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MMaschinenart CNC lathe - inclined bed machine make DOOSAN DAEWOO type PUMA 200 MS built 1998 3 AXIS control type CNC storage France origin KOREA delivery time upon request of freight base from site turning diameter 550 mm turning length 420 mm St euerung FANUC OT hole diameter 52 mm spindle speed 5000 U/min/rpm revolver 12 specialist Quill diameter 80 mm spindle head ASA - A 2 - 6 of front bearing diameter 100 mm tool system VDI 30 turret 12 TOOLS tool number Max 12 total power consumption 30 k VA machine weight a ...
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CNC lathe Georg Fischer NDL 40 type: Georg Fischer row 40/130 built: 1990 technical data: maximum turning diameter of 400 mm largest turning length 1300 mm spindle bore 90 mm spindle mount DIN 55026 - form A - size 8 speed range 45-35000 RPM longitudinal slide Eilg Ang 10000 mm/min rapid traverse cross slide 10000 mm / min linear measuring system x 12 position turret VDI 50 tool holder main motor 50 KW weight 12500 kg dimensions Lxwxh 6400 x 2600 x 2900 mm tailstock - manually to position Quill trail 160 mm mount M ...
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Year of build 2016 LVD 6kW Phoenix fiberglass Maximum table size: 1525 x 3050 mm Axis supply routes: X: 3070 mm Y: 1570 mm W: 130 mm The X-Y axis max speed: 140 m / min Maximum sheet weight: 750 kg Changing the table: 35 sec. Automatic nozzle changer Control and drive system: Siemens Source: Optical cable for IPG Laser power: 6 kW Dimensions of the machine with photoelectric: 10.635 x 6.315 x 2,500 mm Machine weight: 11.000 kg
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TBA3/1000ml machine Year 2003 Capacity : 3400Kg/h standart Dimensions : 3,30m x1,60m x4,50m from above Photos at the attahed document
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Vertical lathe - carousel with dimensions Digital measurement Dimensions (L x W x H): 2875 x 2660 x 4100 mm Clamping table diameter: 1120 mm Machine weight: 16.500 kg
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Tool and Cutter Grinder for TRUMPF tools. Grinding wheel diameter: 160 mm
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Reform A41 type 7 flat grinding machine Fläschenschleifmaschine knife grinder tool grinder BJ. 1992 overhauled 2014 Power consumption 35 KW Magnetic Chuck 4100x400mm Loop scope ca 4100 x500mm Max workpiece height 200 mm Segment head diameter 550 mm Coolant system Weight ca: 7000x2000x2500mm
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Reform A60 type 7/ZS flat grinding machine Fläschenschleifmaschine knife grinder tool grinder BJ. 1990 reconditioned 2013 Power 41 KW Swivel Chuck 6100 300 mm Loop scope ca 6100 x400mm Max workpiece height 200 mm Coolant system Weight ca: 10200x2000x2500mm
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Banderoliermashcine AKEBONO OB-301 N, built in 2006, machine number, 1820, in good condition, available immediately
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Replaced the Y screw, cards for spindle drive New tool magazine Control: FANUC Series O-T Drehdruchmesser: 300 mm Rotary bed: 530 mm Turning length: 600 mm Tool Magazine: 12 positions Spindle speed: 3000 rpm
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GENERAL Project No.: 904983 Number: 1 PCs. Manufacturer: EMAG Type: VL 3 Control: Fanuc 21i-T Year of construction: 2002 (2019) Condition: Remanufactured engine DESCRIPTION TURNING Maximum swing over bed cover 210 mm Maximum Chuck diameter 170 mm Max speed main spindle 1/min 7500 Maximum performance main spindle in ED 10-40 / 100% 25/16 kW Maximum torque of main spindle in ED 10-40 / 100% 134/85 Nm Spindle diameter in front bearing spindle 80 mm Spindle flange size main spindle Gr. 5 (DIN 55 ...
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In good technical condition. Production year 2008 Control: HEIDENHAIN TNC 530. Work spindle diameter: 130 mm. X-axis movement: 6000 mm. Y ride: 2000 mm. Spindle speed: 1-3000 / min. Spindle clamping spindle: ISO50. Total power: 30 kVA. Machine weight: 18,100 kg.
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Injection molding machine Manufacturer: BOY Type: 80 T2 Year of construction: 1990 More data, please refer to the attached data sheet in the Appendix. Contact person Mr. Mueller see also our over 200 more deals at. (Changes and errors in the technical data, information and prices and subject to prior sale!)
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Injection molding machine Manufacturer: Arburg Type: 370M 1000-350 Year of construction: 1995 More data, please refer to the attached data sheet. Contact person Mr. Mueller see also our over 200 more deals at. (Changes and errors in the technical data, information and prices and subject to prior sale!)
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Pack Leader Pro-515 automatic wrap around labeller for various diameter/ length round bottles. Built in control panel with cross memory module to record best label setting methods which boost productivity and speed up changeover process; labelling delay function; labelling quantity count function; production pre-set function; miss label set and built in trouble shooter. Hand wheel mechanism to suit various product sizes and labelling positions with label gapping system. High beam for handling tall bottles with high ...
