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This listing is for a 2013 NETZCH NM053BY02S12B Progressive Capacity/ Positive Displacement Pump with ABB Low Voltage Motor. Capacity: 4\\8 m3/h Discharge Pressure: 3\\7 bar Speed:119\\260 rpm Product Temperature: 25c
item-No.: 143458152
This listing is for a 2015 LEYBOLD Sogevac SV630B Vacuum Pump. Motor: 1760rpm Pumping speed (50 Hz): 640 m³/h Pumping speed (60 Hz): 755 m³/h Ultimate pressure: 0.08 mbar
item-No.: 143458149
This listing is for a BIRCH Slitter Rewinder. Max width of web: 1300 mm Max diameter of Roll: 1000 mm
item-No.: 143458148
This listing is for a BIRCH unwinder with Cygnus Manpower break control. Suitable for a range of sheet products including tapes, carpet, Lino and more. Max Product Width: 1645mm
item-No.: 143458147
This listing is for a BIRCH unwinder with Cygnus Manpower break control. Suitable for a range of sheet products including tapes, carpet, Lino and more. Max Product Width: 1645mm
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The picture shows the blower before the overhaul. All our blowers are sold with new bearings and sealing elements. Blower data: 2.04 m2/min 400mbar 2.3 kW
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We offer the following machine package on behalf of our customers: Machine suction (for wood dust and chips) Manufacturer: Flott Type: HA 1500 D For more details, please refer to the pictures.
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BS-30 Concrete batching plant for mixing concrete. Type of Concrete batching plant: BS-30 automatic Mixer: M-1000 Mixer volume -Dry filling: 1000 liters Engine power: 22 kW (concrete mixer only) Mixer output (concrete): 0.5m3 Storage aggregates in line silos Capacity of 50 m3 with 4 silo / fractions / capacity 12.5 m3 per silo (OR ON REQUEST FOR MORE CAPACITY) Silos are mounted on concrete foundations. (Preparation of the foundation are the responsibility of the buyer as well as access ram ...
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Die Absackanlage besteht aus 3 Anlagenteile:   1. Absackwaage, Ventilsackvorleger, Absackmaschine für 25kg- Ventilsäcke, Fabrikat: Paglierani inkl. Bühne inkl. Einhausung inkl. Waagen- Vorlagenbehälter inkl. Förderband zum Palettierer SPS: S7-300 (modernisiert) Rinstrum- Waagenmodul (modernisiert) Schleuderpacker 2. Palettierer mit Palettenmagazin, Fabrikat: FBC/ Paglierani 308/M SPS: Omron C20 3. Drehring- Palettenwickler (Stretchfolienwickler) mit Haubenüberzieher, Fabrikat: Reo-Pack  ...
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The bagging system consists of 3 system parts:   1. Bagging scale, valve bag insert, bagging machine for 25kg valve bags, make: Paglierani incl. stage incl. enclosure incl. scales- template containers incl. conveyor belt to the palletizer PLC: S7-300 (modernized) Rinstrum scale module (modernized) Slingpacker 2. Palletizer with pallet magazine, make: FBC/ Paglierani 308/M PLC: Omron C20 3. Rotary ring pallet winder (stretch foil winder) with hooded overcoat, make: Reo-Pack H2000-208 O ...
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Radiator Dimensions 720 x 110
item-No.: 143432404
Presto HPK 50 BSK, No. 7, built 2009, drive power 22 kW Technical data: Manufacturer Presto Type HPK 50 BSK Built in 2009 Engine hours 10823 h Pressing force 50 t Specific pressing force 65 N/cm2 Drive power 22 kW Connected power 80 A Engine hours 12363 h Channel cross section 1100 x 700 mm Dimensions filling shaft 1050 x 1250 mm Filling volume 0.96 m3 Idle throughput 157 m3/h Cycle time 22 sec. Throughput performance at a Bulk weight of 35 kg/m3 approx. 4.4 t/h Bulk weight of 60 kg/m3 approx. 6. ...
item-No.: 143417518
Suction system suitable for the offered plasma cutting system. Used but fully functional in good condition. Installation indoors and outdoors possible. With integrated start-up control. Receptacle with quick release. Technical data Power: 7.5 KW Air flow Demonstration possible.
