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item-No.: 132663314
Oil and Gas Subsea Production Trees Two (2) Production Spool Tree Assemblies, Two (2) Water Injection Spool Tree Assemblies, Water Injection Spool Tree Assemblies, Production Flow base Assemblies, Tube Hangers, Tree Caps, Plugs, Sleeves, Adapters, Base Assemblies, Housings, Year 2006 to 2009, New Surplus, Never Used. Priced for immediate sale with considerable savings.
item-No.: 132663311
Wellhead Connectors Cameron 18-3/4” High Capacity Collet Connectors Two (2) Cameron 18-3/4” Type HC High Capacity Collet Connectors, subsea wellhead connectors.One connector certified with valid certificate and the other connector certification expired but can be recertified. Priced to sell at low price.
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