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Telescopic Conveyor, NEW. The ergonomic design allows the operations to be done by one or two persons, by a simple and easy movement Extension:7.700 mm. Total length: 13.283 mm (include anti-collision bumper) Express Snoot. Band width: 600 mm. Equipped with PVC band with high resistance wear. The band movement is made by a motorized drum and the telescopic movement, by a motor reducer. controlled through a PLC. Moving is head up and down, and left and right, the Express Snoot put the goods where it is needed, by ...
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Characteristics: Automatic pallet turning system to link detour between other conveyors.
Número do item: 131484456
Characteristics: Forwarding of roller pallets and chain. Condition: Good
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Characteristics: Roller conveyor for transporting pallets with load. Different measures Tape width -1.35 m Rollers width -1.15 m Length between 2.00 m, 2.40 m, 2.50 m, 2.70 m, 2.80 m. Condition: Good
Número do item: 121900425
Elevator in stainless steel, PVC tape with shovels. Dimensions: 715mm width elevator, 900 total width mm, 3000mm length 500mm high entry, 1000mm high output or shock, 350mm distance between pallets, wide pallets 640mm, height 35 mm pallets.
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