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215 MW Toshiba Inlet Steam Turbine & Generator (Unused and well maintained) New in 2008, this Power Plant has never been used and is available for immediate inspection and delivery. Never having been used, the Plant has no wear whatsoever. The Steam Turbine: Extraction & condensing, Inlet pressure: 104 bar, Output: 215MW Extractions: MP2: 22 bar, MPI: 10 bar, LP: 4.5 bar, Feed Water: 0.4 bar Minimum load: • No extractions, Only bleeds, Steam flow: 45 kg/s Maximum load: Steam flow: 270  ...
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Available in stock 1 x Used Capstone C30 Test Turbine. Please note that the turbine is NOT in working conditions, buy it only if you wish to use it for parts, to refurbish or for educational/research purposes. The unit can be placed inside a canopy, per request. Note: We have several Capstone parts in our stock to sell. If you are looking for something in particular, please contact us and we will see if we have anything to fulfill your request.
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3 sets unused 50mw Siemens SST 400 steam turbine sets( 60HZ) Year 2018. never used in original wooden crates Turbo reducer SIEMENS 50MWh condensation with extraction. Technical data of the steam turbine, Manufacturer: Siemens - Model: SST-400 Guaranteed power: 50,000 KW Live steam pressure: 94.00 bar (a) Live steam temperature: 518.00 ° C Live steam flow: 189.02 t / h Intake thermal load flow: 647,752,638 kJ / h A3 outlet pressure: 17.581 bar (a) A3 outlet flow: 13,490 t / h A3 thermal load flow: 40, ...
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750 MW each, UNUSED Gas Based Complete Combined Cycle Power Plants 2 units available Technical Specifications: The Project Details: 1. EACH module has two Gas turbines GE 9FA.03 (DLN2+) and one Steam turbine GE D11. Each GT exhaust is directed to the triple pressure unfired, natural circulation horizontal, type CMI USA HRSG. This configuration helps turndown operation of station up to 45%. 2. The Station is based on robust design of GE Gas Turbine with high efficiency DLN2+ Dry low Nox system, each GT i ...
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5.5MW 60Hz KAWASAKI PUC60 ECOPLUS Gas Turbine Power Plant This is an eco-plus gas turbine power plant that has been being operated successfully for over 160,000 hours since it was manufactured in 2002 and installed. This plant has been regularly inspected and very well maintained according to the maintenance manual by the operating company. Now, the plant is scheduled to go for sale after stopping its commercial operation around June 2023. Main specification: - Gas Turbine Model: KAWASAKI PUC60 ECOPLU ...
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Unused Solar 130 Gas Turbine – Siemens Steam Turbine dual fuel Installed 2014 Never run - Zero Hours plant overview one gas turbine Solar Titan 130 (A) 15MW 2.gas turbine Solar Titan 130 (B) 15MW 3.HRSG Rentech HRSG(A) 22.5tph 4.HRSG Rentech HRSG(B) 22.5tph 5.Steam Turbine SIEMENS SST-400 21 MW (nominal) 24 MW (max) 6.Auxiliary Boiler Rentech D-Type Auxiliary Boiler 73 ph 7.Surface Condenser Steam Turbine Exhaust Surface Condenser (incl. Vacuum pumps) ~85 tph (nominal)  ...
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GE LM2500+ For Sale (31.3 MW, 50 Hz): GE LM2500+ natural gas-fired and associated Aalborg HRSG. The GE LM2500+ has a nominal output of 30 MW. The OCGT originally produced steam for local combined heat and power (CHP”) demand, which no longer exists. Due to this, the HRSG is kept in dry preservation and the OCGT operates using the bypass stack, providing black start and short-term operating reserve capability. Open cycle GE LM2500+ GT driving a 36 MVA generator, which is a totally enclosed air-cooled (TEAC”) de ...
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1. General specification -Maker MES (Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.) Japan -Mfg. data 2014 -Running time Zero hoursP 2. Steam turbine specification -Maker MES (Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.) Japan -Turbine type CD30.46 -Steam in let pressure 70barG -Steam inlet temperature 490? -No.1 Extraction steam P & T 31.5barG & 388.5? -No.2 Extraction steam P & T 5.5barG & 223.3? -Nor. Exhaust pressure 0.11barA -Turbine speed 3,600 rpm -Rated output 97,500 kw -Weight 132 ton -Numb ...
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HHI-BBC Turbine Housing RPM - 17400 Only the turbine hull.
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MBARBECOL turbine flap PN-5478 MAN 28/32 engine Just the turbine hull.
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