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item-No.: 143356540
2 Colors + Version Straight machine Conventional dampening Weko powder spray Bacher register clamps
item-No.: 143356536
2 Colors + Version Straight machine KOMPAC III dampening Weko powder spray Bacher register clamps Cleaned and checked
item-No.: 143294329
Clamping Force: 3500 kN Tie Bar Clearance (H x V): 750 x 750 mm. Mould Opening Stroke: 850 mm. Mould heigh min/max: 380/1230 Screw diameter: 70 mm. Injection pressure: 1620 bar. Core puller: 2 Air ejection: 4 Hours: 69.662 H. Oil Tank Capacity: 680 l. In working condition.
item-No.: 143294325
Clamping Force: 2750 kN Tie Bar Clearance (H x V): 750 x 750 mm. Mould Opening Stroke: 850 mm. Mould heigh min/max: 345/1195 Screw diameter: 60 mm. Injection pressure: 2205 bar. Core puller: 1 Air ejection: 4 Hours: 86.060 In working condition.
item-No.: 143246193
+ Version KOMPAC dampening (2010) Quick action plate clamps Powder spray
item-No.: 143200407
Flat Monoprecis 114 S Rectifier Electric uphill and downhill Courses X :350mm Y:180mm Z:400mm Table: 250mm 150mm
item-No.: 143200400
8.500 €
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Plana Chevalier FSG-1224AD Rectifier Hydraulics and Electrical With digital on the Z axis and automatic incrementing Table measurements: 600mm x 300mm Courses: X: 650 mm Y: 400 mm Z: 300 mm With automatic pass and incrementing Machine in good condition
item-No.: 143200391
3.500 €
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Flat Rectifier JAKOBSEN SJM 618 Description: Rectification capacity: 500 x 180mm Maximum center height of the wheel to the table surface: 500 mm, Work desk surface: 450 x 250 mm, Longitudinal speed: 30 m / min, BraillON magnetic table dimension: 500 x 180 mm 2800 rotations per minute Approximate weight: 1200 kg Dimensions (lxwxh) approx .: 2400 x 1250 x 1750 mm
item-No.: 143200378
3.500 €
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Mó: 180x32x20mm Engine: 1.1kw 2850 RPM spins Machine Dimensions: 1500 x 1100 x 2000 mmRectificara Plana Monoprecis Made in France Electric ascent and descent X: 450mm Y: 200mm Magnetic table 360mm x 160mm Machine Weight: 1000Kg
item-No.: 143200375
9.000 €
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Flat FreePort Rectifier Model: SGS 2040AHD Magnetic table: 1000mm x 500mm Automatic pass-through Courses: X:1100mm Y:510mm Z:550mm Year: 1997 Engine 10 HP 380V Automatic lubrication With hydraulic and water tank
item-No.: 143157721
4 Colors Year 1990 Straight Chromed cylinders ROLANDMATIC RCI II McKinley rollers In production Available immediately
item-No.: 143113812
4 Linien von 3 Prozesszeichnung für Ringspinnerei oder OE-Anlage. 1995/97/99/2000 Jahr, RsB951, 2. Durchgang SB951, 3. Durchgang (Finisher) D30, 3zeilen.
item-No.: 143113811
4 Lines of 3 process drawing for Ring spinning or OE plant. 1995/97/99/2000 year 1st pass RSB951, 2nd pass SB951, 3rd pass (finisher) D30, 3lines. 2 other lines RSB951 finishers.
item-No.: 142981569
2.700 to Spritzgiessmaschine KRAUSS-MAFFEI mit vielen, wertvollen Extras wie, Schiebetisch für Werkzeugwechsel, Roboter, Heisskanalzonen, Kaskaden, etc. Schneckendurchmesser 150mm, Spritzvolumen 11.133 cm3. Die Maschine kann noch in laufender Produktion besichtigt werden !
item-No.: 142981570
2,700 to injection moulding machine KRAUSS-MAFFEI with many valuable extras such as, sliding table for tool changes, robots, hot channel zones, cascades, etc. Screw diameter 150mm, spray volume 11,133 cm3. The machine can still be inspected in ongoing production !
