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RENAULT 6x4 Fire Truck New Surplus Fire Truck RENAULT 6×4, New surplus, complete Renault 6×4 Fire Truck, ready to be shipped to your facility. The fire truck is available due to a cancelled project, top brand, great price below new purchase price. This truck is top of the line and is equipped with all the bells and whistles. TYPE : KERAX 380.32 6x4 MD CHASSIS Nr : VF634 TOTAL WEIGHT : 15000 Kg DIMENSIONS : Length 9,50m Width 2,55m Height 3,40 m
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Shoe shine. Dimensions: 410mm width 520mm long, 1400mm high.
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Raft flooded with water Recirculation pump. 1Cv stainless steel pump. Reducer motor-Variator 1Cv. Dimensions: height of discharge 2500mm; raft: 950mm, 1500mm length 900mm high; tape intralox with bucket: width belt 200mm; bucket: length 160mm, width 130mm, 110 mm high. Overall dimensions: 1040mm wide, 2400mm length 3100mm high.
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