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State. 150 T force, with light sensor. Was last properly. Technical data: Brand: Essa Type: UP 1500 Year 1993 Pressing force: 150 t Stroke: Max 150 mm min: 50 mm Ejector top: max 50 mm, min 50 mm Rest: See data sheets.
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hydraulic press 250 tonns with table size 1000x1000mm. Daylight: 1200mm. Travel: 600mm. Machine in working condition with lower ejector 64t.
Número de artículo: 129986032
Code: 0494 Brand: COLOMBO Model: HPC Hydraulic hot press Platens mm 3500 x 1300 With new aluminium platens Opening mm 400 N° 6 pistons Thrust tonn 140 Heating of the platens by water Equipped with boiler Overall dimensions : mm 4600 x 1600 x 2000 h Weight kg 7500
Número de artículo: 129985975
Pressure 45to Spec. Pressure 70N/cm2 Dimensions of the press channel cross-section H 800 mm; B 800 mm Filler B 750 X 1350 mm Cycle time theo. 20 sec Performance theo approx. 140m 3/h Motors 380 Volt Three-phase 50 Hz Pump motor 22kW + 9kW. No. 18'536 Built in 1992 Availability now, pricing reserved factory Wikon, sale Net price from space as seen
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Used hydraulic press 400 tonns with table 1250 x 1250. The machine has two heating plates 11kW/each size: 1240 x 1400mm Travel: 630mm Daylight: 1250mm Motor power: 10kW Machine weight: 10300kg Machine height: 4000mm Machine in good working condition, currently under power.
Número de artículo: 129915197
Year of construction 1997 maximum diameter: 12 mm Max length: 440 mm maximum wire section: 465 mm Capacity: 30-40 PCs / min. good condition!
Número de artículo: 129791185
12.000 €
country-pl PL
New machine! EPS Compactor C50 Press polystyrene EPS-C50 compacts EPS waste at a ratio of 40: 1. Ironing polystyrene by using offered compactors EPS reduces the cost and the space occupied by the EPS waste. EPS presses are very easy to use and safe, can be operated by one person. In addition, the compression of waste polystyrene foam and its re-use can help us to care about the environment. Technical specifications: • Total power consumption: 6,2 kW • Compactor size: 2000 x 600 x 1700mm • Weight: 69 ...
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gebr. Hydr. Double column frame press make KNUTH Model KP 100. No.: 118538 built in 1999 To print power 100 Table size 900 x 600 mm Tappet surface 700 x 400 mm Piston stroke 500 mm Clearance between the stands 1050 mm Height 500 mm Lifting speed 2 mm / s Rapid traverse 22 mm / s Motor 2,2 kW External dimensions: Width 2000 mm Depth 1000 mm Height 2300 mm Weight approx. 1600 kg
Número de artículo: 129758216
Swan neck TYPE Ton. 30 MACHINE FLOOR 900 x 520 mm. POKER RIDE 400 mm. MAX. 600 mm. 10 Hp POWER. WEIGHT 3000 Kg.
Número de artículo: 129707154
Cummins QSK60 Natural Gas Generator Sets 1300 KW Four (4) 1300 KW Cummins QSK60 V16 Natural Gas Engine, Turbocharged, Low Temperature After cooled, dual frequency, 1500/1800 rpm, 400/480 volt, 50/60 HZ, Rated 1300 KW at 60 HZ for continuous operation and 1100 KW at 50 HZ for continuous operation, Natural Gas Fuel, ISO Sound Attenuated Containerized Power Modules. Features Cummins advanced built in electrical protection system, extensive cooling system and advanced digital electronic control system technology.  ...
