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item-No.: 158905181
Double-track handle applicator Brand: Comag Model HM 100/2 Speed: 100 pack/ mint Year 2004 Shut down since 2007 due to cessation of activity
item-No.: 158331559
Plastic Handle Aplicator Machinery Model: Astram 2500 Brand: Reyman Year: 2005 Speed: 2500/3000h
item-No.: 158331146
Tribloc filler for 5 - 8 liter bottles Great opportunity to get this machinery Brand: GYM Model: 10-10-1 Speed: 1.500 bottle of 5 liters
item-No.: 158330908
Cold glue labeling machinery for bottles This machinery is in excellent condition Brand: Auxiemba Model: Gazela RE-5-I-2/2-DR Year: 2004 Speed: 4000 bottle / hour
item-No.: 158330907
Shrinkwrapper only with fill or fill + pad This machinery has a really good price Brand: SMI Model: LSK 30 P Year: 2002 Speed: 30 pack / minute
item-No.: 147712431
Stainless steel tank with stirrer with a capacity of 2000 liters.
item-No.: 147712429
Single head capping machine with pressure capping. Speed: 700 b/h en 5l Format: 5 l
item-No.: 147712428
4-pipe filling machine, for viscous / foaming or normal products from 500 ml to 5 liters. Format: 0,5 l to 5 l Condition: Very good Speed: Foaming: 1,5L: 900 units / hour 5L: 600 units / hour Viscous: 750 ml: 1200 units / hour 5L: 700 units / hour
item-No.: 147712425
Self-adhesive linear labeller for round / oval formats, with 1 head for normal or corrosive products, made of PVC. Speed: 700 b/h in 5l Format: 0,5 l to 5 l Condition: Very good
item-No.: 147712421
Electronic wrap around box former, with automatic change of formats, servos and screen SIEMENS brand. Speed: 30 box/minute
item-No.: 147712416
The palet stretchwrapper Rotoplat Jolly machine is a rotary table machine for the packaging of products with stretch film, the operator can access from all sides and load the machine with a hand pallet truck through the appropriate ramp or using a forklift.
item-No.: 147712408
Empaquetador envolvente para máquinas de paquetes de anidación capaces de anidar paquetes de: 2x1x1 hasta 200 paquetes / min 3x1x1 hasta 250 paquetes / min 3x2x1 hasta 150 paquetes / min 4x1x1 hasta 200 paquetes / min
item-No.: 147712407
Automatic handle setters can be used to apply handles to products wrapped with heat shrink film, cardboard boxes, briks, paper rolls, or any type of rigid package. These allow a production of 25, 40, 60, 80 packages per minute depending on the package dimensions.
item-No.: 147712307
Shrinkwrapper with very little use, in impeccable condition.
item-No.: 147712304
The KRONES la Contiroll hot glue coil labeling machine sets the standard in packaging decoration with wrapping label coils. The machine is a rotary model with a precise operating labeling set. The Contiroll stands out for its efficiency, precision and speed.
item-No.: 147712300
Bottle blower in very good condition from the year 2000 with 2 molds, 111KW, approximate speed 2000-2400 b / h. The SIDEL brand bottle blower is the best solution to respond exactly to your production needs, reducing your energy and material consumption, as well as production stoppages. It has a modular blowing system that defies the conventions of PET production. It provides the fastest changes, the smallest ecological footprint, the maximum efficiency of the oven. Speed: 2400 b/h Format: 1 liter
item-No.: 147712298
The set of these machines is the best choice for productions of up to 7.200 bottles per hour that require an efficient and profitable solution to the manufacture of their packaging. SIDE has incorporated the latest technological advances in equipment that stands out for its extremely simple operation and high reliability.
item-No.: 147697167
OCME brand shrink wrap machine model VEGA HT 60/2, built in 2013, capacity 120 packages / min, machine in impeccable condition, ready to work. Speed: 120 pack/minute
item-No.: 147697165
Two station KRONES type glue labeler for cold glue, for cylindrical bottles. Speed: 8.000 b/h - 10.000 b/h
item-No.: 147697164
Pore inspector for 5 gallons, first brand in very good condition.
item-No.: 147697162
SMI brand tray grouping and forming machine, in very good condition. Speed: 30 trays / min. Condition: Very good
item-No.: 147697160
Production capacity up to 100 p / h 20-25-30-40 rpm Dust cycle Hermetic cycle Possibility of 750 mm film reel.
item-No.: 147697158
Leak detection combined with sniffing, up to 1550 bottles per hour. The machine has 3 stations. Leak detection is done with compressed air. Simultaneously, the air in the bottle is measured in the sniffing sensors. Detection of leaks with compressed air, opens fissures. Detection of cracks corresponding to a hole diameter of 0.5 mm. However 98% of the fissures are much larger. Canis 320 is available with pneumatic height adjustment, for the inspection of 6, 5 or 3 gallon bottles. The adaptation of the dia ...
item-No.: 147697157
Forwarding of rollers and chains for pallet, with pneumatic system.
item-No.: 147697156
Speed: 6000 b/h Condition: Very good Characteristics: Distributor of plastic capsules brand ROBINO & GALANDRINO model FENIX 6000. capsule warehouse with horizontal platform, with capsule advance towards the distributor by means of a motorized belt. automatic distributor of individual bell capsules with a tilting-elliptical” compound movement to be able to extract and accompany the capsules from the warehouse to the bottle, guaranteeing precision and reliability in delivery. bottle neck centering device to ...
