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Machine dimensions / mm L3830xA1200xH2020 Working height 900-950 mm. adjustable Approximate weight 1350Kg Maximum film width 520 mm Maximum bobbin diameter 350 mm. Diameter mandrel / mm 76 mm. Output height of product 600-700 mm. adjustable Output ribbon width 680 mm. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS - Structure in stainless steel AISI 304 - Air cooling - Trays drag by stainless steel rods and dragged by chains - Adjustable chain speed with exit and stop ramp - Cycles / min: 6-10 according to pumps  ...
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Weight approx.: 500 kgDimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 2000 x 3000 x 2800 mmDescription: ? Pallet wrapping machine, stretch wrapping machine ? Rotary plate diameter 2000 mm ? Maximum working height approx. 2400 mm ? Plastic coil dimensions: height 500 mm, diameter 500 mm ? Actuating by foot switch
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Semiautomatic Pallet Stretchwrappers Characteristics: Semi-automatic machine with rotating table for wrapping with film. ROTOPLAT represents a point of reference for end-of-line packaging with table wrapping machines. The wide range of possibilities of choice of coil carriages, with or without pre-stretching, and of the modality for the control of the baling process, offers the maximum satisfaction of the requirements of the final customer. Very good condition.
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Weight approx.: 200 kgDimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 1500 x 1500 x 2300 mmDescription: Filling machine for 2-component foam-type packaging.
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Characteristics: Designed for the mobility of film, paper or other material coils requiring a careful position. Condition: Very Good
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Weight approx.: 600 kgDimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 2100 x 1220 x 1660 mmDescription: Serial number EM250901/145, Automatic rotating ring wrapping machine, Ring rotating speed adjustable, Total installed power 2.50 kw, Max. workpiece profile dimensions approx. 170 x 70 mm, Upper pneumatic clamps to stabilize the workpiece
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Palette wrapping with ring technology is ideal for any load that can be wrapped in any industrial sector.
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Weight approx.: 600 kgDimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 2200 x 1400 x 1700 mmDescription: Serial number 0292, Automatic rotating ring wrapping machine, Ring rotating speed adjustable, Adjustable feed speed, Total installed power 1.50 KVA, Max. workpiece profile dimensions approx. 170 x 70 mm, Upper pneumatic clamps to stabilize the workpiece
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Metal detector Mettle Toledo model Safeline with arc size 300 mm x 65 mm. Further information please contact.
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Weight approx.: 5000 kgDimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 5100 x 4350 x 2900 mmDescription: Serial number 1681-10-00, Workpiece length from 300 mm, Maximum workpiece dimensions 1250 x 700 mm (width x height), Maximum feed speed 14 m/min, Parts of the machine: <, br>, 1 - CMB TC-13/30 motorized belt conveyor, Length 3000 mm and useful width 1300 mm, Motor power 0.37 kw 2 - Magazine station for air bubble plastic coils, Capacity for 2 upper coils with a maximum width of 1800 mm and 2 lower ones with a maximum width  ...
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Retractable manual. Brand: ITALDIBIPACK Model: ES5040BDN 220/380V 4kw NO. 222 Year: 1998 Ribbon dimensions: 380mm width, 500mm length, 190mm high. Overall dimensions: width 800mm, 1900mm length 1350mm high.
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film wrapping machine; dimensions of the machine (without additional equipment): 1150x1235x1580 mm; work field: max. insertion length 300mm - max. Insertion width 540mm - max. Insertion height 250mm; Weight: 380 Kg; color of parts painted normally "Ral 1013"; compressed air inlets: inlet pressure min. 6.0 bar and max. 12.0 bar; General machine dimensions: 2800x2500x2000 mm; with boxing machine that adds curved transport band with 3000 mm length and 160 mm width; 3X380 V + N + PE 50 Hz; 5.5 bar; DBP: 2 623 907.
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1 EBNER automatic pallet wrapping machine type Optronic with rotational dish
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Fully Automatic seamer for round cans with 4 chucks, to work with round tin dimensions diameter 50 to 110, height 190 mm. 35 to Completely overhauled, including new electric board, PLC and Touch Screen, inverter.Automatic lubrification.Safety protections.Automatic feeding of lids. Seaming turret with 4 chucks and 16 seaming rolls for first and second operation. Cann feed within a straight line withhorizontal fingers. As new. Fully refurbished. ready to delivery
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Indicated machine cistal wine bottle 1 liter. This machine distributes caps and shrink-wrapped. Then the bottle passes the labeling area. It has 3 stations sticker. Finally encodes the bottle. 380 volt voltage supply, 50Hz Speed: 1.500 BPH
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