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2 Colors Size: 48 X 65 cm (19 X 25, 5 inch) Perfecting 1/1 - 2/0 Counter: 75 Million Impressions ALCOLOR Dampening With Cooling Stream Feeder Low Pile Delivery Powders Spray Device Speed 11,000 / hr. Bacher register clamps. Free of Damages or Repairs on Cylinders Condition: Used / Good In Production Availability: Direct - Online-Video - Inspection
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20.000 €
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1 HEIDELBERG SPEEDMASTER 52-2 - Year 2000 -Two colours Straight machine max paper size 37x52 cms. -Only one owner, 26 mil. Real impressions - Alcolor Automatic film dampening - Autoplate: semi-automatic plate change system - Cptronic , Chromed cylinders - Ink-rollers wash device managed from console, No blanket washers - Powder spray, Cooling unit - Plate punch and bender -Numbering and perforating unit, complete with 2 cams and wheels and many numerators - Technical details: - Maximum sheet siz ...
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1 WOHLENBERG A 43 DO -Semi-automatic Three-Knife Trimmer with hand feeding, Year 1984 -Conveyor delivery -Max format: 460 x 315 mm. Size trimmed: max 430x300 mm. - Min: 80x50 mm. -Feeding height max 120 mm. -Max speed: 1.500 ch/hour -Power consumption : 3 KW-50 Hz, 380 V. -Weight - 2.550 kgs. - Dimensions: 2.050x2.220x1.615 mm. -Clamp plates and plate holders -All parts and accessories , Available immediately in our warehouse
item-No.: 159294267
Package from one place in germany: large format UV flatbed printer Manufacturer: Liyu Model: WER KC 3020 Year: 2018 with one plotting capacity of 30,000 m² UV printer without printheads year: 2018 Ink: UV LED Drying: UV LED Flat bed size: 3050mm x 2050mm Maximum print height: 100mm Print resolution: 2880 dpi RIP software: selectable Hardware: Internal PC/ LCD monitor/ keyboard Dimensions: 3000mm x 5300mm x 1530mm Total mass: 1550 kg Price: on request UV Printing Machine Manufacturer: Liyu ...
item-No.: 159287606
GFM SP18-2 Forging machine Forging force per Die: 2750 kN Dies in action: 2 Stroke rate: 340 per minute Range of dies [open - close]: 200 mm Stroke per die in position: 25 mm Length of die: 230 mm Maximum start diameter: 180 mm Max. length of ticket for loading / unloading: Chuck head A: 2300 mm Chuck head B: 2300 mm Cylinder stroke of chuck head A: 3100 mm Cylinder stroke of chuck head B: 3100 mm Chuck force of chuck head A/B: 5 kN Maximum weight of starting preform: 500 kg Maximum inside diameter ...
item-No.: 159287085
We are pleased to offer: Polar 58 EM Paper Guillotine The year 1989 Specification HEAVY-DUTY GUILLOTINE Cutting width of up to 580mm Ideal for SRA3 or B3 paper stock Laser beam safety guards ensure safe operation. The machine is simple to use and is fully programmable making switching between jobs quick and easy. It has variable clamp pressure to enable the cutting of more delicate stocks. Chromed bed to enable easy movement of paper stocks. Comes complete with a sharp spare blade/cutting sticks. Knife  ...
item-No.: 159285264
We are pleased to offer: Horizon Vac 100 A Year 2010 With Horizon PJ77 Jogger Collator Counter only 923318 Sheets since new immaculate Government implant air-suction collators Technology: touch & work Model: air-suction collator Bins: 10 each collator Error avoidance: misfeed-,doublefeed- and jamming control saveable jobs: 9 memories for repeat orders extensibility: up to 6 collators (60 bins) programs: doublecycle (nonstop-work) inject (simply and doubly) booklet making program block program  ...
item-No.: 159281221
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MIYAKOSHI MSP 18 BUSINESS FORM PRESS - Year 1987 - Two colours max paper width 18" - Web offset Printing units available: 2x11",2x12", 2x16", 1x11", 1x13", 1x10”, 1x9” with perforating cylinders - Paper tension control, recirculation system for all the Printing units - Unwinder, Infeed unit with tension control, Folder and plate bender - Overhead crane ( Delivery ) - BST Edge web guide system, Miyascale MS 350 - In production, available immediately Available also together : Collator Sele ...