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Omag Tronic Block/Paving Stone Plant complete, 1984 Package incl. Omag Tronic 1330 x 650, Face mix, Board turner, Board brush, Stone sweeping brush, 8 fllors, floor spacing 350 mm / double occupancy, Mixer type Liebherr B 40, material silo build 1997, Cement silo 90 T, material silos with weighing belts, water dossier, Cement scales, Conveyor belts, 5 block / paving stone molds, Dry shelfs. plant is in good conditin. Amexpo Consult Merkurvej 31, 9370 Hals-Denmark +45 29251017.
item-No.: 143413310
Gas-powered forging chamber furnace, as good as new gas - heated forging chamber furnace, as good as new Type: GKO - 85/60/150-360 Built/year: 2010 Fabr./ make: SIMPLON Aue Germany Number of burners/ number burner: 4 Temperature range/ range of temperature: 750 1200°C Interior/inner space: 1090 x 1500 x 710 mm (WxLxH) Connection value/ power consumption: 360 kW ( gas ) Connection value Electr./ electr.power: 7.5 kW Weight: 10.4 t Specification: 4 x blower burner / 4 x blowpipe burner
item-No.: 143413055
MASA 9000VB Block/Paving maxhine. Board size 1400 x 700 mm. Package incl. Face mix, board insertion, Complete push-out line, Control panel, Hydraulic power unit , Electric power cabinet, 15 different molds. Machine is in good condition and has been dismantled and re-paintedand are ready for shipping. Amexpo Consult Merkurvej 31, 9370 Hals-Denmark +45 29251017
item-No.: 143413031
Max. pressure: 100 tons Year of production: 1996 Unit pressure: 121,2 tons/m² Number of strappings: 4 - fold vertical, Cross-section of the channel: 750 x 1100 mm Filling inlet: 1020 x 2000 mm Bale weight: 550-750 kg Weight: ca 36 tons Supply: 400 V/ 2 x45 kW Bale tying: automatic, wire Efficiency on idle: max 780 m³/ hour Efficiency under load: max 370 m³ / hour Theoretical efficiency with material in density 35 kg/m³ 13 tons/hour Theoretical efficiency with materia ...
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Bread-long wrapper W&P BM 51 B -with blue plastic straps -mobile on wheels -for bakery baking industry
item-No.: 143412985
Brotlangwirker Langroller W&P BM 51 B -mit blaue Kunststoffbänder -fahrbar auf Rollen -für Bäckerei Backindustrie
item-No.: 143412954
Complete plant for the production of concrete slabs, washed concrete and dyed concrete Fabr. Henke Pressing pressure: 1000 to Capacity: 800 sqm/ 2 layers Consisting of: 1. 7-hole hermetic plate press HENKE Silenta 1000 t Incl. shapes: 2 x 40x40x4.2 cm 2 x 60x60x4.2 cm 2 x 50x50x4.2 cm With packaging plant Fabr. Schindler With attachment mixing plant Incl. flat storage and vacuum lifter
item-No.: 143412943
Grinding plant Make CASSANI Type 3117 Usable working width: 680 mm Working material thickness: 15-60 mm Diamond disc diameter: 770 mm Diamond roll diameter: 170 mm Silicon carbide diameter: 790 mm Built in 2001, basically only run in one shift sandand and the last 10 years only 3-4 days per week. Production continued until May 2019. The plant is still under power, so it can be visited in function.
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Line includes: (1) Plate Rotary Table Machine RINO Impacta 2-4H, controls: SIEMENS S5 (2) conveyor systems, transfer table, plate drying, packing and further elements and accessories.
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Roll width: 1450mm, cutting width/ length: 1450/ 800mm, connected load: 0.37/ 0.75kW.
item-No.: 143391496
Europress EP 6500 V5 H4, press force 120 t, built 2009, drive power 75 kW, only 15,334 operating hours, currently in the overhaul Technical data: Manufacturer Europress Type 6500 V5 H4 Built in 2009 Operating hours 15,334 hours, Stand Janurar Anz. pressed bales 138.097 bales, status January Pressing force Main press 120 t Specific pressing force 142 kg/cm2 Dimensions inserting shaft 1,650 x 1,100 mm Filling volume 3 m3 Filling volume / press cycle 1.58 m3 Bale dimensions 730 x 1,100 length variable Dri ...
item-No.: 143391481
Double-walled circulation system Up to 50cm wall thicknesses possible. Also for solid walls up to 20cm. Built in 2007 Make Vollert Weckenmann 44 pallets (3.00 x 8.30), lifting station with tilting device for standing lifting (without hall crane) RPÃ? device (weckenmann) Cutting, straightening machine Progress Concrete distributor with sliding discharge (Weckenmann) Shaking and shaking table under concrete distributor automatic pallet reversing traverse (Vollert) Automatic crane for loading  ...
