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item-No.: 134680179
Schenck vibrating machine with frame, spring, Vibromotors: 1.7 kW Working length: L = 2500 mm Working width: W = 400 mm Total height: H = 1300 mm.
item-No.: 134680070
item-No.: 134679582
Centrifuge D6, capacity 50m 3/H, turn 2250tr/mn, Durschmesser drum 650 mm, 110 KW, temperature-30 ° / + 90 ° Accessories: control box, frequency control. This machine is been tested in 2000 and has become obsolete. For according in the case breakdown by main engines.
item-No.: 134643701
Lufttransporteure mit Tablett in sehr gutem Zustand mit einer Geschwindigkeit von 45 Schalen pro Minute bilden.
item-No.: 134643700
Shrinkwrapper with tray forming in very good condition with a speed of 45 trays per minute.
item-No.: 134643542
Year 2000 ( post drupa model) 2 Colors Size 36 x 52 cms DDS Continuos dampening Front console with controls Powder spray Straight Cooling device 23 Mill. impressions Easy plate loader with quick action plate clamps Electronic doble sheet detector Segment blades with vertical ink regulators Very good conditions Available immediately
item-No.: 134570987
Digitale Programme Central Luft Tabelle Side Tabellen mit Light Wachen Under Luftmacht, Test Available sofort einsatzbereit
item-No.: 134570986
Digital program Central air table Side tables with air Light guards Under power, ready for test Available immediately
item-No.: 134499906
Nitrogen Tunnel, type Zip-Freeze Tensnion 380V The Nitrogen Tunnel has been used for Cod
item-No.: 134456275
Size 36 x 52 cms DDS DAMPENING Ink segment blades adj Quick action plate clamps Bacher register Grafix powder Only 15 mill imp DBA electronic double sheet Available immediately
item-No.: 134312679
item-No.: 134194303
GEMINIS - Model GHT5-G2-1000 x 3000 - Year of manufacture 2005 - Distance between centres 3,000 mm - Diameter over cross slide 680 mm - Diameter over bed 1000 mm - Main motor power S1/S6: 30/37 kW - maximum torque 4.500/5.625 Nm - CNC Siemens 840 D - Bed width: 550 mm width - Points height from the flat guide: 500 mm - Weight approx. 9,500 kg - Weight of workpiece between points (1 bezel) 6,200 kg - Weight of workpiece between points 4,800 kg - main shaft hole diameter 104 mm - Main shaft Nose: DIN  ...
item-No.: 134193888
GEMINIS - Model GHT5-G2-1000 x 3000 - Year of manufacture 2005 - Distance between centres 3,000 mm - Diameter over cross slide 680 mm - Diameter over bed 1000 mm - Main motor power S1/S6: 30/37 kW - maximum torque 4.500/5.625 Nm - CNC Siemens 840 D - Bed width: 550 mm width - Points height from the flat guide: 500 mm - Weight approx. 9,500 kg - Weight of workpiece between points (1 bezel) 6,200 kg - Weight of workpiece between points 4,800 kg - main shaft hole diameter 104 mm - Main shaft Nose: DIN  ...
item-No.: 134193798
In Transitus S.L. haben wir eine Menge von verschiedenen hydraulischen Ventiler für Spritzgießmaschinen, verschiedenen Marken. Besuchen Sie unsere Homepage www.transitus.es und Verfügbarkeiten, finden wir auch Ihre Ersatzteile!
item-No.: 134193797
In Transitus S.L. we have a lot of diferent Hydraulic Valver for Injection Moulding Machines, diferent brands. Visit our homepage www.transitus.es and check the stock, also we can find your spareparts!
item-No.: 134193796
In Transitus S.L. haben wir eine Menge von verschiedenen elektronischen Karten für Spritzgießmaschine, alle Marken. Schauen Sie unser Lager in unserer Homepage www.transitus.es und Fragen Sie uns, dass wir es finden können!
item-No.: 134193795
In Transitus S.L. we have a lot of differents electronic cards for Injection Moulding Machine, all brands. Check our stock in our homepage www.transitus.es and ask us we can find it!