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Compact design, self-adhesive label applicator with average output of 36,000 containers per hour (60 per minute, depending on container size and type). Suitable for the following bottle and label sizes: bottle Ø 16mm-100mm, bottle height 35mm-160mm, label length 20mm-150mm, label height 15mm-80mm. Comes with 5 sets of change parts and was previously used for the following products: ampoules 1-2ml, 5ml, 10ml and vials 2ml, 5ml, 10ml. Due to its consistent, precise labelling and modular label dispenser design, the E ...
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GE-FANUC 16i-T controle, IEMCA chefe 542/32 BARFEED algumas pinças/guia, buchas, bem armadas.
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Built in 1994 Control: Demag NC4 Clamping force: 1500 kN (150 T) Screw diameter: 40 mm Maximum dose: 250 cm3 H.T. number: 8 Core: 3 Fan: 2 Input power: 37 kW Oil: 500 l Map: CF card Pressure up to 250 bar Machine weight: 6000 kg
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HYUNDAI SPE-450 Screw diameter : 76mm (A Type) with robot
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Specification: Manufacturer: Vemag Model: ROBOT 2000 DC Type: Vaccum fillter Total dimensions: -Length: 2462 x 2692 (mm) -Width: 1310 mm -Height: 1920 mm -Height with cymbal: 2870mm Power supply: 400V 50 Hz 3PH Power: 10.2 kW Material: Stainless steel
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Specification: Producer: VEMAG Model: ROBOT 500 Type: Vacuum Stuffer Efficiency up to 2500 kg/h Hopper capacity: 110 l Power supply: 400V 50 Hz 3PH Power: 4.9 kW Material: Stainless steel
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Injection moulding machine for preforms Hypet 400 HPP 4.0 P120/120 EE 120 96 cavities Preform Weight (Max): 11,3 g Neck Type: 29/25
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Thermoformer Material :PP BOPS, OPS, GPPS, PS, HIPS, PVC, PET Forming Area (Vxh): 482x355
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Offer/offer: Battenfeld vertical VR 150/750 round table 1520mm Screw 40mm 3 x pull core 8 x hot runner year 2008 etc...
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ADS G66 blow moulding machine Output: 0.33l (8000 bph without gas, 7500 bph with gas) 2.5l (6600 bph without gas, 6200 bph with gas)
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Used wire erosion machine Agie cut 200 Inv.-No. 9393 - 2011. A wire EDM cut 200 of the AgieCharmilles company is for sale. The work pool licks about the sandwich seal. The machine has a slight hollow section of 0.004 mm, from a cutting height of 40 mm, otherwise very true to size. The machine is connected and can be demonstrated and tested. It is accessible from all sides. The machine was purchased in the year 2011. Since you ran 59600 operating hours. She has been regularly maintained maintenance plan is avail ...
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BOHNER & KÃ?HLE milling machine mod MF1 / BJ. approximately 71 / digital HEIDENHAIN / accessories / without manual / power - good condition Fe.gi.Maschinen.SBG.at BOHNER & KÃ?HLE milling machine mod MF1 / year approx. 71 / digital HEIDENHAIN / accessories / without manual under power - good condition Fe.gi.Maschinen.SBG.at
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Used wire EDM Charmilles Robofill 2050 TW Inv.-No. 5211 - 2005. For sale is a wire EDM machine of the type Charmilles Robofill 2050 TW with "two-wire"technology. Compared to a conventional wire EDM machine here two different wires can be clamped on, such as a wire ¢ 0. 25 mm for standard processing and a wire ¢ 0, 15 mm for corner radii < 0, 25 mm. The technology of the Robofill is 2050 TW since its market introduction for high precision, especially for the machining o ...
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FANUC CNC 5-axis contouring Automatic wire Threading AWT Traverse paths: X = 350, 500 = Y, Z = 300 mm. UV and Z axis, workpiece height: 290 mm. Work table size: 450 x 650 mm. Table load: 500 kg. Wire diameter: 0.05 - 0.33 mm. Incl. cooling system, water system, various accessories and complete documentation. Weight complete: approx. 2400 kg. Dimensions WxDxH machine: 2200 x 1250 x 2200 mm. Good working condition. The machine can be seen in consultation and is available immediately
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Martin dressing Planer Type T 52 Planing width 500 mm Total length of table 2840 mm greatest depth - depth of cut 16 mm 5000 RPM. Power of the engine 5.5 kW AB fence GS mark very good condition, from training workshop checked Operating instructions
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KUPER veneer splicer Type FWM 630 Stand projection 630 mm Feed 7m / min. Veneer thickness approx. 0.4 2.0 mm good condition, from training workshop
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Frommia long hole boring machine Type 770 Drilling table dimensions 560 x 320 mm Drilling depth 150 mm Slot width of 200 mm Dübelbohreinrichtung, Division 16/22/25/32 mm Drill Unit height 120 mm Motor output 1,5 kW 3000 rpm. GS Mark very good condition, from training workshop checked Operating instructions
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Brand: Naughty Type: DAW 80 S RC Year: 2001 Clamping force: 900 kN Mounting plate: 540 x 540 mm Distance between columns: 350 x 350 mm Machine weight approx.: 5,5 t Clamping stroke: 280 mm Ejector force: 60 kN Ejector stroke: 70 mm Shape height: 160-400 mm Column diameter: 65 mm Injection force: 75 kN Casting stroke: 130 m / m Cast piston diameter: 50,55,60 mm
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HAAS | ST-20Y CNC lathe Controls: HAAS Year of construction: 2012 Machine number: 3093419 Circulation diameter over bed: 806 mm Circulation Ã? over bed slide: 527 mm Circulation Ã? on Reistock: 616 mm Bar passage: 64 mm Maximum speed of main spindle: 4,000 rpm Traverse paths: X - 236 mm / Z - 533 mm / Y - ± 51 mm Spindle run time: only about 465 hours . Switch-on time: 2,751 hours . Facilities: CNC lathe with y axis Travel distances of 305 x 533 mm Swing by 806 mm ...