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Code: 0490 Brand: ITALPRESSE Model: V/3 Mechanical cold press Platens size mm 3000 x 1200 Opening mm 650 n° 3 pressure screws Installed power Hp 1 Electrical up/down movement Overall dimensions: mm 3350 x 1200 x 1650 h Weight kg 1100
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Eccentric press with 35 to pressure performance The engine was to the end in a concatenation with other machines in use. Was then stored, because it was intended for other missions, but it no longer happened. State and execution: see images Loading the machine by forklift Contact person Mr. Mueller see also our over 200 more deals at. (Changes and errors in the technical data, information and prices and subject to prior sale!)
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Drucklstg.: 25 to. Table size: 445 x 305 mm Throat depth: 155 mm Height: 350 mm Stroke adjustment: 10-60 mm Tappet adjustment: 45 mm Total power: 1.1 KW / 400 V Machine weight: 1000 kg Equipment / Accessories: height-adjustable machine table All technical data are created according to our best knowledge and existing documents; Expressly reserved by mistake. Each party has the opportunity to test the machine before making a purchase in our factory under power.
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subasta de maquinaria usada RESALE 60.000 €
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ERCA-shape SEAL thermoforming machine for round pots, type: EFO 1000, number: 67605, year of construction: 2007, 400 V, 50 Hz, 209 A, 145 KVA capacity: 36000 pots per hour, volume pots: 125 ml, production hours: 17000 hours, including film unwind film for jumbo roll, film width: 1600 mm , plastic cutter for residual film, preheating table and heating system, crusher in soundproofing cabinet, suction system with big bag loader, 2 silo's for pots, suitable for 385000 pots for each silo, switch cabinet and various spa ...
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Four pillar press 12, 5to SCHULER Presse pressure power punch Four pillar press of Schuler According to the rating plate to 12.5 The machine was taken out of production some years ago because the production ran out. Since you stand in the camp. We have taken it over so and sell them exactly so; unchecked - as"tinkering" or obtaining spare parts. Contact person Mr. Mueller see also our over 200 more deals at. (Changes and errors in the technical data, information and prices and subject  ...
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gebr. Hydr. Workshop press make metal force Model WPP 160 MVZ. No.: 12P0065 year of 2012 Pressure power 160 to Stroke 400 mm Stand width 1100 mm Mounting height approx. 900 mm Press speed 2.3 mm / S Feed speed 8.9 mm / S Reverse speed 12 mm / S Oil tank contents 30 l Connection voltage 400 V Motor power up to 3 kW External dimensions: Width 2000 mm Depth 1200 mm 2270 mm Weight approx. 1575 kg
Número de artículo: 129466816
Workshop press 150 T Data: -Elektohydraulisch or hand pump -Electric -Hydraulic -adjustable cylinder (right / left) Force 150 t -AussenmaÃ?e: 2500x1500x600mm Hub of the cylinder approx. 300mm Weight approx. 1500 kg Pressure display -Height-adjustable table Get out of table width: 1150 mm Price: On request
Número de artículo: 129466808
Workshop press 100 T Data: -Elektohydraulisch or hand pump -Electric -Hydraulic -adjustable cylinder (right / left) Compressive force 100 t -AussenmaÃ?e: 2500x1500x600mm Hub of the cylinder approx. 300mm Weight approx. 1000 kg Pressure display -Height-adjustable table Get out of table width: 1000 mm Price: On request
Número de artículo: 129466804
Workshop press 60 T Data: -Elektohydraulisch or hand pump -Electric -Hydraulic Pressure power 60 t -AussenmaÃ?e: 2400x1400x600mm Hub of the cylinder 300mm Weight 600 kg Pressure display -Height-adjustable table Get out of table width: 900 mm Price: On request
Número de artículo: 129397459
SANGIACOMO SG 20 IN THE Built in 1987 Machine Nr. 4079 20 to Tappet adjustment 60 mm Stroke adjustment 0-60 mm Hub 145/min Clamping pin 25 mm Tabletop 300x450mm
Número de artículo: 129256389
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country-es ES
Asymmetric hydraulic plate bending machine. Bending length: 2050mm. Bending thickness: 6mm. Pre-bending. 4Kw. Digital counter. CE.
