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Unwinding machine socket machine Seewer Rondo Model: SSO 63 VA Stainless steel for all doughs for rolling out and touring 1200 mm tables with 615 mm width 30 mm roll opening mobile with central foot Tapes and scrapers NEW DGUV V3 tested Connection 400V, 16A-CEE plug Used machine overhauled with 6 months guarantee
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-very good condition -little used -with accessories (thread rollers) machine can be inspected and tested on site, under power -free truck loading -please report any questions
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HELLER MC 16 Machining Center Y.O.M. 2003. The machine has about 40,000 operating hours and was mainly used for aluminium processing. Since magnesium has rarely been processed, the machine is equipped with a fire extinguishing system. The system consisting of machine, chip conveyor, KNOLL coolant high-pressure algae (50 bar IKZ) and spindle / bed cooling was treated with care by the previous owner. Control panel on tool changer defective! Delivery possible from WEEK 35/ 2019.
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We are pleased to offer Gammerler ST 106 M Round Cornering Machine Full and complete Available immediately
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BN 9.000 €
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Travel: x 628 mm y 398 mm z 200 mm incl. clamping agent Automatic wire infused Water bath without cooler fully functional
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We are pleased to offer: Horizon Paper Counter CP 20 Feed table 10 to 1000 sheets Programming controls / Speed count: 60 000 hours Mini size 100x100mm / max 430x430mm Electricity 220 V - 50 Hz Available immediately Located in the UK
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19.999 €
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We sell a good sweeper with 3448 operating hours at the price of 19.999 â?¬ plus tax. The sweeper is good, but too small for us. A set of new brooms is mounted on the sweeper and another set of brooms is included. A tail light and an inspection flap were installed on the machine.
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ELB Carousel Grinding Machine SWR 150 T - Top-up: Magnetic clamping plate It is a complete dissolution of the company in the area of Bad Urach ( Baden Württemberg ) It is a former metal construction company, with very large and impressive plants. Bfgkoh20kk Among other things, we have for sale: Burkhardt & Weber machining centers, drilling rigs, carousel grinding and lathes, as well as many more different. small machines and a lot of accessories, such as recordings and tools for metalworking
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We have Lg injection molding machine. mfg.year 2005. it is working condition. we can ship immediately screw dia. 90mm PLS. CONTACT G.J.CHOI in Korea
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Blohm flat grinding machine Simplex - Upload: Magnetic clamping plate 600x300 - Travel: 800x400x300 - BJ.: 197O It is a complete dissolution of the company in the area of Bad Urach ( Baden Württemberg ) It is a former metal construction company, with very large and impressive plants. Among other things, we have for sale: Burkhardt & Weber machining centers, drilling rigs, carousel grinding and lathes, as well as many more different. small machines and a lot of accessories, such as recordings and tools for ...
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Long turning machine with bar loading magazine, very good condition Swiss-type lathe with bar loader, very good condition Model: SA 16-RC STAR MICRONICS Built: 2003  Control/ control: CNC (Fanuc 18i-T) ( 6 axes / 6 axis) Country of origin: Japan  with bar loading magazine/ bar loader: FMB turbo 2-16 / 3200 A  3m rods / bar Max machining diamet ...
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Grinding length 500 mm Grinding width 250 mm Workpiece height 375 mm max. table load 350 kg Table longitudinal movement 525 mm Table feed 2-28 m/min Total power requirement 4.5 kW Machine weight approx.1900 kg Control NC Height: approx.2.60 m Width: approx. 2.10 m Depth: approx. 2.00 m Total weight with cooling lubricant container: approx. 2.3 t.
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Gr. Grinding length: 3200 mm Gr. Grinding width depending on the grinding wheel diameter up to: 200 mm Gr. Grinding height: 120 mm swivel magnetic table, 3 parts: 3150 x 150 swivel to the left and right each by: 90° Abrasive body holder, magnetic flange: 200 mm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Grinding body speed: 1400 rpm Grinding body drive power AC motor: 7.5 kW Grinding trolley speed AC drive variable: 0.05 - 30 m/min Vertical delivery, DC motor with rapid gear overlay freely programmable: 0.02 - ...
