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item-No.: 152336064
Complete filling line TETRA PAK TBA21, year 2003 Including: Filler TBA/21 050V, 1000 SQ, year 2003 Tetra cap applicator CAP 30/Flex 010V, StreamCap 1000 Tetra cardboard packer TCBP70 -0110V, Tetra conveyor 7 ?.
item-No.: 147697148
Soco system box sealing machine in very good condition with pneumatic height adjustment.
item-No.: 147697142
Sealing of boxes by top and bottom automatic in very good conditions.
item-No.: 127113372
Tray Packer Somic KA 412 ST 10 Trays for small yoghurt cups
item-No.: 126957651
Boxes RSC high-speed seamer. Seamer tail cold
item-No.: 68228935
Wrap-around Type WRAP30 R Year 2001
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