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item-No.: 136775691
Pallets winding machine Fabr. Siat Type FO-stretch Bj.2012 Average 1600 mm
item-No.: 136766506
Manufacturer Seram;Model S.65-20EAS;Year 1994 Observations: Capacity: 65T / m; Length: 20 meters; Lifting capacity: 3.5Tn; Motor power: 75kW. PERFECT CONDITIONS. MORE INFORMTION IN OUR WEBSITE.
item-No.: 136695614
NETSTAL SYNERGY 1500 460SYN (1999) In working condition Tonnage: 150t Mould height min/max: 400/700 Distance between tiebars: 510 x 510 Screw diameter: 45 Max. Injection volumen: 3.022 cm3/s Injection pressure: 1.753 bar Core puller: 2 Air valve: 4+1 (pneumatic shut-off-nozzle) Working hours: 93.980
item-No.: 136695610
NETSTAL SYNERGY 2400 1700SYN (1996) In operation. Working in clean room. Tonnage: 200t (limited due to production requirements) Mould height min/max: 460/800 Distance between tiebars: 630 x 630 Screw diameter: 70 Max. Injection volumen: 3.656 cm3/s Injection pressure: 1.801 bar Core puller: 0 Air valve: 5+2 (pneumatic shut-off-nozzle) Working hours: 106.220
item-No.: 136695505
HUSKY HYLECTRIC H600 RS80 / 70 (year 2011) Closing force: 6000 kN Space between columns: 1020 x 1020 mm. Size of plates: 1440 x 1480 mm. Stroke of the closing unit: 850/1450 mm. Mold height (min./max.): 330/930 mm. Mold height with support for stacked molds (min / max): 380/930 mm. Maximum separation between plates: 1780 mm. Expeller stroke: 200 mm. Ejector force: 112 kN Diameter of the columns: 168 mm. Maximum weight of the mold: 10,400 kg. Empty cycle: 3.2 s. Cycle time E6: 2.3 s. RS injection m ...
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Arch dimensions: 850x600mm, speed: 29products/min, band tensions: 70-100N, band width: 9-15mm, band thickness: 0.45-0.75mm, connected load: 1kVA, length: 1450mm, width: 640mm, height: 1500mm.
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item-No.: 136659805
Year: 2008 43 millions of impressions
item-No.: 136659803
73 millions of impressions Year: 2004
item-No.: 136625009
Ribbon ripening device Cyclops Siwaron S668 Manufacturing number: 70429721, storage table size about 900 x 580 mm, for plastic strapping band 10 mm with items div. strapping bands in original pack, 2 rolls
item-No.: 136624921
23.000 €
country-pl PL
Technical specification. Manufacturer: PAAL Model: Konti 325 B Year of the production: 1989 Power: main motors 2 x 55kW Location: available from Poland Technical basic data according to the producer data-sheet Pressure: 800 kN (80 tons) Unit-pressure: 97 tons/m² Dimensions of the channel: 75 x 110 cm Charging hole: 102 x 200 cm Volume of feeding hopper: 1,77 m³ Bale weight, depending on the type of raw material and length of the bale 500-650 kg Efficiency on idle: max 690 m³ / hour Effici ...
item-No.: 136479772
Fomaco injector for fis model PFS 200R
item-No.: 136444281
Max. pressure: 78 tons Year of production: 2001 Unit pressure: 95 tons/m² Number of strappings: 5 in vertical Cross-section of the channel: 750 x 1100 mm Filling inlet: 1500 x 1100 mm Bale weight: 450-600 kg Weight: ca. 28 tons Supply: 400 V/ 45 kW main motor Bale tying: automatic, wire Open charging hole allows the filling with the conveyor belt . Automatic regulation of the light of the channel Automatic bale tying with the wire Choosing the length of the finished ...
