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item-No.: 139876087
Characteristics: High production maker (up to 25 boxes / minute) automatically forms cardboard boxes,by a new system of bilateral positive opening "patented system", which ensures the perfect opening and squared of the boxes, eliminating the friction between the flaps and thus guaranteeing, a totally safe opening of the box even in square boxes formats (same length and width), no need to make cuts in the angles of the inner flaps of the boxes, unlike other forming systems that do not allow these square formats to  ...
item-No.: 139876067
Characteristics: Machine is an automatic sealing glue warm, ideal for incorporating in end of line, with Melton glue, upper flap closure with glue, lower tail flap closure, built entirely in stainless steel. The boxes are transported by motorized bands with independent speed control.
item-No.: 139876065
Year: 2004 Condition: Very good Characteristics: Depalletizer of empty containers for plastic containers, in very good condition.
item-No.: 137695747
Sacs packing machine for PE film. AGE 2008 It was working with sacs uo to 25 kilos. Has weigher, packing machinery and outfeed conveyor. It can delivered as is or in working conditions- Actually it has 1000 mm film width.,
item-No.: 136844902
Packaging machine Smurfit Kappa Output (U/H): 18000 U/h Format 125gr yogurt
item-No.: 135070378
TEAMAC MD 20 tea bag machine from 2013 For double chamber tea bag with heat sealed envelope. Capacity: 200 bags/min. Tea bag: Size: 45 x58 mm Width of filter paper reel: 103 mm
item-No.: 133825800
Vaccuum thermoform cheese packaging machine MULTIVAC R 245 Used for cottage cheese, Format: rectangular Film width: 423mm Sheet thickness: 0,7 / 0,05 mm Max forming depth 150 mm
item-No.: 132026466
Characteristics: Powerful 5-axis palletizer Designed specifically for this task by the company that built the world's first specialized palletizing robot, the M-410 series increases performance in palletizing and handling applications.For to extraordinary characteristics of speed, versatility and repeatability (the highest in the range), this 5-axis robot is suitable for all types of palletizing applications. Reach 2850 mm Load capacity 120kg Speed: 135 (º/s)
item-No.: 131590929
Characteristics: Type: Robot ABB IRB 7600 / Controller S4C + M2000 Very good condition. Features: Load capacity: 150 - 500 kg Scope 2,3 - 3,5 m Weight: 2 500 kg Technical information ADDITIONAL LOAD For the upper arm: 50 kg. For the armature of the shaft 1 550 kg. ELECTRIC CONNECTION Supply voltage: 200-600 V, 50/60 Hz DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT Robot base 1206.5 x 1200 mm Poids 2500 kg The ABB IRB 7600 robot is ideal for heavy applications, whatever the sector.
item-No.: 131484484
HANDLE APPLICATOR Characteristics: Handle applicator machine for easy transport, the handle applicator for cardboard boxes has an application speed of up to 45 packages per minute, depending on the pneumatic or electronic model. Automatic machine for the application of self-adhesive handles in a variety of grouped products. The thus-obtained handle is applied to the transiting cluster by a continuously moving set of pneumatically operated arms. Cutting of the adhesive tape is performed by a unit with a cam-guided ...
item-No.: 131306071
Characteristics: The term SCARA indicates a particular robotic system used in Acmi palletizers and depalletizers able to develop various functions related to the management of separators and pallets. It can develop several functions contemporaneously High flexibility Content volume Maximum precision Very good condition.
item-No.: 131149986
multilane 4 lines Output capacity: -Sweetener, 60 mm stick length: 300 units/min -Sugar, 100 mm length (5gr stick) or 125 mm (8 gr stick): 200 units/min. In working conditions, with documents as manuals.
item-No.: 131054765
Sliced cheese packaging machine Flexible in terms of pack format and production. Actual performance 12 cycles per minute. In packs: 96 pieces of finished products per minute. One shift production: from 5 000 kg to 6 000 kg of finished products. Formats of packed slices of cheese: 125gr., 150gr. and 450g package.
item-No.: 129638989
It includes 8 lanes hoist with Pendant Controller (Demag) conveyor table Head of depalletizing
item-No.: 127113414
Production 25.000 cups/h Format 125gr Product: Yogurt
item-No.: 127113409
Packaging machine for yoghurt cups Production 17.000 cups/h Cup format: 125g
item-No.: 126957647
3.000 €
country-es ES
item-No.: 126957639
item-No.: 126957627
Depalletizer speed: 10. 000b/h The year 1993 mattress system
item-No.: 126087542
Brand: AMBAFLEX Model: SVE-400-1300 Registration: 6943-01 Year: 2007 Condition: good Features: Boxes in spiral elevator. These elevators are height adjustable. Total height: 3.100 mm Working height: 2800 mm Tape width: 400mm Spiral diameter: 760mm 1 unit available
item-No.: 125983209
Vertical bagging machine for ice cubes in PE film. Up to 2 kilos. The machine is delivery in working conditions. The film used is 540-545 Film width. Electric photocel for spot. Coding machine for validate date and lot. Brand COALZA, really famous Spanish brand from more than 50 years and still working.
item-No.: 125579468
Despaletizador SABA for glass. In excellent condition.
item-No.: 125579462
BUILT IN CARBON STEEL MARK SABA INDUSTRIAL LOAD DOWN Security fence. Pallet feeder. Pallet wrapper
item-No.: 125151744
Design speed: 250 units/min Run speed: 150 units/min Robotic Pick and place, high speed Allen Bradley Panel View 1000 Color Touch Screen
item-No.: 125151736
Suitable for screw plastic cap 4 Heads Cap 28 pco
item-No.: 125128141
Characteristics: Piston type and stationary configuration. Power Source:AC Power Lubrication Style:Lubricated Brand Name:Shangair Model Number:83SH Certificaction:CE Air discharge:4.0m3/min Discharge pressure:40bar Air Discharge :4.0M3/min Discharge Pressure:3.0-4.0Mpa Discharge Capacity: 2.0 m3/Min Discharge Pressurea: 40Bar
item-No.: 114541078
1 BECK packing installation composed of: BECK packing machine type S3870, year 1995 minimum working width 38 cm, maximum working width 70 cm machine uses 4-sided thermal sealing principle feeding and exit conveyor machine uses 1 upper and 1 lower plastic film roll. Both plastic films involve the package. Machine makes 2 longitudinal thermal welds and also the 2 cross weldings. BECK shrink tunnel type HV1000, working width 100 cm, year 1995
item-No.: 114541045
1 BECK packing installation composed of: BECK packing machine type S2850, year 1999 minimum working width 28 cm, maximum working width 50 cm machine uses 4-sided thermal sealing principle feeding and exit conveyor machine uses 1 upper and 1 lower plastic film roll. Both plastic films involve the package. Machine makes 2 longitudinal thermal welds and also the 2 cross weldings. BECK shrink tunnel type HV601, working width 60 cm, year 1999
item-No.: 41021355
Cup Form-Fill & Seal machine Output: 18000 U/h Cup Volume (Max): 125 g Material Width: 393 mm
item-No.: 17364072
Minidose packing machine Made in Spain for small dose of sauces, olive oil, powder, hot caramel. The machine is new one and can be prepared for any kind of liquid, powder, granulate. PLC and screen. Electric photocell. coding machine. Further information please contact
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