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Modelo: HANDrollEX 1000–A. Tipo: CFE/100. Año: 2009. Matricula: C–716–A. Ref. No.: C.716-A.6 Manufacture & model: AVVOLGITORE3ASI Materials to be processed: Stretch film LDPE Number of extruders: Extruders 1: 46 kw-120mm Extruders 2: 25.2 kw-50mm Extruders 3: 25.2 kw-50mm Die: Lip gaps adjustable: 20.05 microns Heating: 10.0 Output: Up to 254 kg/hour depending on material formulation Chill-Roller: 1715mm wide 98cm Ø Winder: ? Winder, fully automatic roll change o Maximum lin ...
item-No.: 138799479
Coextrusion 4 extruders 5 layers cast film line for stretch wrap films Layers no.: 5 Web Width: 2500 mm Raw Material LLDPE, VLDPE Film thickness 12-35 my Final film width 5x500 mm Production at 23 my 1500 kg/h Flat die lip 3100 mm
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