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item-No.: 152384639
Sehr gepflegte Maschine mit Top-Ausstattung ! Bohrerkühlung und Schmierung für die Verarbeitung von empfindlichen Material wie Kunststoff etc. Stufenlose Regulierung der Tischhubgeschwindigkeit und Bohrerdrehzahl Sonderbohrköpfen BK 32 (Lochabstand min. 32 mm) Fußschalter Automatischer Hub Seitenanschlag mit Schnellarretierung Anzahl Bohrspindeln: 4 Max. Stapelhöhe: 60 mm Einlegebreite: 460 mm Einlegetiefe: 270 mm Bohrerdurchmesser: 2 – 9 mm Bohrspindelabstand: 19 – 425 mm Stromversorg ...
item-No.: 152384624
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country-nl NL
Guillotine Wohlenberg-FL Model 76PR Cuttinglenght 760 mm Details Digital display, program, air table, side tables Left+Right, spare knives, hydraulic clamp Available direct
item-No.: 152372352
We are pleased to offer: Watkiss Power Square 200 Year 2011 Back Booklet Maker Paper Size/Weight: Min Input : 7.9” x 7.9” (200 x 200mm) Max Input : 13.3” x 19.6” (340 x 500mm) Min Rotation: 8.2” x 7.9” (207x200mm) Max Rotation: 12.5” x 8.9” (320x227mm) 18 lbs (70 gsm) – 32 lbs index (250gsm) Output Tray Capacity: 35 books (20 sheets of 80gsm bond paper with 2 stitches) Book Thickness: Min Set: 2 sheets Max Set: 50 sheets 80gsm 0.2” (5mm) Max Book: 200 pages 80gsm 0.4” (10mm) Inp ...
item-No.: 152372045
Air table 2 side tables 2 knives Photo cells Program Machine fully checked and cleaned by the chartered Wohlenberg agent.
item-No.: 152371762
Used automatic labeling machine for cylindrical packaging, for self-adhesive labels (paper or foil), produced by ETMA, Germany, model R-TB - 150/2000. New: 1995 Marking labels with batch number / expiry date: hot-stamping.
item-No.: 152371757
Used line for packing powdered products Chronos. Powdered products are packed in four-layer paper bags with a polyethylene insert of 25 kg net or BIG-BAG containers with a capacity of max 1000 kg. Packing in 25 kg bags takes place on an automatic Chronos packing machine. The packing machine automatically weighs, seals the polyethylene bag and seals the paper bag.
item-No.: 152337071
Digital program Air table 2 Side tables Light guards 2 Knives Complete cleaned, checked and tested
item-No.: 152335895
Lufttisch , Seitentische mit Luft , Monitor, Palettenlift a der Maschine
item-No.: 152319166
12.000 €
country-de DE
Hersteller Strautmann Zuführung direkt per Förderband möglich Einfache Bedienung und Status-Meldungen per Touch-Panel Automatische Umreifung Vollautomatischer Betrieb möglich Gesamthöhe mit Verteiler 6.100 mm Höhe ohne Verteiler 5.370 mm Gesamtlänge mit Ballenauswurf 7.115 mm Gesamtbreite 5.757 mm Gewicht: ca. 8.500 kg Vorlaufende Fördertechnich (Gurtförderer auf Anfrage erhältlich) Baujahr 2011 Bemerkung: Zwei Antriebe der Presse sind defekt. Die defekte Motoren werden mitgeliefert D ...
item-No.: 152319163
We are pleased to offer: Komfi Amiga Year 2008 Max.Size: 70 x 50 cm (27 x 19 inch) Laminator with rollers heated Adast Feeder In production Test possible Good working order
item-No.: 152319156
We are pleased to offer: Horizon AFC-546 AKT Year 2005 Serial number: 020010 Counter: 20635726 6-buckles cross folder Sheet size: Max. 540x760 mm; Min. 120x172 mm Memory folding types: 17 Standard-typs of fold preprogrammed Saveable jobs: 100 memories for repeat orders Knives working method: full automatic Paper weight: 40-250g/sqm Speed: max. 40.000 cycles/h Stack height: max. 650mm Roller adjustment: automatic Power: 400V/50Hz - 2,7kW Dimensions: 2.780x1.050x1.680mm Weight: 1.350kg Test Possi ...
