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REF-1380 PLASTIC BOX WASHING MACHINE Washing machine for plastic boxes and crates. Manufacturer: JEMI. Output: 85-170 boxes/hour. Effective height: 420mm. Overall dimensions: length 2,460mm, width 830mm, height 1,715mm.
item-No.: 158525542
REF-0 BIZERBA METAL DETECTOR WITH REJECTION SYSTEM Metal detector with rejection system manufactured by BIZERBA Type: MB-Tunnel 300x200 Nominal voltage: 230V Tunnel dimensions: Width 300mm, height 200mm Belt width: 230mm Overall dimensions: Width 1,000mm, length 1,200mm, height 1,300mm
item-No.: 158167959
Machine for sorting products by size into 9 different grades Manufacturer: FAC Model: UNI-80-30-6 Machine number: 68306-001 Year: 2005 1.35kW Weight: 1,200kg Dimensions: - Weighing belt: 1,600mm length, 380mm width; effective width 300mm. - Overall dimensions: 8,000mm length, 1,500mm width, 1.500mm height.
item-No.: 157605493
REF-1780-81 BIZERBA CHECKWEIGHER Manufacturer: Bizerba. Type: GS. Serial number: 10101476. Year: 2005. Max. weight: 6kg. Min. weight: 50g. e=1g. Belt dimensions: width 300mm, length 2100mm Overall dimensions: width 550mm, height 1570mm.
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Very beautiful JOPER coffee roaster with roasting profiler Year of manufacture: 2012 Condition: Very good Hand crafted in portugal Usefull capacity per batch: 15kg Minimum batch size: 5kg or less Front and back lid made of cast iron Roasting and cooling at the same time 4 motors for the drum, the cooling tray arm, the cooling fan and the drum airflow Double wall drum Adjustable Low Nox atmospheric LPG gas burner (Polidoro 41Kw) Very well insulated roaster for increased quietness and energy efficie ...
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Surdry A144 Horizontal Static Retort Temperature Recorder : Endress + Hauser PLC: Allen Bradley Sterilizing system: Spray system Working pressure: 5 bar Internal Dimensions: Diameter : 1.35 m Length: 5.20 m Exterior dimensions: LENGTH: 5.4 Mts WIDTH: 2.20 Mts Height: 2.1 Mts Built in stainless steel: AISI 304 Sterilizing system: Spray system Working pressure: 6 bar Maximum temperature: 150ºC Air consumption at the beginning of the cooling per cycle : 200  ...
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Fryma Koruma Delmix MZM/VK-500 Vacuum Mixer The Fryma Koruma Delmix MZM/VK-500 is a vacuum mixing system. Products with various viscosities can be dissolved, mixed, dispersed and emulsified. At the beginning of the process, the vacuum pump is switched on and evacuates the process vessel. Liquids and dry products are added to the mixing chamber of the homogeniser under vacuum via the product inlets. The homogeniser is the core of the processing plant. The fast running homogeniser and stator system will disperse and ...
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Jost Vibrating screen model FUF in really good contitions. It was working in a sugar filter factory.
item-No.: 153706074
REF-1690 CONTINUOUS VACUUM STUFFER SIA Brand: SIA. Model: Junior Power: 3,7 kW Year: 2004 Overall dimensions: Height: 162cm - Width: 70 cm - Length: 105 cm
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item-No.: 147697159
Leak detection combined with sniffing, up to 1550 bottles per hour. The machine has 3 stations. Leak detection is done with compressed air. Simultaneously, the air in the bottle is measured in the sniffing sensors. Detection of leaks with compressed air, opens fissures. Detection of cracks corresponding to a hole diameter of 0.5 mm. However 98% of the fissures are much larger. Canis 320 is available with pneumatic height adjustment, for the inspection of 6, 5 or 3 gallon bottles. The adaptation of the dia ...
item-No.: 147697140
Box labeling machine in perfect work condition.
item-No.: 147697119
Sartorius brand electronic weight of boxes in very good condition.
item-No.: 131306075
Weighing boxes up to 20 kg, with a speed of 60 boxes / minute, in a very good condition.
item-No.: 130040297
Brand: Wolf. Model AE - 150. 3 Ph. No. 5507 machine. 15.7/9.2 amps. 220/380 V. 6000W. C. 123o marked CE 96. Three-phase current. Or Cuba 500 mm. Overall dimensions: height 1330mm, length 800mm, width 740 mm.
item-No.: 123031010
Horizontal mixer in stainless steel with pump capacity: 300l 0, 5KW. 380V Dimensions body deposit: 600mm ø, 1000mm length, mouth inlet ø 300 mm. Overall dimensions: width 800mm, 1400mm length, 950mm high.
item-No.: 122839594
CEIA THS metal detector Model: THS NO. 982198 Modular tape: 2600mm, length 300mm width. Bow dimensions: 350mm, 225mm high. Overall dimensions: 1200mm width 2600mm long, 1240mm high.
item-No.: 121743626
Bizerba scale with sticker and battery. BCII 800 NO. 2002-8903 Year: 2011 maximum range: 15kg. Minimum range: 40g. Division 2g verification. Measurement platform: 265mmx335mm.
item-No.: 118779151
Metal detector with rejection. Brand: S + s GENIUS. Type: unicon-d1800 Number of series: 2005-061441 Year: 2005 Ribbon dimensions: height 820mm (adjustable). Bow dimensions: 350mm, 225mm high. Overall dimensions: 1000mm, 1800mm length, 1420mm high.
item-No.: 6789126
Capper for cork cap. It has 4 capping heads. Inlet: left- right. This is a cabined machine. Speed: 6.000 BPH. Machine in good conditions.
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Milk pasteurizer: Milk Temp In : 5 º C Milk Temp Out : 32ºC Cap : 1 m3 /hour Max working temp : 120 ºC Working pressure: 6 Kp/cm2
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