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1020 x 720 mm, min. format 400 x 350 mm, breakout station, centerline, non-stop manual shelf, drag mark left, sliding mark right, machine hours: 27960, Bobst Cube control, micrometer adjustment, electronic double sheet control, 4 punching frames, 1 upper breakout frame, 1 lower breakout frame, 1 punching plate 4 mm, max. machine speed 7500 sheets/hrs, max. punching force 250 tons, processable materials: paper from 80-90 g/m2, Full board up to 2000 g/m2, Electric and B-corrugated board up to 4 mm. Overhaul 2019:  ...
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00599 6 Designation of the plant Longitudinal seam welding system for pipes Oerlikon Transplus Synergic TPS 450 Fronius FKZ Welding source VR152 GUE 120 Type Manufacturer KS Machines KS-LN-3100 Built in 1998 Engine hours 26,497 h
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3x Lathes in need of overhaul Offer Ref. 00559 / 1 Hall 1 Designation of the plant lathe Manufacturer Schaerer (Heidenhain Control) Remark Everywhere rusted Strong air rust Offer Ref. 00559 / 2 Name of the plant Copy lathe Manufacturer Schaerer (Heidenhain Control) Built in 1982 Remark Installation area approx. 4x2m Part Flight Rust Offer Ref. 00559 / 3 Designation of the plant lathe Manufacturer Schaerer Year of construction Unknown Remark part rusted flight rust
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one used EVG double throw mesh welding line for standard mesh line wires off spools and cross wire directly off wire rod coils Mesh width: max. - 2500mm Mesh length: max. - 6000mm Welding width: 2250mm No of trafos: 6 Installed power: 840 KVA at 50% Ed No of line wires: 16 Line wire pitch: 150mm Working range: 5mm - 7mm Cross wire pitch: 150mm Cross wire range: 5mm - 7mm Working speed: max. 220 CW/min
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Wire drawing system Breitenbach with Kessler+Fischer winder The drawing system has been overhauled without electrics
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Hand swivel bending machine with split segment bending rail Make: SCHECHTL Type: UK 100 Machine No: 5085 Built: 1992 Offer number: 19034 Technical data: - maximum working width 1020 mm - maximum material thickness ST 42 1.0 mm - split top + subtool - Bending angle adjustment with end stop 0 - 135 ° - Upper cheek is operated with lateral hand eccentric lever - Clamping with foot pedal - max. stroke upper cheek 100 mm - max. adjustment bending cheek 30 mm - Space requirement appro ...
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90.000 GBP
country-ch CH
Complete Uhlmann UPS 1020 Blister Packing Line comprising the following machines: Uhlmann UPS 1020 Blister Packer Year 1995 Output speeds of up to 300 blisters per minute Strokes per minute 15 minimum/60 maximum Format range: - Index in-feeding area 50mm minimum/112mm maximum - Web width 90mm minimum/200mm maximum - Punching area 110mm maximum in web travel direction x 180mm in width - Forming depth 12mm maximum Features: - Fill Box feeder with planetary stirrers sweeping the products into the hole ...
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19.500 GBP
country-uk UK
Masterfil 8 head liquid filler with 1 litre pistons, diving nozzles and gating system. Product flush through facility (30 minute filling cycle with flush liquid). Norgden SPGB/SSC/31865 air cylinder. Approx. output per hour up to 4,500 depending on volume and product viscosity. Accuracy +/- 0.5%. All stainless steel construction and product contact parts. Large product header tank. 4200mm x 115mm wide plastic slat through conveyor. Manuals in electronic version. Main machine size: 1900mm x 1600mm x 2600mm high. CHE ...