item-No.: 152319143
Lagernummer: 3573 KÜHLWASSERTANK Hersteller: BELKI, Type: 12.20 Machinen NR.: 1220.003, Baujahr: 2000 Spezifikationen: Papierfilter. 1160 mm
item-No.: 152318153
1985 Programmable Lift left airtable Side table right Light barrier available: immediately in production location: Germany
item-No.: 152318152
1988 Programmable Lift left and right Airtable Light barrier available: immediately in production location: Germany
item-No.: 152284693
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country-it IT
1 LABEL PRINTING MACHINE ONDA 270/75 -Can print 1 to 4 colours with flexo units -Max roll paper size : 250 mms. -Totally rebuilt in 1999, new Rewind unit of Year 1999 -Die cut unit -UV lamp unit -Archive hole unit -Rotary cutting unit -All electronic controls -Air compressor -Cliche’ maker machine -Lot of spare rollers and accessories -Manuals and all tools -Perfect conditions, in production
item-No.: 152251415
COMEXI FP1808 CNC GL Gearless CI Flexo print 8 colors Printing width up to 1020 mm. Material width 550 – 1070 mm. Min/max print repeat 35/680 mm. Materials:PE from 20 to 100 my OPP from 15 to 50 my CPP from 20 to 40 my OPA from 12 to 15 my CPA from 20 to 50 my PET, PVDC or PVOH 12 my PAPER from 40 to 60 gr/sqcm Turret unwinder to unwind in both directions , max reel diam. 1.000 mm., 3? and 6? (76+152 mm) expanding shafts, max reel weight 1.000 kg. Automatic winder, suitable to wind in both directi ...
item-No.: 152231963
Whole cutting line equipped with : 1 x POLAR 115 AT-XT Autotrim guillotine 1 x Polar RA-4 jogger 1 x Polar LW-1000-4 stack lift 1 x TR130ER-4 Transomat
item-No.: 152231930
Baujahr 1960 2 Bohrspindeln Untergestell für Fussbetrieb 2 Seitentische Liefertermin: sofort ab Lager Preis auf Anfrage. Wir liefern und installieren weltweit!
item-No.: 152215383
21.000 €
country-pl PL
Used line for packing loose products (coffee, cocoa, etc.) for glass containers The line includes the following machines: 1. Rotary table for lining jars 2. Jar blowing machine 3. Jar filling machine 4. Labeller for self-adhesive labels Filling machine data: - capacity from 10 to 20 jars per minute - jar formats (square jars): large jar 78 x 94mm, small jar 64 x 77mm, maximum height of the jars 170mm - weight of the charge from 50 to 500g depending on the density of the product Labeling machine data: -  ...
item-No.: 152197789
10.800 €
country-be BE
C639 POLAR 78X (year 2008) Format 78cm / Color monitor / Stainless Steel Air Bed / 2 extra knives / All books and wiring diagrams. Technical condition: In excellent condition. Location: Belgium Available: immediately from our stock.
item-No.: 152197788
10.800 €
country-be BE
C067 POLAR 115EM-MON and Jogger (year 1990) Format 115cm / Monitor / Big side tables with air / Jogger with air cushion / 1 extra knives / 3 x 400V / All standard tools and books. Technical Condition: Good working condition. Location: Belgium Available: immediately from stock
item-No.: 152197786
11.500 €
country-be BE
C617 POLAR 115EM-MON (year 1991) Format 115cm / Monitor / Big side tables with air / 1 extra knives / 3 x 400V / All standard tools and books. Technical Condition: Good working condition (machine works with reserve monitor) Location: Belgium Available: January
item-No.: 152197785
32.000 €
country-be BE
C156 PERFECTA 115 TS with lift and Jogger (year 2008) Format 115 / Color display / Programmable / Stainless Steel Air Bed / One extra knive / Lift aand Jogger with air removel roller / All books and wiring diagrams. Technical condition: excellent. Available: immediately.
item-No.: 152197754
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country-it IT
Mechanical workshop - machining department (From OMLAV1 to OMLAV30, OMLAV32, OMLAV33, from OMLAV35 to OMLAV40, OMLAV43) workbench with 2 clamps grit profi grinder no. 3 shelves (excluding various spare parts for machines, owned by third parties) blue cabinets with various equipment and materials lapidello mc800 shopping cart workbench with wheels and various tools. power tools. chest of drawers with wheels with power tools blue cabinet with various utensils press em330 mod. 901bs matr. 831 year 1995 cem  ...