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-Five colours STRAIGHT machine max paper size 37x52 cms. plus dedicated coating unit -Extended high pile delivery -Year 2000, Only 58 mil. Impressions -Alcolor dampening with refrigeration system -Autoplate -CP 2000 -Automatic blankets and rollers washing devices -Suction tape feeder -Plate punch and bender,Powder spray, in production -Complete with all accessories -Available immediately
item-No.: 159263744
Screen Truepress 344 Year: 2006 Counter stand: 16 mio. Machine was converted to being able to use classic printing plates. It is in good working condition, located in a specialised and renowned printing house in Slovenia. Price: onrequest
item-No.: 159263626
- Wendemaschine 4/0 und 2/2 - Bedruckstoffstärke Schöndruck 0,04 -0,6 mm - Bedruckstoffstärke Widerdruck 0,04 -0,4 mm - Geschwindigkeit bis 14.000 Bogen / Std. - Console mit Touchscreen in der Auslage - Ryobi PDS-E Printing Density Control - Schuppenanleger - RYOBI-mactic Feuchtwerke - Technotrans alpha.d Kühlgerät - RPC Ryobi halbautom. Plattenwechsler - Farbwalzenwascheinrichtung - Gummituchwascheinrichtung - Druckzyl.wascheinrichtung - Pneumatik Kompressor - Niederstapelauslage
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29.000 €
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-Year 2000 -Max paper size 52x72 cms. , 2 Colors with automatic perfecting 1/1 or straight 2/0 -Approx 45 mio impressions Equipped with: -PQC Komori (Print Quality Control) -KMS (Komori Monitoring System) -S-APC (Semi automatic plate changing) -Automatic Washing devices : Blanket Cylinders & Inking Rollers -Komorimatic Dampening -Technotrans Alpha D Refrigeration System -Stream Feeder -Double Sheet & Side lay detector -Chromed Cylinders -Powder Spray -Plate Punch Beil -Including: Manuals, Tool ...
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11.500 €
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-Year: 2001 -Colours: 2 – Straight machine -Sheet Size: 52 x 37.5 cm - 20.5 x 14.5 inches -Impression Count (Millions): 47 -Only one owner, good conditions Equipped With: -Numbering and perforating group -AAC dampening system: Ryobi automatic aqua control -Refrigeration & Recirculation System Technotrans -SAPC plate change -Plate Cylinder Cocking -Automatic Blanket Washing devices -Dry Powder Spray, Plate punch, Manuals -Availability: Immediately
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8.000 €
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-Year 2002, 61 mil. total impressions -Max paper size 37x52 cms. Straight machine -Paper thickness from 0,04-0,5 mms., Speed max 11.000 Sh/hour -Ryobimatic dampening system with refrigeration system -APC - Automatic plate change -Automatic washing devices for inking rollers and blankets -Good conditions -Only one owner, available immediately
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PLANETA SUPERVARIANT P 24-6 SW -Two colours max paper size 72x102 cms. with 1/1 or 2/0 -Year 1985, Water dampening -High pile delivery, Quick action plate clamps, plate punch -21596 hours of work, All motors, air pumps, parts and accessories -Installed and under power in Italy - Cylinders and gears without damages
item-No.: 159234821
Cutting machine Polar 155 EMC Monitor with pile lift Polar L 1000 W6 working width 155 cm air table left side air table photocells computer
item-No.: 159229535
Size 52 x 74 cm Perfecting 1/1, 2/0 CPTRONIC ALCOLOR with Baldwin PRESET AUTOPLATE 15.000 s/h Automatic rollers washing devices. Automatic impression and blanket washing devices GRAFIX powder spray 39 mill. impressions Free of any damage or repairs on cylinders Cleaned, checked and painted
item-No.: 159216978
We are pleased to offer: Horizon - BQ-440 Year 2002 Specification Semi-automated and modern floor model 4-clamps hot-melt glue perfect binder: Professional 4-clamps perfect binder (with fast size- and format change, grinder, automatic cover feeder with vacuum suction). Produces books, photo books, magazines, and readers in one handling job. The sheets will be roughened in a milling station (with dust removal), glued together with hot-melt glue, and side glued, the cover will be automatically fed to the machine ...
item-No.: 159214909
In-Line Three Knife Trimmer with Pre Stacker Speed: max 1.800 c/h, min 720 c/h Infeed belt from the right side Central lubrication Belt delivery Table height: 900 mm Required power: max 8 kVA Air requirement: (6 bar) 16 m³/h Weight. 3.200 kg (approx.) Feeding height: max 100 mm, min 10 mm Example thickness: min 2 mm Size: max 315 x 410 mm (untrimmed) Size trimmed: max 300 x 380 mm Small size untrimmed: min 70 x 70 mm Size trimmed: min 65 x 65 mm With all tools, accessor ...
