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item-No.: 130287666
3.000 €
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Mixer for creams. With stirrer and insulated bowl
item-No.: 130287407
Complete line of production of bong bong ice or ice product similar to yogo. More information on the attachment.
item-No.: 130216371
30.000 €
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Cooking Plates 460 x 290 mm x 2,5 mm (adjustable) With new gas system and new burners (DUNGS - Brand) Automatic feeding arm to feed the dough. General maintenece made during last 2016. Working Conditions.
item-No.: 128776052
item-No.: 128776051
4.000 €
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Biscuit Moulding machine width 400 mm Very good Working conditions Eletric comand
item-No.: 128776042
1.000 €
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Divider for round bread.
item-No.: 123189277
OVEN FOR ROASTING PEPPERS WITH GAS BURNER Oven for roasting peppers with gas and electric burner. Overall dimensions: ø 380mm, 800mm width 1800mm, length 1300mm high.
item-No.: 122839472
Mixer in stainless steel. 380 three phase. Cuba dimensions: ø 500mm, 300mm high. Overall dimensions: 550mm wide, 750mm length, 920mm high.
item-No.: 93048700
Large sale of processing and packaging machinery for the bakery, biscuit and confectionery industries. All machines are being sold on an ‘as seen’ basis at attractive prices. Please contact us for more information. Bakery Processing Machines • Egg breakers and separators (4 available) • Nut blancher, all stainless steel, (2 available) • Selection of mills, cutters, and kibblers • Selection of dough mixers • Granite 3-roll refiners (5 available) • Nut roasters (2 available) Jam ...
item-No.: 86948398
REF-1427 KNEADER ARMS P. PRAT 150KG Kneading arm. Brand: P. Prat. Type: 6/4G132M Three-phase 4Cv Tray dimensions: ø 950mm, 420mm high. Overall dimensions: 1000mm, 1400mm length 1600mm high.
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