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Machine: POCLAIN PPM 1815 Mobile building cranes
item-No.: 157422532
New in: 1975
Price: 21.900 €

All-terrain crane Poclain PPM 1815 Refurbished 2020 UVV valid until 08/2022 New tyres Cabin heating new Complete electrical system of the crane overhauled or renewed New driving clutch

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Machine:  FW 18 Road trolley for cranes
item-No.: 162423775
Price: used machinery auction RESALE 1.500 €

see photos

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Machine: ATLAS  Bracket slewing cranes
item-No.: 158690378
Price: 8.110 €

Hydraulic lifting crane with two supporter feet, and a turntable Splited telescopic cranehand, without hydraulic power supply. Manufacturer: ATLAS Load Capacity: 2,0 t Horizontal Reach: 6,0 m Reach height: 5,0 m

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Machine: R.STAHL FöRDERTECHNIK PS0,30-30 Columnar swivel cranes
item-No.: 152589562
New in: 1998
Price: 1.430 €

columnar swivel crane #5016 Capacity: 80 kg Total height: 3.25 m Lifting height: 2.5 m Console length: 2.5 m Voltage: 380 V

cranes /Bridge cranes
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Machine: STAHL N.I. Bridge cranes
item-No.: 150159717
Price: 5.300 €

Manufacturer: Stahl Strength: 10 tons / crane Assemblied the two system is 20 tons strength with hook Can be sold separately, price is 2.800 EUR / pcs

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item-No.: 150072484
New in: 2015
Price: 10.410 €

Overall sizes: 3020x2500x2550 mm #4700 Weight: 2.700 kg Capacity: 30.000 kg Class: A4

cranes /Truck cranes
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Machine: PALFINGER PK 2700 Compact Plus Truck cranes
item-No.: 162304001
New in: 2006
Price: 3.900 €

Specifications: Brand Palfinger Model / Type PK 2700 Compact plus Year: 2006 Condition: Used Weight 370 kg max. carrying capacity 0.4 t Load Torque 25.6kNm – at max. reach: 5.2m max. carrying capacity 3.26 t Load capacity 3m-750kg, 410cm-550kg, 520cm-400kg -No backlash & new hydraulic hoses -2 extensions and an oil tank - Z-folded for transport. -Ideal for cars up to 3.5t Delivery is possible throughout Germany. AT/LX/NL/BE on request.

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Machine: ARBGEM. DB / HHF LP 809 Mobile building cranes
item-No.: 161125308
Price: 3.599 €

Single room: 09.04.1979 Barn find functional! (see YT video) Basis: Mercedes-Benz 809

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Machine: FAUN  Mobile building cranes
item-No.: 148949043
New in: 1972
Price: 29.500 €

Mobile crane Faun 18 to (former Swiss Army) Built in 1972 Crane construction has been tested several times by Suva experts Is still in use Visit by appointment possible at any time The machine is in good condition, ready for operation. Changes, mistakes, intermediate sale reserved ! Service/spare parts by MATEC CH-4900 Langenthal/DE-79618 Rheinfelden MATEC system + technik GmbH Mechanical engineering Eisenbahnstrasse 25 CH-4900 Langenthal/Switzerland Tel. 0041 62 966 18 32 Fax 0041 62 966 21 12

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Machine: PAUS ASA 25 WHK Trailer cranes
item-No.: 160799619
New in: 1990
Price: 2.400 €

Hersteler: Paus Type: ASA 25 WHK Year of construction: 1990 Telescopically extendable to 25 m Payload approx. 200 Kg Honda petrol engine Towbar Maul Sale on behalf of the agency by private individuals

cranes /Indoor cranes
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Machine: HALLEN KRAN 3,2 to 19m Indoor cranes
item-No.: 161262482
Price: 4.900 €

HADEF crane bridge 3.2 to, 19 m wide, 18m crane runway crane Overhead crane / gantry crane / overhead crane,5 m high, DONGES bridge 19 m wide, full working, German Crane, Year 2003 - Crane already dismantled, chassis can still be dismantled - free loading

Machine: MKG HMK 340TA2 Slewing cranes for docks
item-No.: 160066166
New in: 1992
Price: 20.000 €

Manufacturer: MKG Maschinen- und Kranbau GmbH Type: HMK340TA2 Factory No. 980-555 Year of construction: 1992 Vehicle is fully functional. Hydraulic system currently shows no leakage. Battery is in good condition. Crane vehicle can be supplied externally with high voltage current for continuous operation. Mechanically and technically in order. The wheels and castors would have to be renewed. Vehicle is now available...

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Machine: THOFEHRN 3000 KG  Cable hoist Cable winch Hoist
item-No.: 159682985
Price: 1.550 €

THOFEHRN 3 to Crane Hoist / Wire Rope Hoist Cable winch, incl. control, gearbox + motor, German Crane

cranes /Mobile cranes
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Machine: DEMAG V 70 Mobile cranes
item-No.: 12544161
New in: 1961

V 70 9 tons good condition since it is always in a dry shed moving contact see: or mobile: 0049 160 96232593

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Machine: O+K O&K crane
item-No.: 3863859
Price: 1.500 €

Mounting crane for wheel loader O&K Type.L8-1 Extendable up to 3m.