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item-No.: 143927584
35.000 €
country-it IT
-Five colours plus coater, max paper size 72x102 cms. , straight machine -Year 1991, 79 mil. copies -RCI 2 table control for inks and plates registers -Baldwin automatic blanket washers, Quick action plate clamps -Coater unit , IR dryer -Rolandmatic dampening with new Aquapress refrigeration system -Airdrums, air suction feed table -Pneumatic sidelays with electronic control, Non stop feeder -Plate punch, all manuals -Set of spare rollers and many accessories, NO damages -All chromed cylinders, steel p ...
item-No.: 143927582
36.000 €
country-it IT
-Four colours plus dedicated coater unit and extended delivery, max paper size 72x102 cms. -Year 1991, 77 mil. copies, Quick action plate clamps -RCI 2 table control for inks and plates registers -Dedicated coater tower with Spectral UV dryer -Rolandmatic dampening with refrigeration system, Airdrums, air suction feed table -Pneumatic sidelays with electronic control, Non stop feeder -Plate punch, all manuals -Set of spare rollers and many accessories, NO damages -All chromed cylinders, steel plate in ...
item-No.: 143927569
- Underfloor suction feeder - Haug ionization system LINE-S LC - Automatic pocket setting - 6 saved standard fold types for a3, A4, A5 formats - Other types of folds can be freely programmed - Storage slots for 10 repeat jobs - 2 folding pockets - No calculation of the stop positions - No removal of folding pockets - No insertion of bow softeners Sheet size max. 35 x 46 cm Sheet format min. 8.5 x 10 cm Folding length max. 36 cm Folding length min. 5 cm Paper weights: 40 to 250 g/m2 Speed: up to 1 ...
item-No.: 143927565
MM 3002/3 SF + MM 210 S + Perfecta SD 75 + MM 251 + MM 1517 Size max 510 x 305 x 60 mm Speed max 12.000 c/h Gathering Machine • 18 feeders MM 210 S • miss and double sheet control • spiral race away • jogging element Perfect Binder • 25 clamps • clamp pitch 24" • milling and roughening station • hot melt spine gluing unit • hot melt side gluing unit • premelter • SF stream cover feeder • SF cover nipping and pressing station • lay down device Perfecta SD 75 t ...
item-No.: 143908203
BN 95.000 €
country-de DE
Printing press Taiyo TLC 250 It is a central cylinder printing system with UV drying, 6 satellite roller inking units and two painting stations. The machine is sold as a complete system with all accessories, equipment, spare parts, cylinders and printing inks. The plant can still be visited in production. Equipped with 2 pieces of integrated painting units with paint circulation pumping system, anilox roller 1 piece railway observation system E&L Eslcan OMS 4 For passer recognition 2 piec ...
item-No.: 143907547
50.000 €
country-de DE
Heidelberg SM 52-2 Dimensions: 370 x 520 mm Built 2008, installation 2009 Colours: 2 Print count:52 million Condition: as new, very good Location: Europe In production: yes Test possible: yes Availability: immediately upon arrangement Facilities: Straight machine Alcolor automatic Film Dampening, CP-Tronic self diagnostic, control and monitore console, BALDWIN, Low pile delivery, Powder sprayer, Sheet decurler, New Model, Integrated register, programd roller was up device, Inking rollers, pull  ...
item-No.: 143907501
Overview of machine data: Heidelberg GTO 52-2 plus Number of prints: 17.8 million Colours: 2 Max Paper size 360 x 520 mm Smallest paper size 105 x 180 mm Speed approx. 8000 sheets/per hour Built in 1999 In stock available at short notice Conditions good, cleaned and checked Cylinder good, no damage Location: New Zealand Equipment: DDS dampening, Perfecting yes 1+1 and 2+0, plus version Numbering and Perforation + 1250.00 Euro LOT
item-No.: 143907499
Heidelberg Shed Investors 15,000 Bg/h 5 Printing units offset with perfecting 2/3 Coating unit (roller system) CPC 1-04 Control Board CP-Tronic machine control with jobcard Autoplate Auto. Washing device for rollers Auto. Washing device for blanket and impression cylinders Alcolor TECHNOTRANS Cooling System Inking unit temperature control GRAFIX Alphatronic 200 berthel ComCon 110 IR/TL Combination Dryer High-Pile delivery 174 million printing
item-No.: 143906956
Technical data: MAN Roland R905-7B+LV-XL Max paper size: 1200 x 1620 mm Speed: 12,000 sh/h Colours: 5 Age: 2004 Location: New Zealand Condition: as is Complete, perfect condition: Yes Number of prints: appr. 140 million Equipment: Steel Plate In Feeder & Delivery Stream Feeder Double Sheet Control Mechanical And Electrical Manuel Format Adjustment Double Sized Impression Cylinder - Chromed PPL Semi-Automatic Platechange Rci ColorPilot D+F color control system FM19 Automatic program-cont ...