item-No.: 159213205
We are pleased to offer: Samzon Pile-Turner 104L Capacity. MAX. 1000kg Hight Capacity Min. 1300/1700mm Hight Capacity Max 320mm Platform dim. 1230850mm Machine width. 1510mm (FL1300 / 1510mm (FL1700) Machine length. 1965mm (FL1300 / 2510mm (FL1700) Machine high. 1900mm (FL1300 / 2150mm (FL1700) Machine Weight. 700kg / 900kg Operation. Manual operated by bush button Cycle time. Approx. 15-20 pallets/hour Voltage. 400V – 3 facers + N + PE Fully automatic Good working order Available immediate
item-No.: 159208686
10.000 €
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Two machines available for this price : 1 HEIDELBERG SORM -Single colour max 52X74 cms. -Year 1975, 119 mil. Impressions -Water dampening -Chromed impression cylinder -In nice conditions, complete with all accessories -No damages _________________________________________ 1 HEIDELBERG SORM -Single colour max 52X74 cms. -Year 1975, 132 mil. Impressions -Kompac dampening -Chromed impression cylinder -In nice conditions, complete with all accessories -No damages
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1 POLAR RAB 5 -Year 1990, Jogger with air press roller -Max paper size 90 × 113 cm -Blowing plane -Folding squares on both sides -Height of introduction 16.5 cm -Max operating pressure 6-7 bar -380 V power supply -Absorbed power: 1.4 Kw -Dimensions (LxWxH) 158 × 900 × 1876 cm -Weight 530 Kgs -Refurbished in our warehouse
item-No.: 159199383
We are pleased to offer: MBO T800 4 4 4 Year 2011 All buckle folder continuously feeder Palimedes stacker Fully automatic Good working order Available immediately
item-No.: 159193716
Straight machine COLORTRONIC console VARIDAMP Dampening with BALDWIN BALDWIN automatic blanket washers Chromed impression cylinders ELTOSH IR Dryer Powder spray Weko 77 Quick action plate clamp
item-No.: 159193709
Reference ID PP-25911 Category Casemaker Inline Manufacturer Rapidex Model 3100 Year Built 1988 Color 2 IMax. Size 3120 x 600 mm Condition Good Location Europe Availability August 2022 Machine Description Favalessa ALS 300 Prefeeder, age: 1994 Rapidex Feeder, age: 1988, vacuum Belts, Motorised 2 colors Rapidex flexo printing units, age: 1988, chrome Rapidex Slotter, age: 1988, motorised Rapidex Rotary Die Cutter, age: 1988 Rapidex Folder glue, age: 1988, Belt Rapidex counter Ejector, age: 1988, mot ...
item-No.: 159187883
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STEINEMANN COLIBRI 72 - Year 1998 - UV Coater Line 72 X 102 cm (Full Surface Coater) - Max sheet size 72 x 102 cms , Min. size 21 x 28 cms - Material : 70 - 600 g/m2 - Max speed 10.000 sheets/h - Mabeg M100/1000 high pile stream feeder with steel plate - Suction belt table/conveyor - Sheet cleaning calander with heating (to clean powder) - Coating unit with varnish circulating and heating - Air-knife system, Pre loading device - UV dryer with 3 X UV lamps and cooling unit, power adjustment - Mirus ...
item-No.: 159187395
11.000 €
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1 THERMAL CTP LUXEL T-6300 / SCREEN PTR-4300 E -Luxel T-6300 thermal Ctp -Manufacturing date: May 2010, Only one owner -Plate size: max. 830 x 630 mm. - Min. 324 x 324 mm -Plate thickness: 0.15 to 0.3 mm -Resolution: 2400, 2438, 2540 dpi -Exposure head: 16 channel -Productivity: 11 plates/hour (2400 dpi) -Plate winding cycles at today : 15475 plates -Exposure time: 788 hours -RIP: XMF workflow -In production, any test possible -Computer, monitor, discs and all accessories
item-No.: 159187388
3 offset printing units. Maximum reel width 480 mm. With reprocessing system to print 4, 5, 6 or more inks Paper turner to print the back side in the same pass. 3 cassettes size 24'' to print 3'', 4'', 6'', 8'' and 12'' formats. 3 cassettes size 22'' for printing 5.5'' and 11'' formats. 3 cassettes size 23 1/3'' for printing A4 formats. 3 cassettes size 17'' for printing 8,5'' formats. Reel to reel, reel to sheet, on table on paper from 80 grs Reel to folded packet on paper from 70 grs. 3 cassette  ...
