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Depalletizing Station Kettner with pallet handling system This depalletizing station was built in two phases by Krones Kettner, glass bottle depalletizer in 1998 and can depalletizer in 2002 with fully automated pallet handling system. Depalletizer can be modified for other container types. Full can pallet carton corner frame has been manually removed. The line includes pallet infeed and outfeed roller conveyors, container outfeed belt conveyors and pallet magazine. Empty pallet system is fully automated palle ...
item-No.: 148767992
Bottle Washer Klinger NDS 1L with label extractor 4500 bph This bottle washer was made by Austrian Klinger in 1989 and it has been refurbished by Kahl+Schlichterle in 2012. It has a label extractor and the machine is currently operational. The structure material is stainless steel and infeed and outfeed conveyors are included. The refurbishment in 2012 included checking and refurbishing the bottle inlet and outlet system, all pumps, the heating system, label removing system, the complete spraying syst ...
item-No.: 148767990
Hot Filling Line PET 9.900 bph in 1 liter Square Bottles This is a complete line for hot filling of juices with pulp. The line was made in 2007 by various US and UK manufacturers and is in excellent condition. The line is complete from depalletizer and empty bottle inspection to secondary packing and pallet stretch wrapping. The filler includes a sealer which seals the bottle mouth with an aluminum foil before capping. The line is operational until May 2018 and can be seen in operation before that, and it is  ...
item-No.: 148767989
Palletizing Line for Shrink Packages with Palletizing Robot This palletizing line used to work with film tray shrink wrapped and carton wrapped consumer packages with glass bottles, line capacity 50000 bph. The line was originally built in 1998 but new palletizing robot was added in 2004. Operation was stopped in 2014 and all equipment are still installed and powered. List of equipment: Pallet Conveyor System, KRONES PCS K 453-629 year 1998 Pallet Conveyor System, KETTNER 453S K 453-642 year 1998  ...
item-No.: 148767987
Accumulation Table Hardness Dynac 7100 This large accumulation table was made by Hartness International in year 2008. The model 7100 DYNAC a floor level, mass flow accumulation system for variety of container formats including plastic, glass, and aluminum. Dynac provides pressure less accumulation and will improve the throughput and efficiency of high speed packaging lines. This has sequential first-in/first-out accumulation and it has Siemens Simatic S7 PLC controls. Manufacturer:  ...
item-No.: 148767983
Labeling Machine Krones Prontomatic 28 000 bph This Krones Prontomatic labeling machine was manufactured in year 2006. It is a rotary type machine and used for labelling glass and plastic containers with pre-cut labels. The machine is capable of front and back labeling. The capacity of the machine is 28 000 bph and it has less than 8 000 working hours. Supporting frame is made from hot-galvanized steel and it has stainless steel cladding. Only the glue pumps are missing from the machine, but otherwise it is in e ...
item-No.: 148767982
Bottle Washing Machine Krones Lavatec KD-2 double ended, 60 000 bph Double End Bottle Washer with pre-cleaning section, 3 different caustic washing zones, and 2 hot water and one fresh water rinsing zones. The equipment was made by Krones in year 2006, it was designed for 0.3 and 0.5 liter glass bottles. In washing process, bottles are first heated in the pre-jetting and freed of coarse impurities. Afterwards they pass through the three caustic immersion tanks to completely wash away any dirt and label resid ...
item-No.: 148767980
Beer Fermentation Tanks CCT Ziemann - Bauer 36 x 3400 hl. Indoor type vertical CCTs tanks made by Ziemann - Bauer in year 2000, still installed and in good condition. There is 36 tanks, each has two cooling zone on the side of the tank + cooled conical, Tank total volume is 3500 hl of which effective volume 3400 hl. Other technical information: Manufactured by: Ziemann - Bauer in year 2000 Volume: 3500 / 3400 hl Number of tanks: 36 pcs Type: Indoor Cooling zones 2 + 1 Material: din 1.4301 Diameter: ...