item-No.: 136443885
Code: 0644Brand: ROBOPACModel: SPIROR 400 HF\ NComposition: \ rSpool Rotation Einheit: Rotor-Innendurchmesser mm 400-betrieben mit Drei-Phasen-Motor Kw 1,8 (Hp 2,5)-Max-Arbeitsgeschwindigkeit des Rotors 145 U/min-Steuerung und Einstellung der Rotorbeschleunigung und-verzögerung in der Phase bei Zyklusbeginn und-ende durch Frequenzwechsel \ r Spool Wagen: Abwickelwalze mit einstellbarer Bremskapazität, die eine konstante Wickelspannung gewährleistet, da sich die Sample-Begroven-Zuführeinheit verändert: Rollendu ...
item-No.: 136443884
7.000 €
country-it IT
Code: 0644 Brand: ROBOPAC Model: SPIROR 400 HF Automatic horizontal wrapping machine suitable for wrapping different types of products: strips, shelves, and other items in the furniture , construction, mechanical industry - CE Standard Composition: Spool rotation unit : Rotor inner diameter mm 400 - Operated by three-phase motor Kw 1,8 (Hp 2,5) - Max working spee of rotor 145 rpm -Control and adjustment of rotor acceleration and deceleration in phase at cycle start and end by frequency changer Spoo ...
item-No.: 136406352
Cyclop pallets strapping press with pallet wrapper and conveyor technique Sick safety light grille with muting Plant consists of: -Scissor tube table GSU 15/03 Platform 1524 x 1800 mm, payload 1500 daN -Cyclop XZE 211 strapping system -GL 1020 film wrapper with clamp pliers on the turntable - -SICK safety light grids with parallel muting Specifications pallet press: Cyclop XZE 211 Passage width: A maximum of 2200 mm Enlet height: max 1800 mm Band Leadership Quit: 625 mm Role diameter: 60 mm Roll di ...
item-No.: 136406316
12.000 s/h Year 1988 Conventional dampening Heidelberg stream feeder Perfecting 1/1,2/0 Bacher register clamps Powder spray WEKO + Version Available immediately
item-No.: 136406313
Straight Size 36 x52 cms CPC 1 02 ALCOLOR with BALDWIN AUTOMIX Baldwin Powder spray WEKO + Version 51 Mill. Impressions Free of damages Available immediately.
item-No.: 136406311
Straight machine KOMPAC III dampening + Version Weko powder spray Bacher register clamps Free of damages
item-No.: 136369513
Built around 2002 Series No. MMZO625 898 Machines # MM20 625898 MCET 628929 5 insertion stations 1 Impletiner Muller Martini Tempo 1 Muller Martini through-trimmers with soundproofing case 1 Crucifixator Muller Martini 7525.0403 MMZO 625 898 Built in 2002 Machine Nim. 77003-1 1 plastic belt strapping machine MOSCA R0-TR500-4 77502 2005 model 1 belt conveyor belt about 500 mm wide, radius 90 ° 1Plastic Ripping Machine MOSCA R0-TR500-41 77501 2005 model 1 belt conveyor belt about 500 mm wide,  ...