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Manufacturer: Gildemeister type: CTX 500 series 2 Year of construction: 1999 control: HEIDENHAIN swing above bed: 680 mm Swing a.s.l. cross slide: 455 mm travel plan: 320 mm Longitudinal travel: 1097 mm Spindle bore: 107 mm Power: 23 kW 100% ED speed range from - to: 18-3600 RPM equipment Axles: 2 tool carrier: 12 stations VDI 40 Part of hollow clamping device: Yes Tailstock: Yes Quill stroke automatic: Yes Chip conveyor: Yes Two-jaw Chuck Hansen: 250 mm Good condition. Immediately available. S ...
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2 batching motion, brand Kohl, never used, ww 3200 mm, to work behind the loom and work on big batches, with light and inspection table
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Looking for complete resolution of the bakery or individual machines Mixers (Kemper Diosna) Ovens, sandwich press machines (Fortuna Gr. 4) also broken machines!
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HEIDENHAIN CNC railway control system TNC 355 Traverse paths: X = 800, 500 = Y, Z = 450 mm. Spindle retainer: SK 40 with hydr. Tool clamping Spindle speed: 20-3000 rpm. Horizontal Milling spindle, chip conveyor, Angle table approx. 1000 x 500 mm, Universal Swivel Head with boring Quill, Coolant system, cabin, and documentation. Weight: approx. 4000 kg. Good working condition. The machine can be seen in consultation and is available immediately.
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Sliding wear fan location with heating Dreher Pforzheim TH25 Height: 120cm Depth: 100cm Drum depth: 30 cm diameter: 290 cm with floating stones year: 1984 380V 1, 5kW -Spot-free drying of the parts by rolling to the wet parts in warm dry shot. -For drying-sensitive parts. -For the deburring, grinding, smoothing and polishing suitable. Good condition fully functional can be visited on site and tried out. Shipping abroad. Visit: Basically I would like to point out that the article may be viewed a ...
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Lapping machine Alfred Wontzky KG Height: 55cm Depth: 60cm Width: 85cm Speed in 2 stages timer up to 60 min Good condition fully functional can be visited on site and tried out. Shipping abroad. Visit: Basically I would like to point out that the article may be viewed and tested under power to exclude misunderstandings, like before you buy. Please ask questions before you purchase to avoid ambiguity. For general questions or an appointment for a visit I am at the below telephone number, available.  ...
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Salam , We sale a Shirink wrapper machine OCME VEGAS year 1999 in good condition , at 60 pack/min fomat 1.5 litre 3x2 , 0.5litre 3x4. printed FILM . dismantling,
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Technical data: -Manufacturer: Binmak Type MR1050x75 -Country of origin: Turkey -BJ. approximately 2016 Work area approx. 1000x2mm -with foot pedal -Electric Weight approx. 300 kg -Roll diameter: 75 mm
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Salam , We sale a Shirink wrapper machine (film and pad) kister year 1991 in good condition , at 35 pack/min fomat 0.33 litre 3x4 , 1.5litre 3x2 , 1 litre 3x2.
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Salam We sale a Twinpack HANDLE APPLICATOR INN VERRY GOOD CONDITION Characteristics: Handle applicator machine for easy speed of up to 45 packages per minute, Automatic machine for the application of self-adhesive handles in a variety of grouped products.
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Technical data: -Manufacturer. Binmak -Type: IKM 1.2 Country of origin Turkey -with foot pedal -Electric Geared motor 0, 75kw Power Weight approx. 300 kg Plates up to 1, 2mm Rack approximately 250mm / 140mm -with roller set
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SICAR 2000 combined planer and Thicknesser Planing width 500 mm, 3 - drum Technical data: Sicar 2000 planing width 500 mm 3-meter wave Length 2050 mm overall Motor power up to 3 kw / 4 HP maximum advance width forward 200 mm Weight 740 kg A VAT invoice is created for you.
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