item-No.: 148767975
Glass Bottle Filler-Crowner KHS Innofill DMG 25000 bph This filler crowner was installed in beer line in 2004 by KHS but it has been operated very limited hours. It needs a proper service due to long standing without operation but otherwise it is still installed and in very good condition. The Innofill DMG is a mechanically controlled, over pressure glass bottle filler. Return gas tubes determine the fill levels. The machine is designed to bottle beer, soft drinks, as well as non-carbonated beverages in ...
item-No.: 148767973
Labeling Machine KHS Innoket 360 / 145 This labeling machine was made by KHS in 2011, and delivered in the beginning of 2012. It was taken out or production in February 2019 due to capacity increase. It is dismantled professionally and stored in a warm warehouse. This labeler has been labeling PET bottles of different sizes (0.5 to 2.0 ltr) in 13 different formats. The labeler has one labeling station and two cutting units, one for 2 liter bottle, one for the other ones. Format parts for each label type are in ...
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1.000.000 €
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RUSOFFER-056 4MW WARTSILA 8L32 HFO MDF marine engine AVK generator set [1250 kVa x2] Surplus new 2005Y 440V 60HZ 750RPM 0AOH Equipped with Accessories Stored in OEM crates. Scope of supply: engine+ AVK generator, ABB turbocharger, WECS 2000 Engine Monitoring and Control System, Gear box, pumps, Controllable Pitch Propeller, Preheating Unit and other items (detailed list of components maybe provided upon inquiry). I am looking for collaboration with OEM Independent Service Providers (maintenanc ...
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140.000 USD
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RUSOFFER-061 1 MW CUMMINS C1400D5 KTA50G3 1400 KVA Used Diesel engine generator Containerized package Mounted on trailer 2010YOM 400V 50HZ 1500RPM 260AOH since new UK Origin Packaged Mounted in RUS EXW RUSSIA. It is the complete power plant with necessary ancillaries installed inside of the container (960l tank, silencer, pumps, control panel, trailer and other accessories) included in the scope of supply. All needed details may be provided upon inquiry. RUSOFFERS GTE invites for collaboration OEM Independ ...
item-No.: 148735908
Round-cut heading machine for whitefish Baader IS033 Processes: cod and other whitefish with throat cut Working range: 1-13 kg Throughput rate: up to 30 fish/min Operator: 1 person The fish is placed belly to operator head first into the machine. The fish head is held and the entire fish is transported to the knife section where a high-yield head cut is performed. The main body of the fish, with collarbone on, discharges to the front of the machine. The head is transported via a chute to the rear o ...
item-No.: 148735887
Model QFM-460 Automatic case making machine Length of paper 230-830 MM Width of paper 140-480 MM Thickness of paper 80-200 g/m2 Thickness of cardboard 1-3 mm Min width of spine 8 mm Speed 25 sheets/min. Power supply 18 kw Weight 2500kg
item-No.: 148728588
Through feed nailing machine OLIMPIA CHIODATRICI model T30: – machine for high production, adapt for pallets at 2 and 4 ways – with 2 nail boxes of 10 nails each one – equipped with 20 pincers – useful working sizes of the pallets: length from 750 to 1250mm width from 800 to 1300mm – hydraulic movements Machine at CE norms, year 1996 Supply with the following automation at CE norms: – pallets overturning unit, fork type – motorized working bench, with transfert a ...
item-No.: 148728486
Test bench with capability to test: Standard rotative and inline pumps Common Rail pumps Common Rail injector Electronic Unit injectors Electronic Unit pumps
item-No.: 148728484
5.000 €
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Mortajadora Urpe 300. Recorrido: 300mm.