item-No.: 136369509
Fünf-Axis High Dynamic CNC-Fräsmaschine Spindle Speed 18.000 U/min; Tabelle 177 \ "x 59 \", Reisen: x-134 \ ", Y-56 \", Z-84 \ "; Heidenhain 530 CNC-Steuerung; 50 Station ATC-50 Taper; (2) Universal 5-Achsen-Käköpfe; HSK-63A Tooling; Chip-Förderer; M & H RWP38.41 Radio-Wave Touch Probe, #2448
item-No.: 136369508
Five-Axis High Dynamic CNC Milling Machine Spindle Speed 18,000 RPM; Table 177" x 59", Travels: X - 134", Y - 56", Z - 84"; Heidenhain 530 CNC Control; 50 Station ATC - 50 Taper; (2) Universal 5-Axis Heads; HSK-63A Tooling; Chip Conveyor; M&H RWP38.41 Radio-Wave Touch Probe, #2448
item-No.: 136222833
HEIDELBERG CD102-6LX(72 x 102cm), Age c.1999, serial no.541397, circa 186 million, CP2000, Alcolor with Vario, Preset, Electronic sidelays, Autoplate, Preloader on rails, Non stop feeder/delivery, Steel plate in feeder and delivery, Programmable ink/blanket/imp cyl via CP Tronic, Heidelberg coating unit, Intercom, Grafix IR drying, Grafix Refrigeration/ ink temp control, Grafix Exatronic plus powder spray,
item-No.: 136222827
HEIDELBERG CD102-6LX(72 x 102cm), Age c.2003, serial no.545141, circa 252 million, Silver series press, CP2000, Alcolor with Vario, Preset, Autoplate, Non stop feeder, Preloader, Programmable roll/bla/imp. cyl. wash via CP2000, Technotrans beta C combined refrig/ink temp, Graphix exatronic powder spray, Air transfer between units, Non stop delivery, Intercom, Heidelberg drystar IR Dryer, Heidelberg roller coater, Extended delivery
item-No.: 136186557
KOMORI L540 SP(72 x 102cm), Age c.2005, serial no.125, circa 88 million, PQC, PDC-S11 Spectrodensitometer,Komorimatics, APC (Automatic Plate Changing), AMR (automatic make ready), Pre Inking, Non stop feed/delivery, Ink vibrator cooling, Programmable blanket/roller/imp. cylinder wash, Pierry IR Dryer, Electric sidelays, Tresu Refrigeration/ Ink Temp Control (water cooled), Automated pile adjustment ( sidewasy control), Weko AP262 Powder Spray, Steel plate in feeder and delivery, KMS (Komori Managament System), CIP ...
item-No.: 136114450
Engel 110 Tonnen ungeschaltendes IMM. Diese Maschine hat neue Schraube und Fass. Maschine wird komplett geprüft und getestet geliefert! \ rTechnical Details INJECTION VOLUMEN 154 cm3WORKING HOURS 65.725 \ rTRAVEL OPENING 500 mmINJECTION PRESSURE 1.600 bar\. MOULD HIGHT 250 mmSCREW DIAMETER 35 mmYEAR OF BUILDING 2000CLAMPING FORCE 1.100 kN
item-No.: 136114449
Engel 110 tons tie-bar-less IMM. This machine has new Screw and barrel. Machine will be delivered complete checked and tested ! Technical details INJECTION VOLUMEN 154 cm3 WORKING HOURS 65.725 TRAVEL OPENING 500 mm INJECTION PRESSURE 1.600 bar MIN. MOULD HIGHT 250 mm PLATEN SIZE 730 x 600 mm SCREW DIAMETER 35 mm YEAR OF BUILDING 2000 CLAMPING FORCE 1.100 kN
item-No.: 136114448
400 Tonnen ENGEL, gebundungsloser Spritzgussmaschine mit integriertem ENGEL-Roboter. \ r \ n \ n \ nTechnische Details INJECTION VOLUMEN 848cm3SCREW DIAMETER 60mmNOMINAL CAPACITY OF PUMP MOTOR 45 kWTRAVEL OPENING 950 mmPLATEN SIZE 1.300 x 740 mm \ RCLAMPING FORCE 4.000 kNYEAR OF BUILDING 2002WORKING HOURS 69900DAYLIGHT MAX 1.300 mm MOULD HIGHT 350 mm