item-No.: 159173927
item-No.: 159168012
Nilpeter MO 3300 Year 2004 8 colors, including 6x offset (DW2-DW7) 1 stamping unit, register control 1) Unwind: with roll lifter & edge control 2) Entry station: with corona system Vetaphone 2kW & Teknec web cleaning 3) M station: (first platform) Delam-Relam & turning cross 4-7) MO stations: Color control system GMI Mircocolor 1 & lifter control & paint stirrer 8) M station 9) Punching unit: with pull station & 1 punching unit 15"-25" L+B Gapmaster 10) Rewind Unit: with Grid Rewind & Label Converter &  ...
item-No.: 159167559
Size 53 x 75 cm, Prinect Press Center, Techkon inline densitometer, Preset Plus feeder, Alcolor Vario dampening, Technotrans combistar cooling and recirculation unit, Inking unit temperature control water cooled with glycol cooler, Alcosmart, Autoplate, Blanket wash, Roller wash, Impression cylinder wash, Tresu chamber ductor blade coating unit, Preset Plus delivery, Double extended delivery, Heidelberg Drystar IR dryer with hot air knifes, Heidelberg Aistar, Heidelberg scrollstar, Perfecting 2-4
item-No.: 159167517
ID PP-25724 Category Rotogravure Printer Manufacturer Schiavi Model Roto Caset S Year 1997 Color 8 Max. Size 775 mm Condition Good Location Europe Availability Immediately Description • Number of inking units: 8 pieces • Max. mechanical speed: m/min 250 • Average production speed: m/min 230 • Average production output: m/h 13800 • max. material width: mm 775Max. printing or working width: mm 765 • -dto.- with corona pre-treatment: mm 750 • Min. printing or w ...
item-No.: 159167488
item-No.: 159145670
Heidelberg Eurotecnica EUROBIND EB 500 EVA -built 2004: Completely factory refurbished; in as new condition - Max spine length: 44 cm, for extra A3 formats - Min-max spine thickness: 2-50 mm - Speed: 380 books per hour - clamp and press: automatic - Milling and notching - Covers: AUTOMATIC feeding - Front delivery - Side gluing - professional melter for EVA glues, glue start-stop device, front exit delivery - Three-phase 400V 50Hz power supply - Pneumatic power supply 650 - 1000 kPa - Dimensions:  ...
item-No.: 159138754
KOMPAC III Dampening system Quick action plate clamps. Bacher register clamps Weko powder spray 11.000 s/h Free of damages on cylinders In very good conditions Available immediately
item-No.: 159138046
Year 2001 Thermal 32 Laser diodes 830 nm Resolution 2.400 DPI Max plate size 645 x 830 mm Min plate size 324 x 492 mm AGFA AZURA G 95 Plate Processor in line year 2001 RIP Work flow In very good conditions Complete checked and tested
item-No.: 159138040
- 4 clamps - automatic setup - cover feeder with scoring reeals - milling and notching unit - hot melt spine and side gluing - premelter Nordson Durablue 16 - machine like new
item-No.: 159130419
Horizon folder AFC-546 AKT with 6 pockets and cross fold, sheet size: 540 x 760 mm in very good condition, ca. 17 mio. cycles. Available immediately in Varberg Sweden. We can ship worldwide for you.
item-No.: 159129674
Twin-headed Automatic case maker Mechanical speed 36 cycles per minute Max format 405 x 560mm Min format 110 x 155 Equipped with: PS in-line board cutter preload conveyor for boards Pre-melt tank With all tools, accessories, and documentation. The machine is in very good working condition. Still in production. An inspection can be arranged.
