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item-No.: 159243856
REF-1733 SOMME 220 SEMIAUTOMATIC CAN SEAMER FOR 3 AND 5KG CANS Manufacturer: SOMME Model: 220 Series: 3920 Can Ø: 150mm For 3 and 5kg cylindrical cans (adjustable to 10kg cans) Output: 20 cans/minute 220/380V, 50Hz, 3ph.
item-No.: 158549613
REF-0 SOMME AUTOMATIC 3KG CAN SEAMER WITH CLINCHER Automatic tin can seamer with clincher Manufacturer: SOMME Model: 343-B Can size: 3kg Seamer dimensions: width 1,600mm, length 1,600mm, height 2,000mm Clincher dimensions: width 1,300mm, length 1,600mm, height 1,650mm
item-No.: 158525539
REF-0 WALDYS S.A. 33 STRETCH TRAY WRAPPING MACHINE Manufacturer: WALDYS S.A. Model: 33 Date of manufacture: 07/1995 Power: 2,6kW Voltage: 400V. Three-phase Dimensions: width 1,400mm, length 2,100mm, height 1,500mm Weight: 310kg
item-No.: 158525523
REF-0 STRETCH TRAY WRAPPING MACHINE WALDYS S.A. B-188 Manufacturer: WALDYS S.A. Model: B-188 Date of manufacture: 12/2001 Power: 2,6kW Voltage: 400V. Three-phase Dimensions: width 1,400mm, length 2,100mm, height 1,500mm Weight: 310kg
item-No.: 158414522
REF-0 MANZINI (COMACO) CAN SEAMER FOR 3KG CANS Automatic can seamer manufactured by Manzini (Comaco) Model: A-350 Can size: 3kg Fitted with 3 seaming heads Power: 12HP Dimensions: 1,800mm width, 2,500mm length, 2,600mm height.
item-No.: 157615851
REF-1565 ILPRA SEMIAUTOMATIC TRAY SEALER Semiautomatic tray sealer manufactured by ILPRA Year: 2000 Number: FP613 Series: Foodpack Model: basic v/g 230V With Busch vacuum pump and gas. Type of pump: RB0021. Mould dimensions: 320mm width, 260mm length. Overall dimensions: 900mm width, 950mm length, 1500mm height.
item-No.: 150144805
Tray sealing machine: speed : up to 17 cycles /min ( sealing) 10 to 12 Cycles/ Min ( with MAP configuration) Reeflex 250 is an automatic tray sealer in-line. Used vacuum traysiler (packer in finished trays) Reepack Reflex. Two matrices (tray size: 170/210 mm, 300/230 mm) depth up to 160 mm. The condition is excellent. Photos before the repair. Price including overhaul. Automatic machine for sealing preformed trays, available with vacuum forming device and M.A.P. system. High productivity and flexibility are prov ...
item-No.: 131250867
Characteristics: Designed for the mobility of film, paper or other material coils requiring a careful position. Condition: Very Good
item-No.: 68757894
item-No.: 6759424
Indicated machine cistal wine bottle 1 liter. This machine distributes caps and shrink-wrapped. Then the bottle passes the labeling area. It has 3 stations sticker. Finally encodes the bottle. 380 volt voltage supply, 50Hz Speed: 1.500 BPH
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