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REF-407 VVA-300 AUTOMATIC VACUUM JAR SEALING MACHINE This machine with steam injection vacuum-seals round, square or irregular jars (provided that they have two parallel or symmetric sides) by means of a twist-off capping system using VAC-VEM type lids. For different jar types made of glass, PET, etc. The machine is equipped with an automatic lid feeder. The steam system allows its effective injection in order to reach a high vacuum level. The easily adjustable mechanism and the possibility of using th ...
item-No.: 159373183
Cut to length line LDM Spotti 1500x6x25t (two levelers, flying shear) LDM CUT TO LENGTH LINE 1500X6 YEAR OF CONSTRUCTION 2000 TYPE 1500X6 THICKNESS 0.5 mm – 6.0 mm WIDTH 390 mm – 1500 mm SPEED 30 m/min UNCOILER CAPACITY 25 ton SHEET’S LENGTH 490 mm – 8400 mm DIMENSIONS 44 m X 9 m (LXW) UNCOILER: 1. DOUBLE CONE WITH EXPATION 2. I.D. = • ?508 & ?610 & ?760 • ?680 & ?700 & ?780 WITH O RINGS 3. O.D.= • MAX = 2000 mm • MIN = 1100 mm COIL CAR: MAX LIFTING CAPACITY = 25 Mton COIL OPENER &  ...
item-No.: 158914226
1 KUSTERS finishing foulard type 222.54-4600, face roller width 4.800 mm, working width 4.600 mm, the upper roller is S-roll, year 1969 and fully overhauled in 2011, AC motor with frequency inverter, entry with ERHARDT & LEIMER KF selvedge spreaders and scroll rollers, exit with banana roller and dancing roller for speed adjustment
item-No.: 158584028
ROLAND SIX COLOUR PRESS Model: R506-OB-LV Age: c.2001 Serial Number: 29089B Circa 61 million impressions Equipped With:- CCI X rite colour measuring Rolandmatic dampening PPL Suction feeder table Tresu cameracle coater with 2 x coating rollers for UV and IR Technotrans Beta C refrigeration plus ink temp control Carton attachment Steel plate in Feeder/Delivery Graphometronic ink temperature control Roland Seccomattic IR dryer Nordson Interdeck UV dryer Becker Vari Air system K ...
item-No.: 157605492
Manufacturer ARPAC Line date: 2018 new, original packed Product description: Plastic Jar, 35 jars (bottles) / Minute (per line) Packaging description: RSC Cases (regular slotted case) , tape sealed System description: PART ARPACK ARPAC developed an integrated solution for this end line packaging system. Product is received single lane, diameter-to-diameter, into an automatic cartoning machine. Cartons are pushed into the required case pack configuration by a pneumatic row pusher. Product is collated, packe ...
item-No.: 149984656
Waste Recovery Machine (Opener and Fine Cleaner) OFC machine Year 2018 Model REA 120 Made in EU The function and process: The machine may be used for processing of: -virgin cotton, -cotton wastes, -Jute wastes, -hemp, -linen and other long or short staple fibers. -production capacity is to process 300kg of material per hour The long fibers are cottonized at the entry to the machine, it means the fibers are cut to the short staple length. With the REA – 120 OFC machines can recover up to  ...
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1 KUSTERS 2-bowl rolling calender type 212.70-3200, 3200 mm Working Width (3400 mm face roller width), year 1993, top bowl chromed steel (thermal oil heated) diameter 450 mm, bottom bowl Racolan (S-roll) diameter 500 mm, Pressure 300 Newton/mm = 96 tons, maximum speed 100 m/min., maximum heating temperature 250 ºC, entry with metal detector, ELECTROTEX seam detector with automatic seam passage, exit by A-frame contact winder max. 1800 mm diameter, blower for cooling the bottom roller, water ...
item-No.: 147954919
1 RAMISCH laboratory 4-roll calander type RK 46P, face roller width 300 mm, working width 250 mm, calander indicated for following processes: rolling, glaze, friction, mate, Schreiner and embossing,  4 rollers with the following distribution (top to bottom):  steel diameter 120 mm, cotton diameter 240 mm, cotton diameter 240 mm, steel diameter 120 mm, both the steel rollers are electrically heated, linear speed adjustable up to 20 m/min., pressure adjustable up to 195 N/mm = 6 tons, unwinding  ...
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Forwarding of rollers and chains for pallet, with pneumatic system.
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Folding machine 360 Touch screen Electronic variable speed drive Flat pile feeder, with head suction Compressor Rotary Suction Double Sheet System Antisound covers Stream delivery Machine specially designed for the folding of brochures, allows a minimum fold of 20 mm Spiral rollers (to avoid wrinkles) similar to MBO Module to launch the narrow folds to the 2nd unit (if machine has 2nd unit) Vertical delivery stacker for optional microfolding Technical specifications Max. Format: 360 X 850 mm  ...
item-No.: 145752204
EUROFOLD 235 Year: ±2006 High pile feeder Counter with batch programming Digital control panel Exit ladder belt Rollers in good condition, recently made 2 folding bags
item-No.: 145752202
Stahl Quickfolder T34 Year: 2000 Format: 340 mm 2 Fully automatic folding bags Suction machine with built-in compressor Rollers in new condition More photos availables Ask for price and more information
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1 LAMPERTI raising machine type GB, year 1988, wire with 230 cm, 36 raising rollers, can run open width or tubular, updated with inverter to the main motor
item-No.: 142255754
1 MARIO CROSTA raising line composed of 2 raising machines type MC/50, year 1980, wire width 340 cm, each raising machine with 32 raising rollers = total 64 raising rollers
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BALLISTRINE- C 70 N- auto feed thru (2) sided shaper(2) 10HP; 3PH spindle motors • (2) 30mm diameter spindles with 5in. under the nut • Spring loaded floating spindles • In-feed and out-feed rubber covered upper feed rollers • Working width 14.4in. (360mm) max • Working height 4.8in. (120mm) max • Min working length 9.6in. (240mm) • Spindle 8,000 RPM • feed 3-28Price-$8,900
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Agglomerators New Surplus 2 x New Feeco Agglomerators for the mining industry for the heap leaching process. New Surplus never used packages, stored in warehouse. Available due to a cancelled project. Agglomerator Shell incl. Liner/Tires/Gear Unitized Base incl. Wheels/Thrust Rollers/Guards Drive Assembly Girth Guard incl. Graphite Seal Girth Guard Seal Fan Filter Included: Girth Guard Seal Fan Bleed Air Fan Duct Inlet Assembly incl. Lined Chute, Support,& Labyrinth Air Seal Discharge Breeching inc ...
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Make: CSW Model: 54-AF10-2 Serial number: 006 Year: 1995 Speed: 1.500 ends/minute or 3 rolls Range from 2.00 to 2.06 Features: - non driven storage table for 60 rolls 2.02 ends - the unwrapping section, a rotating knife a two rollers to remove the paper sleeve - discharge system to move and guide the end the de discharge conveyor - sentinel to detect and eject reversed ends automatically - the flexible line length buffer system - 5 meter conveyor to any closing machine (longer is possible) - gap con ...
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Machine Specification: A Substantial Machine Body, constructed from a robust aluminum extruded base frame with integral frame members that in turn provide the mounting for various auxiliary modules. The base has a stainless steel top cover and end covers that enclose the base frame. The base frame also includes four adjustable feet. A 2575mm Conveyor Assembly, constructed from a stainless steel main section including separate end sections and includes the following features. - A single belt conveyor includin ...
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Tiger brushing machine for blankets and high pile articles, made FRANZ MULLER, type PRN-32, rollers width 260 cm
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