item-No.: 142893940
- made of stainless steel - with stainless steel base - incl. 1 sieve - Wet sieving & dry erasure possible - 1 x built in 2002, 1 x 1996
item-No.: 142848975
Mehlsiebmaschine für Mehlsilos
item-No.: 142848976
Flour screening machine for flour silos
item-No.: 142804673
item-No.: 142804562
item-No.: 142627392
item-No.: 142627387
item-No.: 142580051
1 MCS hydraulic dyeing jigger type Maxi Jigger 3400, roller width 340 cm, working width 320 cm, maximal winding diameter 1400 mm, year 1989, maximal dyeing temperature 98 ºC, dye cycle controller TERMOELETTRONICA type JTronix JP70tc,
item-No.: 142580035
coater tower (chambered doctor blade system) PDC densitometer PQC Remote Control of Ink Zones and Register Komorimatic damping with Technotrans circulation and refrigeration Ink Temperature Control S-APC semi-automatic plate change Amr Kms automatic roller and blanket wash-up device powder sprayer Grafix IR-dryer and hot air extended high pile delivery serial equipment
item-No.: 142535170
We have available for sell complete Clean Room 530 m/2, perfect condition!with panels sandwich, automatic doors, air filters, et
item-No.: 142307721
1 MARIO CROSTA shearing machine type CMB/1, year 1990, for knittings, terry and fabrics, shearing spirals width 220 cm, shearing cylinder equipped with 22 SCHLENTER shearing spirals
item-No.: 142307711
1 ALLIANCE sample high temperature jet dyeing machine, type Baby Jet, capacity 4 to 10 kg (according to the weight and composition of the fabrics), year 1996, maximum dyeing temperature 140 ºC, machine equipped with filter, TCA 200 dye cycle controller, winch is inverter controlled (OMRON), with addition vat, Machine delivered fully erected ready to connect to media (no cables and no pneumatic pipes a disconnected for the transport
item-No.: 142305727
- 1 x built 2011 without sieve - 1 x 2003 with sieve - each with diaphragm pump - on chassis
item-No.: 142281554
country-es ES
MANUFACTURER AMADA; Modell LC 3015 XI-NT; X1-030 Serie: 4.000W; Fläche max. Arbeitseinsatz: 3.000x1.500x20mm; Laserstunden insgesamt: 35.000.-nAbmessungen 6670x2360x2100 mm. Perfekter Zustand. Weitere Informationen auf unserer Website.
item-No.: 142281553
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MANUFACTURER AMADA; Model LC 3015 XI-NT; Year 2006; No X1-030 Series Observations Power: 4,000W; Area max. working: 3,000x1,500x20mm; Total laser hours: 35,000. Dimensions 6670x2360x2100 mm. Perfect condition. More information on our website.
item-No.: 142255840
1 JAMES HEAL Elmatear tear tester for accurately testing textiles, nonwovens, and a wide variety of similar materials, including paper, board, and plastic
item-No.: 142255834
2 MÜLLER air jet label looms MÜJET1 type MBJL 1/1150, specification SPE3 1536/936 S-S and SPE3 1536/936 T, year 2001 and 2002, 1 machine satin (2001) and 1 machine taffeta (2002),
item-No.: 142255832
1 MÜLLER rapier label looms MÜGRIP 2 type MBJ2 1/1000, year 1992, satin,
item-No.: 142255829
1 PIMATEX Typ MTFC020 Hochtemperatur-Garnfärbemaschine, Kapazität 20 Kg, Baujahr 2004, Träger mit 6 Schwertern und jedes Schwert trägt 4 Kegel Gauge 6" = 24 Kegel pro Charge. nvertical Typ, Kapazität 30 Kg, Jahr 2001,00Träger mit 9 Schwertern und jedes Schwert trägt 4 Kegel gauge 6" = 36 Kegel pro Charge. Schwerter und jedes Schwert trägt 4 Kegel Gauge 6"" = 64 Kegel pro Charge. Chargen-Nr. 1-Nr. 11 PIMATEX-Typ MTFC160 Hochtemperatur-Garnfärbemaschine, Kapazität 160 Kg, Baujahr 2001, Träger mit 36 Schwer ...
item-No.: 142255828
1 PIMATEX type MTFC020 high temperature yarn dyeing machine vertical type, capacity 20 Kg, year 2004 carrier with 6 swords and each sword carries 4 cones gauge 6" = 24 cones each batch 1 PIMATEX type MTFC030 high temperature yarn dyeing machine vertical type, capacity 30 Kg, year 2001 carrier with 9 swords and each sword carries 4 cones gauge 6" = 36 cones each batch 1 PIMATEX type MTFC050 high temperature yarn dyeing machine vertical type, capacity 50 Kg, year 2001 carrier with 16 swords and each sword ...