item-No.: 148712372
Max admissible rated bowl speed 7500 in min Max admissible density of feed product 1kg/dm3
item-No.: 148712346
Infeed length 150 – 700 mm Timber width 40 – 150 mm Timber thickness 18 – 50 mm
item-No.: 148705168
Module range - 1,5-8 Max. dia of gear - 500 mm Main motor output - 5,5 kW Weight of machine - 5,2t
item-No.: 148682398
Qty. 1 Second-hand shrink-wrap-packaging machine Mfc.: Kallfass Type: SUPER WRAP 950 Built: 2005 Assortment: Flat coils Coil diameter: 400 up to 750 mm Height: 6.53 up to 100 mm Weight: 0.5 up to 25 kg Technical data Tunnel passage width: 950 mm Tunnel passage height: 500 mm Tunnel length heated: 1700 mm Transportation speed: 5.5 to 21.5 m/min Mode of operation: 3-shift Capacity: 1000 t/year
item-No.: 148682397
Qty. 1 Second-hand drawing machine Mfc.: Schumag AG Type: IB/6,5 Built: 1987 Replaced in 1992 Assortment: Entry tube diameter: max. 20 mm Wall thickness: max. 2 mm Exit tube diameter: 4 up to 16 mm Wall thickness: 0.5 up to 2 mm Tube length: 2200 up to max. 7000 mm Coils: Spiral coiled Technical data Drawing force: 6.5 t Drawing speed: max. 60 m/min Capacity: 1.100 t/year Mode of operation: 3-shift
item-No.: 148682396
Qty. 1 Second-hand drawing machine Mfc.: Schumag AG Type: IB/6,5 Built: 1965 Modernisation in 2005 Increase drawing speed, Eddy current testing, duoble saw unit Assortment: Entry tube diameter: max. 32 mm Wall thickness: max. 2 mm Exit tube diameter: 4 up to 28 mm Wall thickness: 0.5 up to 2 mm Tube length: 2200 up to 6000 mm Technical data: Drawing force: 6.5 t Drawing speed: max. 100 m/min Capacity: 3.500 t/year Mode of operation: 4-shift
item-No.: 148682395
Qty. 1 Second-hand combined drawing machine with inductive in-line annealing device Mfc.: Schumag AG Type: ID50/150 Capacity: 8.200 t/year Built: 1993 Modernization of eddy current testing unit in 1998 Assortment: Entry tube diameter: max. 40 mm Wall thickness: max 2.2 mm Exit tube dia.: 6 up to 35 mm Wall thickness: 0.4 up to 2 mm Length: max. 6000 mm Technical data: Drawing force: 5000 kp by 120 m/min Drawing speed: max. 150 m/min Glow temperature: 650 up to 750 ° C Transformer  ...
item-No.: 148682394
Qty. 1 Second-hand basket transport and storage system Mfc.: Mannesmann Built: 1994 Storage capacity: 154 baskets Transport system for linking the drawing cascades with following drawing machines to storage of tube coils in baskets - warehouse management system.
item-No.: 148682393
Qty. 1 Second-hand pipe jacketing machine Mfc.: MKM & other Built: 1998 Combination system for PVC sheaths and PE foams Sheathing speed: max. 30 m / min. Capacity: 850 t / year Dimensions of pipes: Diameter 8 to 28 mm
item-No.: 148682392
Qty. 1 Second-hand spinner block Mfc.: Mannesmann Demag Built: 1981 Modernised: 1991-1995 Basket dia.: 1524 mm – 60 Pulling speed: max. 1000 m/min. Pulling force: 6.5 T at 250 m/min. Capacity: 6800 t/annum Entry tube dia.: up to 42 mm Wall thickness: up to 2.0 mm Exit tube dia.: 5 – 39 mm Wall thickness: min. 0.3 mm
item-No.: 148682391
2 Qty. 1 Second-hand drawing machine Mfc.: Schumag AG Type: IB/8, ID/5 & ID/3 – Tripple Cascade – Coiler transport system Combined drawing machine IB/8, ID/5 und ID/3 (chain) Built: 1990 Drawing force: 70/40/30 kN Drawing speed: 100/150/150 m/min Mode of operation: 4-shift Capacity: 10 000 t/year Input tube diameter: to 43 mm Wall thickness: 1.5 up to 2.2 mm Output tube dia.: 6 up to 32 mm Wall thickness: 0.3 up to 1 mm Coil weight: max. 420 kg
item-No.: 148682390
1 Qty. 1 Second-hand drawing machine Mfc.: Schumag AG Type: IIB/10 & IB/8 – Combined Double Cascade Built: 1990 Drawing force: 120/70 kN Drawing speed: 80/100 m/min Mode of operation: 4-shifts Capacity: 15500 t/year Input tube diameter: max 53 mm Wall thickness: 1.5 up to 2.5 mm Output tube dia.: 28 up to 40 mm Wall thickness: 1 up to 2.2 mm Coil weight: max. 420 kg
item-No.: 148652915
On exclusive sale from next October 29th to October 5th the fleet of a large foundry in Brescia, Industrie Pasotti spa. There will be 50 lots for sale including: - 17 die-casting islands complete with auxiliaries (waiting furnace, loading robot, shearing press, etc.) with presses brand Idra, Colosio and GDK, with power ranging from 300 to 950 tons. - 4 melting furnaces and accessories. - 9 machining islands with machining centers, transfer machinery - Machine tools - Shelving For more info contact us a ...
