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MIR 180 Ton. Type MVPI 180/1000 Construction year 1999 Screw diam 65 mm. DbB 500X500 mm. Calculated injection volume 1000 Min / max mould thickness 50-450 Moving plane stroke 450 VERTICAL hydraulic press for injection molding of ELASTOMERS. – Injection punch diameter 65 mm – Screw diameter 45 mm – Device for automatic injection-compression molding (injection mold open) – Feeding device for silicone rubber in paste. Capacity 10 kg. – Increased heating plans and with top heating plan with 4 ...
item-No.: 143385337
Counter (m): 49.7 Colors: 5 Format(cm): 52x74 Power : Max. 15000 B/h Min. 300 B/h Equipment: CP2000 Center Feeder: suction ALCOLOR TECHNOTRANS PLATE CYLINDER DIAGONAL ADJUSTMENT AUTOPLATE WASHING DEVICE Print sheet: Max.sheet size 530 x 740 mm Min. Sheet size 210 x 280 mm Max.printing size 510 x 740 mm Gripper margin 8-10 mm Substrate to 0.6 mm Printing plates Autoplate L x W 600 x 745 mm rubber wipes L x W mm 627x772 mm Thickness of 1.95 mm paint wipes L ...
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we sell a functional cleaning washer from Dürr (see pictures). The scrubber can be visited on site, was still in use until 2 weeks ago.
item-No.: 143357067
1 x Francis Shaw model K4 intermix, Machine number: 4549, Original Year of manufacture:1992, Chamber volume: 91 litres, Batch weight: approx 76kg (at 70% F.F. and 1.2 S.G), Hydraulic hopper, Hydraulic drop door with linear actuator, Full unidrive David Brown gearbox - power rating 450kW, ratio 29.065:1 (input speed 1500rpm, output 51rpm), In good condition, but currently without motor or controls. Manuals/drawings available.
item-No.: 143356540
2 Colors + Version Straight machine Conventional dampening Weko powder spray Bacher register clamps
item-No.: 143356536
2 Colors + Version Straight machine KOMPAC III dampening Weko powder spray Bacher register clamps Cleaned and checked
item-No.: 143294329
Clamping Force: 3500 kN Tie Bar Clearance (H x V): 750 x 750 mm. Mould Opening Stroke: 850 mm. Mould heigh min/max: 380/1230 Screw diameter: 70 mm. Injection pressure: 1620 bar. Core puller: 2 Air ejection: 4 Hours: 69.662 H. Oil Tank Capacity: 680 l. In working condition.
item-No.: 143294325
Clamping Force: 2750 kN Tie Bar Clearance (H x V): 750 x 750 mm. Mould Opening Stroke: 850 mm. Mould heigh min/max: 345/1195 Screw diameter: 60 mm. Injection pressure: 2205 bar. Core puller: 1 Air ejection: 4 Hours: 86.060 In working condition.
item-No.: 143293933
Angebots-Nr. 4809: 1 gebr. 4-Säulen Spritzpresse / Gummi - Presse Fabr. STORZ, Typ IRM 180 to, mit Arb.-Ber.: Heizplatte 500 x 500 mm, Sonstiges: Platzbedarf ca. 2,6 x 2,4 x 3 m Gewicht ca. 5 to ( geschätzt )
item-No.: 143293934
Offer No. 4809: 1 bum. 4-pillar spray press / rubber - press Fabr. STORZ, type IRM 180 to, with Arb.-Ber.: Heating plate 500 x 500 mm, Other: Space requirement approx. 2.6 x 2.4 x 3 m Weight approx. 5 to ( estimated )
item-No.: 143293926
Offer No. 4810: 1 bum. Rubber press 100 to Fabr. WICKERT, type 100 to, with installation height approx. 230 mm Arb.-Ber.: Heating plate 500 x 500 mm, Other: Space requirement 2 x 1.5 x 2.2 Weight approx. 3 to ( estimated )
item-No.: 143246193
+ Version KOMPAC dampening (2010) Quick action plate clamps Powder spray
item-No.: 143226763
9.500 €
country-pl PL
Polnische Walzmühle mit motorisierter Spaltverstellung, Hauptmotorleistung 55kW.
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country-pl PL
Polish roll mill with motorized gap adjustment, main motor power 55kW. Very good technical condition.
item-No.: 143220067
Shrink tunnel Manufacturer: Diez Type: HTC 122-40 D Built: 2017 Demonstration device (no operating hours) Pass-through width: 1,120 mm Pass-through height: 400 mm Shrink hood length: 1,500 mm Operating side: in the direction of running on the right electrical connection: 400 VDS, 50 Hz with earth and zero Heating capacity: 17.0 kW Connection value: 18.0 kW, 63 A Bar spacing: 25 mm Product transfer: from 950 mm to 1,050 mm Masch. Total length: approx. 2,000 mm Masch. Total width:  ...
