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REF-0 STEPHAN UM/SK 150 UNIVERSAL MACHINE Model: UM/SK 150 Serial no.: 724.478.01 Year of manufacture: 1999 Power: 37kW Voltage: 400V, 50Hz Bowl capacity: 210 litres Max. operating temperature: bowl 117°C; double jacket 133°C Operating pressure: bowl -1/0.8 bar; double jacket 2 bar Overall dimensions: width 2,050mm, length 1,500mm, height 1,900mm
item-No.: 160072918
REF-0 REPITTER MACHINE FOR PEACH HALVES FMC 6219 Repitting machine for halved peaches. Manufacturer: FMC Model: 6219 Year: 1998 The peach Repitter 6219 feeds, aligns and repits peach halves, removing whole pits or fragments. Output: up to 320 halves/min Voltage: 220V. 50Hz. 3-phase Installed power: 1.5kW Infeed height: 1,000mm Outfeed height: 680mm Overall dimensions: length 3,610mm, width 1,600mm, height 2,140mm Net weight: 1,220kg
item-No.: 160072917
REF-666 BERTUZZI SLICER-DICER Use: fruits and vegetables. Manufacturer: BERTUZZI Model: CLF0817 Year: 1997 Output: 500-6,000 kg/h depending on the type of product and cut size 415V, 50 Hz, 2 HP, three-phase Current cut size: 1-10mm slices Year of manufacture: 1997 Dimensions: L-850mm, W-850mm, H-1.430mm.
item-No.: 159956740
REF-O URTASUN K-SERIES VIBRATORY CONVEYOR FEEDER (I) Vibrating machine for conveying, draining and feeding fruits and vegetables. Manufacturer: URTASUN Type: K-SERIES Model: REPR Serial no.: 08 0115 01 Year: 2008 Made of AISI-304 stainless steel CE marking Fitted with two 1HP vibrator motors (1,000 rpm) Voltage: 220/380V, 50Hz, 3-phase Infeed height: 1,200mm Outfeed height: 680mm Overall dimensions: length 3,000mm, width 1,300mm
item-No.: 159829749
REF-0 APRICOT STONING AND HALVING MACHINE CTI-1200 Stoning and halving machine for apricots with vibrating mechanism for orienting the fruits. Manufacturer: CTI FoodTech Model: CTI-1200 Year: 2009 This machine orients, stones and cuts the fruits in halves. Made of stainless steel and other food-grade materials. Output: up to 1,200 pieces/min. Fruit size range: Ø 30-60mm. Installed power: 3kW. Overall dimensions (including the vibrating orienting mechanism): length 6,660mm, width 1,495mm, height 1,570 ...
item-No.: 159822119
REF-0 PEACH STONING AND HALVING MACHINE FOODTECH 320 APA-E Stoning and halving machine for peaches. Manufacturer: CTI FoodTech Model: 320 APA-E Year: 2014 Electronic system managed by a PLC (Programmed Logic Controller). Touch screen for function monitoring. Automatic continuous orientation system. Stoning system with 360º rotation of the blades driven by a high-revving brushless motor. Automatic lubrication system. Automatic fruit counting. Output: up to 352 pieces/min (approx. 3,000kg/h) Instal ...
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REF-0 URSCHEL CC SLICER URSCHEL slicing-cutting machine, model CC. With a wide range of different cuts, this potato chip slicer is also ideal for various other food products such as cheese, vegetables and nuts. It offers over a dozen different types of cuts including slices, strips, shreds and granules at high production capabilities with excellent results. Equipped with an adjustable 8-station cutting head allowing blade changeover. Current cut type: crinkle slices (adjustable width max. 7.2mm). Max. produ ...
item-No.: 159460529
The FAM Flexifam is a medium-sized high-capacity dicer designed for slicing, strip cutting and dicing . FAM Flexifam is suitable for – meat such as beef, ham and turkey – cheese such as Beaufort, Cheddar, Edam and Emmentaler – nuts such as Hazelnut FAM Flexifam is specialized in smaller cutting sizes. First, the product is cut into slices to the thickness set manually by using the adjustment gauge, after which the second cut is made by the fast rotating circular knives cutting it into strips.  ...
item-No.: 159460527
The FAM TS-1D is a transversal cutter for fluid and uniform cutting of vegetables such as carrots, leeks, salads ... • Product diameter: 90 mm for hard products and 110 mm for flexible products • The slightly angled knives of the cutting wheel guarantee a perfect cutting result. • Cut shapes: flat cut, crinkle cut, julienne slices, halved slices • Optional frequency inverter adjusts the speed of the belts and the cutting wheel. · The cutting wheel can  ...
item-No.: 159460526
Wolff Apparatebau KG blanching and cooling line consisting of: Van Wees mobile elevating belt: s/s frame, plastic belt with dividers, belt width: 175 mm, distance between dividers: 165 mm, divider height: 50 mm, elevating height: 2930 mm, total dimensions: 3300 mm x 1100 mm x 3000 mm, Wolff Apparatebau KG blanching machine, type: B950/3000, machine number: 93-962, year of construction: 1993, 380 V, 50 Hz, 6.5 kW, dimensions: 4650 mm x 1550 mm x 3050 mm Wolff Apparatebau KG cooling drum, type: TRK950/3000, ...
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Double turbo pulping/refining machine by MANZINI Model: TEF20.E Year: 2000 Overall dimensions: length 2,900mm, width 1,700mm, height 2,400mm
item-No.: 135070615
Potatoes BMA-Ref.8045 Fryer Brand: BMA Nederland Model: RF1000 Year of manufacture: 2007 Produccion:1000 Kgs/hour capacity Deep-fat fryer for potatoes used occasion. This machine is in charge of frying the potatoes into a band of hot oil.
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