item-No.: 148652911
Roto-translating table CNC MECOF type T8 Technical details 2000 x 2000 mm Manufacture year 1993 Dimension 2000 x 2000 mm Translation 1500 mm Admissible load 30 Ton Hydraulic clamping (for rotation and translation) Height 1170 mm Table with continuous rotation and translation Hydrostatic
item-No.: 148652881
1 Color, offset Size 40 x 57 cm Long box Free of damages In very good conditions
item-No.: 148652878
x 2 twin feeders (4 feeders) 1509 Stitcher 217 Three knife trimmer Compressor All tools, manuals and electrical diagrams Free of any damage Implant machine ,very little use Immaculate conditions Fully cleaned, checked and tested
item-No.: 148652870
Machines for the production of integral covers in 1 step Year 2010 Complete of: Folding creasing gluing machine PETRATTO type SAB100 Feeding Petratto model SC type 700 Folding creasing gluing machine Petratto type SAB80 Complete of gluing system Nordson – Converyor Delivery – Stacker delivery
item-No.: 148652858
2.000 €
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Taladro de columna Erlo TCA40. Capacidad de taladrado: 40mm. Mesa: 560x480mm
item-No.: 148628683
Qty. 1 Second-hand bar straightening machine – copper and brass Mfc.: Th. Kieserling & Albrecht Type: PRM 35/45 Built: 1980 Dimensions of processed bars: Square: 7 - 45 mm Tube dia.: 3 – 10 mm Hexagonal key width 7 - 50 mm Rectangular max. 25 x 140 mm Length of rods: 2.5 to 6 m Max. pressure on the bar: 300 N / m2 Drive motor: 9/15 kW AC motor Straightening speed: 2 adjustable speeds Operating mode: manual or semi-automatic
item-No.: 148628594
Fermenting Tanks Vertical CCT Hinke 20 x 1150 hl Glycol Tanks are made by Hungarian Hinke kft in year 1984. They are made of stainless steel, skirt supported, PU foam insulated and cooled with glycol-water solution and they have 4 cooling zones. Operation control with Siemens S7 200 PLC with InTouch based on System Platform. We have 20 identical tanks, all equipment with CIP bowl, service platform, vacuum and overpressure safety valves. Tanks have recently installed valve panels made by Alfa Laval. Techni ...
item-No.: 148628591
Getriebebau Nord Motor Antrieb für WP Rototherm Stikkenwagrn Teller Antrieb
item-No.: 148628590
The brewery was originally built by Anton Steinecker in year 1984. Operation was stopped in January 2018 and it is almost untouched with all production equipment and water treatment (Only some tanks, EBI of the RGB line and filtration line were relocated to another brewery) This brewery is designed to produce high quality lager beers and pack them either in returnable glass bottles or 30 and 50-liter stainless steel KEGs. Annual technical beer production capacity is around 700 000 hl (with diluting high gravity be ...