item-No.: 159121023
9.000 €
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1 MULLER MARTINI PERFECT BINDER RB 5 -Year 1984, totally refurbished in 2011 -Size 42x27 cms., speed 5.000 p/h -10 Clamps with cover feeder, Hot melt spine glueing -Side glue system, Hot glue tank -Belt delivery, waste extractor
item-No.: 159113590
Infeed Raceway Hand Feed Station 9 Clamp Binding Unit Milling & Roughing Station Hot Melt Spine Glue Hot Melt Side Glue Pre-Melter Pile Cover Feeder Pressing Station Exit Delivery Conveyor Stacker MM 1504 Minimum Book Size: 114mm x 120mm Maximum Book Size: 268mm x 368mm Minimum Book Thickness: 3mm Maximum Book Thickness: 40mm Mechanical Speed: 3,600 Cycles per hour With all standard accessories, tools, and documentation The machine is for direct sale in working condition
item-No.: 159098966
Min-max cutting width: 250-1150 mm Max reel width: 1200 mm Reel weight: 1100 kg Internal core: 70/76 Max reel diameter: 1050 mm Max speed: 195 m/min Power 400 V, 50 Hz Air 6 bars Double reel unwinder Double photocell/register control Touch screen control panel for cutting on size starting from reel to sheet Materials: ALU, plastic film, paper from 10 to 250  ...
item-No.: 159098472
5.000 €
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1 THREAD SEALER BREHMER STAHL FS 100 -Year 1996, max size 55x35 cms. ( 21x13 inches ) -Available immediately in our stock
item-No.: 159091585
Reducer Rolls NATIONAL Year: 70’s Max. stock diameter: 76mm Max. length of rolled section: 610mm Forge roll diameter: 300mm Forge roll width: 310mm Roll revolution: 65 RPM Roll holder axle diameter: 190mm Distance between center axles: 305mm Distance adjustment between axles: 2mm Work table dimensions: 375Lx315W mm Flywheel diameter: 1680mm Flywheel width: 345mm Drive power: 25HP, 1100 RPM Voltage: 440V Weight: 8t
item-No.: 159079979
We are pleased to offer: Bourg BB3002 EVA Perfect Binder Year 2014 Specification Fully automated binder Wide range of book thicknesses Graphical user interface Missing cover detection Adjustable jogger vibration Superior milling and notching Paper dust collector 3 Cylinder glue tank Detection of min/max glue levels Incorporated side gluing Knife creasing Start-up timer Safety barrier Maximum speed: 650 cycles/hour 350 books/hour (operator dependent) 650 cycles/hour 350 books/hour (operator depende ...
item-No.: 159079910
Forging Press Line: 4000t National Forging press Year: 1961/1992 Force: 4000t Stroke: 15”(381mm) Stroke per minute: 46 Hydraulic ejector Brand new bolster available 2000t Ajax Forging (preform) press Year: 1944/1992 Force: 2000t Stroke: 12”(305mm) Stroke per minute: 48 400t Bliss trim press Year: 1952/1992 Force: 400t Stroke: 12”(305mm) Stroke per minute: 18 1000t Clearing coin press Year: 1961/1992 Force: 1000t Stroke: 12”(305mm) Stroke per minute: 26 American induction  ...
item-No.: 159066602
automatic silk-screen printing machine available for sale soon: ESC Impress 710, age: 2013 consist of: single sheet feeder. ESC Impress 710 machine ESC Perfection combi dryer:: UV section with 2 Lp, 2 heat sections, 1 cool section (see attached info). ESC Stacker 570 Technical details: sheet size: max 520x720 mm/ min 250x300 mm max.printing area: 500x700 mm
item-No.: 159035995
Folding machine Feeder - Round pile feeder - Pump Folding unit - Parallel fold unit with 4 buckle plates - First cross fold - Second cross fold to the left and to the right - Noise hood over the entire folding section -Delivery -Rollers in good condition + 2 new rollers Very Good Working Condition For Direct Sell
item-No.: 159035979
Colors: 4 Mil. Impressions Max Paper Size: 72x102cm Max Print Area: 71x102cm Thickness: 0.04 - 1.00 mm Max Speed: 10.000 Machine Lenght: 8002 ROLANDMATIC Dampening System RCI Remote Ink Control MABEG High Pile Stream Feeder EDELMANN Refrigeration and Recirculation Unit Quick Action Plate Clamps High Pile Delivery Weko Powder Spray Very Good Working Condition, please ask for Video. Online Video, Inspection, Test
item-No.: 159035977
Automatic Case Maker Manufactures book covers from 1mm to 3mm in thickness. Gives the liner to the cylinder, which covers it with glue and transfers it to the table on which the cardboard is inserted. Connects it to the label and wraps the edges on four sides, ejects, and presses the covers. Format max: 530 x 400 mm Format min: 110 x 155 mm Speed: 16 cycles/min. Machine Dimensions: 2850mm x 2500mm x 1500mm Weight: 1800 kg Equipment: Hand-feeding covering material Hand-feeding hard spine inser ...
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