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Double turbo pulping/refining machine by MANZINI Model: TEF20.E Year: 2000 Overall dimensions: length 2,900mm, width 1,700mm, height 2,400mm
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REF-371 FRATELLI INDELICATO ROTOFINISHER Fruit finisher (pulper and refining machine with adjustable pressing) Manufacturer: Fratelli Indelicato Model: Rotofinisher Applications: Designed to reduce the pulp content in citrus and tropical fruit juice Composed of two sieving bodies Power: 3kW Sieve dimensions: diameter-350mm, length-800mm Overall dimensions: l-1,600mm, w-1,300mm, h-1,700mm
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REF-0 FAMACO PULPING AND STRAINING MACHINE Pulping and straining machine for fruit and vegetables manufactured by FAMACO Model: P Year: 2008 Power: 15kW Sieve dimensions: Ø 600mm, length 1,250mm, holes Ø 10mm Overall dimensions: width 1,050mm, length 2,200mm, height 1,460mm 2 units in stock
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Autoclave Rotativo Surdry AR174-Ref.6997 Diametro: 1700: Marca: Surdry Modelo: AR174 Año de fabricación: 1998 Voltios (v): 380 Potencia motor: 23 Kw Material: Acero Inoxidable Número de cestas: 4 Las autoclaves rotativas se utilizan para voltear los botes u otro tipo similar de envase durante la esterilización y el enfriamiento. El propósito es mover el contenido alimenticio para acelerar la transferencia de calor dentro del envase para mejorar la calidad y evitar cualquier posible efecto negativo  ...
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Sealing of boxes by top and bottom automatic in very good conditions.
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Potatoes BMA-Ref.8045 Fryer Brand: BMA Nederland Model: RF1000 Year of manufacture: 2007 Produccion:1000 Kgs/hour capacity Deep-fat fryer for potatoes used occasion. This machine is in charge of frying the potatoes into a band of hot oil.
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Rotary scalder. 1, 5HP. Metal sheet. Or hole 8 mm. Dimensions: Surface scalding: 1,900 mm length, ø 900 mm. Overall dimensions: 1,250 mm wide, 2400 mm length, 2,400 mm high.
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10 x 10 pepper cubes cutting machine Brand: Rodimot Model: MC Year: 2001 Dimensions: width Ribbon 270mm, width 1000mm total, long total 2300 mm. 1 gear motor of 3Cv.
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KEY vibrator separator for products like broccoli or cauliflower. 2 outputs + rejected. Useful dimensions: 6 mx 1.50 m, height input: 1.80 m Total dimensions: 6 x 1.75 x 1.80 m
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