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Easy handling, cycle time approx. 1 second, compact design, centering accuracy due to protruding glue nozzle, stacking of workpieces not required, no power connection required, air consumption approx. 200 L/min., best condition Made in Germany
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Injection moulding machine Krauss Maffei 500-3500 C2 Built: 1996 Light width between the tie bars 900X800 Spray weight 1700gr 5X Core Train Extended Holme Pumps, valves and hydraulic hoses new
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Flat grinding machine Elb SWBE 07 VA I-Z Built in 1979 Technical data: Magnetic plate: 500x700mm Self-cooling Speed adjustment incl. spare disc 400x80mm
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Milling machine Brother TC 321 N Built :1990 Engine hours:15,903 hours Technical data: Table (together): 800x300 mm Table (single): 350x300 mm maximum length (X-axis): 700 mm maximum depth (Y-axis): 300 mm maximum height (Z-axis): 250 mm
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CNC lathe Brand: Monforts Type: RNC 4 With X, Z, C axis Turning diameter 420mm over bed, Sauter turret with driven tools, VDI 40, Fanuc control with new TFT display, automatic door, chip conveyor with suction, weight approx. 6 To Circulating diameter: 420 mm gr. Turning length: 600 mm Spindle bore: 65/85 mm Spindle speeds: 28 - 4000 rpm Number of tool holders: 12 express speed x-axis: 12 m/min Express way z-axis: 15 m/min Space requirement: 3750 x 2450 x 1950 mm
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HEIDELBERG SM102-6P3+L, Age c.2004, seriennummer.546097, ca. 205 Mio., CP 2000 mit Axis-Steuerung, Alcolor mit 'r'nVario, Preset Plus Feeder, S Module Delivery, Auto plate, Tresu cameracle coater, Technotrans beta C'combined r'nrefrigeration/ Ink temp Steuerung, Heidelberg Drystar IR-Trockner, Intercom, Electric sidelays, Non-Stop-Lieferung, Stahlplatte und Zubringer, Programmierbare Walzen-/Deckenwäsche über CP2000, verfügbar August 2019, Standort: Vereinigte Staaten.
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HEIDELBERG SM102-6P3+L, Age c.2004, serial no.546097, circa 205 million, CP 2000 with Axis control, Alcolor with Vario, Preset Plus Feeder, S Module Delivery, Auto plate, Tresu cameracle coater, Technotrans beta C combined refrigeration/ Ink temp control, Heidelberg Drystar IR dryer, Intercom, Electric sidelays, Non stop delivery, Steel plate in delivery and feeder, Programmable roller /blanket wash via CP2000, available August 2019, location: United States
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HEIDELBERG SBBZ(57 x 82cm), Age c.1967, serial no.30908, 2 x feedboards, used for cutting/creasing, 2 x delivery trolleys, 3 x chases, available August 2019, location: Belgium
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Auto. Closing machine Investor table with air and scales Adhesive strips at the top and bottom of the carton Double banderol device
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HSC milling machine Wissner Gamma 605 Built: 2003 The machine is used for graphite electrode production, and can be inspected at any time under electricity! The 4th axis (swivel spindle head) has been shut down ! all other information can be found in the attached order confirmation in the annex. A fine-material vacuum cleaner from Ringler , various tool holders as well as a tool balancing device from Schunk are also part of the machine
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Miter band saw MEBA Type 310GHSS Cutting range at 90 degrees round 320mm flat up to 450x220mm Miter right at 45 degrees 300mm round 300x200 flat Miter right at 30 degrees 180mm round flat 180x110 Cutting speed infinitely variable 18-115m/min Saw motor 1.5KW Miter one-sided up to 60 degrees Built in 1997 The offer is aimed at traders within the meaning of Section 14 of the German Civil Code (BGB) no sale to Private!