item-No.: 143391479
HSM 500.1 VL (No.8) Vertical baler, 7.5 kW, pressing force 50 t, built 2000, insert shaft 1,150 x 565 mm Technical data Manufacturer HSM Presseen, Germany Type 500.1 VL Series No. 210282505 Int. No. 8 Built in 2000 Pressing force 50 t Drive power 7.5 kW / 400 V / 50 Hz Connection CEE 32 A / 6h Insertion shaft approx. 1,150 x 565 mm Filling height 1,090 mm Bale size max. 1,200 x 800 x 1,000 - 1,200 mm (W x D x H) Bale weight approx. 380 - 500 kg Press box dimensions 1,200 x 800 x 1,520 mm (W x D x H ...
item-No.: 143391477
Element ceiling circulation system Also for solid parts up to 20 cm Make AVERMANN Built in 2000 80 pallets (2.20m x 9.30m) Lifting clamp (wakeman) with 90 degree rotary function (without hall crane), QRPÃ? device for self-cleaning (completely new chassis 2019, siemens S7 control system approx. 2015), plotting, oiling and setting the cross-off Cleaning machine for longitudinal adjusters Progress Bending, cutting, straightening machine with automatic laying of longitudinal reinforcement (6 ...
item-No.: 143391475
HSM 500.1 VL (No.7) Vertical baler, 4 Kw, pressing force 54 t, built 1999, insert shaft 1,150 x 565 mm Technical data Manufacturer HSM Presseen, Germany Type 500.1 VL Series No. 200100246 Int. No. 7 Built in 1999 Pressing force 54 t Drive power 4.0 kW / 400 V / 50 Hz Connection CEE 32 A / 6h Insertion shaft approx. 1,150 x 565 mm Filling height 1,090 mm Bale size max. 1,200 x 800 x 1,000 - 1,200 mm (W x D x H) Bale weight approx. 380 - 500 kg Press box dimensions 1,200 x 800 x 1,520 mm (W x D x H)  ...
item-No.: 143380485
McIntyre 200B Shear Available with or without a stand, this machine might look small but it has a big cutting capacity Small but powerful McIntyre’s wide experience in hydraulic equipment manufacture has enabled us to build an 8” shear with a staggering cutting force. Although equipped with only an 8” blade, the high shear force and wide tip to tip opening on the McIntyre 200B means that it can deal efficiently with a whole range of non- ferrous cleaning and sizing operations - in parti ...
item-No.: 143380479
McIntyre 150 Shear Designed as a low-cost answer to metal cleaning, an ordinary 13amp socket and suitable bench are all you need to put the 150 shear through its paces Versatile The McIntyre 150 Shear is ideal for all lighter metal shearing, but is powerful enough to tackle gun metal valves, bath taps, cable and other non-ferrous cleaning operations. The McIntyre 150 Shear is small enough to be moved easily around the yard and will be a versatile addition to any size of yard. Our company can provide  ...
item-No.: 143380472
Immediately available. In 'as is' condition. This machine has a folding box design with 500 tonne cutting force and 4.6m long charging box. Radio controlled. On hydraulic jack legs for loading and unloading. Manufactured in 2003 and in working condition.
item-No.: 143356664
Ready for useage a Lefort City 80T machine. This machine is excelent to shearing profiles. The machine has no any box. This machine use rolls, which means the potential lenght of the materials could be 6m to, because the lenght is unlimited. The "box section" is 400x400mm which means you can recycling every profilr with this machine. The cutting force 80Tons. The machine condition is refurbished by the factory.
item-No.: 143356662
Lefort BR1260 Shredder for sale. The machine has 10 hammers, 500 Hp electric engine. The machine has a low hours (less than 2.500). THe machine's capacity is around 20-25 tons/hours which means this is an exelent machine. Price is including the separation and conveyor system to, which is including the followings. -Feeding conveyor (1260 mm wide) -Vibrating table -magnet drum (type:BMK 100-180TML ) -1 conveyor for metal scrap with cabin for separation -1 big conveyor for nonferrous and other materials Bbmc3f ...
item-No.: 143356656
Ready for purchase a refurbished Lefort PC 400. Closed box size is 400X400X3000 mm. This machine is an excelent solution for a non-ferrours metals. The machine has a shear head, which means this machine can cut with 200 tons. You will find 2 video. The cutting video has been made from this machine.
item-No.: 143356655
1 piece used concrete mixing plant Manufacturer: CIFA Model/Type: COMPACT EASY 1500 Built: 2006/2007 Power (theor): 55/60 m3 Mixer: Double shaft mixer - CIFA TS 2250/1500 Row silo: 4 boxes of 45/55 m3 each Cement scales Level Additives & Additive Dosage Cement silos 2 X 90 t. Control installed in an office container Software: ELETTRONDATA /BETONWIN Languages: English/Italian (German at extra charge) previous production: approx. 150,000 m3 Availability: instantly Location: Italy Pric ...