item-No.: 134193792
Frequenzumrichter BAUMÜLLER in einwandfreiem Zustand
item-No.: 134193791
Frequency inverter BAUMUELLER in good working condition
item-No.: 134193790
item-No.: 134193789
item-No.: 134193778
item-No.: 134158450
item-No.: 134158444
Vollständigen Plastifizierung Einheit für DEMAG 2.300 Einheit mit 80 mm Schnecke und Zylinder
item-No.: 134158443
Complete plastification unit for DEMAG 2.300 unit with 80 mm screw and barrel
item-No.: 134158440
item-No.: 134158436
Komplette Toggle für DEMAG ET 330 mit Reaktion Platte und Movil Platte.
item-No.: 134158435
Complete toggle for DEMAG ET 330 with reaction plate, and movil plate.
item-No.: 134158430
Kauss-Maffei Bolzen auf vertikalen, Schraube ø 55 mm komplett unabhängige Spritzeinheit mit ihm eigene Steuerung MC 4This unabhängige Spritzeinheit montiert (Vertikal) auf jedem machine.-Spritzguss sein kann
item-No.: 134158429
Kauss-Maffei bolt on vertical, screw diam. 55 mm Complete independent injection unit with it own control MC 4 This independent injection unit can be mounted (vertikal) on each injection moulding machine.
item-No.: 134157535
7.900 USD
country-us US
RYE- auto rotary table shaper, model R-80, cutter head advances and follows your pattern, unit has a large rotating table with center hold down clamp or multiple outside station clamps for profiling multiple parts, continuous production Price $7,900
item-No.: 134155430
8.900 USD
country-us US
BALLISTRINE- C 70 N- auto feed thru (2) sided shaper(2) 10HP; 3PH spindle motors • (2) 30mm diameter spindles with 5in. under the nut • Spring loaded floating spindles • In-feed and out-feed rubber covered upper feed rollers • Working width 14.4in. (360mm) max • Working height 4.8in. (120mm) max • Min working length 9.6in. (240mm) • Spindle 8,000 RPM • feed 3-28Price-$8,900
item-No.: 134155429
9.500 USD
country-us US
BALLISTRINE- linear profiler,/shaper-double sided 10 hp cutter head per side- follows your templates - shapes both sides- 9' table- hydraulic feed- material hold downs- $9,500
item-No.: 134154893
7.900 USD
country-us US
HELMA- model CF-40-copy milling/shaping machine feed thru with work piece return (2) milling spindles- 18" max. distance between the spindles centers- 28" x45" Table - (2) 30mm. work spindles- 10,500 RPM spindles- 4"max. cutting height - vertical adjustment 10 mm.- (2) 7 1/2 hp. spindle motors - 1/2hp. variable speed feed motor 5' to 30' per min.- 2,200 lbs. $7,900
item-No.: 134154475
9.500 USD
country-us US
Onsrud twin table copy shaper ONSRUD-auto dual table rotary shaper, model RS-28, for continuous production, 2-speed cutter (5,000/10,000 rpm.) pivots alternately to the right or left table, as center clamp engages, the table rotates, the cutter pivots into your part and continues around template machining the part, the operator unloads and loads new part on alternate table, when cut is complete, operator presses the foot pedal, the cutter then pivots to alternate table &cuts, cycle continues $9,500 Con ...
item-No.: 134131919
8.900 USD
country-us US
Hemco hydraulic tracing lathe Hopper feed very good condition...$8,900 obo Contact Fred (716) 433 4224 (12:00 noon is best time to call)
item-No.: 134128530
10.500 USD
country-us US
Lmacchia Barley twist lathe- model012/FE Spiral/rope turning lathe Barley twist with automatic indexing 67" max. length 8" max. working diameter as new condition...$10,500 obo Contact Fred (716) 433 4224 (12:00 noon is best time to call)
item-No.: 134128523
20.000 USD
country-us US
LOCATELLI- model BIG-ARIETE- Hi production- automatic copy lathe fully hydraulic cycles and tooling advances: automatic hopper feeds squares or round blanks Station #1...blank is advanced...first trim knife trims to blank to fit thru hollow chuck Station #2...(1) roughing knife follows template...to rough to basic shape Station #3...(1) finishing knife makes the first finish cut Station #4...(1) finishing knife (set slightly deeper) makes finish cut Station #5 & #6 end boring or shaping the ou ...
