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item-No.: 126650648
Relief Printing system Supermatic 1224
item-No.: 126650612
Film processor Omega 51
item-No.: 118282464
item-No.: 118282452
item-No.: 69331
Automatic diecuting machine Format 82 x 62 cm Pile feeder Pile delivery see movie on https://www.dropbox.com/s/5z9f8stf80p22v2/20131025_123755.MP4 more info at info@gacio.es Still in operation: YesAvailable: inmediatley
item-No.: 8888536
<br><br><br>Still in operation: Yes<br>Available: immediately
item-No.: 8888906
R24736/18 KALLFASS welding machine age: 07/1997 available: immediately performance range: up to approx. 20 cycles/min. foil roll – diameter outside: max. 300 mm diameter inside: max. 76 mm foil roll width: max. 550 mm workong high adjustable 870 - 970 mm Photos can be send on request. Available: immediately
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