item-No.: 143903397
Book press Model Antique Year 1900´s ? Size 67 x 38 cm Pileheight up to 70 cm Available direct
item-No.: 143903395
Guillotine Mansfeld Model 50 Year 1900´s? Cutting length 500 mm Available direct
item-No.: 143903393
Joint burning machine Tranklein Model FEM Year 1970´s Working width 500 mm Details Upper and lower "knife" are heated Available direct
item-No.: 143903391
Nipping press Tranklein Model FNP500 Year 1980´s Width 500 x 250 mm Options up to 100 mm thickness Available Direct
item-No.: 143903387
Book press Kerma Model 50 Year 1970´s Size 500x400 mm Stackheight up to 450 mm Available Direct
item-No.: 143903385
Eyeletting machine Hang Model 101-Piccolo III Year 2000 ? Available direct
item-No.: 143903383
Folding machine (8 pages) Make Stahl Model T36/4K Year 1997 Maximum size 360 x 640 mm Configuration Feeder Flatpile feeder 1st station 4 plate buckles 360 mm 2nd station 1 knife Stahl KB36 Delivery Stahl belt delivery Minimum fold 20 mm Condition very nice machine Optional on request we can replace the roller (the actual rollers are worn out) on request we can add a batch counter Available direct
item-No.: 143903381
Perfect binder Horizon Model BQ-270 Year 2007 Size setting computerized Glue system hotmelt appliance by means of 2 rollers for spine gluing and 2 rollers for side gluing Condition like new Available direct
item-No.: 143903379
Wire stitcher Brehmer Model 103 Year 1960´s ? Capacity 25 mm Details for blocks & pamphlets Available direct
item-No.: 143903377
Paper drilling machine (4 heads) Corta Model PB01ST Year 1992 Number of heads 4 Details computerized driller, machine works perfectly, drilling heads require refurbishment (can be refurbished on demand) Available direct
item-No.: 143903375
Case maker / Gluing Laminating machine Zechini Model Roby One Year 1997 Sheet size 500 x 700 mm Details Vacuum feeder Glue Spot gluing onlyby Pafra system Posibilities Spot gluing jobs Condition machine is offered cleaned&refurbished Available soon
item-No.: 143902150
Case maker / Gluing Laminating machine Zechini Model Roby One Year 1996 Sheet size 500 x 700 mm Details Vacuum feeder Glue Hot animal glue & cold PVA glue Posibilities for case making, mounting, case lining, etc. Condition machine is offered cleaned&refurbished Available soon
item-No.: 143899891
Case maker / Gluing Laminating machine Zechini Model Roby One Year 1996 Sheet size 500 x 700 mm Details Vacuum feeder Glue Hot animal glue & cold PVA glue Posibilities for case making, mounting, case lining, etc. Condition machine is offered cleaned&refurbished Available soon
item-No.: 143892054
We are pleased to offer: Herima BCF 1240 The machine is used for cutting board (thickness 1,5mm 4,00mm), maximum board size 1240mm x1100mm small blanks (minimum sizes min. 100mm x 150mm). In the first step, the large board sheets are fed manual into the machine and cut into ling board strips. Up to 8 knives can be used. In the second step, the strips are placed in a magazine and automatically fed to the knives and cut the final blank size. The blanks are falling on a collecting table. Good working order ...
item-No.: 143892048
We are pleased to offer: Automatic Sewing Machine mod. Smyth Freccia 180-4D. Maximum working size of mm.320x420mm 180 cycles per minute Stacker delivery. Good working order Available immediately Located in the UK
item-No.: 143892046
We are pleased to offer: Rilecart FP-340 Wire Bind It is very easy to bind a document with the Fp 340. First You have to punch the block of sheets acting on the hand (or foot)-switch. Second You have to put the spiral in the sheets: to do this You can help yourself by inserting the spiral in the suitable groove. Third you just have to close the wire by the cranck.In case you're making calendars also the hanger must be put manually. Features: Uses WireBind Rilematic® Wires in cut-length For all diamete ...
