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item-No.: 133753469
max Size 520 x 850 mm min size 100 x 120 mm Year 2000 4 Buckles Noise hoods Nigh speed feeder head Digital counter with program Electronic knife Hook on shingle belt delivery Implant machine Immaculate conditions Cleaned and checked Ready for test
item-No.: 133409568
ROTARY Feeder ( new belts) Digital counter 4 POCKETS FIRST UNIT (complete new rollers) 4 POCKETS SECOND UNIT (complete new rollers) 2 POCKETS THIRD UNIT (complete new rollers) Shingle belt delivery Very good conditions Complete cleaned, prepared and checked, ready for test Available immediately
item-No.: 125726275
Pallet feeder 6 pockets 2 knives Navigator control with 15" Touch-Screen automatic roller and knife adjustment knife cassette ultrasonic double sheet control maculator exit device ASP 66-L delivery
item-No.: 68663148
Serial Number: 39106-161118 Round Pile Continuous Feeder R52A.2 Station 1 .T52/4A.2 - 4 Buckles Station 2. T52/4NA.2 – 4 Buckles Station 3. T52/2NR.2 – 2 Buckles Availability: Immediate
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