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Número de artículo: 133825761
Maximum Diameter: 1600 mm Minimum Diameter: 315 mm Output: 1.150 kg/h. Application: Drinking and non-drinking water supply and gas distribution
Número de artículo: 133825760
Materials: PMMA, PS, ABSFilm Width (Max): 1650 mmFilm Thickness (Min): 3,50 mmFilm Thickness (Max): 8,50 mmOutput: 6m/min max
Número de artículo: 125164585
Extrusion line model: Compact System T20 YOM: 2005 Working hours: 4,000 h Production: 50-60 Kg/h Sheet width = 1500mm / 2000mm Materials: PE and PP Different head extruder: It could produce threads. Number of threads = 35-40
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