 1991 Roland matic Dampening Quick action clamps Machine in stock under power Ask for price
item-No.: 145737047
Roland 202 TOB Year 1997 Quick action clamps 4 Delivery gripper bars Mackilan system Tanden Refrigeration Edelman 4.5 mill on count Very nice and clean machine, in good working conditon and well Ask for price and more photos.
item-No.: 145721899
GENERAl: Power plant configuration: Industrial Cogeneration Stopped at: 2011 Current situation The engine is stopped. MAIN EQUIPMENT GENERATING SET • Manufacturer: JENBACHER |YOC: 1998|Model: J612 GS NL| Output: 1500 kW|Unit: 1 Running hours: 55000 h. ALTERNATOR • Manufacturer: STAMFORD • Output: 1840 KVA|1472KW|400V SCOPE OF SUPPLY The following are integral parts of generators and groups needed for its implementation (gas inlet, energy outlet): • Generator (alternator, engine ...
item-No.: 145721889
GENERAl: Power plant configuration: Industrial Cogeneration Stopped at: 2011 Current situation The engines are stopped and ready to load. MAIN EQUIPMENT GENERATING SET • Manufacturer: JENBACHER |Model: JW 316 GS| Output: 827 kW| Units: 2 ALTERNATOR • Manufacturer: STAMFORD • Output: 1000 KVA / 800 KW / 400V SCOPE OF SUPPLY The following are integral parts of generators and groups needed for its implementation (gas inlet, energy outlet):  ...
item-No.: 145663095
CP-Tronic digitale Maschinensteuerung Steuerstand CPC 1-04 Center mit Fernsteuereinrichtung für Farbzonen, Farbduktoren sowie Umfang-, Seiten- und Diagonalregister mit Lichtgriffel und Job Memory Card Alcolor Filmfeuchtwerke mit Umwälzung und Kühlung Farbwerktemperierung Autoplate automatisches Plattenwechselsystem automatische Farbwalzenwascheinrichtung automatische Gummituch- und Druckzylinderwascheinrichtung Puderapparat IR-Trockner Hochstapelauslage Serienzubehör
item-No.: 145503915
Automatische Stanzmaschine Bobst SP 102-E Autoplatine (hergestellt in der Schweiz) Abisolierabschnitt Non-Stop-Feeder und Lieferung Mikrometrische Anpassung Neue Ketten & Greifer Verfolgungsjagden Werkzeuge & Zubehör 2 Ramen viele accesorios auseinander Demontiert Blattgröße max: 720x1020 mm Blattgröße min.: 350x400 mm Prägegröße max.: 720x1020 mm Stempelgröße max.: 705x1020 mm Plattendruck max.: 250 t Produktionsgeschwindigkeit: 7.500 Blatt / h. Stapelhöhe (normaler Feeder): 1350 mm Ge ...
item-No.: 145468811
85.000 €
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Travels X axis 2134 mm Axle Y 813 mm Z-axis 762 mm Spindle nose to table (max.) 889 mm Spindle nose to table (min.) 127 mm SPINDLE Power max. 22.4 Kw Speed max. 7500 rpm Torque max. 460 Nm x 700 rpm Drive system 2-Speed Gearbox Ct cone or BT 50 Air/ Oil Injection Bearing Lubrication Cooled Liquid Cooling table Max length. tool (from calibration line) 2134 mm Width 711 mm Slots width in T 16 mm Wheelbase with T-slot 125mm Number of standard T-slots Max weight. on table (evenly distributed) 1814 k ...
item-No.: 145454782
2 Buckles Size 35 x 50 cms Noise hoods. Digital counter With furniture Compressor Perforating and creasing device (brand new, never used)
item-No.: 145454216
Digital program with monitor Air table Side tables with air Light guards Inmaculate conditions. One owner from new In full working order mechanical and electrical
item-No.: 145425356
15.500 €
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Dugard Eagle 660 VMC Fanuc Oi-MC Control X Axis Traverse 660mm Y Axis Traverse 520mm Z Axis Traverse 510mm Table Size 810 x 510mm Maximum Table Load 500Kg Spindle Nose Line to Table Surface 150 – 660mm Spindle C/Line to Column 585 x 76mm Maximum Feed Rate 7.5m/min. Rapid Traverse Rates 30/30/24m/min. Speed Range 80 – 8,000rpm Spindle Power 11kW Spindle Taper CAT40 Bi-Directional Auto Tool Changer 24 Station Twin Arm Machine Weight 5,000Kg Heavy Duty High Quality Cast Iron Frame Counterbal ...