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Relocations of injection moulding machines and production plants at home and abroad We are a company with many years of experience, which is based on the numerous services. This includes the multiple preparation for sea transport and heavy transport Professional and modern equipment enables us to move machines quickly and efficiently, even under the most difficult conditions. Our experienced team of technicians ensures that the machines are safely and professionally disconnected and dismantled in order to be ...
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We sell a corner cleaning machine ROTOX EPA 374 Condition very good
item-No.: 143356608
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We sell a Haffner GL 172 glass strip saw Condition: used well
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Number of spaces: 3, max. operating temperature: 150°C, max. working pressure: 12bar, capacity space 1/ 2/ 3: 18.3/ 1.9/ 1.4l, length: 2100mm, width: 1000mm, height: 1600mm, weight: 1.02t.
item-No.: 143355780
- High-pressure pump: 25 bar - Tank capacity: 775 l - Total power: 3 kW - Machine Weight: 340 kg - Room requirements (W x D x H): 1.5 x 1.0 x 1.5 m - Condition: very good Details Paper tape with sensor for "paper used up" Fine filter with sensor for contamination
item-No.: 143353885
TECNOVA PELLETIZER 130 mm 54 L/D y.2012 Doppelentgasungssystem. 130 mm 54 L/D-r-nBi-metallische Fass-r-nZwangszuführung mit BRAND NEW Lagersilo-r-nA.c. motor 200 Kw - Wechselrichter-r-nDouble Entgasungssystem (am besten geeignet mit stark bedrucktem oder leicht feuchtem Zeug)'r-Screen-Weichschalter für diam.224 mm Siebe-r-nOleodynamische Swerk-r-nN.3 Elektroschränke, vented-r-nDie Face Pelletizer-r-nEdelstahlzentrifufuge-r-nEdelstahl-stahl-r-nVibro classifier-r-nextraxtion vent-r-nDurchschnittliche Leistung 40 0 ...
item-No.: 143353884
TECNOVA PELLETIZER 130 mm 54 L/D y.2012 double degassing system For PE PP PC PS ABS Screw diam. 130 mm 54 L/D Bi-metallic barrel Forced feeding unit with BRAND NEW storage silo A.c. motor 200 Kw th inverter Double degassing system (most suitable with heavily printed or slightly moist stuff) Screen changer for diam.224 mm screens Oleodynamic power station No.3 electric cabinets, vented Die face pelletizer Stainless steel centrifuge stainless steel Vibro classifier extraxtion vent Average output 400/60 ...
item-No.: 143318298
item-No.: 143294329
Clamping Force: 3500 kN Tie Bar Clearance (H x V): 750 x 750 mm. Mould Opening Stroke: 850 mm. Mould heigh min/max: 380/1230 Screw diameter: 70 mm. Injection pressure: 1620 bar. Core puller: 2 Air ejection: 4 Hours: 69.662 H. Oil Tank Capacity: 680 l. In working condition.
item-No.: 143294325
Clamping Force: 2750 kN Tie Bar Clearance (H x V): 750 x 750 mm. Mould Opening Stroke: 850 mm. Mould heigh min/max: 345/1195 Screw diameter: 60 mm. Injection pressure: 2205 bar. Core puller: 1 Air ejection: 4 Hours: 86.060 In working condition.
item-No.: 143293976
Mat welding system Fabr. CSG Type GA 400/2500 Built in 2013 For mats max. 2.50 x 6.00 m = Wire dimension range QD: diameter 4-8 mm Wire dimension range LD: diameter 4-14 mm Max longitudinal wire length: 3500 mm (with tilting rails) 6000 mm (without tilting rails) Incl. PLC control SIEMENS S 7 300
item-No.: 143293973
95.000 €
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Complete stone production plant Fabr. LINGL = (complete circuit) Board size: 1400 x 1100 x 50 mm = - Vehicle group with retractor REKERS with carbide table tops and Form recording OMAG (quick tension Vehicle group REKERS Approx. 2500 pcs. underlay boards PERI multi-layer plate Shelf ROTHO 3264 >Pitch pavement with insulation, floor spacing 250 mm Incl. 2-3 shapes Documentation and spare parts! The investment will be delivered at a special price of 95,000 euros, as the Space is urgen ...
item-No.: 143293967
2 pieces used planetary mixers Fabr. KABAG WIGGERT Type HPCM Dry filling: 2250 l Solid concrete output: 1500 l Mixer power: 55 kW 2 mixer stars Incl. accessories
item-No.: 143246188
115.000 €
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Machine in great working condition. It can separate ferrous and non ferrous metals from bulk materials. Comes with diesel generator on separate frame.
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