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item-No.: 145823912
White Color machine Conventional dampening Machine come from a Goverment print shop Available inmediately Ask for price and more info/photos
item-No.: 145823911
Format 35 x 50 Conventional DAMPENING Numbering Device Ask for price and more info & photos.
item-No.: 144766578
Size 36 x 52 cms DDS DAMPENING Ink segment blades with vertical regulators Quick action plate clamps Bacher register clamp Grafix powder sprayy Only 15 mill imp + Version DBA electronic double sheet Available immediately
item-No.: 144645445
Year 1988 1 Color Size 48 x 66 cms Powder spray Only 8,2 mill impressions Free of any damage , Complete in full working conditions.
item-No.: 143876086
item-No.: 143246193
+ Version KOMPAC dampening (2010) Quick action plate clamps Powder spray
item-No.: 126650604
item-No.: 126650602
item-No.: 126650598
Year: 1987 Size: 36X52 Single colour
item-No.: 126650592
Year: 1987 Size: 36X52 Single colour
item-No.: 126650564
item-No.: 125726244
Plus Version single sheet feeder Heidelberg laser-slitted fountain blades and lever regulation DDS Direct Damping System quick action plate clamps register system powder sprayer low pile delivery Option: N + P possible
item-No.: 22713382
Year: 1987 Single color Size:36x52
item-No.: 22713374
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