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Dough part and actuator NEW Model: TTW A 30- Z - Interchangeable knife head - Automatic knife cleaning position - Stainless steel knives - Digital display - 10 programs for act and press time - Machine mobile - Incl. 3 Effect Plate
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Model SU 100/2000 Producer: TOS ?elákovice n.p. Swing over the bed 1050mm, Swing ower cross slide 730mm, distance of the centers 2000mm, spindle bore 102mm, max workpiece weight in 5000kg tips, electric motor for headstock drive 22kW, total input of the machine 30kW, machine dimensions (W x D) 1970x4860mm, machine weight ca. 7600kg Accessories: faceplate 1000mm, steady rest
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950 €
country-de DE
7-fold combination package, consisting of: - Dressing/thickness planer HM 2 with milling attachment, grinding wheel and long hole drilling device - Band saw HBS-32 vario - mobile suction - Rollbock - ready for use!
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450 €
country-de DE
- Planing width 400 mm - Table length total 1800 mm - 2 knife safety planer shaft
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750 €
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In-line drilling machine with 21 drill spindles, grid size 32 mm - Motor 1.8 kW / 400 V - pneumatically controlled immersion of the drills via foot valve - complete stop system
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43.660 €
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Plastic hose production line (plant M12) Order. from Pos. 11-21, Extruder, Fabr. Maplan, type ESMA 90-30D, Y.O.M. 1997, machine no. 2170009, screw length approx. 2,500 mm, gearbox, fabr. Köllmann, type Unex 5.0/90L/MP, drive motor, Fabr. EW Yard, type GVFR 160 M5, suction conveyor, fabr. Vollman, type AP500, side channel compressor, color feeder, fabr. Voywod, type Plasticolor 1000, control cabinet, integr. Control unit, Fabr. Resotec, type Redis 52C (item 11), calibration/cooling basin combination, Fabr. Maillef ...
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Product number`: 1560 Type: Puma-CE Serial number: 193003.61402.0257 Year of construction: 1996 Max product diameter: 220 x 240 mm Chamber length: 1100 mm Power: 3 x 400V, 50Hz, 2.5kW Dimensions: 2550 x 870 x 1420 mm Weight: 212 kg
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Manufacturer: Wespitec Model: Easy Table Year: 2014 50/24 AL Price: on request
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OVERVIEW Brand: Wickman Model: 1 3/4"-6 Application Type: Turning Machine Type: Lathes Availability: Immediately Production Year: 1966 Location: Poland Origin Country: United Kingdom GENERAL DATA Measurements width: 978 mm Measurements depth: 5572 mm Measurements height: 1924 mm Machine weight: 8000 kg MAIN DRIVE Spindle speed range: 132-1667 See full technical specifications of this machine at: http://bit.ly/30dkeK1
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With water bath and wire chopper. Brand: Ona Type: Prima 250 Control: Prima Y.O.M.: 1999 X-axis 350 mm Y-axis 250 mm Z-axis 200 mm Workpiece length 780 mm Workpiece width 650 mm Max workpiece weight 350 kg
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Cutout: 130 x 130 x 2.0 mm Total power requirement: approx. 2.5 KW / 400 V Machine weight: approx. 250 kg Equipment / Accessories: 2 angle stops Footswitch All technical angben have been prepared to the best of their knowledge and existing documentation; error expressly reserved. Every interested party has the opportunity to use the machine in advance in our factory under to test electricity. An order. Rchng. plus ges. VAT is issued.
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5.000 €
country-fr FR
Bearing number 1105-02693 Machine type Sinkereemachine Make AGIE CHARMILLES Type 3 U Built in 1990 Control type CNC Storage location HAGUENAU Origin Delivery time immediately Freight base from stock, free loaded trucks Technical details Table length 600 mm Table width 450 mm Ampere 60 A Travel - x 420 mm Travel - y 320 mm Pinole stroke 350 mm Working container internal dimension 700 X 480 X 300 mm Workpiece size 600 X 450 mm Electrode weight 50 kg Dielktrikumtank 340 ltr  ...
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