item-No.: 148628066
Complete used Evaporators Manufacture : WEIGANDManufacture of Year : 1998 Capacity : 20.000Kg/hEvap work, The latest complete maintenance of the Evaporator is a very larger company that has done everything perfectly. 2- Evaporator- last four pictures , see the attached Manufacture : WEIGAND Manufacture of Year : 1998 Capacity is : 10.000Kg/h to 15.000Kg/h Evap. sometimes workingReady to Operate 3- WEIGAND EVAPORATOR.  ...
item-No.: 148627581
Sandblaster GLASNER Year of construction: 1994 Internal dimensions: L 930 mm x Depth 800 mm x Height 700 mm Possibility of passing large parts through the sides (see opening) Equipped with 1 hand-turning tray Voltage 380 V Width 1500 mm Depth 1800 mm Total height 1800 mm Weight approx 700 kg
item-No.: 148627579
Casemaker Emba 240 ref 2448EU Year – 1982 Max size – 2400 x 1100 mm Vacuum feeder 2 flexo colors Motoraised slotter Rotarty die cutter Folder gluer Glueing system Valco Counter ejector Strapping machine Roller convoyer
item-No.: 148619220
Qty. 1 Second-hand copper tube blasting machine Mfc.: Munk+Schmitz, Eferest GmbH Type: EJP Built: 2005 For cleaning the inside surface of copper pipes in a continuous blasting process (shot blasting). The machine can clean 6 tubes at once Diameters: 10, 12, 15, 18, 22, 28 mm The machine can clen 2 tubes at once Diameters: 32, 45, 54 mm Length of tubes: max. 6.0 m The scope of supply: Regenerator Continuous stream generator Shot blasting unit Collecting cabin Dedusting Pipe conveyor Electrical cubicle  ...
item-No.: 148613219
Qty. 1 Second-hand regenerative exhaust gas treatment unit Mfc.: Lufttechnik Bayreuth Rüskamp Type: ROXITHERM-RTZ Built: 1998 Scope of supply: ROXITHERM – RTZ – Body for supporting of 3 heat exchangers integrated with burner chambers Exhaust air control system Burner plant Cover roof Exhaust ventilator Noise level protection device Electrical control cubicle Control and regulation of ROXITHERM Inverter PLC control Process visualisation Raw and pure gas piping Exhaust gas chimney Compressed ...
item-No.: 148613190
3.500 €
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Tor D550 lathe. Distance between centers: 1000mm. Swing: 550mm. Swing in carriage: 330mm. Spindle bore: 40mm. Equipped with universal chuck.
item-No.: 148613186
13.000 €
country-pl PL
In this offer we would like to offer you Ken Mills packaging press for cans Used machine, after renovation, in very good condition Price: 13 000 euros net Technical details: Inlet size: 33 x 80 cm Briquette size: 40 x 38 cm Dimensions of the machine (h x l x w): 205 x 380 x 80 Warranty: 3 months If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask! We have wide choice of baling machines - please take a look at our another offers!
item-No.: 148613180
Qty. 1 Second-hand extrusion press line Mfc.: Sutton Force: 2500 MT Type: horizontal, front loading Built: approx. 1980’s Revamped by SMS (Hydraulic & PLC) & Kautec (Others) Billet dia.: 203 mm, 8” Billet length: 350 – 750 mm Scope of supply: Log Loader Log Furnace Hot Shear Billet Feeder Extrusion Press Puller & Saw Run-out Table Stretcher Finishing Saw
item-No.: 148613152
Age c.1989, serial no.5962027, 99 channel programmatic, FFM guarding, TriService ink temp control rollers, available immediately
item-No.: 148613151
Age c.1981, serial no.515776, circa 59 million, Alcohol dampening, Refrigeration, Non stop feeder and delivery, Quick action plate clamps, Powder spray, Sheet decurler, Weko T6 Spray
item-No.: 148613147
5.000 €
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Torno Tor D550. Distancia entre puntos: 1500mm. Volteo: 550mm. Volteo sobre carro: 330mm. Agujero: 40mm. Equipado con plato universal y luneta. Equipado con visualizador. Equipaco con torreta de cambio rapido.
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