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700 €
country-de DE
Narrow band press for abrasive hydraulic knuckle-joint glue press,. 380 volts 50 Hz. Foot operated
Número de artículo: 129152436
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country-de DE
Hydraulic glue press with heating base, infinitely variable temperature setting, stuffenlose setting of the adhesive holding time, Power: 5 kW, 380 v 50 Hz; Two-hand operation.
Número de artículo: 129050166
Force of pressure: 25 t Adjustable stroke: 5-80 mm Slide adjustable: 60 mm Plunger strokes p. min: 120 Adjustable table: 150 mm Table transmission rate: 100 x 150 mm Security clearance: 160 mm Overtravel distance: 36 Weight: 1750 kg Facilities/features: Two-hand operation -Emergency off pushbutton -Adjustable table
Número de artículo: 129050147
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It is a used Fortuna bun press Gr. 4 (semiautomatic, 30-teilig)-BJ 2015 for sale. The sandwich press is fully functional in almost like new condition and runs very quietly. The press plate and the knife star are in impeccable condition. The machine has been repainted. The weight of the machine is 40gr. -110 gr. each piece of dough (30-teilig). Dough deposit: 1200gr. -3300gr. Dough should be just pressed and cut a higher weight range is possible. Incl. 3 x effect plates (active panels more upon request). Height: 1 ...
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Machine in working condition, clutch facing requires replacement.
Número de artículo: 128981524
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BRUDERER BSTA 30 Pressure 30 ton up to 600 number of strokes/min feeder from left to right Table size: 545 x 470 mm Central lubrication Total power requirement: 5.5 kw Weight of the machine: 2.5t
Número de artículo: 128980660
Technical data: -Stamping of frames, cutting adhesive holes, glue injection -Max profile height 120 mm - smallest frame dimension 400 x 400 mm - punch up to 105 mm -Working pressure 6-8 bar -with: - trimmer - gluing equipment - 2 vertical pneumatic presser -Abutment foldaway -adjustable punch heads -2 stk support arms swivel -Foot switch -separate compressed air storage -separate chip cleaner - total approx. footprint B 1200 x H 1500 X 1500 mm -Weight approx.  ...
Número de artículo: 128898659
Technical data: -Max profile height 120 mm - min. frame size 400 x 400 mm - punch up to 80 mm -Nutmass of adjustable 35 - 50 mm -Cutting force at 7 bar 60 kN -Working pressure 7 bar -with:-separate movable control panel -Footswitch - 2 vertical pneumatic presser -Abutment foldaway -adjustable punch heads -2 stk support arms swivel -separate cement - pump Cabinet - total approx. footprint B 2500 x H 1300 / 1800 X 2400 mm -Weight approx. 950 kg
Número de artículo: 128860179
26880 KW Cummins KTA50 G3 Sound Enclosed Diesel Generator Plant 26880 KW / 26.9 MW Cummins C1400 D5 Sound Enclosed Diesel Generator Plant. Twenty Four (24) Cummins KTA50 G3 Diesel Engines with 1400 KVA/1120 KW Newage Stamford Frame P, 1734 B1 single bearing alternators. The diesel generator sets are versatile with dual frequency and will operate on 50 HZ or 60 HZ. Year: 2011, All of the generator sets are each housed in 40 FT Sound Proof Containers and there were additional sound proofing added to deal with cool ...
Número de artículo: 128800935
AYEL-TECH WORKSHOP PRESS TYPE WP 15 -Capaciteit 15 ton -Cilinderslag 260 mm -Werkbreedte 500 mm -Electric of hand-mat bedienbaar -Pressure gauge -Noodstop -400V DUTCHMACH Metal working machinery ENSCHEDE - NETHERLANDS (3 km from the German border)
Número de artículo: 128740801
This listing is for an Kelpack 300XL waste compactor previously used for the newspaper industry to compact newspapers and magazine waste.