item-No.: 152197432
AUTOMATIC FOLDER FOR NAPKINS FOLDED TO 1/4 SIZES 45 X 45 AND 34 X 34 The dimensionally very compact Spoerl machine produces tissue paper napkins; ailraid and other types of material. The maximum processing speed varies according to the type of paper and the prints. Composition: Unwinder; Calender; Embosser; Triangle for the longitudinal fold; Bending heads for the 33 x 33 format and for the 45 x 45 format Blade sharpening group; Central cutting with band saw; Motorized collection table; Paper break contr ...
item-No.: 152196478
28.000 €
country-it IT
Air Italy - Stock of glasses, napkins and meal containers Single lot of disposable tableware from Air Italy liquidation, on sale soon at auction. ABOUT 450 PALLETS (about 9.030.000 pieces) Included: CPET casserole - meal containers PP glasses - plastic glasses Alu foil - aluminum trays various sizes Lid plastic - plastic caps Napkin 24x24 - napkins Paper Cup Y / C and Meridiana - paper cups / cups Wine glass Y / C - wine glasses Champagne glass Y / C - Champagne glasses Culterly airlaid napkin - cutl ...
item-No.: 152130393
With Programmable Memory, Air Bed, Extended Air Side Tables, Hydraulic Clamping, Cut Line Indicator Spare Knife, Lift Knorr
item-No.: 152112751
Lifting Capacity : 3000 Kg Max. Size : 1520 x 2005 mm
item-No.: 152095092
4 Kopf Papierbohrmaschine in excellenten Zustand
item-No.: 152095088
Programm, Lufttisch, Lichtschranke, großer Seitentisch rechts, Ersatzmesser. sehr guter Zustand, un Produktion in Deutschland
item-No.: 152094978
Air table 2 side tables 100x100 2 knives Photo cells Program Machine fully checked and cleaned.
item-No.: 152094976
Air table 2 side tables 2 knives Photo cells Program
item-No.: 152094973
Specifications : Paper size 32 x 67 – 14 x 17 cm Paper weight : 110-350 gr/m²
item-No.: 152094909
KBA RA 104/4 PWHA Age 1995 Counter 146 mio. Technical data : - Max paper size 720x1040 - Min paper size 360x520 - Max Mech speed 15.000 s/h - Paper range from 0,05--0,6 mm Data Sheet : - Colortronic - Semiautomatic plate change - Baldwin cooling device for damping - Double sheet detector - Blanket and rollers washing device Baldwin with winding stands Preset - Weko Spray Powder
item-No.: 152080158
Size: 370 x 520 mm Technical details: Printing area: 360 x 520 mm Min. size: 105 x 145 mm Max. size: 370 x 520 mm Minimal Paper Thickness: 0,03 mm Maximal Paper Thickness: 0,40 mm Speed: 15 Power: 14 Kw/hp Net Weight: 4850 kg Measurements: 2900x1900x1700 mm Equipments: roller washers AutoPlate Blanket washer plus version Request more information
item-No.: 152079288
COMPLETE TILES FACTORY MACHINERY. The Tiles factory was stopped at the end of 2020. All the machines are in a good condition and works properly. The reason of the shutdown was to renew the fleet of machines for new generation devices able to reduce man power and increase efficiency. The machines are still ready to work and placed in its original location, therefore a running test could be done, checking all the process, in case of your interest. SCOPE OF SUPPLY: • 2 PRESSES • 2 DRYERS • 2 ENAME ...
item-No.: 152079273
Air table 2 side tables 2 knives Photo cells Program
item-No.: 152079267
Air table 2 side tables 2 knives Photo cells Program
item-No.: 152060292
PQC-S Console PDCS II: Print Density Control KMS 4 - Komori Monitoring System KHS -AL: Pre-Inking System Skeleton Transfer Cylinders Komorimatic Dampening Unit FAPC: Fully Automatic Plate Change AMR (Automatic-Make-Ready) Automatic Impression Cylinder Washing Device Automatic Ink Roller Washing Device Automatic Blanket Washing Device Coating Unit: Chambered Ductor System Harris & Bruno Extended Delivery Non Stop Feeder & Delivery Baldwin Graphiset GS4 IR Dryer Grafix Megatronic-S: Powder Sprayer Tec ...
