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Blister thermoforing machine for PET for olive oil, jam, chocolate cream. Thermoforming machine for Minidose. Up to 12.000 pcs per hour. Spanish production. Best components as Panasonic, Omron, Datalogic, etc. BP Machinery, experience from 10 years ago. More information please contact.,
item-No.: 121971355
Ilpra Thermosealing. Year: 2000 Registration: FP613 Series: Foodpack Model: basic v/g 230V Busch vacuum pump with gas. Pump type: RB0021. Mould dimensions: 320mm, 260mm length. Overall dimensions: 900mm width, 950mm length, 1500mm high.
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Thermoforming machine for small cups of olive oil, ham, honey etc. Themachine make the full process with thermoforming, filling , sealing and cutting. PLC and Touchscreen, dosing with servomotor. Electric photocell for spot. Top brands in electronic components, as Omron, Datalogic, Panasonic, Schneider. Further information please contact. we produce it in Spain. The machine is tested some years ago, good thermoforming with PET, dosing with no dropping and good sealing and easy open. Production depend ...
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Packaging dimension: 300×215×60mm
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