item-No.: 147697155
Speed: 10000 l/h Condition: Very good Water treatment system with osmosis, resin filters, UV rays system, with Grunfos water pump, for about 10,000 l / h.
item-No.: 147697151
Automatic wrapping machine with rammer, prestretch, automatic cutting turntable, in very good condition.
item-No.: 147697147
Speed: 25 pack/min Year: 2015 Condition: Very good Characteristics: Retractable equipment only film, SMI Pack brand, in very good condition.
item-No.: 147697144
4 meters of straight roller transport, 650 wide with forwarding of boxes to left exit.
item-No.: 147697143
20.5 meters of 450 wide width roller transport with reduction motor, not for accumulation.
item-No.: 147697117
Filling line for edible oil in bottles of 5 to 25 liters,consisting of: -Monobloc filer make Pack’R,model PR10V/1440, serial number 2000.020, year: 2000. It has 10 filling valves and 2 capping heads. Speed production: 30 cans/min at 5-liter can 20 cans/ min at 10-liter can 12 cans/min at 20-liter can 10 cans/min at 25-liter can -Labeler Collomat, type C9100 -6 way distributor make SMB, type 2006-020-200-16 -Case former make Cermex, type Wb25, serial number 32433, year 2002
item-No.: 147622051
Characteristics: Complete line of 5 gallons (19.5 liters) complete -Bardi answering machine -Bardi washing machine -Bardi filling machine -Inspect (pore, odor and waste controller) -Robot palletizer / depalletizer - Pallet wrapper Complete line 800 unit / hour
item-No.: 144820097
Features: Labeler taxTA brand of hot glue in very good condition.
item-No.: 144766961
item-No.: 144766919
Table of accumulation for bottles of 3x3 meters, for round bottles, flasks and rectangular, with an approximate capacity of 750 bottles.
item-No.: 144662984
Characteristics: Monoblock filling and capping for PET bottles, with plastic screw cap, with 28 filling valves and 10 capping heads with cap positioner included. Machine in very good condition.
item-No.: 139893246
RINSER FOR CANS AND BOTTLES. SUITABLE FOR HEAVY PRODUCTS Speed: 12.000-15.000B/H Number: P5977 Year: 1999 Condition: VERY GOOD
item-No.: 139877733
Triblock filling for water, soft drinks, isotonic. Electronic flowmeter filling system. In format from 0.33 to 3 liters, mouth 38, currently in rectangular 3-liter format. Tweezers system. Very little use time in perfect condition, line for 10,000-12,000 b / h.
item-No.: 139876077
Shrinkrapper only film brand SMI model LSK 30F new. The equipment was only used for the appropriate tests. Condition: New
item-No.: 139876069
Year: 2002 Condition: Very good Characteristics: Tatxa brand adhesive automatic labeling machine model ARS-8 with 6 labeling heads.
item-No.: 139876059
COMPLETE WATER LINE FOR 5 GALLONS PACKAGING Characteristics: Complete water line of the packaging of 5 gallons of 750 units/h composed of: Robot depalletizer of empty containers and pallets of RAC Make: FANUC Decapper Make: BARDI Plug and liquid inspector Make: FT System Pore controller Make: BARDI Rinser, Filler, Capper Make: UAT Universal AQUA Level and plug inspector Make: FT System Ink coder Make:VIDEO JET Robot palletizer for RAC and pallets Make: FANUC Arm stretchwrapper with top cove ...
item-No.: 139876055
item-No.: 139876049
item-No.: 139875186
Linear filler for thick and sparkling products, detergents with a capacity of 1 l, can work with 12 or with 6 pistons.
item-No.: 136444676
Characteristics: Semi-complete bottling line composed of the following equipment: Air Transport Bottle labeler hot glue Transport of bottles Shrinkwrapper equipment only fill SMI LSK 30F SMI handle applicator ACMI model 135 palletizer equipment Pack transport with accumulation TOSA automatic palletizer wrapping machine Level inspector Wijett ink coder New equipment used only for tests.
item-No.: 131484472
Characteristics: Capper of 6 heads for pilfer and cork cap.
item-No.: 131484461
Characteristics: Equipment for clean and pure steam Avoiding the risk of contamination through many industries has increased the need for quality in steam clean, pure steam and water for injection (WFI). So that the products are suitable for these high systems Purity must be designed and manufactured with the highest levels of quality to ensure that they meet the rising needs of regulations for the biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The extensive range of products of 'high purity 'of Spirax Sarco co ...
item-No.: 131306069
Capper with 4 heads for canisters of 5 and 8 liters Capper in very good condition, with stainless steel structure, for plastic canisters of 5 and 8 liters, plugging system for plastic caps, with speed 4000 b/h,in good condition.
item-No.: 131250938
Characteristics: The Waterfall elevator allows to store, choice the orientation and transport the capsules at high speeds using a single equipment, since it replaces the elevator-distributor duo. Waterfall lifters can work with flat capsules as well as sport or sports capsules. Very good condition
item-No.: 131019342
Characteristics: Equipment for clean and pure steam Avoiding the risk of contamination through many industries has increased the need for quality in steam clean, pure steam and water for injection (WFI). So that the products are suitable for these high systems Purity must be designed and manufactured with the highest levels of quality to ensure that they meet the rising needs of regulations for the biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The extensive range of products of 'high purity 'of Spirax Sarco co ...
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