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item-No.: 160490246
REF-0 TONELLI 2000 VERTICAL PLANETARY MIXER Manufacturer: TONELLI GROUP S.R.L. Type: 2000. Capacity: 120 litres. Overall dimensions: length 850 mm, width 1,400 mm, height 2,150 mm. Complete with 2 mixing bowls, 1 bowl scraper and 1 heavy-duty wire whisk Bowls and whisk made of stainless steel.
item-No.: 160337600
REF-1799 ESMACH SELF-TIPPING SPIRAL DOUGH MIXER 120KG Self-tipping spiral dough mixer manufactured by ESMACH (Italy). Mixing bowl capacity: 200 litres Dough capacity: 120kg Mixing bowl dimensions: Ø800mm, height 400mm. Total dimensions: width 1,770mm, length 1,400mm, height 1,800mm. When viewed from the front, the mixer tips to the right.
item-No.: 160251355
REF-0 CIM AUTOMATIC DOUGH SHEETER Manufacturer: CIM BAKERY EQUIPMENT S.r.l. Type: ROLLMAX TS 700 Year: 2000 Power: 1kW Voltage: 400V / 50Hz 2 belt conveyors. Dimensions: 660mm width, 1,500mm length (each belt) Overall dimensions: 1,300mm width, 3,650mm length, 1,350mm height
item-No.: 160234549
REF-0 TONELLI VERTICAL PLANETARY MIXER 120 LITRES Manufacturer: TONELLI GROUP S.R.L. Type: M120 Serial no.: 116-21S Year: 2004 Capacity: 120 litres Overall dimensions: length 850mm, width 1,500mm, height 2,400mm Complete with bowl scraper and heavy-duty wire whisk
item-No.: 160155721
REF-660 LEVENTI COMBI STEAM OVEN WITH 2 RACKS Stainless steel rack oven with digital display and touch-screen. Combi-steamer. With 2 stainless steel racks for 20 trays each. They are on castors and have a pedal allowing the placement of the trays inside the oven. Manufacturer: LEVENTI Model: TRAITEUR MASTERMIND Type: CS40 Voltage: 3X380/415V Power: 60kW (A) Frequency: 50 Hz Consumption: 90A Oven dimensions: length 1,150mm, width 1,360mm, height 1,830mm Trolley dimensions: length 1,140mm, width 600mm,  ...
item-No.: 160072902
REF-2085 HARD CANDY COOKER WITH VACUUM SYSTEM Manufacturer: Otto Haensel Hannover Model: Sucromat 4T. Serial no.: 17040057. Date of manufacture: 09/1977. 380V, 50Hz, three-phase, 7.0kVA, 24VAC. Dimensions: 1,400mm width, 1,850mm length, 2,200mm height.
item-No.: 160060201
REF-2129 COATING PAN Coating pan for sweets/candy Manufacturer: TURU, S.A Type: GR-1 Serial No. 14628 0.75 HP Rotation speed: 18 rpm Drum dimensions: entry ø 550mm, inner ø 1,050mm, width 600mm Overall dimensions: height 1,600mm, width 1,100mm, length 1,200mm
item-No.: 159823553
REF-0 BOSCH SIZE-GRADING MACHINE FOR SWEETS/CANDY Model: 165 A Serial no.: 28857 Year: 1980 Dimensions: length 1,600mm, width 900mm, height 1,800mm.
item-No.: 159808412
REF-2183 FLOURING MACHINE WITH ELECTRIC PANEL Machine for coating food products with flour Drum dimensions: Ø 520 mm, length 1,530mm Overall dimensions: - Length 2,600 mm - Width 850 mm - Height 2,300 mm
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