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item-No.: 160770757
With air systhem Year 1998 Maximum paper size 80 x 120 cm Completely clean, prepared and checked
item-No.: 160712358
Digital program Central and lateral air table Paper lift left side Light guards 2 Knives Free of damages
item-No.: 160712357
Digital program with new screen CNS tables Central and lateral air table Sides tables with air Light guards In good conditions Free of damages
item-No.: 160297441
Air Table Light guards 2 knifes Fully Refurbished 5 years ago
item-No.: 160291205
Digital program Monitor Light guards
item-No.: 160287738
item-No.: 160238599
Digital program 999 positions Air table, In production Free of damages
item-No.: 160234397
year 1994,Digital program,Air table ,Light guards,Side tables with air,2 knifes in complete working conditions.Available immediately
item-No.: 160149323
Pile Turner ARGO M. Year 2006. 1.000 kgs
item-No.: 160149317
item-No.: 158109242
New digital program Touch screen Central air bed 2 Sides tables New infrared barriers CEE certificate 2 Knives Refurbished
item-No.: 158072175
Digital program Air table 2 Sides tables Cleaned, checked and tested
item-No.: 157853562
Digital program TFT Screen CNS Anti rust tables (chromed + Nickel + Steel) Central air table Sides tables with air Light guards CE certificate of security 2 Knives Tools and all books Complete prepared ( cleaned, checked and tested)
item-No.: 153331429
Digital program 2 Knives Cleaned and checked
item-No.: 152337071
Digital program Air table 2 Side tables Light guards 2 Knives Complete cleaned, checked and tested
item-No.: 148030398
Original digital program MCS 2 Central and side air tables Light guards. 2 Knives. Complete cleaned, checked and tested In full working order mechanical and electrical Available immediately
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