item-No.: 136114447
400 tons ENGEL tie-bar-less injection mouding machine with integrated ENGEL robot. Technical details INJECTION VOLUMEN 848cm3 SCREW DIAMETER 60mm NOMINAL CAPACITY OF PUMP MOTOR 45 kW TRAVEL OPENING 950 mm PLATEN SIZE 1.300 x 740 mm CLAMPING FORCE 4.000 kN YEAR OF BUILDING 2002 WORKING HOURS 69900 DAYLIGHT MAX 1.300 mm MIN. MOULD HIGHT 350 mm
item-No.: 136114446
Njection Moulding Maschine 1600 Tonnen Spannkraft inkl. Roboter TE 14Technische Details CLAMPING FORCE 1650DISTANCE BETWEEN TIE BARS (h x v) 1800x1400PLATEN SIZE 25x2120TRAVEL OPENING 1800x2500MIN. MOULD HIGHT 900/1600DISTANCE BETWEEN TIE BARS (h x v) 270INJECTION PRESSURE 2020 BarINJECTION VOLUMEN 3927 cm3YEAR VON BUILDING 2002
item-No.: 136114445
njection Moulding machine 1600 Tons of clamping force incl. robot TE 14 Technical details CLAMPING FORCE 1650 DISTANCE BETWEEN TIE BARS (h x v) 1800x1400 PLATEN SIZE 2520x2120 TRAVEL OPENING 1800x2500 MIN. MOULD HIGHT 900/1600 DISTANCE BETWEEN TIE BARS (h x v) 270 INJECTION PRESSURE 2020 bar INJECTION VOLUMEN 3927 cm3 SCREW DIAMETER 100 YEAR OF BUILDING 2002
item-No.: 136114438
175 Tonnen Krauss-Maffei-Spritzgießmaschine saniert Neue Dichtungen in Spanneinheit. \ r \ n \ n \ nTechnische Details PLATEN SIZE 915x915rCLAMPEN ING FORCE 1750 knDISTANCE BETWEEN TIE BARS (h x v) 560x560\. MOULD HIGHT 350mmTRAVEL OPENING 700mmSCREW DIAMETER 45mmDAYLIGHT MAX 1050mmYEAR OF BUILDING 2002\ nINJECTION VOLUMEN 275cm3SHOTWEIGHT 1878 barSHOTWEIGHT 250grWORKING HOURS 54600\
item-No.: 136114437
175 tons Krauss-Maffei injection moulding machine reconditioned. New seals in clamping unit. Technical details PLATEN SIZE 915x915 CLAMPING FORCE 1750 kn DISTANCE BETWEEN TIE BARS (h x v) 560x560 MIN. MOULD HIGHT 350mm TRAVEL OPENING 700mm SCREW DIAMETER 45mm DAYLIGHT MAX 1050mm YEAR OF BUILDING 2002 INJECTION VOLUMEN 275cm3 SHOTWEIGHT 1878 bar SHOTWEIGHT 250gr WORKING HOURS 54600
item-No.: 136114433
200 tons ENGEL 2-shot tie bar less injection moulding machine with rotary table on moving platen. Machine will be tested, repaired and checked and can be shown under power ! Technical details WORKING HOURS 70.000 CLAMPING FORCE 2.000 kN YEAR OF BUILDING 2002
item-No.: 136114434
200 Tonnen ENGEL 2-Schuss-Spannstange weniger Spritzgießmaschine mit Drehtisch auf beweglicher Platte. Maschine wird getestet, repariert und unter Strom gezeigt werden!
item-No.: 136114430
300 Tonnen gebundene IMM im Jahr 2008 mit CC 200-Steuerung gebaut, integrierter Engel-Roboter ERC 33/2-F, Kran für die Formenbefestigung (2Tonnen), 16 Heißkanel, Akku für schnelle Einspritzung und Parallelbewegungen. 2 Kernzieher fixieren platen, Durchflussmesser, Transportband. Plastizisierende Schraube bimetalisch. \ r \ n \ r \ nTechnische Details YEAR VON BUILDING 2008CLAMPING FORCE 3.000 kNPLATEN SIZE 1.100 x 1.000 mmSCREW DIAMETER 55 mmINJECTION PRESSURE 1.616/2.053 barINJECTION VOLUMEN 511 cm3NOMINAL CAPA ...
