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item-No.: 153109067
Width of the belt 270 mm Length 3.500mm OVERALL DIMENSIONS Length 3.800 mm Width 550 mm Height 1.000 mm Gear motor 0’6Kw Wheels Speed variator
item-No.: 153109056
Width 600 mm Length 3.500 mm Height 1.040 mm Gear motor 0’37 Kw
item-No.: 153109054
Brand: DAIEI ENGINEERING Model MB-300 Year: 2012 380V 1’05Kw Length: 1.200 mm Width: 1.400 mm Height: 2.900 mm
item-No.: 153054836
Length 2200 mm Discharge height 1100mm Total height 1450 mm Total width 600 mm BUCKET DIMENSIONS Width 250 mm Length 300 mm Height 35 mm 0’37 kw of power Year 2017
item-No.: 153054835
Length 1400mm Width 250 mm High altitude 1060mm Low altitude 700 mm Height-adjustable legs with wheels
item-No.: 153054834
Length 1500mm Width 300 mm High altitude 920mm Low altitude 650 mm Height-adjustable legs with wheels
item-No.: 153035338
Stainless steel conveyor belt. Gear 1Cv. Dimensions: 83mm (up to 155mm) belt width, 400mm overall width, 1.700mm length, 1.120mm overall height, 1.000mm belt height (adjustable).
item-No.: 153035334
Stainless steel conveyor belt. Gear 0,12kW. Dimensions: 100mm belt width, 1.480mm length, 920mm belt height (adjustable).
item-No.: 153035333
Dimensions: 80mm belt width, 150mm total width, 3.300mm length, 1.100mm height (adjustable).
item-No.: 114541793
4 used LTG KENYA dust and fiber separators and compactors, year 1995, each composed composed of: centrifugal fan (radial blades) dust suction ventilator, motor with 11 kW power, blade diameter 800 mm cyclone centrifugal dust separator (Vortex) type ZSC 200, for air volume up to 2000 m3/h LTG compacting power screw (CPS), screw diameter 110 mm, motor with 0,75 kW power dust quantity up to 100 Kg/h
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