item-No.: 143892045
Goss Uniliner (578) Built in 2008 Section 578 mm Web width 1600 Speed 75,000 cph Facilities: 4x Reel changer AMAL AR 75 2x Aspian Tower 1x Four-tower 1x Folding unit 2:3:3, one collect sticher Available: short-term
item-No.: 143892042
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We have for sale binding machine Muller Martini RBJ: Model RBJ Year 1984 3 clamps Hot melt gluer Automatic cover feeder Cover control Dust exhaust Speed set control Machine is in production, available immediately After technical checking, cleaning and painting Location: Poland
item-No.: 143892040
We are pleased to offer: Palamides Alpha 500 Plus - Stacking Delivery For mark-free delivery Shingled stream/single sheet mode Operating console swivels right/left Ergonomic removal of pile possible Pressing unit with pre and main pressing rollers can be opened pneumatically Pressure up to 3.5t semi-automatic set up An operation for one up, shape jogging device Automatic waste sheet ejection Counter, total counter Stack can be delivered right/left (identified automatically by the alpha -plus) storage a ...
item-No.: 143892036
We are pleased to offer: Sheet size / Formato de las hojas / Max : 330mm x 300mm (13" x 12") Format des feuilles / Bogenformat Min : 138mm x 138mm (5.5" x 5.5") Punching speed / Velocidad / Vitesse / 50, 60 & 70 cycles/minute ciclos/minuto Geschwindigkeit Stöße/Minute Sheet pickup / Espesor del pinzado / 0.4mm (min) - 0.7mm (max) Epaisseur des pincées / Blattaufnahme 80gr (min) - 250gr (max) Voltage requirements / Voltaje / 220/240v – 1 ph – 50Hz Voltages / Erforderliche Voltstärke 110v – 1 ph  ...
item-No.: 143892034
We are pleased to offer: Hunkeler VEA 520 K End Sheet Gluing Machine: Cold glue system Inserting device Stream delivery Available immediately Located in the UK
item-No.: 143892031
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We have for sale binding machine Muller Martini Pony 3020: 1988 year 5 clamps Hot melt main gluer Cover feeder Dust exhauster Milling device Machine is in production, available immediately After technical checking and cleaning Condition: Good Location: Europe
item-No.: 143892029
We are pleased to offer: Foliant Pollux SF Year 2011 High speed compact industrial laminating machine Specifications Maximal Speed: single side 50 m/min Feeding System: automatic, Suction Feeder Foliant, Feeder's Capacity 55 cm Overlaps: Automatic, PLC Controlled, Overlaps Accuracy ± 2 mm Separation: Automatic, bump rollers Paper Weight: 115–600 g/m² Main Roller Pressure System: Pneumatic Compressor: External, 200 l / min, 6-8 bar Minimal Sheets Size (w×l): 32×25 cm Maximal Sheets Size (w×l): 7 ...
item-No.: 143891977
Product Details Reference ID PP0257PP Category Flatbed Die-Cutter Manufacturer Heidelberg Model SBG Cylinder 1958 Year Built Max Size 56x77 cm Location Europe Availability Immediately Product Description â?¢ Heidelberg SBG Cylinder â?¢ Age: 1958 â?¢ Size: 56x77 cm â?¢ Cutting and embossing
item-No.: 143891553
4 colors Ryobi-matic film dampening unit Semi-automatic plate change Ryobi Semi-RPC with positioning pins Smooth edge quick release rail with register pins Blanket with aluminum edge Stream feeder Prestacker chain delivery Underarm gripper, transfer drum Pull mark, adjustable front mark Non-stop delivery decurler bowing Blanket with smooth edge rail Precision register punch bearing isolator NP unit Ryobi PDS system for densitometric measurement Demia (device for print image measurement) Automatic ...
item-No.: 143891308
max. 1450 mm, min. 296 mm, longitudinal seam, folding floor, double edge, electronic top glue unit HHS, 8 channel with 4 application heads, high pressure, disc undergluer on the left, feeder with vibrator & tooth gauge, vacuum feeder with own drive, cutting alignment according to the Feeder right & left, front breaker left, kicker, counter, Bobst CUBE control, digital position indicators, additional medium transport in folding, 2 motorized accessory stations, motorized format adjustment, cut orientation on  ...