item-No.: 136114429
300 tons tie-bar-less IMM built in 2008 with CC 200 control, integrated Engel robot ERC 33/2-F, crane for mould fixing (2tons), 16 hot chanel, accumulator for fast injection and parallel movements. 2 core puller fix platen, flow meter, transport belt. Plastizising screw bimetalic. Technical details YEAR OF BUILDING 2008 CLAMPING FORCE 3.000 kN PLATEN SIZE 1.100 x 1.000 mm SCREW DIAMETER 55 mm INJECTION PRESSURE 1.616/2.053 bar INJECTION VOLUMEN 511 cm3 NOMINAL CAPACITY OF PUMP MOTOR 45 kW TRAVEL OPENING ...
item-No.: 136114426
KRAUSS-MAFFEI KM 350/1900 C1, año 2000. Diese Maschine wird komplett repariert und getestet geliefert und kann unter Strom gezeigt werden! Es besteht die Möglichkeit, die Maschine mit dem Roboter Sepro zu kaufen! \ rEquipment: 6 Kernzieher, Roboterschnittstelle. \ r \ n \ r \ r \ nTechnische Details \ nWORKING HOURS 85000SCREW DIAMETER 60 mmTRAVEL OPENING 920 mmDAYLIGHT MAX 1.300 mm\ @ @ MOULD HIGHT 530-1.450 mmDISTANCE BETWEEN TIE BARS (h x v) 710 x 710 mmPLATEN SIZE 1.100 x 1.120 mmYEAR OF BUILDING 200nYEAR OF  ...
item-No.: 136114425
KRAUSS-MAFFEI KM 350/1900 C1 , año 2000 . This machine will be delivered complete checked repaired and tested and can be shown under power ! Possibility to buy machine with Sepro robot ! Equipment: 6 core-pullers, robot interface. Technical details WORKING HOURS 85000 SCREW DIAMETER 60 mm TRAVEL OPENING 920 mm DAYLIGHT MAX 1.300 mm MIN. MOULD HIGHT 530 - 1.450 mm DISTANCE BETWEEN TIE BARS (h x v) 710 x 710 mm PLATEN SIZE 1.100 x 1.120 mm YEAR OF BUILDING 2000 CLAMPING FORCE 3.500 kN NOMINAL CA ...
item-No.: 136114422
Engel 60 bis Krawatte weniger IMM erhöhte Spannkraft auf 800 kN von Engel. Maschine komplett geprüft und getestet eine mit neuem Gusskörper auf Spannseite. \ r \ r \ nTechnische Details WORKING HOURS 45.855INJECTION VOLUMEN 154 cm3INJECECTION PRESSURE 1.581/2.190 barYEAR OF BUILDING 2003SCREW DIAMETER 35 mmTRAVEL OPENING 457 mmCLAMPING FORCE 800 kN
item-No.: 136114421
Engel 60 to tie-bar less IMM increased clamping force to 800 kN by Engel. Machine complete checked and tested an with new cast body on clamping side. Technical details WORKING HOURS 45.855 INJECTION VOLUMEN 154 cm3 INJECTION PRESSURE 1.581/2.190 bar YEAR OF BUILDING 2003 SCREW DIAMETER 35 mm TRAVEL OPENING 457 mm PLATEN SIZE 670 x 600 mm CLAMPING FORCE 800 kN
item-No.: 136109639
24 X 48 Breaker Drawframe, drag creel.
item-No.: 136078842
Ultraschallbanderolierer ATS US 2000 AB; gewartet und geprüft vom ATS Kundendienst; Bandbreite 30mm; Rahmengröße 700x750mm. Ultra sonic banding machine ATS US 2000 AB; checked by the support of ATS Germany; abnd width 30mm; frame size 700x750mm.
item-No.: 136078843
Ultrasonic banderolator ATS US 2000 AB; serviced and audited by ATS customer service; Bandwidth 30mm; Frame size 700x750mm. Ultra sonic banding machine ATS US 2000 AB; checked by the support of ATS Germany; abnd width 30mm; frame size 700x750mm.
item-No.: 135891097
item-No.: 135891095
item-No.: 135891090
item-No.: 135891083
item-No.: 135891054
Banderolia machine ATS CE 240/30, in good condition, immediately available
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