item-No.: 142255826
1 TECNINOX / THIES high temperature HTHP rope dyeing machine, type ECOSOFT 140/1 PL, year 1999 machine with 1 tube, capacity up to 200 Kg, indicated for terry and bedspreads dyeing due to big nozzle diameter dyeing temperature up to 140 ºC, equipped with inside plaiter, SEDOMAT 3500 dye cycle controller,
item-No.: 142255824
1 LAMPERTI raising machine type GB, year 1988, wire with 230 cm, 36 raising rollers, can run open width or tubular, updated with inverter to the main motor
item-No.: 142255823
1 Stichverklebemaschine KARL MAYER Typ MALIMO MALIWATT 1405C N3600, 2013 komplett überholte Maschine, 3600 mm Breite, 18, 18,
item-No.: 142255822
1 stitch bonding machine KARL MAYER type MALIMO MALIWATT 1405C N3600, machine fully overhauled in 2013, width 3600 mm, gauge 18, 2 bars,
item-No.: 142255820
1 MAT type Supervelox Dry, multi-purpose rope washing / scouring / softening / fulling / bulking / tumbling machine, year 1990,
item-No.: 142255818
2 MEZZERA high temperature jiggers type Celsius 143, year 2003, roller width 200 cm, working width 180 cm, electronic jigger, maximum batch diameter 1150 mm, maximum dyeing temperature 140 ºC, SETEX 838 dye cycle controller, with 2 add vats (1 with mixer)
item-No.: 142255816
1 THEN sample high temperature jet dyeing machine, type EF-HT 15 , capacity 10 to 15 kg (according to the weight and composition of the fabrics) , year 1982 (overhauled in 2004), maximum dyeing temperature 140 ºC, machine equipped with filter, Then DCE dye cycle controller with PH-control, with addition vat
item-No.: 142255814
1 AUTIMAK folding and bagging machine type M-300, year 2011 (machine has never been intensively used and is like new), Compact machine for folding and bagging of textile garments like t-shirts, shirts, scarves, heads, carves, towels, cleaning cloths, etc... Size adjustable from children to adult sizes. It uses standard bags with flap for heat-sealing. Otherwise it can use standard bags with self-adhesive on the flap. Possibility to use cardboard supports. Adjustable folding dimensions and bag size. The bag  ...
item-No.: 142255812
4 ALDES duct fire damper type VRFI, duct diameter 315 mm, with thermal and manual trigger, these 2 fire dampers were installed in ducts of a blow room and their utility is to close and isolate ducts in case of fire
item-No.: 142255813
4 ALDES Kanal-Brandschutzklappen Typ VRFI, Durchmesser 315 mm, nmit thermischem und manuellen Auslöser, die 2 Brandschutzklappen wurden in Kanälen eines Blasraums installiert und ihr Nutzen besteht darin, Kanäle im Brandfall zu schließen und zu isolieren
item-No.: 142255810
2 spare calander rollers for a RAMISCH type RK 440H calander face roller width 340 cm consisting of: 1 brand new TEFLON roller face roller width 340 cm, never used, face roller width 340 cm, diameter 550 mm, shaft diameter 150 mm, traction side length 580 mm from end of TEFLON face, non-traction side length 470 mm from end of TEFLON face, total length 4450 mm 1 roller same as above but already used and with need of grinding, diameter 500 mm each roller packed in 1 wooden box
item-No.: 142255809
1 SCHWEITER Präzisionswickerzeuger Typ KEK-PN, von Kegel- zu Kegelwicklungs- und Rückspulmaschinen für Polyamid- und Polyester-Filamentgarne, beiderseitige Maschinen mit 16 Wickelköpfen, »r'ntraverse 8'" = 200 mm, »nconicity 3o 30, 'r'nadjustable Keramik Spanner, Ölsystem für Garn, 140 bis 210 Denier texturiert gefärbtes oder ungefändes Polyamid und Polyestergarn auch für die Wicklung von Weichfärbeverpackungen geeignet
item-No.: 142255808
1 SCHWEITER precision winder type KEK-PN, from cone to cone winding and rewinding machines for polyamide and polyester filament yarns, one sided machine with 16 winding heads, traverse 8" = 200 mm, conicity 3º 30, adjustable ceramic tensioners, yarn oiling system, machine suitable for 140 to 210 denier textured dyed or undyed polyamide and polyester yarn also suitable for winding soft dyeing packages
item-No.: 142255806
1 MONTI compacting and finishing calender type 900-E for tubular knitted fabric in ALL FIBERS (naturals, synthetic, elastic and mixed). ). It can also heatset the 100% synthetic fabric (polyester, etc.) year 2001, very very little use (only about 2 year work time) with 2 compacting cylinder diameter 350 mm, cylinders are chrome plated and with a mirror effect finishing, felts width 1750 mm, working width 1450 mm, exit with precision plaiter or roller winder
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