Número de artículo: 128705569
Tablet press pill machine Serial - 40438-159 manual/auto single punch tablet press pill making machine, pill diameter 25mm, pill height 10mm
Número de artículo: 128705556
Double press, hydr. /. SMG DS 25 year / 1978 Pressing force / 250 kN Hub / 150 mm Table / 560 x 400 mm Installation height / 400 m
Número de artículo: 128705548
Once change press C frame press, hydr. /. Neff EP 50 year / 2001 Pressing force / 500 kN Hub / 550 mm Table / height: 600 x 600 mm / 800 mm
Número de artículo: 128705470
BRIQUETTE machine type POR JUNIOR . second hand ?Motor HP 7,5 – KW 5,5 ?Diameter of briquetts 50 mm ?Max briquetts lenght 50 mm with pusher for short briquetts ?Nr. 10 cycles/min ?Nr. 03 hydraulic cylinders ?Production 0,468 m3/h (+/- 10% ) with max humidity 17% ( this value is indicative and can change on the basis of physical structure of material ) ?Height 1500 mm ?Front 1100 mm ?Depht 1680 mm ?Weight kg 680 ?Oil tank capacity lt 110 ?Drum of feeding diameter 1000 mm ?Pump 40 lt/min ?Inspection d ...
Número de artículo: 128705468
MANUAL HYDRAULIC VERTICAL CLAMPING machine type SML SP 2600 PO with manual hydraulic cylinders composed of : n.04 vertical cylinders n.02 horizontal cylinders useful length mm. 2600 useful height mm. 1800 cylindrical run mm. 60 Oledinamic cylinders thrust max. kgs. 1500
Número de artículo: 128669893
14.000 GBP
country-uk UK
Stord Bartz twin screw press , stainless steel
Número de artículo: 128547876
500 €
country-de DE
For sale is a pneumatic press by Schmidt. It is functional, but a valve is need of repair. It can build not the total pressure.
Número de artículo: 128439371
FORMING and EMBOSSING PRESS - VILMAR PS 120 platens dimension 1200x500 mm opening 310 mm total thrust 300 tons No. 4 thrust cylinders diameter 160 mm each hydraulic pump power 5,5 kw (7,5 hp)
Número de artículo: 128342123
Work table area: 200x950 mm Force: 4900KN Weight: 44000kg Dimensions bottom: 3300x1100x5500mm
Número de artículo: 128342100
Manufacturer: Germany Blättner - Pressen Machine ID 922033 Pressure: 1300 tons Work table: 1450 x 1600 mm
Número de artículo: 128342089
Manufacturer: Piesok Weight: 22,6 t Machine dimensions: 4500 x 1600 x 3800 (height)
Número de artículo: 128308343
Ott veneer press Type: 300 K 150 3 floors Press area 3000 x 1350 mm Kgcm pressure 7.5 6 press piston Heating with hot water
Número de artículo: 128280902
2.490 €
country-de DE
Used rolls press / divider W & P, type: Rotamat CN of-Bäckereizustand - - including 2 working plates, à 30 bowls - condition: good, ready to use -El. Connection: 380V 3ph, 50 Hz, 2.1 / 6 A Inspection and test run are possible by arrangement like.
Número de artículo: 128280558
Channel baler Presto, type CC 90 M – compact version, demonstration model, only for sale outside Germany, Press power 90 t, Motor power 15 kW, Year of construction 2014 Technical data: Manufacturer Presto GmbH & Co. KG Type CC 90 M Year of construction 2014 Press power 90 t Motor power 15 kW Feeding opening 1030 x 1100 mm Channel cross-section 1100 x 1250 mm Max. Filling volume 1,42 m³ Cycle time 34 sec. Bale weight Up to 500 kg, depending on material Binding 4-fold manually Dimension excl. hopper ...
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