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item-No.: 159695076
Sachet duplex machine for liquid, gel etc. New machine up to 80 sachet per minute, NON leaks system, good sealed sachets. Economic price and made in SPAIN, All electronics components PANASONIC.
item-No.: 158905211
Brand: Tosa Model: 125 Year: 2004 Semi-new machine stopped in 2007 due to cessation of activity.
item-No.: 157609977
REF-2189-90-91-92-93-94-95 STAINLESS STEEL AUTOMATIC FRONTAL SLEEVE SEALER ROCHMAN SVALX 90X25 Characteristics: - CE Marking. - Built in stainless steel. - Upper and lower conveyor belts with adjustable speed. - Motorised upper and lower reel holders. - Sealing and film cutting system with electronic temperature adjustment. - Timers for controlling sealing and conveying time. - It can be set to manual control. - Control panel allowing an easier use of all the machine functions. OVERALL DIMENSIONS: W ...
item-No.: 144667095
Speed: 25/30 box/min Year: 2000 Condition: Very good Characteristics: 25/30 minut boxes continuous boxing machine, 6 and 12 glass bottles formats.
item-No.: 144662990
Speed: 100 pallet / hour Characteristics: Pallet wrapping machine in perfect condition, with top cover and pison, speed 100 pallet / hour, machine in perfect working order.
item-No.: 125983209
Vertical bagging machine for ice cubes in PE film. Up to 2 kilos. The machine is delivery in working conditions. The film used is 540-545 Film width. Electric photocel for spot. Coding machine for validate date and lot. Brand COALZA, really famous Spanish brand from more than 50 years and still working.
item-No.: 17364072
Minidose packing machine Made in Spain for small dose of sauces, olive oil, powder, hot caramel. The machine is new one and can be prepared for any kind of liquid, powder, granulate. PLC and screen. Electric photocell. coding machine. Further information please contact
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