item-No.: 134128521
39.000 USD
country-us US
LOCATELLI-DISHMATIK- bowl/dish lathe does bowls and face plate work (5) hydraulic tracing stations They make multiple passes on all three axis with varying depth drops vacuum chucking complete with (2) Levigatrice pedestal sanders and vacuum pump condition (as new)less than 80 hours on lathe (new cost was ($123,000+)…..Price-$39,000
item-No.: 134051100
Max.diameter of pitch circle for external engagement 630 mm. Max. diameter of pitch circle for internal engagement 750 mm. Módulo máx. 8 Max. wheel width 200 mm. Ram (cutter spindle) stroke limit 47÷300 golp./min. Total power requirement 10 Kw. Machine weight 5.500 Kg.
item-No.: 134051089
Max. grinding length 450 mm. Clamping length 700 mm. Max. Module 10 Thread pitch 3 - 80 mm. Grinding wheel diameter min. Max. 280-350 mm. Grinding wheel speeds 199-1550 u / min. Spindle wheel speeds 0.47 - 48 u. / min. Total power requirement 6.8 Cv. Machine weight 5000 kg.
item-No.: 134051078
Length max. to rectify 450 mm. Length max. between points 700 mm. Module Max. 10 Diameter thread 3 - 80 mm. Diameter min. / max grind it 280 - 350 mm. Speed of the grinding wheel of grinding 199-1550 u. / min. Parts 0.47 port head speed - 48 u. / min. Power total 6.8 Cv. Weight of 5000 Kg machine.
item-No.: 134051070
Distance between points 1500 mm. Height of points 175 mm. Diameter Max. to rectify 350 mm. Weight admitted between points 500 Kg. Main motor 15 Kw power. The counterpoint Morse 5 cone Weight approx. 7250 kg.
item-No.: 134051019
175 Tonnen Krauss-Maffei Spritzguss-Maschine reconditioned.DescriptionTechnical details SHOTWEIGHT 250grDAYLIGHT MAX 1050mmYEAR OF BUILDING 2002INJECTION Volumen 275cm3SHOTWEIGHT 1878 barSCREW Durchmesser 45mmDISTANCE zwischen den Holmen (h X) 560x560MIN. Schimmel HIGHT 350mmTRAVEL Eröffnung 700mmPLATEN Größe 915x915CLAMPING Kraft 1750 kn
item-No.: 134051018
175 tons Krauss-Maffei injection moulding machine reconditioned. Description Technical details SHOTWEIGHT 250gr DAYLIGHT MAX 1050mm YEAR OF BUILDING 2002 INJECTION volume 275cm 3 SHOTWEIGHT 1878 bar SCREW DIAMETER 45mm DISTANCE BETWEEN TIE BARS (h x) 560 x 560 MIN. MOULD HIGHT 350mm TRAVEL OPENING 700mm PLATEN SIZE 915 x 915 CLAMPING FORCE 1750 kn
item-No.: 134051016
Engel 110 tons tie-bar-less IMM. This machine has new Screw and barrel. Machine will be delivered complete checked and tested! Description Technical details OF BUILDING YEAR 2000 CLAMPING FORCE 1,100 kN PLATEN SIZE 730 x 600 mm SCREW DIAMETER 35 mm MIN. MOULD 250 mm HIGHT INJECTION PRESSURE 1,600 bar TRAVEL 500 mm OPENING INJECTION volume 154 cm3 HORARIO 65.725
item-No.: 134051017
Engel 110 Tonnen Tie-Bar-weniger IMM. Diese Maschine hat neue Schnecke und Zylinder. Maschine wird komplett geliefert und getestet geprüft! DescriptionTechnical details des Gebäudes YEAR 2000CLAMPING Kraft 1.100 Größe 730 x 600 kNPLATEN MmSCREW Durchmesser 35 MmMIN. MOULD HIGHT 250 MmINJECTION Druck 1.600 Eröffnung 500 BarTRAVEL MmINJECTION Volumen cm3WORKING 154 Stunden 65.725
item-No.: 134051014
Husky 1650 tons injection moulding machine incl. robot tea 14 Description Technical details CLAMPING FORCE 16,500 kN PLATEN SIZE 2.520 x 2,120 mm DISTANCE BETWEEN TIE BARS (h x) 1,800 x 1,400 mm MIN. MOULD HIGHT 900 / 1600 mm DAYLIGHT MAX 3,400 mm SCREW DIAMETER 100 mm INJECTION PRESSURE 2.20 bar INJECTION volume 3.927 cm3 YEAR OF BUILDING 2002
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