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REF-1051 HERBERT CHECKWEIGHER Manufacturer: HERBERT INDUSTRIAL LTD Model: GEMINI Serial No: 2638 Year: 2004 CE marking Input conveyor composed of two belts of 300x95mm each 230V / 50 Hz / 0.4 A Max. speed: 1 m/s Max. weight: 4kg Min. weight: 0.1kg e=d=0,002 kg Overall dimensions: length 1350mm, width810mm, height 1670mm
item-No.: 159824031
REF-0 CEIA THS METAL DETECTOR WITH REJECTION SYSTEM Metal detector with rejection system manufactured by CEIA Model: THS Serial no.: 20400245012 230V / 50-60Hz / 1KVA Tunnel dimensions: width 350mm, height 220mm Overall dimensions: width 1,150mm, length 2,100mm, height 1,300mm
item-No.: 159808441
REF-0 METTLER TOLEDO SAFELINE METAL DETECTOR Manufacturer: METTLER TOLEDO Brand: SAFELINE Tunnel dimensions: width 500mm, height 200mm Overall dimensions: width 1,000mm, length 1,500mm, height 1,120mm It will be sold in working order with a brand new belt
item-No.: 159776369
SAFELINE metal detector Year: 1994 Tunnel dimensions: width 500mm, height 200mm Overall dimensions: width 1,050mm, length 1,500mm, height 1,320mm
item-No.: 159776368
REF-0 METAL DETECTOR LOCK INSPECTION SYSTEMS MET 30+ Manufacturer: LOCK INSPECTION SYSTEMS LTD. Model: MET 30+ Serial no.: 31/57/1 Year: 2007 380V. 50Hz. 0.6 A. 3-phase Working pressure: 5.5 Bar Tunnel dimensions: width 500mm, height 170mm Overall dimensions: width 1,000mm, length 1,600mm, height 1,200mm
item-No.: 159377567
REF-0 SAFELINE PIPELINE METAL DETECTOR Metal detector manufactured by Safeline for the inspection of liquids. Pipeline diameter: 90mm. Overall dimensions: width 400mm, length 1,000mm, height 1,500mm.
item-No.: 159263716
REF-1380 PLASTIC BOX WASHING MACHINE Washing machine for plastic boxes and crates. Manufacturer: JEMI. Output: 85-170 boxes/hour. Effective height: 420mm. Overall dimensions: length 2,460mm, width 830mm, height 1,715mm.
item-No.: 158525542
REF-0 BIZERBA METAL DETECTOR WITH REJECTION SYSTEM Metal detector with rejection system manufactured by BIZERBA Type: MB-Tunnel 300x200 Nominal voltage: 230V Tunnel dimensions: Width 300mm, height 200mm Belt width: 230mm Overall dimensions: Width 1,000mm, length 1,200mm, height 1,300mm
item-No.: 158167959
Machine for sorting products by size into 9 different grades Manufacturer: FAC Model: UNI-80-30-6 Machine number: 68306-001 Year: 2005 1.35kW Weight: 1,200kg Dimensions: - Weighing belt: 1,600mm length, 380mm width; effective width 300mm. - Overall dimensions: 8,000mm length, 1,500mm width, 1.500mm height.
item-No.: 157605493
REF-1780-81 BIZERBA CHECKWEIGHER Manufacturer: Bizerba. Type: GS. Serial number: 10101476. Year: 2005. Max. weight: 6kg. Min. weight: 50g. e=1g. Belt dimensions: width 300mm, length 2100mm Overall dimensions: width 550mm, height 1570mm.
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Milk pasteurizer: Milk Temp In : 5 º C Milk Temp Out : 32ºC Cap : 1 m3 /hour Max working temp : 120 ºC Working pressure: 6 Kp/cm2
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