item-No.: 152027879
40.000 €
country-it IT
1 GUANGYA TL 780 -New Automatic Hot foil stamping, die-cutting, embossing, stamping machine -Year 10/2019- Installed in January 2020 for showroom demonstrations -Only 260.000 copies done -Machine visible in production -2 honeycomb frames - 2 cut-out frames Technical details: -Max sheet size: 780 x 560 mm. -Min sheet: 280 x 220 mm. -Max pile height: 800 mm. -Stack height Max output: 160 mm. -Max.working pressure: 110 Ton -Voltage: 220V, 3 phase, 60 Hz -Required air: 40 ? / h -Paper weight: 100 ~ 20 ...
item-No.: 151990458
This laber printer-applicator was made by Weber in 2017. It has very low operating hours, approx. 100-150 and in very good, almost new-like condition. The labels are text based and are applied with contactless tamp-blow method. Transfer of system parameters is possible via USB, the machine is RFID ready and provides high precision with eletronic vacuum and pressure measurement with Festo pneumatics. Make: Weber Packing Solutions, Ireland Model: Legi-Air 4050 E Year: 2017 Capacity: 400 mm/sec, up to 1 ...
item-No.: 151974503
We are pleased to offer: Ryobi 522H Year 1996 2 Colour With numbering Alcohol dampening Max paper size 520 x 365mm Min paper size 100 x 150mm Max printing area505 x 350mm Stock range0.04 - 0.5mm Dampening system continuous Speed13,000sph Weight3,400 kg Good working order Available immediately Test possible
item-No.: 151965255
1 €
country-nl NL
Perondi IA830 + C800 Gluing/Laminating machine, case maker Perondi / Crathern Model IA 830 + C 800 Year 1990 Sheetsize 300 x 300 - 800 x 1200 mm Details with vacuum belt with pressing rollers Perondi C800 with delivery tray Glue cold PVA glue Operation cycle automatic airfeeding of substrates into the glue section and is placed on vacuum belt, the belt stops so the operator can apply the board belts stopt on a by operater preset distance, machine can work in automatic continues mode or by comman ...
item-No.: 151965253
1 €
country-nl NL
4 corner taping machine - Thermoplastic Quad Stayer FMC Model RS-2 / thermoplastic quad stayer Year 1980´s Size on request Details automatic feeding of the board, will tape all 4 corners in 1 cycle, with several forms for different sizes Available Direct
item-No.: 151957311
We are pleased to offer: Durselen PB04 Paper Drill Year 1996 Drilling Systems Multiple holes for spiral binding and ring binders The PB04 model is designed for variable tasks. This machine is equipped with four drilling heads as standard equipment. It can nevertheless accept up to six standard heads ans special drilling heads for various special tasks Insertion depth behind 2.1/32 (60mm) Table size Width 17 ¾ (450mm) Table size in front of the drills 11 4/5” (300mm) Max. Stracking Height 22 (50mm) Power ...
item-No.: 151941177
Baujahr 1963 2 Bohrspindeln Untergestell für Fussbetrieb elektr. Fußschalter Maschinenzustand: gereinigt und geprüft Liefertermin: sofort ab Lager Preis auf Anfrage. Wir liefern und installieren weltweit!
item-No.: 151893373
SOS Bag Making Machine with Twisted Rope Handle Mfgr : Curioni Model : Sun Master 540 Mfg year : 1998 Size range Bag width : 220 – 540 mm Bag width (with handle) : 240 – 540 mm Bottom width : 80 – 200 mm Bag length : 320 – 650 mm Max reel width 1430 mm Max reel diam. 1500 mm Paper Core diam. 76 mm – Standard Nordson Hotmelt : a) Longitudinal (tube) b) Handle (patch / rope handle) + Cold Glue Unit Replacement of spare parts in end 2019- beginning of 2020 for total value of  ...
item-No.: 151893355
Schneidemaschine mit Lufttisch Programme, links und rechts Tisch. 2 x Extramesser Widia guter Zustand
item-No.: 151893337
2.000 €
country-de DE
Zum Verkauf steht ein gebrauchtes Strautmann PP1207 Paperpresser. Es ist in einem sehr guten gebrauchten Zustand und sofort verfügbar. Herstellung: Strautmann Modell: PP1207 Presskraft: 580 kN Zustand: sehr guter gebrauchter Zustand
item-No.: 151893336
Sehr gepflegte 4-Kopf Papierbohrmaschine
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