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Flat Monoprecis 114 S Rectifier Electric uphill and downhill Courses X :350mm Y:180mm Z:400mm Table: 250mm 150mm
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Plana Chevalier FSG-1224AD Rectifier Hydraulics and Electrical With digital on the Z axis and automatic incrementing Table measurements: 600mm x 300mm Courses: X: 650 mm Y: 400 mm Z: 300 mm With automatic pass and incrementing Machine in good condition
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3.500 €
country-pt PT
Flat Rectifier JAKOBSEN SJM 618 Description: Rectification capacity: 500 x 180mm Maximum center height of the wheel to the table surface: 500 mm, Work desk surface: 450 x 250 mm, Longitudinal speed: 30 m / min, BraillON magnetic table dimension: 500 x 180 mm 2800 rotations per minute Approximate weight: 1200 kg Dimensions (lxwxh) approx .: 2400 x 1250 x 1750 mm
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3.500 €
country-pt PT
Mó: 180x32x20mm Engine: 1.1kw 2850 RPM spins Machine Dimensions: 1500 x 1100 x 2000 mmRectificara Plana Monoprecis Made in France Electric ascent and descent X: 450mm Y: 200mm Magnetic table 360mm x 160mm Machine Weight: 1000Kg
item-No.: 143200375
9.000 €
country-pt PT
Flat FreePort Rectifier Model: SGS 2040AHD Magnetic table: 1000mm x 500mm Automatic pass-through Courses: X:1100mm Y:510mm Z:550mm Year: 1997 Engine 10 HP 380V Automatic lubrication With hydraulic and water tank
item-No.: 143200278
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country-pl PL
Polnische Walzenmühle 550 x 1500mm. Rollspaltverstellung - motorisiert. Sehr guter technischer Zustand.
item-No.: 143199846
9.500 €
country-pl PL
Polish roll mill 550 x 1500mm. Roll gap adjustment - motorized. Main motor power 90kW. Very good technical condition.
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Used press 800 x 800mm heating plates, hydraulic mould feeding system. Good technical condition. Machine total height: 2,3m.
item-No.: 143157721
4 Colors Year 1990 Straight Chromed cylinders ROLANDMATIC RCI II McKinley rollers In production Available immediately
item-No.: 143113812
4 Linien von 3 Prozesszeichnung für Ringspinnerei oder OE-Anlage. 1995/97/99/2000 Jahr, RsB951, 2. Durchgang SB951, 3. Durchgang (Finisher) D30, 3zeilen.
item-No.: 143113811
4 Lines of 3 process drawing for Ring spinning or OE plant. 1995/97/99/2000 year 1st pass RSB951, 2nd pass SB951, 3rd pass (finisher) D30, 3lines. 2 other lines RSB951 finishers.
item-No.: 143028761
Block band saw Wimmer/ BN110S used, Y.O.M. 2004 very good, well-maintained condition! incl. Alber sharpening machine AHB + dust extraction technical data: Cutting length approx. 6000 mm stationary, (cutting length currently approx. 5500 mm, extension possible) Minimum cutting length 500 mm Pass 1100 x 1300 mm Drive motor 22 KW Cutting speed 2 - 40 m/min. reinforced sub-framework Feed electric - infinitely adjustable via FU Lifting device electric 2 levels brake motor. Joystick operation  ...
item-No.: 142981569
2.700 to Spritzgiessmaschine KRAUSS-MAFFEI mit vielen, wertvollen Extras wie, Schiebetisch für Werkzeugwechsel, Roboter, Heisskanalzonen, Kaskaden, etc. Schneckendurchmesser 150mm, Spritzvolumen 11.133 cm3. Die Maschine kann noch in laufender Produktion besichtigt werden !
item-No.: 142981570
2,700 to injection moulding machine KRAUSS-MAFFEI with many valuable extras such as, sliding table for tool changes, robots, hot channel zones, cascades, etc. Screw diameter 150mm, spray volume 11,133 cm3. The machine can still be inspected in ongoing production !
item-No.: 142937703
BN 8.800 €
country-de DE
Stockblender 84 inch, drive 7.5 KW, hydraulic installation complete with unit
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Scheuersaugmaschine HAKO 1800 LPG. Technische Daten Kehrbreite: 1720 mm Arbeitsbreite: 1270 mm Der Durchmesser der Hauptbürste 350 mm x 1060 mm Rakel (Arbeitsbreite) 1370 mm 240 Liter Abfallbehälter Das Fassungsvermögen des Frischwassertanks beträgt 380 Liter Das Fassungsvermögen des Schmutzwassertanks beträgt 400 Liter Bürstendrehzahl 200 U / min. tel. Deutsch - 0048882115666
item-No.: 142894299
6.512 €
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Scrubbing machine HAKO 1800 LPG. Technical data: Sweeping width: 1720 mm Working width: 1270 mm The diameter of the main brush 350 mm x 1060 mm Squeegee (working width) 1370 mm 240 liter waste container The capacity of the clean water tank is 380 liters The capacity of the dirty water tank is 400 liters Brush speed 200 rpm tel. English - 0048606119070
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TECHNICAL DATA Addax 15 CV: Cable type: also for steel-reinforced underground cables Built: 2012 Drive: electric 400 V Power: 11.0 kW Cutting speed: approx. 25 m/min Cutting capacity: 10 - 160 mm Dimensions: 1,500 x 1,300 x 1,300 mm Weight: 1.200 kg New price: â?¬ 25,500,-- net, ex works Cable separating machine for heavy cables with hard rubber or PVC sheathing as well as steel reinforcement. Cables are cut by a very strong, fixed knife. Through the import shaft, the cable is fed through the  ...
