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item-No.: 148109500
Max paper size 800 x 1280 mm Max weight 860 kgs Power 1,5 KW
item-No.: 147259260
High stack feeder by suction. 2 Creasing combs to crease in both directions: top to bottom and bottom to top. Touch screen for programming with job memories Work templates for folding and for the preparation of binding covers With interchangeable microperforated comb with those of creasing The pressure of the creases can be adjusted to correctly eliminate the wear on the different supports and weights of the digital printing Up to 10 creasing lines can be made in one pass
item-No.: 146932814
4 Feeders 235 888 Stiching head 890 Three knife trimmer Single belt delivery
item-No.: 126650648
Relief Printing system Supermatic 1224
item-No.: 126650612
Film processor Omega 51
item-No.: 118282464
item-No.: 118282452
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