item-No.: 145382081
14.900 €
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Vakuumfüller Handtmann VF 612 2010 Füllleistung 3.000kg/h, mit integrierter Beladung für 200 l Kutterwagen, dazu Anbau-Koextrudiersystem
item-No.: 145366600
Materialbreite 1.500 mm Materialdicke 0,50 – 2,00 mm Coilgewicht 15,0 to. Blechlänge 200 – 6.000 mm Coilinnen – Ø 500 mm Coilaußen – Ø 1.700 mm Geschwindigkeit max. 40 m/min. Arbeitsrichtung links ? rechts Anlage bestehend aus: Bundhubwagen Abwickelhaspel / Andrückrolle angetrieben Tragfähigkeit 15,0 to. Überleittisch Richtmaschine Anzahl – Richtrollen 17 Richtrollendurchmesser 55 mm Anzahl – Stützwalzen 6 (3 x oben/3 x unten) Stützwalzenanstellung elektrisch Schlingengr ...
item-No.: 145340400
NEGRI BOSSI - SACMI 1300 Ton HIGH TONNAGE Injection Molding machine Year of Manufacture 2014 Model BI-POWER VH1300 /12100 120mm Screw Calculated Injection Volume 7351 cm3 Shot Weight 6689 Grams Space between HxV Tie Bars 1400 x 1200 Excellent condition, can be inspected and seen in-production
item-No.: 145278926
5.952 €
country-pl PL
Catalog number R059 - new machine - CE certificate - saw diameter 400mm - cutting width of the parallel gardener in Z400, Z400 EL 1000/1350 / 1525mm - dimensions of the sliding carriage 3200mmx420mm - diameter of the saw and the scoring hole 120mm, 20mm - sliding table 420x3200 mm anodized - cutting length 3500mm - blade diameter (not included) max 400 mm, 350 mm with the scoring unit - 120 x 20 mm cutter - not included - cutting height 90 ° 125 mm, 45 ° 90 mm - 3 cutting speeds 3000/4000/5000 rev ...
item-No.: 145265759
60.000 €
country-es ES
Wrapper line with strapping machine for sale. Composed by: - 2 units of horizontal strapping of the brand RODICED, model FH-VK20 - Plastifying brand THIMON CP 6240.2 - Pallet conveyors with rollers of the brand MECALUX Year of manufacture 2008.
item-No.: 145265705
60.000 €
country-es ES
Cutting trolley: Brand Schnell Model: BAT 65/2/12 Year: 2005 Equipped with 2 automatic benders with control center. Brand: Schnell Model: Robomaster 40/12L Year: 2002
item-No.: 145265704
26.500 €
country-es ES
Wastewater evaporator with 3 tanks. Brand: Loft Brand, Model: Destimat LE 120 Year 2005.
item-No.: 145251658
2 Colors Year 1989 Size 48 x 65 cms. + Version Conventional dampening Bacher register clamps Powder spray 55 mill impressions Speed: 8.000 sh Cleaned and checked
item-No.: 145251554
4 Color 1997 250 Mio. Size 72 x 104 cm Semi auto. plate change Alcomatic-film dampening Technotrans cooling Colortronic ink & register remote control Baldwin blanket wash up IR-Dryer Bielomatik central oil circulation Ionisation (feeder and delivery) Weko Ionomat C 1,2 mm option available: immediately
item-No.: 145237743
120.000 €
country-es ES
This line comes from a company that wanted to expand its business, but the project has not been carried out. It is semi-new, no production has been performed. It is a production line that was used to fill glass jars with soluble coffee. It can be adapted for filling any type of product, vegetables, etc.
item-No.: 145184370
120.000 €
country-es ES
Cooling system at -20ºC in perfect condition. It is ready to be disassembled, free of refrigerant and electricity. Is posible to visit. We accept offers.
item-No.: 145025047
HERBOLD COMPACTOR HV50 disk type agglomerator Continuous process, completely automatic to increase bulk density of plastic materials possible addition of fillers construction year 2013 very good conditions 110 kw.motor ask for throughput rate chart
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