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Screen Printing Machine KAMMANN S 1600 for Glass Bottles This screen printing machine is designed for glass bottles, and it prints an image, a label” on the bottle. The short set up times are ideal for small production runs, special labels for specific events, occasions etc. The machine is in a warm warehouse, ready for immediate purchase and can be tested for serious customers. Screen printing is a commonly used process in the premium segment, which especially emphasizes opacity, sharpness and bril ...
item-No.: 142671036
Intermeshing Mixer, GK-110 E, make Werner & Pfleiderer, rotor geometry PES-3, chamber volume 107 ltr.,useful volume 70 ltr., batch capacity 87.5 kg, drop door, hydraulic hopper, Uni-Drive gearbox, 600 KW DC Drive (400 KW AC new 2019), Rotor speed 10-50 rpm.
item-No.: 142671030
Heavy duty - platform transport trailer Offer number: 19265 Make: PLAN Type: 12.5 T 8x3m Machinery No. Xxxx Built: 1998 Technical data: - Load capacity approx. 12500 Kg - Both axles steerable / all-wheel axle steering - Train drawbar can be on the front - or back side can be used - Solid rubber tyres 425 / 150 - 305 - Platform length approx. 8020 mm - Platform width approx. 3025 mm - Platform height approx. 570 mm - Total length without drawbar 8850 - T ...
item-No.: 142670923
Platform transport trailer Offer number: 18284 Make: KÃ?TTGEN Type: AV 5 - 3015 V Machinery No. 1906963 Built: 1992 Technical data: - Load capacity 5000 Kg - 4 wheel - axle leg steering, both axles steerable - Solid rubber tyres 405 / 130 - 305 - removable drawbar 950 mm - Towbar - Platform length approx. 3000 mm - Platform width approx. 1500 mm - Platform height approx. 700 mm - Total length with drawbar approx. 4100 mm - Weight approx. 450 kg
item-No.: 142627392
item-No.: 142627387
item-No.: 142580051
1 MCS hydraulic dyeing jigger type Maxi Jigger 3400, roller width 340 cm, working width 320 cm, maximal winding diameter 1400 mm, year 1989, maximal dyeing temperature 98 ºC, dye cycle controller TERMOELETTRONICA type JTronix JP70tc,
item-No.: 142580035
coater tower (chambered doctor blade system) PDC densitometer PQC Remote Control of Ink Zones and Register Komorimatic damping with Technotrans circulation and refrigeration Ink Temperature Control S-APC semi-automatic plate change Amr Kms automatic roller and blanket wash-up device powder sprayer Grafix IR-dryer and hot air extended high pile delivery serial equipment
item-No.: 142579961
only 355 operating hours! incl.4 planing heads Machine No. 99260 Working width 20 -230 mm Working height 8 -120 mm Working table inlet table 2500 mm incl. joining ruler Feed roller in front of 1.lower tool pneumatic, high-deep, controlled, a driven rubber roller in the outlet table Durofer pointed tooth rollers Deeply limited and self-cleaning Pressure rollers two lateral pressure rollers in front of the left spindle, running and spring-loaded, lateral pressure roller at the inlet table, spring-loaded. ...
item-No.: 142579843
With the Kombi 300, the extension to a bypass system made it possible to process hard cables efficiently. If, for example, feed wires are to be processed, the bypass is activated, the cable material already opened by the granulator now "bypasses" the turbo mill and is applied directly to the separating table and separated. Advantage: Bypassing the turbine mill, the temperature of the process material is significantly reduced. Aluminium/copper cables are processed, e.g. household cables, strands and  ...
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Transporter T31 used plate wagon with wire platform Construction with flat round tubes Under the handle there is a wire basket for small parts Platform with a load capacity of 500 kg 395 mm high The advantage is also the possibility to push the wagons on top of each other Platform dimensions L x W (mm) - 1180 x 720 Platform height (mm) - 395 Handle height (mm) - 970 Wheel diameter (mm) - 160 Capacity (kg) - 500 Wheel type: black rubber running surface Type of handle not folded Weight (kg) - 41 te ...
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We have available for sell complete Clean Room 530 m/2, perfect condition!with panels sandwich, automatic doors, air filters, et
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