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Extrusion line model: Compact System T20 YOM: 2005 Working hours: 4,000 h Production: 50-60 Kg/h Sheet width = 1500mm / 2000mm Materials: PE and PP Different head extruder: It could produce threads. Number of threads = 35-40
Número de artículo: 104282175
CINCINNATI - CMT-58 (1994) PVC extrusion line: - CINCINNATI CMT-58 conical twin screw extruder In working condition Screws diameter: 90 mm - 68mm the Compression Ratio: 1: 1.75 Screws speed: 43r.p.m. Production capacity: 320kg / h PVC Screws configuration: conical. Type of rotation: clockwise and counterclockwise. Hours of work 12.222 Motor: see in picture   Dimensions: Length 3700 mm Width 1400 mm Height: 1600mm   - BAUSANO cooling bath - BAUSANO haul off - ELMEPLA cutter - SICCA belli ...
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