item-No.: 143876101
Engine Description:: MAN Roland 702 P HiPrint Max size: 740x1040 mm Min. Dimensions: 340x 480 mm Built: 2008 Pressure: 156 million Colours: 2 colours Twist: 2+0/1+1 Speed: 15,000/12,000 sheets/hour Conditions: good Cylinder: good, no damage Equipment: Hiprint Auto Format Setting Pecom - Press Management System AirGlide Delivery Auto Ink Roller Wash Grafix Cantronic 3000 PPL - Power Plate Loading Rci Rolandmatic Dampening Technotrans Auto Blanket Wash
item-No.: 143876097
Lithoman IV 72 Pages Machine Section 2x 620 mm Web width 1980 mm Built in 2007 Condition good Facilities: 1x Reel changer 4x Double printing unit 1x Dryer 1x Refrigeration unit 1x Folding unit Complete accessories Availability: after clarification and consultation
item-No.: 143876093
Lithoman IV Section = 2x620 mm Web width = 1460 mm Built = 2004 Condition = good Facilities 1x Reel changer 4x Double printing unit 1x Dryer 1x Refrigeration unit 1x Folding unit Accessories for the complete system Availability: Short-term after application and arrangement
item-No.: 143876090
Straight machine COLORTRONIC Ink remote control autoplate Antistatic VARIDAMP dampening Pneumatic feeder Autom. Blanket washers Chromed cylinders IR Drier Eltosh Color console Baldwin cooling High pile delivery Powder sprayer Quick action plate clamp 59 mill.impressions Available immediately
item-No.: 143876086
item-No.: 143876077
ROTARY Feeder ( new belts) Digital counter 4 POCKETS FIRST UNIT (complete new rollers) 4 POCKETS SECOND UNIT (complete new rollers) 2 POCKETS THIRD UNIT (complete new rollers) Shingle belt delivery Very good conditions Complete cleaned, prepared and checked, ready for test Available immediately
item-No.: 143876076
Model: Graphic Whizard GW 6000 Numbering and perforation machine Built: 2004 Mash.: No.: 1907533 Location: Rüsselsheim Available: short-term Equipment: 2 numbering heads reverse, additional tools for perforating, grooves and slots, numbering of up to 7 times glued writing rates, single sheets from 45 g/sqm and cardboard up to 385 g/sqm in format up to max. 45.7 x 96 cm, accessories. Documentation
item-No.: 143876074
Model: Duplo DC 10000 S Built: 1999 Counter: 3.4 million Stations: 20 / 2 x Tower Format: 140 x 220 / 350 x 500 Location: Rüsselsheim Available: short-term Equipment: 20 stations suction and blow air, stapling and folding device DBM 250 with 2 x Hohner standard stitching heads, trimmer DBM 250 T, pressing station, accessories.
item-No.: 143876071
Max size 52 x 72 cm SPC Automatic plate charger Olivermatic dampening Segmented knifes Automatic washers Automatic register High pile delivery
item-No.: 143876067
Size: 60 x 80 cms 2 Frames New electrical system Refurbished
item-No.: 143875886
Hotmelt perfect binders, 4 pliers, hot glue pans with side gluing, cover feeder with 4-fold scoring, chip evacuation, delivery belt, stacker Technical details: - Paper size: max: 420 x 300 mm; min: 170 x 140 mm - Envelope format: max. 420 x 640mm; minute 170 x 290 mm - Book thickness: max. 45 mm; minute 2 mm - Envelope strength: 100 - 350 gsm - power: max. 960 cycles / h - Dimensions: 3,050 x 1,850 x 1,600mm - Current: 400V / 50Hz - Weight: 1600kg
item-No.: 143875845
Technical description: Heidelberg SM 52 -5 L Dimensions: 360 x 520 mm Built: 2000 Colours: 5 Number of prints: 80Mi Facilities: 5 colours + varnish Cpc 104 Autoplate Presets All washers
item-No.: 143859083
Hydr.-Horizontal Bending Machine Offer number: 19461 Make: ROWA-BIEGER Type: T 280 Machine No: 126 Built: 1994 Technical data: - Printing power 28 t - Pressure regulation - Stroke length 0 - 250 mm - Lifting speed 0 - 0.6 m/min - Return 1.2 m/min - Tool height up to 150 mm - Bending power with prism flat iron up to 150 x 25 mm - Bending power with pipe bending segments 3/8 to 2" - Drive 400 V / 3 kW - Space requirement approx. W 600 x H 900 x D 1150 mm - Weight appro ...
item-No.: 143859049
Year 1999 Size 37 x 52 cm. ALCOLOR CP TRONIC PRESET AUTOPLATE Plus Version CHROMED CYLINDERS INK REGULATIONS Podwer spray Mediprint GS Sheet decurler All washers device (rollers, impression and blanket cylinders) Free of damages on cylinders or gears Cleaned and checked
item-No.: 143858932
We are pleased to offer: Gietz FSA 870 Compact Sheet format: max. 870 x 560 mm / 34.3" x 22.0" min. 280 x 210 mm / 11.0" x 8.3" • ESS special format: max. 870 x 600 mm / 34.3" x 23.6" • Material thickness: max. 2 mm / 0.08" min. approx. 70 g/m² / 0.003" • Stamping area: max. 800 x 520 mm / 31.5" x 20.5" ESS max. 800 x 592 mm / 31.5" x 23.3" • Speed: max. 6000 strokes/h • Temperature up to 180 °C / 356°F by 6 individually controllable heating zones • Pressure of the press: max. 150 to ...
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